May, 2018

Every Job Seeker Needs to Act as Their Own a Hype Man

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When it comes to your job search , job seeker, no one is going to amplify your best attributes, skills, and abilities but you. No one can better testify to your competencies than you can.

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The Art of the Interview – Three Ways to Nail Your Interview

Ms. Career Girl

In every interview, as we strive to share our authentic self, there is an element of a star performance.

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7 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads


Facing the world as a new graduate can be an extremely frustrating time. Recent figures show there has been a drastic decline in possible job opportunities for new graduates, and the resources obtained from college career services are limited.

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3 Secrets to Strengthen Your Executive Resume

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No matter how strong you think your resume is, there’s always room for improvement. Even the top rated resume writing services will write, proof and edit any given resume multiple times before it gets into the final form.

2018 182

Swiss Saturday: Checking Out of Your Apartment

Evil HR Lady

My new garden. I mentioned earlier that we moved to a neighboring town. Our lease required three months notice before moving and in order to get the new house, we needed to take over before that time period ended.

2018 180

7 Things I’ve Gained (and Lost) During 7 Years Living In Texas

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In 2011, my husband, “Capt.” ” Rob, and I uprooted our lives in Kansas City, MO, to relocate to a tiny town in North Texas, in a community called, Sherwood Shores, on the banks of Lake Texoma. You can read my prior posts on this career and life upheaval, here, here, here, here and here. A couple of years […]. The post 7 Things I’ve Gained (and Lost) During 7 Years Living In Texas appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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8 Ways to Use Underemployment to Sway Your Employment Opportunities

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We know underemployment is hard to measure. Even the government has difficulty measuring it. But that said, you certainly know when you are unemployed. It’s when you have a job, and it pays the bills for the most part, but your talents are worth so much more.

2018 206

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Make a “Go File”. Pleeeeeze

Sklover Working Wisdom

Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 16: Make a “Go File”. Pleeeeeze. Observe and Learn: Life is unpredictable, and workplace life is especially unpredictable. You need to be prepared.

2018 151

The First Month is Critical for Any New Executive Job

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You’ve worked so hard on your job search to find a perfect fit for your career and it’s finally paid off. Now that you’re at your new job, what are you supposed to do? Depending on the nature of the job, you may be thrown right into the fire and be slammed with work right away.

2018 181

Dear Facebook, I Don’t Need You to Protect Me from Hate Speech

Evil HR Lady

Dear Facebook, I’m actually an adult. I realize that not everyone on your site is–but really, it’s where us old fogies hang out. As such, I don’t need a parent, or a teacher, or a human resources manager to monitor things for me.

2018 177

When Determining to Change Your Job, Cool Your Jets

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And so it goes, you are in hot pursuit of finding that next great gig. You are determined that ‘now that you have determined’ you are ready to jump ship from your current company, that you have a set timeline.

2018 155

5 Tips on Interview Prep From Thea Kelley

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When it comes to landing a job, interview prep is just as important as your resume. Hiring managers interview hundreds of candidates throughout their careers; they can spot your lack of preparation from a mile away. Thea Kelley is an experienced career coach and the author of Get That Job!

2018 160

Six Steps To Make The Job Search Less Lonely

Ms. Career Girl

A BBC Loneliness Experiment sounds like it comes from Orwell’s 1984. Thankfully, though, it is in fact a timely investigation into the rising loneliness ‘epidemic’. The aim: what can we as a society do to make people less lonely? This got me thinking. What could be lonelier than the job search?

2018 220

From Office Life to Own Business

Career Shifters

“I had a burning desire that got stronger. I wanted to try to make a go of things myself.”. Siobhan Partridge was tired of working for someone else. She needed to know if she could build something of her own, so she set out to make it happen.

2018 207

Does Your Resume Match the Job Description?

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When you first sit down to write your resume from scratch, it’s normal to sit there for several minutes before you write your first word. Where to begin writing an effective resume is difficult, especially in today’s competitive world.

2018 176

Why I Support the NFL’s Right to Ban Kneeling

Evil HR Lady

Two things you should know about me before you read this. I absolutely believe in free speech. The government should never, ever punish anyone for voicing their opinion. You should be able to say whatever you want–even if it’s absolutely horrible–without fear of government reprisal. I will support you 100 percent in your quest to make a speech, hold a march, or even burn a flag. I don’t care one whit about football and the NFL.

2018 147

Don’t be too Rational. It’s not Logical.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 17: Don’t be too Rational. It’s not Logical. Observe and Learn: It happens quite often. clients share with me their frustration, their disappointment and their difficulties at work due to the seemingly irrational behaviors of others.

2018 141

il(Legal) Barrier to Career Well Being Webinar May 24

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Do your clients have legal concerns preventing them from achieving career well-being? Learn ways to help them by joining me for a webinar I’m giving next Thursday May 24, 12 Noon Eastern at CEUOneStop. Learn more. Hope to see you there!

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Five Tips to Set Yourself Apart During the Job Hunt

Ms. Career Girl

Statistics showed that in 2017 34.6% of women graduated with a 4 year degree vs. 33.7% of men. This gap has been narrowing for years, and women finally surpassed men for the first time in 2014. More women are making their mark and creating their trajectory for their futures. I’m proud of us!

2018 208

No Clear Career Ideas? The 3 Mistakes You’re Making (And 3 Things To Do Instead)

Career Shifters

If you're stuck for ideas and struggling for inspiration, you're not a lost cause. You're just looking at your shift from the wrong angle.

2018 188

Preparing for a Successful C-Level Executive Interview

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Landing a c-level executive interview is difficult enough, but the challenges aren’t over. No matter how many times you’ve been a part of one of these interviews, they are never easy.

2018 172

Recruiters Are Your Company’s Best Brand Representatives

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When you think about who communicates with people outside of your company the most, you probably think of sales reps, but you should be looking at your recruiters. In fact, they spend almost all their time talking with or about people who aren’t employees. Glassdoor says each corporate position receives an average of 250 applicants. Of course, that number is going to vary wildly depending on the position, but recruiters can potentially interact with thousands of people every year.

2018 141

Did You Know That.

Sklover Working Wisdom

recording calls or meetings, even if legal in your state, is probably cause for getting fired at work?

2018 130

What Are Ways Young People 16-24 Can Find Jobs (Radio Interview)?

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I was interview by James Parker of the Chicago Urban League a couple of weeks ago. This was on WVON Saturday morning’s program, “Let’s Get to Work.” ” Our discussion centered around helping our youth find jobs. You are more than welcome to join the discussion.

2018 130

Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Ms. Career Girl

People may assume that you’re living the absolute dream working from home, but the reality of the job can become a bit of a nightmare for those who struggle to stay motivated.

From Customer Care to Photography

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“Things changed. And I didn't see a future for myself in the new work situation.”. When Inbal Tur-Shalom visited friends in the Caribbean, she triggered a sequence of events that led to not just a new career, but an entirely different life.

2018 165

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many LinkedIn Connections?

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When it comes to LinkedIn profile development, sometimes executives have more questions than answers. It’s actually a good thing to have questions, though, because not developing your profile enough won’t benefit you much.

2018 169

How to Be a Proactive Manager

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Years ago, I shadowed a night manager at a large grocery store chain. She didn’t sit down a single time during her entire eight hour shift. She tackled problem after problem, putting out fires. I was completely exhausted by the end of it, and asked her how she did it. She said, “Well, I’ve been here six months and I’ve lost 20 pounds without dieting.”

2018 136

Memorial Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It is not where you serve, but how you serve.” ” – J. Rubin Clark. If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., please consider doing so. It is not flashy or grand, but simple and direct, like the men and women it honors.

2018 130

Listening Is Your Secret Superpower


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a reader. I’m constantly seeking out ways to learn, absorb, and grow. Right now, I’m finishing up Eric Barker’s book, Barking Up the Wrong. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Executive HR Leadership Senior Work

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3 Way Balance: Your Life, Your Job and Your Side Hustle

Ms. Career Girl

Life Balance – on a 3-Sided Seesaw. I work full time, run a side hustle and try to keep up with friends, family and the rest of life. It’s a real juggling act – and I don’t even have children or a husband to worry about!

2018 204

From Oil to Charity

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“The obsession with personal financial gain was very demotivating.”. Ben Haber hadn't been happy in his role for a long time. A refreshing introduction to a new sector opened up a world of possibilities that he hadn't considered before.

2018 150

The Importance of Designing Your Personal Brand

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In the past, having a strong personal brand was seen as a luxury to put yourself ahead of your competition. However, as technology and the digital world in general has advanced, boosting your c-level personal branding is a necessity to keep up with the competition.

2018 158

97% of People Say This Is the Most Toxic Team Behavior

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We all (well, 97 percent of us ) know that making up rumors about someone’s sex life is not okay. But even still, 39 percent of employees have seen it happen—and six percent say they’ve participated, too. People don’t just casually overhear inappropriate conversations—they tend to chime in. An older study suggests that 80 percent of what we talk about is in fact, gossip. But gossip isn’t all bad.

2018 133

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Each time you say hello to a stranger your heart acknowledges that we are all family.” ” – Suzy Kassem. One of my most enduring, enjoyable – and financially rewarding – client relationships started with a simple, “Hi, I’m Al. what’s your name?”

2018 130

Getting Back On Track: Rebuilding A Career After An Injury


It’s good news for everyone that workplace injury is on the decline. According to OSHA’s most recently available statistics, there were 48,500 fewer workplace injuries in 2016 than previous years, demonstrating improving safety standards. Despite the improving rate, this still means that 2.9

2018 149

How To Find Your Drivers and Motivation

Ms. Career Girl

Getting a job is no longer enough. We must learn how to create jobs and how to stay relevant, innovated, sharp and responsible. To do this, we must learn how to: find our passion, set our goals and reach them, and learn how to turn opposition into successes.

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