March, 2017

Should Your Resume Be Mobile Friendly?

Professional Resume Services

A mobile-optimized resume may be the best executive resume format! Here’s why. You may be under the impression that executive resumes are outdated thanks to the rise of networking and social media. However, a well-crafted resume can be just as effective.

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B.S. Incorporated Will Make You Serious About Your Job Search and Career

Competitive Resumes

Finally, I read a job search and career book with the mission to entertain while making serious points. Much of what NOT to do in your job search and workplace is in the book, B.S. Incorporated. The authors, Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss mix parody and non-fiction to bring us chaos.I

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5 Reasons Why Your Executive Resume Is Not Working

Executive Career Brand

Many executive job seekers are in a rut, spinning their wheels. They’re hard at work sending out their resumes to anyone and any place that may be able to help them with their career goals. But somehow, their resumes are not doing their job – generating interest and interviews.

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A Letter to My Discouraged Jobseeking Friends (with 11 Lessons and Tips)

Ms. Career Girl

The post A Letter to My Discouraged Jobseeking Friends (with 11 Lessons and Tips) appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. There was a time before becoming a career coach that I felt lost, scared, and frustrated in my career path.

2017 81

There are only two reasons people voluntarily leave their jobs

Cube Rules

While there are many reasons employees voluntarily leave their positions — and companies are looking at those reasons plus other life events to try and prevent people from leaving — I think there are simply two broad reasons why people move on.

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The Two Worst LinkedIn Profile Headline Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

In our first consultation, a new client of mine asked me whether the LinkedIn professional headline a writer had created for him was a good one. This executive job seeker had been an IT Project Management Consultant for 20 years.

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Name Your Business: How To Choose A Winning Name

Ms. Career Girl

The post Name Your Business: How To Choose A Winning Name appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Katarina Nilsson. Her bio follows. So you have your great idea and are about to set the wheels in motion? Great job! Now it’s all down to one small detail.

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When Working From Home Goes Hilariously Wrong

Evil HR Lady

Political Scientist Robert E. Kelly was live, on the air, from his home, when his kids decided to see what dad was up too. What ensued is this hilarious clip with poor Dr. Kelly trying to talk about the very serious impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. First, the older daughter comes in, then the baby, and finally, a frantic mother trying to get the kids out. I can relate.

I disagree with career experts who claim the resume has just one purpose

Career Trend

A tweet floated by in my Twitter stream the other day reminding careerists that “the ONLY purpose of a resume is to get you that interview!” ” I heartily disagree! The resume is so much more! Following are 5 functions of the resume, beyond cinching the initial interview: 1.

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What is the Best Executive Resume Format?

Professional Resume Services

Is there such a thing as the “best” executive resume format? Follow these tips to see for yourself! Your resume is usually the first thing a potential employer will see when you’re searching for a job.

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Mastering the Job Interview Process with Lavie Margolin

Competitive Resumes

Lavie Margolin is back on the show to talk about his latest book Mastering the Job Interview. He is the author of several books about Negotiating Salary to Job Interviews. What have your interviewing experiences been like recently?

2017 75

5 Tips On Becoming a Better Listener


Becoming a better listener isn’t hard, especially when you have the right tools. In fact, becoming an active listener and improving on your poor listening skills is bound to help you advance in your career. You see, it’s the good listeners who reap all of the rewards.

2017 75

I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good.

Ms. Career Girl

The post I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Heather Monahan. Her bio follows. I found myself thinking about St. Patrick’s day this year and realized that the luck of the Irish struck me differently than it had in years past.

2017 76

Is Hiring Students Worth the Investment?

Evil HR Lady

Hiring students to work at your restaurant seems pretty normal. However, employing younger staff members comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Is it the right decision for your restaurant? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind. Think about Training Time. If you hire students to work at your restaurant, it will likely be their first or second job. You will have to train them on every little detail of the job.

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Jump on your career surfboard + ride the wave

Career Trend

A client + senior executive careerist reminded me today the importance of ‘riding the wave’ of change, of its constancy. We sometimes become weary of change and don obstinacy, like a prized robe. We want to control the journey, dissuading potential obstacles or unplanned paths.

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Don’t Forget to Add These Soft Skills to Your Executive Resume!

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Hiring managers are impressed by more than your technical skills! Here are some soft skills to include on your resume to help you land the job. There was a time when soft skills were considered resume filler—something to make the resume look longer, but not bringing any value to it — fluff.

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Struggling To ‘Find Your Passion’? Here’s Why It’s Dangerous Advice – And What To Look For Instead

Career Shifters

You want inspiration, drive, energy, and contentment at work: a career you can be proud of and a life you love. There's just this one little thing you need to find first… Or is there?

2017 76

The 4-point framework for answering job interview questions

Cube Rules

When the hiring manager has to interrupt you answering an interview question in order to ask you another question, you’ve pretty much lost the job. That’s happened in literally all of the interviews I’m participating in for the day job. It drives me (and the hiring manager) crazy.

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The 8 Worst Types of Colleagues

Ms. Career Girl

The post The 8 Worst Types of Colleagues appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do for a job, annoying colleagues are part and parcel of working life.

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Ways to Get a Better Office Environment for Women and Men

Evil HR Lady

We talk a lot about making the workplace better for women, but the reality is, we should make the workplace better for everyone. Women and men do (generally) have different needs and wants in the workplace, but what benefits one group can benefit others. Over at The Balance, I identify 5 different things businesses can do to make an office environment: Increase flexibility. Create set schedules for retail/shift work. Salary openness. Provide management training.

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Executive Job Search Success After 50: How to Overcome Age Discrimination

Executive Career Brand

If you’re now over 50 and job-hunting, and it’s been several years since you’ve been in a job search, you may be in for a rude awakening. All of a sudden, job interviews may be much harder to land.

2017 67

How to Handle an Executive Layoff

Professional Resume Services

Layoffs are notoriously difficult to handle. Here’s how to keep your head above water. Going through a layoff is never easy. However, depending on how you handle it, you could end up in a better position in the long run.

2017 71

From Finance to Supporting Social Ventures

Career Shifters

"My girlfriend innocently asked me how work was going, and I went off on a long rant.”. David Bartram followed a successful corporate trajectory after university, but didn’t feel the purpose and passion he craved. So he set out to discover something more.

2017 70

What it’s like to have a career you love: Not what you think.

Penelope Trunk

People who love their career are people who will always figure out how to love their work. There are people who love to work and people who love to do other things. I learned this from looking at what I did in jobs I did not love.

2017 46

10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Pat Fredshaw. Her bio follows. Managing your professional life can sometimes be extremely stressful.

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An Open Letter to New Employees

Evil HR Lady

Dear New Employee, Welcome! We’re excited to have you on board. This is an open letter to new employees because we want to make sure your first few days are as pleasant as possible. Then we’ll start throwing work on you. But for now, welcome! Coffee is in the break room, and if you made it yourself, it’s fresh. Here’s what you need to know to make your first few days as wonderful as possible: Please Wander Around.

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5 Tips To To Adjust To A Frequently-On-The-Road Job

Cube Rules

In today’s world most jobs will entail some form of travel. Some are three or four times a year while others are three or four times a week. If you are in the latter category and are not used to it, quite a lot of adjustment is needed. Everything from the food you eat to […].

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Everything You Should Know About LinkedIn Endorsements

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LinkedIn endorsements can be incredibly valuable when used efficiently! Here’s how to make the most of them. If you’re new to LinkedIn, or just noticed the endorsements feature, there are some things you need to know.

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7 Tips to Knock Your Next Phone Interview Out of the Park

Career Alley

Phone interviews have become very popular as the first interview in the hiring process. Companies are overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions of applicants for each position posted online. How people work in the job market has changed so much that, if you plan to telecommute, there is a strong chance that you may never set […]. Interviews Interviewing Job Interviews telephone Interviews

2017 64

Negotiation in Your Workplace, Job Search, and Everywhere Else

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Negotiation is a must have this skill for your job search, workplace, and life. As we dive deeper into the gig economy, each job seeker will accept several roles. Our roles as contractors and entrepreneurs, we must embrace our roles as negotiators.

2017 42

Tips For Launching Your #SideHustle

Ms. Career Girl

The post Tips For Launching Your #SideHustle appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

2017 55

Career Growth is Up to You

Evil HR Lady

Wouldn’t it be awesome if when you were 18 you could sit down with a counselor who could help you plan out your career and then you’d just follow that path? “So, when you’re 22 you’ll take an entry level job as a marketing assistant. At 24, you’ll be promoted to an analyst position… by the time you’re 35, you’ll be a director!” ” Ha, no. That’s not how it works.

2017 47

From Sound Engineer to Marketing

Career Shifters

“I was tired, had no free time and was pretty much broke.”. What do you do when you discover the work of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be? For Paul Egan, the answer was to experiment with something new.

3 Reasons Cultural Fit is Important in the Workplace

The Undercover Recruiter

It is often said that firms want to recruit people with the right attitude and work ethic rather than just a glowing CV. While knowledge of the job is essential, key skills can be learned in-house, particularly at a junior level. But how easy is it to find someone who is the right cultural fit.

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