August, 2017

Where Do Writers Write? Take A Look…

Ms. Career Girl

Last month I showed you where I write my books. There were many photos of my garden, which is where I do a lot of daydreaming and procrastinating while pretending to work. This month, we’re looking at where other writers write. Take a look… Barbara Claypole White, Echoes of Family.

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Career Changer: What to do when you doubt your ideas + grapple with fear

Career Trend

The idea of a slimmer, more toned body spurs me to try on new habits and behaviors. I: start a new exercise routine; become more resourceful in food prep; actively resist temptation, replacing unhealthy snacks with a sumptuous book or by engaging in a body-fueling, light-hearted activity.

2017 209

Which Skills Are Optimal For An Executive Job Search?

Professional Resume Services

Anyone who has worked as a recruiter or hiring manager knows the difficulties in sorting through executive resumes. And as an executive, you may quickly realize you possess very similar skills as your competition when searching for a new job.

2017 193

3 Things To Remember When You Feel You're Not Where You Should Be

Career Shifters

You should be further along in your shift. You should have done more. You're not where you wanted to be by now. Sound familiar? Natasha shares three lessons to get you focused, freed up, and having fun with your career change

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10 Years on LinkedIn – Why It’s Still Indispensable To Me

Executive Career Brand

How LinkedIn Remains Invaluable To Me, and To All Executive Job Seekers. I was noodling around on my LinkedIn Settings page when I noticed something at the top of the page. It said I’ve been a member since August 2007. Ten years is a long time. My business is so different than it was then.

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The Best Ways to Build Your Brand Online

Professional Resume Services

When many people think about building a brand, they think about actual companies promoting their brand to drive business. However, executives today have to build their own personal brand as well.

2017 172

4 must do actions to take before applying for a job

Cube Rules

If it has been a while since you’ve been in a job search, it’s tempting to apply to a perfect job posting right away. Tempting, but there is work to do. Before you blast out your resume, take some time to review the basics. Not too long — job postings get removed as fast […].

2017 158

Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 10: No Road Signs

Sklover Working Wisdom

Agreements without Page Numbers, Section Headings, or Paragraph Letters are Trying to Hide Things from You.

2017 158

4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

My first encounter with prospective clients is typically through an email with their resume attached. Often, they’ve written their own resume and state upfront that they’re embarrassed by how bad it is.

2017 151

7 Tips to Brand Your Side Hustle Like a Pro

Ms. Career Girl

Do you take your “side hustle” seriously or is it a “bit of fun”? Most people start off treating their side hustle as nothing serious, but if you want your business to grow, you need to pay attention to branding.

2017 206

It’s Not Okay to Ask a Job Candidate if She’s Planning to Have a Baby

Evil HR Lady

“Are you planning on getting pregnant in the next two years ?” ” is a question best left to physicians, and definitely not hiring managers or mothers-in-law. While the question isn’t, technically, illegal in the United States, it can definitely lead towards illegal discrimination if you ask it. Asking questions about race, gender, pregnancy status , etc.,

2017 149

Important Features on LinkedIn You Should Be Using

Professional Resume Services

LinkedIn offers so many features, but it can be difficult to know which ones to use and how to use them. The reality is many executives aren’t using the right features, and some of the features they are using aren’t being used properly.

2017 169

Simple Steps to Steer Your Child Toward Career Success

Competitive Resumes

Put yourself in the shoes of a young mother, working hard to succeed in her corporate job. She dreams of a college education for her six-year-old son, a career with high earning potential and benefits. But then the little boy announces that he wants to be a garbage collector when he grows up.

2017 147

5 Things You Should Consider To Improve Your Business

Career Alley

When running your own business, there are so many different things that you should be thinking about, that it can be hard to know what is best for your business. Business Advice Business

2017 146

Work From Anywhere In The World: The Hype And The Reality Of Becoming A Digital Nomad

Career Shifters

Work online and travel the world… it sounds wonderful – and according to the media, it’s more possible than ever. But what’s the reality behind the glamour? And, if you have responsibilities, how practical is it?

2017 207

Give Your Team Inspiration Not Motivation

Ms. Career Girl

I think of inspiration as something that touches, moves, and affects us. Through emotions, or the heart if your prefer, it reaches beyond the logic and filtering of the mind.

2017 202

Can a Company Require a Long Drive and Not Pay for a Hotel?

Evil HR Lady

I am not in this situation but a friend of mine is. She works for a company as an outside sales executive. She obviously is exempt from overtime. When she took the job, she was told that her sales area would be in the city she lives while the corporate head quarters are located 2+ hours away. She was told that there may be a quarterly need to come down to corporate for corporate meetings. This has now changed within the last six months to monthly meetings.

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The Ultimate Job Search Survival Guide for Women Executives

Professional Resume Services

Believe it or not, there still is somewhat of a notion that women shouldn’t be in top positions at certain companies. However, this has changed significantly over the years, and many companies are viewing women at a higher standard than ever before, and rightfully so.

2017 169

9 Ways to Break Out of the Job Search Rut

Competitive Resumes

I answered the following query on Quora I’d like to share. The inquiring person contacted me after I posted to share additional thoughts, but in a job search rut, you can’t stop asking questions: How do you break out of a job search rut?

2017 142

Constructive Discharge – Key Words & Phrases

Sklover Working Wisdom

What is the meaning of: “ Constructive Discharge ” ? Many people use the phrase “constructive discharge” (or “constructive termination”) to mean, generally, “This place has become intolerable, if not impossible, to work in.”. In doing so, most are part right and part wrong.

Five Qualifications for a Job in the Retail Industry

Career Alley

Many jobs in the retail industry require interaction with customers. This means a candidate for a job in retail has to have specific qualifications in order to be considered for the position. Discover five qualifications that are essential for success in a retail job. Career Opportunities Retail

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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep Properly At Night

Ms. Career Girl

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , it is estimated that one third of the U.S. population gets less than the recommended hours of sleep.

2017 194

The How-Tos of Building Relationships With HR

Evil HR Lady

Human resources departments often have a reputation for being hard to approach or understand. Building relationships with employees is a critical step for a successful HR department. Here’s how. Don’t Get Too Close. This may seem counterintuitive to building relationships, but when HR becomes close friends with some staff, the other staff members feel HR doesn’t operate fairly.

2017 143

Could Blogging Help Your Career?

Professional Resume Services

Experienced executives have a lot of knowledge that may be beneficial to many other people. If you have a good amount of experience and have decent writing skills, you could enhance your career even further by starting a blog.

2017 163

How to Age-Proof Your Resume


It may be illegal, but age discrimination exists in the hiring process, and the pace of technological change has only intensified the problem.

2017 192

Beware of “Likely Successor Risk”

Sklover Working Wisdom

— Danger Ahead: Beware the Danger of “Likely Successor Risk” —. In new employment, all employees face the risk of being a “new kid on the block.” That is, 
there is always the chance that you just won’t “fit in” with the “in crowd.” That is just a fact of life.

2017 130

5 Hot Careers for 2017

Career Alley

Feeling like your job is a dead-end? Or maybe you are trying to figure out what your college major should be to position yourself for the best career. Career Opportunities Hot Careers Hot Jobs

2017 138

How to Dress the Part and Win at Work

Ms. Career Girl

Whether it’s fair or not, you’d be surprised how much your appearance can play a role in how business associates view you. Showing up with wrinkled clothing and out-of-place hair can have an unwelcome effect on your career.

2017 190

9 Ways Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey’s Houston Victims

Evil HR Lady

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been watching the Hurricane Harvey coverage, thanking your lucky stars that you don’t live in its path. However, for millions, their lives have just been turned upside down, and the problems haven’t stopped. You want to help; you want your business to help. Here are 10 ways you and your business can help. Cold Hard Cash.

How Your Executive Job Search is Affected by Search Engine Optimization

Professional Resume Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many different functions and benefits. You can either greatly benefit from SEO when you’re searching for an executive job, or you could fall way behind the rest. Being discovered is one of the most important things in a job search today.

2017 158

Job Search News for August 25, 2017

Competitive Resumes

via GIPHY. It’s Friday!! Your job search could use some additional resources so I’ve compiled a few of them. .I’ll I’ll read them, and you can feel free to comment on them in any form you’d like including leaving a message on the “send voicemail” button on your right.

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Sklover Working Wisdom

— Danger Ahead: Beware the Danger of “Likely Successor Risk” — In new employment, all employees face the risk of being a “new kid on the block.” That is, 
there is always the chance that you just won’t “fit in” with the “in crowd.” That is just a fact of life.

2017 130

3 Personas, 3 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

Career Alley

Millennials are starting more businesses these days and leaving the regular office routines behind. As the chances of employment are low and many of us are struggling to make ends meet, young professionals out there might be onto something - and they manage to start businesses without having an abundance of savings. Business Advice New Business Owners

2017 135

Speak Like a Professional: 7 Tips for Better Business Speech

Ms. Career Girl

Two women present their funding requests to the same management team. Let’s listen in: Diana : So, you know, this project is insanely good, we can sell it soon and customers will really like it. I only need like $50,000 to get to launch. Can I go forward?

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