April, 2020

How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

Career Alley

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking in the best of times. Getting ready for a remote interview comes with some unique challenges. Instead of traveling to the office with copies of your resume in hand, you’ll be inviting your interviewers in your home via webcam.

2020 324

When Working Remotely and Social Distancing Get Old

Ms. Career Girl

To everyone who has always said that they’d love to work from home – your wish has been granted. As we head into our second month of quarantine, some employees might be loving it, while others struggle with their new work-from-home lifestyle and social distancing.

2020 266

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How To Use Video For Job Search and Personal Branding

Executive Career Brand

When I began collaborating on a new kind of customized video system for job search and career late last year, I did a Google search on “how to use video for job search“ Google loaded more than 5 billion results, but only a few results within the first 10 pages or so were actually about […].

2020 240

How We Are Navigating Job and Life Change Amid a Pandemic

Career Trend

Sometimes in our lives ambiguity reigns.

2020 198

You Don’t Lack the Discipline

Evil HR Lady

Have you seen the “motivational” tweets and advice about what you should do during Quarantine? Like these: If you don’t come out of this quarantine with either: 1.) a new skill 2.) starting what you’ve been putting off like a new business 3.)

2020 279

3 Myths That Are Stunting Your Career


A lot of frequently disseminated knowledge surrounding job hunting and career maintenance has been passed down by our parents. While I’m sure they all knew what they were doing back in their heyday (looking at you, dad), a lot of their information can be outdated.

2020 228

Four Jobs to Give Back to Your Community

Career Alley

If you are one of the millions who leave school without knowing exactly what path to take in life, consider the opportunities that offer the lifestyle you are looking for and would you enjoy doing it. Career Advice community give back volunteer

2020 300

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What NOT To Say in the Interview

Professional Resume Services

There is an unspoken set of rules that goes on in the interview. And you are expected to know them. These rules come from the recruiter or hiring manager. They have things they want to hear and things they don’t want to hear. How do you know what they are and how do you prepare.

2020 151

Making Career Lemonade

Career Trend

Rudyard Kipling famously wrote: “If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs … Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.” Most would agree, these words were written for times such as these.

2020 168

Exhausted? Blame Zoom. Or Skype

Evil HR Lady

I cannot even begin to count the number of video conferences I’ve done since the beginning of March. I’ve worked exclusively at home for 11 years, and so I thought I was as up to date as anyone on remote communication.

2020 259

Opportunity for Great HR Pros: Making Remote Work Recommendations Post-Covid Including Financial Gain.

The HR Capitalist

It's all going to change! Once people have worked from home for this long of stretch, they're never coming back to the office! If I could short the stock of every expert who has made these proclamations in the COVID-19 lockdown era, I would.

2020 149

Successful Job Hunting During COVID-19

Career Alley

You may think that there’s no point in looking for a job right now. While the conditions are challenging in the extreme, there are still some things you should be doing to give yourself the best chance of finding work. There are still companies hiring if you search smart.

2020 293

Online Learning During Coronavirus Isolation: What You Need to Know

Ms. Career Girl

They say you should never let a good crisis go to waste. If you’re locked in during the COVID-19 crisis, take advantage of the time. Use online learning during Coronavirus isolation to master something new. Why Learn Online.

2020 216

From Physician to Academic and Writer

Career Shifters

“I hated the lack of flexibility.”. Sayantani DasGupta loved her work, but she couldn't understand how her profession showed such a lack of consideration for its workers.

2020 208

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It’s OK to not be OK.”. – Brian Stelter. With the blessing of life there comes not just joy, but also sorrow, grief and pain. Sure, we all try to keep ourselves “above water,” but sometimes we just can’t do that. Or get to sleep at night, or out of bed in the morning.

2020 130

Age Discrimination or Protecting a Vulnerable Employee?

Evil HR Lady

My “position” was called back to our store after furlough but I was not. My coworker, who I trained and share the position with, was called back yesterday. No one will answer my calls or questions about my possible return. I am 58 years old and have had higher evaluation scores than my coworker.

2020 243

When Employees Want COVID Unemployment Over a Job at Your Company.

The HR Capitalist

This post is for the business owners (and the HR pros who support them) that have lower paying jobs that have been thrown into turmoil by the COVID lockdown and the resulting recession. The company I'm a part of isn't part of this situation, but I've been following the news closely.

2020 137

How to Kick Start a Career in Construction

Career Alley

There are opportunities within the sector for unskilled workers right through to highly qualified and skilled workers with all levels of experience. Discover Career Opportunities Construction Jobs

Job Hunting Tips When You’re Changing Career Fields

Ms. Career Girl

So you’ve decided you’re going to try for a new job. Not just a new job really, but a new job in a completely new field. Congrats! Now it’s time to really buckle down and make it happen. But what are the first things you should even do to prepare for changing career fields? Commit.

2020 204

From Manufacturing to Aerospace

Career Shifters

“I knew that I was becoming less and less of my usual, happy self.”. Lisa Jimenez was angry, frustrated, and finding it increasingly difficult to go to work every day. With the support of a trusted friend, she took action, even though she didn't have all the answers.

2020 202

On This First Day of Ramadan

Sklover Working Wisdom

– A Message for All our Friends Who Observe This Holy Month: As the crescent moon is sighted, and the holy month of Ramadan begins, may Allah bless you and your family with happiness and grace you with warmth and peace!! 2020 Alan L. Sklover All Rights Reserved. Commercial Use Prohibited.

2020 130

You Love Dress Codes

Evil HR Lady

Last week I wrote about a judge’s request for lawyers (lawyers!) to get out of bed and put some clothes on before appearing in a virtual court.

2020 237

Just Your Customary Friday Quote from Vladimir Lenin on The HR Capitalist.

The HR Capitalist

“There are decades where nothing happens ; and there are week s where decades happen.”. Vladimir Lenin. Uhh.well, I don't use quotes from Lenin often on a blog called the HR Capitalist. But this one seemed meaningful and like one I should ponder for a few minutes.

2020 136

The Best High Paid Jobs (That Don’t Require Years Of Training)

Career Alley

A skilled trade career can be very rewarding, with great potential for professional development and a solid salary. Find your Dream Job highest paying jobs Salary

2020 290

Plan Be: Affirmations for Success While Working from Home

Ms. Career Girl

We are living in times of extra stress and anxiety; if you find yourself feeling drained or completely overwhelmed while living and working during a pandemic, you are not alone.

2020 191

Top Tips and Techniques for A Successful Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Searching for a job is a crucial part of your professional career. It isn’t just about simply submitting a copy of your résumé to a recruiter and then waiting for a call.

2020 130

Time on Your Hands? – Get Valued Credentials Online

Sklover Working Wisdom

To Our Readers: At this difficult time, we are not focusing all of our energies on the great difficulties presented to us by the coronavirus. Rather, we’re focusing on your difficulties and opportunities after the coronavirus is gone.

2020 130

Swiss Saturday: Quarantine Version

Evil HR Lady

It’s day 4640 of quarantine here in the beautiful city of Basel. And, I do mean beautiful. We have had amazing weather and while, technically, we don’t have a stay at home order, I live smack in the middle of the city, so going out means running into other people.

2020 223

Raymond K. Hessel (Fight Club) and Thinking About Wasted Time During COVID-19.

The HR Capitalist

By now, most of you are approaching the 30-day mark of the great American COVID lockdown. That means the fear has started to subside, and at some point, you started thinking deeper thoughts.

2020 134

5 Ways to Provide the Best Small Business Customer Service

Career Alley

In today's competitive industries it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially when your business is small. The best tool available for you to stand out is through your customer service strategy. Career Advice customer service

2020 261

Is the Pandemic Making You a Chronic Worrier? Here’s How to Stop.

Ms. Career Girl

Karen McGregor says not only does worry suppress our immune system, it keeps us. from living the life we were meant to have—pandemic or no pandemic. Here’s how. to dismantle your worry channel and create a healthier, happier life. Is it possible to have a worry-free pandemic?

2020 180

From Architect to Teacher

Career Shifters

“I couldn't carry on doing something that brought me nothing but a feeling of emptiness.”. s work felt meaningless and isolating – she knew she needed a change. What started as a practical solution to an immediate problem soon evolved into a light-bulb moment, a passion, and a future career path.

2020 180

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“True Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way.”. – John R. Maxwell. We always need leaders. We have a greater need for good leaders in times of crisis. The simple fact is that some people are better at leading than are others.

2020 130

Sexual Harassment and Bullying During Telecommuting

Evil HR Lady

We all know cyberbullying is a problem. Perhaps we think about it as a teenage problem with the mean girls mocking someone over Snapchat. But, it can be a p roblem in the adult workplace.

2020 219

COVID-19: It's Probably Time You Doubled Down Professionally On You.

The HR Capitalist

Here we are - calendar dates vary widely, but by mid week, I'll be entering week 4 of my personal decision to shelter in place. I say personal decision because like a lot of states, mine was a bit late to the whole "mandate" thing. COVID-19 sucks. I hope you're healthy.

2020 135

Making Freelancing Sustainable

Career Alley

The need for people to work from home, whether they’re freelancers or full-time workers, has never been shown to be as important as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover Career Opportunities Freelance

Have a Fairy Tale Wedding, But Beware: In Fairy Tales, Brides Suffer After “I Do”

Ms. Career Girl

Disney and Allure Bridal have joined forces to create a line of Disney-themed wedding dresses to “[turn] fairy tale dreams into reality for brides.” The dresses, says Allure Bridals , “capture the style and spirit of Disney Princess characters.”.

2020 177