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5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Job Offer

Career Alley

A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into preparing and succeeding in getting a new job. Updating resumes, leveraging your networks, going on interviews, etc. Many people face rejection during the job search process and most have no idea why they did not succeed in getting the job. Sometimes it’s obvious (not qualified, your compensation is too high, etc.) but many times it is not.

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7 Things To Do To Get Ready For Your Job Search

Professional Resume Services

If your goal is to get a new job this year, here are seven things you need to do to prepare yourself for your job search. Update your résumé. While ideally your résumé is customized for a specific job, having an up-to-date résumé targeted for a specific “type” of position is the next best thing.

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7 Tips to Starting a Job Search

Hiring Technical People

Do you have a resolution to find a new job this year? Check out these tips for a better, streamlined job search. Develop your LinkedIn Profile along with your resume. You need both. You might want to read 7 LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks in 2014 That Make a Difference. You cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn. It is just as important as your resume. And, you don’t need the same information in each. You don’t have the room on a resume. You do have the room on LinkedIn.

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Networking at the Interview

Careers Done Write

Always think of the bigger picture when you are in job search mode. Rather than focus on one particular job posting at a time, keep your eyes open, so you don’t miss other opportunities. Continuously expanding your horizon allows you to meet valuable contacts, learn about new companies, and identify new industry trends. With this mindset, enter your next interview open to the possibility of expanding your network. Here are three networking-at-the-interview opportunities to consider.

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5 1/2 Reasons Why You Won’t Find a Job

Career Alley

With job search, there is a certain element of “right spot, right time”, but if you’ve been looking for a job for an extended period of time without any luck you should start to ask why you’ve not found a job. Maybe you have the “missing things in plain sight” syndrome (“things” being what is keeping you from finding a job) or maybe you’ve “hit the wall” or maybe it’s just denial.

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Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: Hit the job boards hard

Executive Career Brand

Your executive job search isn’t going well. You don’t know why. You spend hours and hours every day scouring the job boards, customizing your resume, and responding to postings. Is this what you’re thinking? “My My branded resume and LinkedIn profile are ready. Time to hit the job boards hard.”.

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The Perfect Career Girl Handbag

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Perfect Career Girl Handbag appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. What is the one accessory every successful career girl must have? The perfect handbag. The Natalie Tote by Robert Matthew combines style with functionality, allowing you to carry all of your essentials and simultaneously make a powerful fashion statement. photo courtesy of

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Leveraging Your Recruiter and Headhunter Network

Career Alley

As with most things in life, job search is a “two way street” The concept of networking lives by this and Recruiters and Headhunters are no exception. This process works in different ways. In some cases, the recruiter may be looking for a candidate with credentials that are different than yours and you may know someone who is qualified. Or maybe you know the recruiter because you’ve used them to hire people in your last role.

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How To Make Taxes And Your Job Search Easier To Handle

Professional Resume Services

There is a lot of information out there on tax filing and job hunting and keeping your information organized. It’s an important subject because, according to the IRS, some job hunting expenses are deductible. The problem is figuring out how to keep track of all the expenses so you have the paperwork to prove your deduction claims. Pilers, Filers, and Technophiles. The way that will work best for your purposes is the way that you naturally do things.

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Goals – Part I of II: Are You On Track? Reviewing your 2015 Resolutions.

Ms. Career Girl

The post Goals – Part I of II: Are You On Track? Reviewing your 2015 Resolutions. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Do any of you watch Family Guy ? There’s this episode where Brian writes a book titled Wish It. Want It. Do It. available on Amazon , by the way – please DON’T buy it!). Brian writes this book to poke-fun at self-help books in general, and then watches it climb to #3 on the Amazon Bestsellers List.

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Here's Your Late New Year's Resolution: Stop Being Anonymous on LinkedIn.

The HR Capitalist

A simple resolution for sure. Stop being anonymous on LinkedIn. You''re being private for the sake of being private, HR/recruiting/talent pro. You''re not strategic, you''re a hermit. Here''s how it works. You''re cruising around LinkedIn, looking at people''s profiles, for whatever reason. When the people you were stalking looking at go to the section that tells them who has viewed their account, this is what they see: If your mission was to remain anonymous at all cost, mission accomplished.

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How to Give Performance Feedback to a Failing Employee


No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but as a leader, it’s an important, though unfortunate, part of your job. In the past, it’s been reported as much as 60 percent of employees haven’t received useful feedback from their leaders. Even the best leaders who understand performance management, providing real and sometimes negative performance feedback can stop them in their tracks.

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Don’t Forget To Listen During Your Interview

Professional Resume Services

Are you one of those people who talk when they are nervous? It’s pretty easy to do — and very damaging to your career if you don’t learn how to control it. That old adage about having two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you talk is actually good advice for every part of your working world, from the interview to get the job to the moves into management and executive leadership. The Big Mistake You Can Make.

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How to Dress for the Job You Want

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Dress for the Job You Want appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You’ve probably heard the phrase “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have” but in practice, what does it mean? Dressing for the job you want is about more than the clothes you wear. It’s also about how you conduct yourself and your state of mind.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.”. Jewish Proverb. This proverb is about all of life, but is especially applicable to work. At work, you can seek less job duties and responsibilities, if you wish. But that will lead, sooner or later, to having less skills, less impact with colleagues, less pay from your employer, and overall less job security. It’s the path to eventual unhappiness.

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Paying Fast Food Workers $15 Per Hour - 4 Capitalist Thoughts.

The HR Capitalist

There''s been a lot of press recently about raising the wages for fast food workers to $15 an hour. If you want a sampling, click here for some quick aggregation via Google. The move to raise wages in this fashion polarizes the dialog. Most people generally belong to one of two camps: 1. You''re a capitalist. You think the market decides, and any artificial, non-market related move to raise these wage levels is complete BS, or; 2. You''ve got a big heart.

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The Talent Whisperer: How to Attract And Retain New Employees


Every employee (new as well as old) dreams of the days when long term employment meant more than a 5 year endeavor. They long to tell others that their current employer is handing out raises instead of pink slips. Millions of employees would like to walk in on Monday mornings with a fearless heart of knowing they have a secure position within the organization.

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Utilizing the Daily Grind: Job Tips for Short-Term Career Woman

Ms. Career Girl

The post Utilizing the Daily Grind: Job Tips for Short-Term Career Woman appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Professional success is not always tied to a career woman’s current workplace. For me professional success has always been defined as: writing and publishing novels that grant enough royalties to pursue my craft full-time. Unfortunately in order to accomplish that goal, I need money to pay the bills and acquire food.

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9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

Position Ignition

It’s one thing to take a gap year; it’s another thing to get something out of it. It’s ultimately down to you to work out how to use your gap year in a way that suits you as an individual but if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips for making your year out work for you, your purposes and your future. Career Exploration

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Wondering About the New SHRM Certification? I Did a Podcast For You.

The HR Capitalist

First up, let me say that I remain pro-HRCI and SPHR. That said - SHRM. SHRM-SCP. How do you figure out what to do? I know you''re wondering about the SHRM-SCP certification path especially if you listened to this podcast I did on SHRM announcing that it’s going to start offering its own certification program to rival the SPHR/PHR. Well, we''re here to give the people what they want.

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Giving Positive Feedback in the Workplace


It seems that a lot of what we talk about in HR and management involves rules and policies. We make sure policies are updated as laws change and discipline employees who can’t seem to follow the rules. When we are so caught up in such things, it can be hard to think of giving positive feedback when things actually go well. Giving positive feedback should be a big part of what HR and managers do in a company.

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The Anatomy of Love: 4 Signs that you’re in the Wrong Relationship

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Anatomy of Love: 4 Signs that you’re in the Wrong Relationship appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Relationships are complicated, and even the best ones require a great deal of compromise and negotiation. Having conflict is not, on its own, a reason to end a relationship that is otherwise healthy. Wrong relationships are different. They are overwhelmed with issues that feel too big to fix.

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Ice Water Steam chaos management insight

Career Development Plan

Be productive by creating order (water) from static (ice) or chaos (steam) Ice, water or steam in chaos management and transformation. The challenge is to turn ICE or Steam into more manageable WATER! We want to achieve productivity with returns by optimizing between too much rigid controls and totally chaotic free running. Look at and search for management of business, civic or civil applications applying chaos theory (Ice water steam) to many areas of life.

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4 Tips for Communicating With Recruiters

The Undercover Recruiter

You finally found it—your dream job. And after some detective work on Google, the company website, and social media, you’ve tracked down the HR manager or recruiter responsible for filling the position. How do you proceed? This is your first impression, and you want to make a good one. Before you contact the recruiter, take […]. 4 Tips for Communicating With Recruiters. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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In 2015, Should Facebook Access Be Banned at Work?


Your employer bans Facebook access at Work? With the release of Facebook At Work into the app store and subsequent conversations around Facebook access being banned in the office (that ironically took place on FB & Twitter!), I was shocked by the breadth of “2005 thinking” that some companies still have towards social media.

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The Anatomy of Love: Finding Mr. Right  

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Anatomy of Love: Finding Mr. Right appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Are you in search for Mr. Right? Are you tired of waiting for the right because it feels like you’ve run out of luck? Are you ready to give up on the anatomy of love? Now, before you give up on ever finding the right one to settle down and build a life with, here are some tips from the experts. Get a life! . You cannot find the right guy to marry when you are not the right woman to be the best wife.

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How to Find Your Feet When You Stop Working

Position Ignition

The best way to find your feet after your formal working life is done is to give yourself the longest lead time of thinking about this transition that you can. The better that you mange your transition, the more likely you are to find your feet. When you do this, you’re going to have a plan. The plan is going to cover both the timing of when you stop and the affordability of knowing you can comfortably stop in financial terms.

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10 Things You Should Never Do in an Interview

The Undercover Recruiter

You’ve been offered an interview for your dream job, great! But the job’s not yours quite yet, now you’ve got to nail the interview. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and convince your interviewer that you are the one for the job, so don’t blow it by making any silly avoidable […]. 10 Things You Should Never Do in an Interview. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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4 Basics to Understanding Performance Management at Your Workplace


Every work environment I have ever been in is different in one way or another, but they all have one very important thing in common. Different cultures, different values, different expectations, and yet one thing prevails everywhere I’ve been: the bosses set the tone for the rest of the staff. Whether the boss is a screamer or sweet or a workaholic or a two-hour-lunch taker, their employees tend to follow suit.

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How to Create a Wildly Effective Career Portfolio

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Create a Wildly Effective Career Portfolio appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Have you ever considered creating a portfolio to illustrate all your skills and talents? If you haven’t, you should, and here’s why. A well-constructed career portfolio could make the difference between getting hired for the job, or having your resume get lost in the crowd. Because of this, many job seekers, and even those who have jobs already, are putting together a complete career portfolio.

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How To Effectively Demonstrate Your Value In A Job Interview

Career Realism

In my recruitment job, I’ve noticed that one of the most common reasons for candidates getting rejected after their interviews is that they don’t provide enough relevant, tangible examples of what they’ve done in their current/previous job that would be relevant to the position they are applying for. Related: 5 Things To Ask In A Job Interview.

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Banish Those Nerves: How to Be Fully Prepared For Your Interview

The Undercover Recruiter

Going for an interview can be an incredibly stressful experience. From the restless night’s sleep beforehand, to the constant sweating and shakes as you sit in the reception; sometimes they can feel more like you’re about to jump out of a plane rather than have a conversation with someone. But what if we told you […]. Banish Those Nerves: How to Be Fully Prepared For Your Interview. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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The Definitive SHRM & HRCI Certification Guide


Last June, SHRM announced that they would be entering into the HR certification arena. By making this announcement and cutting ties with HRCI, SHRM joined the fight in offering a certification program that would be available for HR practitioners.

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Career trajectory of the fast-rising star

Penelope Trunk

My husband tells me that when the tractor was invented, farmers who spent their lives learning to be great with horses had to rely on young farmers who understood machinery. It was an era when young people looked like experts in farming almost overnight. Or at least they felt that way. Really, though, they were experts in the machinery of farming , but machinery so quickly became a focal point of farming that being an expert in machinery meant you could get by. For a while. Until a drought.

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3 Job Search Tactics That Bring Results You Want

Career Realism

There’s a reason why people are advised to secure a job before quitting even in the best job market. Job searching can involve a lengthy process, especially when the best job search tactics aren’t in use. Related: 4 Steps To Building A Job Search Plan. If you want results, you’ll have to lean towards the proactive, go-getter style of job searching. Use these job search tactics to help you! Tips around job boards.

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10 Career-Change Questions to Ask Yourself Before Jumping Ship

The Undercover Recruiter

Your profession is what that either makes you or breaks you. A researcher named Gallup did a worldwide research polling 25 million employee’s answers with regard to job satisfaction. What did he find? That only 13% of those workers actually feel “engaged” in their jobs, which means that they are highly satisfied with what they […]. 10 Career-Change Questions to Ask Yourself Before Jumping Ship. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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What Does Corporate Diversity Really Mean?


This blog is part 3 in my what is affirmative action series. In part 1, I defined affirmative action. In part 2, I took it the definition of affirmative action a step further. In part 3, we are focusing on corporate diversity and what does it really mean? DEFINING AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.