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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview

Career Alley

Okay, so I admit it – I’m a fanatic with job search (and, therefore, this blog). When I’m looking for a job I’m obsessed. But because I’m an organized fanatic. I use a tried and true process which enables me to more quickly find the right job for me.

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Top Mistakes That Get Your Application Tossed

Professional Resume Services

Sometimes, the difference between a job application that makes an employer say, “Wow!” ” and one that makes an employer say, “Whoa…skip that one” is a simple mistake that is easy to avoid. In a recent Daily Worth article, Natasha Burton looks at 9 common job application mistakes that can cause that application to get tossed. Her list is: not following instructions. applying for “any” position. sloppy grammar. outdated resume.

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How training for a Marathon kept me motivated during my job search

Ms. Career Girl

The post How training for a Marathon kept me motivated during my job search appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. When I first signed up for a marathon it had nothing to do with my job search, rather it was something I’d always wanted to accomplish and decided to go ahead and take on the challenge. I had already run half-marathons, 5ks, and 10ks; so the marathon was the next distance to conquer.

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5 advanced skills for a successful career

Cube Rules

A successful career is made up of a lot of different components. Here are five good ones from College America. Job Performance

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10 Headhunter and Recruiter Links

Career Alley

I was talking to a friend of mine whose child is in the entertainment industry. Not well known (in fact, not known at all), but this kid has her own agent. “Her own agent?” ” I ask. Why does a 10 year need an agent? To help her get work of course. And then I started thinking, “wait a minute. I have an agent. In fact, I have several agents” And you can too. Just like the 10 year old’s agent, your agent will help you find work as well.

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3 Reasons To Track The Numbers In Your Job Performance

Professional Resume Services

Some of us liked math class, and some of us did not (I am in the latter group). But like it or not, numbers are essential in your career, from resume to retirement and everywhere in between. Job performance numbers are particularly useful for at least three reasons: they look good on your resume. they help with salary negotiations. and they give you confidence. Performance Numbers Validate Your Resume.

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The Career Benefits of Volunteering

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Career Benefits of Volunteering appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Back in high school as we prepared our college applications, we were often asked (sometimes trite) questions about times we’d helped others, served our communities, or been selfless in the face of adversity. We thought to the times our parents had sent us on mission trips, the soup kitchens we’d helped organized, and the kids we tutored at an after school program.

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5 Tips for Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search

Career Alley

One of the well-known ways to land a new job is to network. Whether networking with colleagues from work, friends, professors from school, or in other areas, networking plays a vital role; giving us access to people who can recommend us for positions or simply inform us of them. With social media proliferating society, networking using social media may now be one of the best ways to market yourself to potential hiring managers. Here are 5 tips to leverage social media to get that next job.

Sometimes Life Is Good When You Allow It to Be

Career Trend

Yesterday, for a short while, I felt a little glum for no particular reason. The sun was shining, and the temps rose to nearly 70 degrees at Lake Texoma. Add to that, I live in view of a 90,000-acre lake in North Texas, and I have the luxury of a couple hundred yard commute […]. The post Sometimes Life Is Good When You Allow It to Be appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. How to Find Perspective Work Life Balance Gaining Perspective Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Work-Life Balance

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Event Invitation: Ladies Demo Day in NYC for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

The post Event Invitation: Ladies Demo Day in NYC for Entrepreneurs appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Here’s an opportunity to “lean in” and build some strong relationships with other business women in NYC next month! Here’s your invite from our new columnist, Arielle Patrick. As women in the corporate world, we’re constantly combating the “old boys club,” a network in which men have relied for generations to help each other get ahead, and most importantly: stay ahead.

Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I can skip networking

Executive Career Brand

Your executive job search seems to be going nowhere. You probably should be networking more, but it’s a challenge for you. Is this what you’re thinking? “I’m I’m terrible at networking. I hate asking people for favors. I’ll skip that part.”. Too many of the executive job seekers I speak with have neglected their network for years, while they were securely employed. They didn’t think they needed these people.

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How a Coach Can Help with Your Salary Negotiation

Careers Done Write

Lack of preparation is one of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make when negotiating salary. There are many ways to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a negotiation. There are three critical components: Knowing your value, understanding the market, and rehearsing the negotiation discussion. You can do these things on your own, or you can seek assistance from a professional. A successful negotiation is primarily about attaining the compensation that you deserve.

3 Reasons to Categorize Job Skills on a Resume

Cube Rules

If you look at job descriptions today, you’ll find that employers are looking for a number of job skills to do the work. Some employers even think some obscene number of job skills are the minimum requirements for a job. Maybe for rocket scientists — but regardless, having lots of job skills needed in a […]. Job Search

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Staying Productive After a Long Day

Ms. Career Girl

The post Staying Productive After a Long Day appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You go to work after a good night’s sleep, ready to take on the day. When you get there you find yourself with task after task to complete. Before you know it, you’re getting exhausted. We’ve all been there. We all have those days where we just want to get through the day and do nothing else after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, as adults we don’t often have the luxury to do that every night.

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10 Reasons Why I Love Being an HR Professional


Someone asked me recently how I ended up in HR and why do I like it. I’ll save that story for another time — but its no secret that HR choose me, not the other way around. It really gave me pause this week to think about what is it about HR that keeps me excited and engaged. And with Valentine’s day is coming up (and I love it!) I thought it was a perfect (albeit, cheesy) opportunity to come up with my top 10 of why I LOVE about being an HR Professional.

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LUNCH & INTERVIEWS: How to Act When Lunch Is Included In a 4-Hour Interview Block.

The HR Capitalist

It''s a trap, people. Nobody really wants to feed you when they have you in for a 4-hour interview block from 10-2pm. They''re not interested in your nourishment, your freaky need from protein or providing you with a nice social opportunity over rubber chicken. The real reason they''re offering you lunch? They feel guilty that you''re there for so long and feel. well, that it''s the right thing to do. But it''s a trap. They don''t mean it to be a trap, but it is. You need to have a plan.

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Join the Club! LinkedIn Groups can Improve Your Networking Game


It’s well known that LinkedIn is one of the best places to showcase your professional credentials. But what many people don’t realize is that a robust presence means more than a web of stellar connections, a great profile and frequent status updates. LinkedIn’s Group feature is one of the best ways to meet people and […]. Networking LinkedIn Networking Online

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Organizing a Speed Dating Event

Ms. Career Girl

The post Organizing a Speed Dating Event appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Valentines day is for everyone! Even the single people out there. That’s the reason why speed dating is such a prominent event this season. While it can be found in a simple google search of your local events, I feel that if you want to really have you and your friends enjoy it, you can host a private speed dating event yourself!

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4 Ways to Recruit the Best Culture Fit


You’ve worked hard to build the culture of your organization. And every new hire can either strengthen or weaken that culture. If you hire employees who don’t fit your culture, they likely won’t work as well with other employees, which will diminish teamwork and lead to inefficiency and less innovating products and services. Hiring employees who don’t fit in with your company culture will not only damage the groove within your organization; it will also negatively impact your bottom line.

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Refresh Your Lame "Employee of the Month" Program With This Idea.

The HR Capitalist

You''ve got an employee of the month program. It''s lame. People are generally immune to it. Sure, the attempt at recognition is noted and appreciated, but once you try and spread it around, its effect diminishes. This month''s employee of the month (month 59 in the program) is Johnny Ryall. What makes him special? We''re not sure - but he''s NEXT, people. Celebrate the life of Johnny with us, and make sure you stop by shipping to say hi to Johnny.

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“What is NOT Confidential Information – 10 Guidelines for Resumes, Interviewing and Online Chatter”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Due to strict confidentiality rules, all I can tell you is that I have no idea what I am doing.”. Saying on a Coffee Mug. ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ” : On your resume, in your interviews, and during online chatter, you will no doubt want to portray yourself in the best light possible, including great education, great experience, and thus great value. Might what you write and say violate your duty of confidentiality to your employer?

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Experiencing A Major Work Transition? 3 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Ms. Career Girl

The post Experiencing A Major Work Transition? 3 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Game appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. As you gain momentum in your career and develop yourself professionally, it is inevitable that at some point you will find yourself navigating a major work transition. Whether it’s becoming a boss, acquiring a new boss, undergoing department restructuring, or making a fresh start with a new company entirely- you will have to learn how to survive the transition period.

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HR Lessons from Downton Abbey


If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know that I love Downton Abbey. With a large household staff, Downton is a workplace full of the kind of drama that makes for good TV watching as well as the sorts of employee problems an HR person is confronted with. Fictional stories can teach us lessons and help us see the problems in our real lives in a new way, so grab a cup of tea, and let’s take a look at what the HR lessons we can learn from Downton Abbey. Employees are people too.

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SPORTS AND HR: The 8 Man Rotation - The 2014 Season (Ebook)

The HR Capitalist

For those of you not down with the whole comparing our corporate talent lives to the world of sports thing. As Eddie Vedder once said, this is not for you. However, if you see sports news, signings, roster decisions and more through your lens of HR, Talent and/or Recruiting, then do we have an eBook for you. It''s the next installment of the world-famous free Ebook on Sports and HR - The 8 Man Rotation - The 2014 Season. What is The 8 Man Rotation ?

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.”. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oliver Wendell Holmes, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, had a point there. Actually, in law we say “A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge.” But at work, he was very much on point. More and more, the workplace is a place of innumerable rules and regulations, over which any person can easily stumble. Every rule and every regulation has exceptions.

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On Ruts and Relationships: Two Mantras For When You Feel Discouraged Or Lonely

Ms. Career Girl

The post On Ruts and Relationships: Two Mantras For When You Feel Discouraged Or Lonely appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Often our inner voice is harsh – especially when we feel disheartened. Having a couple of mantras to to recall in the midst of a challenging experience can help change your self-voice so it sounds more like the one you use when talking to your BFFs. Trust the process. Whatever I was doing to my body was not working for me anymore. I did not know exactly what it was.

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How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan for Your Employee


In the same way that many believe that people are intrinsically good, I believe that people intrinsically want to succeed. There are always exceptions to the rule but keeping this at the front of my mind has helped me a ton in my HR career. Most employees want to come to work and do their best, even when it looks like they are floundering. One way we can help them do this is by creating a performance improvement plan to help them along the way.

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When Your Dreams Hold You Back, Part 2

The Job Quest

Last week, I started talking about reasons why dreams can hold us back from really achieving, well, our dreams. As oxymoronic (yes, that’s a word ) as that sounds, things can get tripped up for us when we try to usher the images in our mind into the real world. Continued here are my musings on this topic. It’s hard work. Dreaming about something is definitely the easy part because, in your imagination, you have already achieved it.

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7 Ways to Find Out More About Your Interviewer

Position Ignition

We all know to find out as much as we can about the role and organisation before we go for a job interview. If we’re fortunate enough to actually know who’ll be interviewing us, it’s a good idea to also do some research on this person. Follow our advice on how to go about this and you’ll go into the interview in a position to better connect with them. Interviewing

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Engagement Etiquette for the Modern Woman

Ms. Career Girl

The post Engagement Etiquette for the Modern Woman appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Whether your man has popped the question or you feel that it’s on the horizon, understanding traditional engagement etiquette is a good idea. . You may not be the type to care about the announcement, and you may opt to just get hitched and elope.

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Who Owns #HRTech? Is it Human Resources or IT?


Interested in learning more about HR and the growing importance of HR technology? Join me for a webinar hosted by RiseSmart on 2/18 at 11 AM PST. Click here to register. . Everyday, more and more technology is being integrated into society, our personal lives and our jobs. We are past the point of no return. One thing is for certain; technology will continue to become a bigger part of nearly every aspect of our lives.

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How You Really Sound in Job Interviews [VIDEO]

The Undercover Recruiter

So here you are at your job interview and feeling hopeful that you are going to make a great first impression. You have planned your answers accordingly and you are feeling confident. You have established what your skills are and how you would like to come across in person. What if what you say, is […]. How You Really Sound in Job Interviews [VIDEO]. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Interview Tips Video hear Interview job mistakes Recruitment say

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Webinar: Finding a Fulfilling New Career

Position Ignition

Are you unhappy or disillusioned in your current career? – Perhaps you’ve got impressive credentials and a starry CV, but something doesn’t feel quite right? - Or maybe your current situation is ‘OK’, but the prospect of carrying on for another 15,20 or 30 years leaves you feeling utterly cold.

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Do’s and Don’ts: Appropriate Networking in Personal Events

Ms. Career Girl

The post Do’s and Don’ts: Appropriate Networking in Personal Events appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. If you are an enterprising career girl you will look at all social events, both business and personal, as a great chance to network. “Another wedding invite?!” ” If you are a career girl in your mid-20’s, you know what I mean. For many past their quarter life, there’s a lot of big decisions are being made within your circles.

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How To Become An Influencer On Twitter


It was super cool to be named and to see so many of Blogging4Job’s authors named in Moodvise’s list of The 100 Most Influential People in HR and Recruiting on Twitter. The list is special because Moodvise put some science into it by combining Klout scores, which are too reliant on follower numbers, with Moz’s Social Authority score, the cool bit! Social what? Social Authority. In Moz’s own words, “Social Authority is ultimately a measure of influential activity.

How to Be Confident and Open for Your First Interview

The Undercover Recruiter

You are a total “newbie” in the job market. You have your degree, your resume, and good references lined up. Unfortunately, your interview experience has only consisted of a brief conversation with the manager of a fast food restaurant prior to getting employed. You are in the big time now, and you realize that you […]. How to Be Confident and Open for Your First Interview. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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Can You Ever Be Friends With Your Boss?

Career Copilot

Everyone expects to have a great relationship with their boss, someone who will work with them daily, offering career advice, performance reviews and even a recommendation for a promotion if he or she believes in you. Though we’d like to think we work in a truly egalitarian system, a boss who is a friend is […]. Career Development

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