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7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall 

Ms. Career Girl

Whether she’s your friend, sister, or mother, make sure the feminist in your life does not go without these titles this fall. With everything from historical fiction to captivating memoir, this list is sure to keep you busy before the holiday season. You Can’t Buy Love Like That by Carol E.

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The Secrets on How to Conduct a Confidential Executive Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Searching for a new job while being employed presents plenty of challenges. You have to be extra careful when you’re conducting your search, because you don’t want to burn any bridges or seem untrustworthy.

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Engage in Monthly Health Plan Monitoring to Improve Engagement, Costs

Evil HR Lady

When you change your health plan, make sure to engage in health plan monitoring so you learn what works and what doesn’t. That way, if need be, you can change for the following year. Why start in November instead of January? Because most health plans run January to January, your employees will sign up at the end of the year. Here’s a calendar of things to look for every month so you’re on top of your health care plans at all times: November.

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Job Search News, October 20, 2017

Competitive Resumes

This is your job search news with articles and resources so enjoy! I’ve read them, and you can feel free to comment on them in any form you’d like. Leave a message on the “send voicemail” button on your right. I’ll try to keep it short, fresh, and informative.

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Ms Career Girl Fall Reading Buffet: Something For Everyone

Ms. Career Girl

There’s always a flood of new books coming out. At Ms Career Girl, we have enough review pitches come our way to fill a small library. So, we try to review those we think most interesting to you, our readers.

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Five Reasons Why You Hate Work

Ms. Career Girl

College is finally over after all the heaps of assignments and exams. You managed to scale through in spite of the late night bashes and parties in the spirit of youthful exuberance.

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Facebook: Please Create a Job Search Mobile App

Competitive Resumes

Dear Facebook , You have charmed billions. You are a daily fixture in the lives of at least hundreds of millions of people. You’ve introduced so many to the seasoning of chicken, pet adoption, polarizing politics, and fake news. Facebook is where the people are. We are obsessed with you.

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What is the Happiest Job For You?

Evil HR Lady

I get lots of questions that begin with “should I… ?” ” Should I get an MBA? Should change my major? Should I quit my job? And I always answer, “I don’t know. What do you want?” ” Because people are always searching for that elusive “happiness” or “best job” but they haven’t taken the time to figure out what happiness means them.

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Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 14: Don’t Trust Promises from Those Who Don’t Honor Them

Sklover Working Wisdom

“They didn’t honor past deals? Don’t make new deals with them.” ” Observe and Learn: Why trust those you know are un-trustworthy?

2017 130

New Job? Do these 5 things first!

Ms. Career Girl

New Job, New Start! The first week in a new job sets the tone for your entire time in the role. Whether in a new company or a new department, building a strong foundation right from the start means more success later. Take the time to get these 5 things right at the beginning.

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How Not To Behave at The Office Halloween Party!


The office Halloween party can be a great time to have some fun at the workplace. It gives you a chance to interact with your colleagues and can be a great staff morale booster.

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How to React When an Employee Accuses the Most Powerful Person in the Office of Sexual Harassment

Evil HR Lady

You’re the HR Manager and an employee comes to you and says, “ I’d like to report sexual harassment.” ” You pull out your notepad and a pen and say, “ Sit down, and tell me what happened.” ” . Moments like these are a dime a dozen when you’re an HR manager. Some of them are silly. (“Jane asked me out on a date!”)

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“What is true by lamplight is not always true by sunlight.” ” – French Proverb. At night, things can seem one way; in the morning, quite another. So, too, at work can context make a supreme difference in the perception, meaning and effect of what you say and do.

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#GIRLBOSS Inspiration For National Boss Day

Ms. Career Girl

National Boss Day is October 16th , and it’s the perfect moment to highlight female bosses. But how about a #girlboss who made a career change from courtroom to catwalk?

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“How Do I Overcome The Overwhelm Of Starting Out On My Own?”

Career Shifters

Monique longs to swap her soulless job for a self-employed portfolio career. But daydreaming is a world away from reality. Where do you start with the logistics of working for yourself

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Tesla Fires Hundreds of Workers for Poor Performance

Evil HR Lady

Last week, Tesla terminated hundreds of employees for performance. The actual number has not been released, but estimates range from 400 to 1200 people. Regardless of the actual number, that’s a lot. Usually, when companies terminate large numbers of people, they do so as part of a reduction in force or a layoff. Tesla is quite emphatic, according to the Mercury News that this is not a layoff.

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Shift-M Podcast Posted About Hiring

Hiring Technical People

Yegor Bugayenko asked me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about Hiring Geeks That Fit. I gladly accepted and the podcast is now up: Shift-M/10. We spoke about many issues in hiring: Laundry list/shopping list problem in job descriptions.

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Got The Fall Blues? Here’s What To Do About It

Ms. Career Girl

The “fall blues” are characterized by mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that many people experience during the fall. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and solutions to get yourself back to normal!

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Education Does Not Stop After Employment: Corporate Certifications That Can Take You Further in Your Career

Career Alley

If you want to reach new goals in your career, certain corporate certifications can help you reach these goals faster. The role of corporate certifications is that they let your employer know that you’re an expert in your field and that you’re willing to invest into your education. Education Certificates

The best personality type game I’ve ever played

Penelope Trunk

Last week I announced that I’m discounting my coaching sessions from $350 to $150.

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???? 25 Ways to Breathe Life into a Painfully Long Job Search


If you're sick of looking for a job, this is for you. Photo by Alex Siale. Although most of these tips are useful for any job seeker, all of them are intended for people who’ve been job searching for much longer than they expected, possibly even a year or more. My own long job search story.

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Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

Ms. Career Girl

It’s time to get off work and head to your second job: picking up the kids, providing dinner, and helping with homework. Relax, it can be a little easier and it doesn’t have to take forever. Whether you are a parent that is married, single or divorce, you can conquer the homework game.

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Temper, Temper! How To Survive Short-Term Work

Career Alley

A lot of people are finding it financially difficult in the modern world, and so people are trying to make ends meet by temping in the short term. But with the supposed sense of freedom in temping, as well as the benefits of being able to make ends meet, is it worth it in comparison to a full-time job? Career advice Career Advice Temp Work

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated

The Undercover Recruiter

When you are recruiting new staff, it is important not to forget to nurture your existing team. New staff will quickly pick up the habits and points-of-view of their colleagues – good and bad – so it is important to keep the office atmosphere as happy and productive as possible. Here are 7 tips for. View Article. 7 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated. Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Is Anonymous Feedback From Employees OK?

HR Capitalist

Who here is tired of seeing disgruntled employees rip your company on Glassdoor? Wow.almost everyone. I can't say I'm surprised. Anonymous feedback is rapidly being recognized for what it is.

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Ms. Career Girl

Being a career girl has its many perks – but it can be busy. Every girl needs her time to relax and get away from the work, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

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Tried & Tested Tips to Help You Focus at Work

Career Alley

We all need a bit of help in the middle of the week, especially when it comes to recharging our brainpower. Hours in front of the computer, stuffy office air, and constant distraction makes an already lengthy Thursday feel so much longer - and all you manage to do is to make kickass dinner plans for the weekend. Career advice Career Advice

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7 Tips to be Empathetic

Personal Excellence Blog

(Image: Joseph Pearson ). Note from Celes: Are you facing a problem and need quick advice? Or do you want to pick my brain on a project you are working on?

2017 73

How to Give Employees the Workplace They Want

The Undercover Recruiter

How do you win the war for talent? A question all the top dogs continue to ask themselves and one of the biggest issues facing the industry. In the eyes of a futurist, it’s all about the employee experience. To win the war you need to give employees the workspaces they want, the tools they crave. View Article. How to Give Employees the Workplace They Want. Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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5 Things That Are Better Bought Online and 5 That Aren’t

Ms. Career Girl

With the ever-growing presence of the internet are the increasing opportunities to do things online. Instead of meeting up with a friend, you can video chat with them or book an entire vacation without leaving your couch.

2017 139

Normal Work Worries, Or Something More Sinister?

Career Alley

Getting a bit stressed out at work is a common occurrence. After all, you are thrown in with lots of different types of people that you have to get along with each and every day. Career advice Career Advice Health & Saftey

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HR’s Huge Responsibility for the Workplace of the Future


In the online publication SiliconRepublic, I read an interview with Ali Rayl, the global head of customer experience for Slack, the global online messaging system. Although the article was. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR future of work

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8 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to Employees

The Undercover Recruiter

Sponsored by Workopolis: If done properly, performance reviews can be a fantastic way to boost employee engagement and productivity, both of which go a long way towards addressing retention issues. Of course, this is all easier said than done. Giving a performance review, especially for an under-performing employee, can be uncomfortable and challenging. It’s often, View Article. 8 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to Employees. Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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4 Different Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Ms. Career Girl

Today, when businesses talk about tools, they usually refer to conceptual tools; in other words, software. This is because these tools can make a huge difference in helping a small business grow.

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