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Magnetize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile with These SEO Tips

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Creating an attractive LinkedIn profile is valuable for anyone who’s searching for a new job. However, even the cleanest and most attractive profiles won’t be discovered if you don’t incorporate the right amount of SEO keywords in them.

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Don’t Let Fear Stall Your Career – Four Don’ts and What to Do About Them 

Ms. Career Girl

A fashionably dressed woman glides into my office, a tall cup of steaming java in her hand. She settles down into the chair across from me, ready to discuss the state of her career. She has worked hard to succeed in her current job, giving her a sense of both pride and satisfaction.

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10 Things Every Working Mom Needs

Evil HR Lady

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, husbands and children are thinking of presents for wives and mothers. Just what does a working mom want for a Mother’s Day present ? Well, probably not these things, unless your wife/mother loves practical gifts. Some moms love practical and some moms want jewelry. I assume you know what the mother in your life wants, and if not, ask. But these are things that every household needs–even if it’s dad who does the cooking.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“So much has been given to me, I have no time to ponder what has been denied.” ” – Helen Keller. Helen Keller was left blind and deaf by an illness at age two.

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4 Branding Tips for Your Executive Resume

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When writing an effective resume, demonstrating your personal brand is critical. Most executives have similar skills and achievements, so what can set you apart from the rest is the overall value you bring to the table.

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Six Standout Traits of Courageous Women

Ms. Career Girl

A new study by IBM, “ Women, Leadership, and the Priority Paradox ,” reveals a harsh truth: advancing women in the workplace still, in 2019, just isn’t a priority.

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How to Spot — and Address — Employee Disengagement

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Employee engagement is sure to be at the forefront of any employer’s mind, but how often do you hear someone talking about employee disengagement ? You can have a great work environment , but even if 90 percent of your employees are happy and engaged, there are bound to be a few stragglers. Now, some employers think that one or two unhappy employees won’t have that big of an impact on their business.

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From Teaching to Own Business

Career Shifters

“I never seemed to get to a place where I was coping.”. Loretta Clarke's unhappiness at work was leaving her tired, stressed and regularly ill. It's taken time, and consistent effort, but she's now created a career that gives her the flexibility and wellbeing she wants. Here's how she made it happe

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Changing the Bigger Picture for Long-Term Gender Equality

Ms. Career Girl

In the fight to achieve long-term gender equality, many small battles have been won and lost.

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Harvard Makes a Huge Mistake In Firing Professor for Doing His Job

Evil HR Lady

Harvard said that they would not renew Professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. and his wife, Stephanie Robinson, positions as faculty deans of Winthrop House, a dorm for undergraduate student after student protest. Why were students upset? Because Sullivan is not only a law professor, he’s a defense attorney and he joined the defense team for Harvey Weinstein , who is accused of rape and sexual assault and is the poster boy for the #metoo movement.

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Important Factors To Consider When Deciding Where To Go To College

Career Alley

Should you be considering a college education, perhaps to enter a particular career field that demands a graduate degree, there are a lot of factors for you to take into consideration. Launch your Career College Degree

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“No Re-Hire” Clause in my Severance Agreement – Why??

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: My employer was purchased by a competitor, and a large group of us were chosen for layoff. As part of the severance offer, I have to sign an agreement. One of the sections of the severance agreement has the title “No Re-Hire; No Application.”. It says that I will never again “seek to regain employment by the Company or any company that is affiliated with the Company.”. I haven’t done anything to deserve this, and so I am wondering why they would take that attitude toward me.

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The Surprising Advantages of Seeing a Chiropractor

Ms. Career Girl

A few years ago, I was moving to a new home and doing way more lifting and bending than I was used to. While I could sense my muscles tiring, I thought it was just me being a bit out of shape. I’d been handling boxes all day, so there was no forethought when I went to pick yet another one.

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5 Reasons It’s So Hard to Go Back to Work After Being a Stay at Home Mom or Dad

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About 11 million parents are staying at home right now , taking care of the children. Usually, that’s a temporary stop on a career path, and mom (usually) or dad (becoming more common) will return to work, whether it’s after the kids start school, or stop nursing, or whenever financial necessity becomes a reality. Going back isn’t always that easy. Here’s why. Finding a job can be hard.

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Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Career Alley

A resume is the first opportunity that you get to show companies what a perfect fit you would be for their open position. It’s your chance to sell yourself, show off your skills and experience, and make a good impression. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

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What Are The Prerequisites For Artificial Intelligence?

Imarticus Learning

Artificial intelligence keeps changing in its definition as does its scope and capabilities. A few decades ago, simple calculators were considered artificial intelligence since math problems were previously only solved by the human brain.

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8. Variable Pay for Recruiters

Recruit CRM

Motivating your team Now you have a team and have assignments to do. One of the most important elements of building a business is the motivation of your team to achieve organizational goals.

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SEO for Recruiting

The Undercover Recruiter

Why SEO for recruiting? What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have to do with recruiting? The answer is simple. Recruiting is part marketing, and part sales job. And the digital marketing is the way forward. Why SEO For Recruiting Is Important?

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How To Stay Safe In The Workplace

Career Alley

When it comes to working in an office, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that both you and your colleagues are safe at all times.

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Become an Investment Banker in 3 Months. Here’s How?

Imarticus Learning

Shubhadeep’s transition from engineering to an investment banking job in three months truly is inspirational. Career transitions are hard. Really hard.

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the stolen toilet paper, the fake committee, and other petty moments at work

Ask A Manager

Last week I asked you to share stories of petty moments at work — your own or other people’s. Here are some of the stand-outs. “At one of my early jobs one of my coworkers was a, shall we say, interesting character. She was called out about something in a meeting and was fuming at the rest of us. The next morning she came in, went into the rest room (so I hear) and then went into her boss’ office to quit on the spot. She left without a word to anyone else.

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The 9 Most ANNOYING Email Habits Every Office Worker Deals With

The Undercover Recruiter

Do you love your inbox? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably a definitive ‘no’. That’s because, for most of us, our inbox is a forsaken place where we collect the detritus of our working lives and get the latest updates from that one website we thought might be useful in 2009 whose.

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?? How To Start Massively Crowdsourcing Your Job Search Today


You'd be surprised how much help you can get if you just ask. Photo by John Ashley. Did you know that online community crowdsourcing can help you on your job search? I mean, why not? People like to help people.

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What technical skills are needed to become a Blockchain developer?

Imarticus Learning

Blockchain technology has drawn much interest and is being adapted into every vertical like banking, Fintech, accounting, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and real-estate segment, because of its efficient record keeping in distributed ledgers with transactions that are safe, secure and efficient.

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do you have to control your emotions to be professional?

Ask A Manager

I’m talking today off, so this is a reprint of a post from April 2016. A reader writes: I recently got fired from a job of four years. They told me I could stay until the end of the fiscal year (several months from the time of firing), and that I’m going to be replaced by one of my colleagues. Despite the awkwardness, I plan to stick with it as long as possible; the pay and benefits may well be the best I’ll ever have.

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How Can Small Businesses Effectively Recruit Talent in 2019?

The Undercover Recruiter

According to a recent report, three-quarters of today’s job-seekers are searching for work voluntarily, and almost one-third are looking because they want better pay or benefits. With a humming job economy, competition for talent is high.

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How to Answer the Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself?”

Career Advice Guy

Go to ten job interview's, and eight will start with the first question being "tell me about yourself". It's a great question to open up a discussion while allowing hiring managers to gain a large amount of information in a short period."Tell

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How is big data analytics used for stock market trading?

Imarticus Learning

How is big data analytics used for stock market trading? Big Data Analytics is the winning ticket to compete against the giants in the stock market. Data Analytics as a career is highly rewarding monetarily with most industries in the market adopting big data to redefine their strategies.

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our traditionally male company has an annual golf trip — but our new female employees don’t play

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Our smallish family-owned business has been taking our sales team on a long weekend golf trip on and off for many years/decades. It is intended to be a reward/retreat type trip, and little if any business is discussed when we are there. Mostly beer drinking, side betting golf, in a beach town with multiple golf courses and a long weekend. Many of our team have young children and the weekend getaway is well received and appreciated, and talked about throughout the year.

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How Can You Approach an Employee Suffering from Mental Health in the Workplace?

The Undercover Recruiter

Once you’ve spotted the signs that an employee may be suffering from a mental health issue in the workplace, it’s not always to confront them about it in case you risk of causing them further distress. But at the same time, you have a duty of care to your staff and to just ignore them.

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Here is why we are giving away FREE information on Facebook!

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You may have seen the article our Founder and CEO J.T. O'Donnell wrote about why we were choosing to delete our private Facebook Group with 37 THOUSAND members. You're not the only one, Facebook approached us after that was published with an amazing proposition.

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What are good ideas for Hackathon in Machine Learning?

Imarticus Learning

Hackathons are not merely fetes where you can show off your skills but are also huge opportunities aimed at engaging gainfully and celebrating solving business issues and problems.

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my coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master”

Ask A Manager

I’m taking today off, so this is a reprint of one of my favorite letters. I originally published this at New York Magazine in September 2016. A reader writes: An employee, “Sally,” started at our workplace about a year and a half ago. She’s not my subordinate, but is the subordinate to a peer of mine, and works frequently with my subordinates. A few months later she got a new boyfriend, “Peter.”

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5 Off-the-wall Productivity Hacks Worth a Try

The Undercover Recruiter

Staff productivity is critical to business success, but what are the best ways to get the most out of your employees? Pay them more than the competition in an effort to make them work harder? Block all distractions and tell them to knuckle down?

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Uber Drivers Are Not Employees. What This Means for Other Gig Workers.

Evil HR Lady

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just ruled that Uber drivers are, indeed, contractors and not employees. This news made Uber’s stock soar but there’s more to this than just a stock price. This ruling can impact your business if you use contractors or can affect you if you (like me) work in the so-called “gig economy.” ” Uber Drivers as Contractors is Unsurprising. Many people focus on the fact that a Trump appointed NLRB General Counsel, Peter B.

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How does Blockchain verification work?

Imarticus Learning

One of the best features that have made blockchain so easily adaptable is the verification feature of transactions that are immutable, secure, permanently recorded, maintained as a public ledger and has no third-party interference.

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update: I’m jealous of my attractive employee and it’s impacting how I treat her

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer who was jealous of her attractive employee and it was impacting how she treated her? The first update is here , second update is here , and the third update is here.) Here’s a new update. I have been sober since March 19, 2017. I completed my rehab programs for both my addiction issues and my eating disorder. I still visit my therapist once a week for a check-in.

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