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10 Tips From a Texas Executive Resume Writer for 2019

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Pulling together ONLY 10 tips from my executive resume writer repertoire initially was intimidating because I have so many ideas on this topic. Before 60 seconds had elapsed, I already had listed 10, and I wasn’t even sure if they were ‘top-10’ worthy.

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Why digging up your own mud is a winning career strategy

Cube Rules

If you were an awesome Cubicle Warrior, you would do something called “digging up your own mud.” ” A sexy term, right? What it means is that you want to coldly evaluate your own performance and determine in which areas you could improve.

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Anxiety & Depression: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

Ms. Career Girl

Your past does not determine who you are in the present, or in the future. Taking a step back into your past and ‘uncreating’ unhealthy habits and behaviors can be a powerful way to move beyond depression and anxiety. For many people, life is all about judgement.

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What HR Tech Leaders Say about HR 2019

Evil HR Lady

What will Human Resources look like in 2019? Well, it’s not as if we are going to go through some huge renaissance, but it’s an ever-changing field–especially when it comes to tech. At Unleash (an HR Technology Conference) last fall, I grabbed some industry leaders and got a few words about their vision for HR in 2019.

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3 Ways to Help Your Personal Brand When Unemployed

Professional Resume Services

Things can be going great for you when all of a sudden your company goes through layoffs and you don’t make the cut. Sometimes the best situations can change instantly like this, which is why personal branding for senior level managers is so critical.

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From Technical Writing to UX Design

Career Shifters

“I was at the end of my tether. I knew I couldn't carry on Googling for answers.”. After years of being unhappy in his work, Dan Brown discovered he didn't need to make a huge shift, or start all over again, to find a role he loved.

2019 176

How To Revamp Your Job Search For The New Year

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re like 68% of Americans , you’ve probably made a New Year’s Resolution this year. For 42% of women, making a New Year’s Resolution is a promise to save more money in the new year.

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How to Ace Your C-Level Executive Job Interview

Professional Resume Services

Many executives feel similar emotions when they’re searching for a new job. They work so hard on their executive resume biography , improving their personal brand by networking and more just to land an interview.

2019 130

“How Do I Resist Falling Back Into The Soulless Work I Know?”

Career Shifters

Chris is tired of doing work he finds meaningless. But while he’s been given an opportunity to explore new ideas, he’s also got a young family to support. When it feels like time, and savings, are running out, how do you stop yourself from drifting back to the same old unsatisfying role

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CES2019 – First Impressions and What’s Hot

Ms. Career Girl

Wondering what you’re missing at #CES2019? Here’s the sneak peek that members of the media were given prior to the show’s official opening. Remember, this is only a small sample! Now that you’ve had a look at the show, here’s Ms Career Girl’s take.

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I Didn’t Get a Raise but Everyone Else Did

Evil HR Lady

I’m a licensed mental health clinician. My company recently did a salary review and most of my co-workers, who have only 1-4 years of experience, received a salary increase and I did not. I have been in the field for over 20 years. Four years ago, I decided to gracefully bow out of management, as my passion is in clinical work. . I brought my concerns to my direct supervisor and then to the Department Administrator. I told him that I felt undervalued and not appreciated.

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Pros and Cons About Working Overseas

Career Alley

Is working abroad right for you? On this site, we have shown you it is possible to move abroad, but you should take a step back before getting on the plane. Discover Career Opportunities Relocation working overseas

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10 Tips from an Executive Resume Writer for 2019

Career Trend

Pulling together ONLY 10 tips from my executive resume writer repertoire initially was intimidating because I have so many ideas on this topic. Before 60 seconds had elapsed, I already had listed 10, and I wasn’t even sure if they were ‘top-10’ worthy. However, with some prodding from a personal mentor, I’ve increasingly trusted my […]. The post 10 Tips from an Executive Resume Writer for 2019 appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Job Hunting, College Prep, and Other Tips for Teens Seeking Scholarships

Ms. Career Girl

Most of us who are beyond college and into our careers know very well the financial challenges of getting an education. Soon, if not already, our own kids will be thinking about or beginning their own adventures in higher education.

2019 160

Sklover’s Thought for the 2019 Work Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

I’m walking into 2019 with a clear heart and mind. If you owe me, don’t worry about it — you’re welcome. If you’ve wronged me, it’s all good — lesson learned. If you’re angry with me, you won — I’ve let it go. If we aren’t speaking, it’s cool — I wish you well. If I’ve wronged you, I apologize — it wasn’t intentional. I am grateful for every experience that I received. Life is too short for pent up anger, holding grudges, and. needless stress or pain. I welcome 2019.

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CV Tips For Project Managers

Career Alley

It is important to make sure that your CV stands out for all of the right reasons. The last thing you want is for it to be an example of what not to put on your CV. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter CV Resume

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Should a Scrum Master know how to code?

Imarticus Learning

Within the Scrum framework, there is no definition of the role and responsibilities of the Scrum Master needing to know how to code. As a matter of fact, the Scrum Master Responsibilities and role does not need any knowledge of coding.

2019 91

CES 2019 – Evolution not Revolution

Ms. Career Girl

Unless you live in a cave, tech is part of your life. And if you do live in a cave… keep doing you. The annual celebration of all things tech took place in Las Vegas this year from January 8th through the 11th.

2019 157

7 Ways to Foster a Positive Work Environment

The Undercover Recruiter

A key facet of any successful company lies in the working environment. A company will ultimately be limited in its successes if employers find the workplace unpleasant, negative or stressful.

2019 114

How to Finance Life After College

Career Alley

Between working to perfect your resume, gain the right experience and pay off your student loans, it’s also important to get a handle on proper finance skills that will help propel you to success and make life easier. Discover Career Opportunities College Grad

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What Are Prerequisites to Start Learning Machine Learning?

Imarticus Learning

There are few fields in technology which have risen as much as machine learning and data science have, in the past few years.

2019 91

7 Key Time Management Skills to Share with Your Employees

Ms. Career Girl

When an employer looks for good skills in their employee, they are not just watching for hard talents like being able to navigate through the computer system. Soft skills are just as important, and sometimes even more so.

2019 140

How Leaders Can Communicate Organizational Change

The Undercover Recruiter

The future of work as we know it is changing. We operate in a world with a tsunami of data and automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and robotics. These tools have become increasingly available to organizations.

2019 110

Could You Handle The Pressure Of These Careers?

Career Alley

Nobody likes pressure, especially when you just don’t know how to deal with it. But pressure in terms of your career is not actually that bad, it keeps you on your toes. Find your Dream Job Careers High Pressure

2019 141

How Should You Prepare For Statistic Questions for Data Science Interviews

Imarticus Learning

Data Science has been the buzz word of the IT field for the past few years. Courses like data science course from Imarticus will equip you with all the skills required for a data science job.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Funding Your Business Idea

Ms. Career Girl

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no small task. There are lots of things to learn , both about running a business, but also about yourself. However, don’t let the challenge discourage you. Starting a business and sticking with it will likely be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

2019 136

5 Ways to Boost Digital Wellbeing in 2019

The Undercover Recruiter

As we enter 2019, the proliferation of digital devices means that we’re constantly connected to the office wherever we might be, making it difficult to switch off from work, even when we should.

2019 104

Finding the Right People to Help You with Your Career Path

Career Alley

Today’s job market is so competitive that knowing who to talk to is just as important as good references, education, and experience. Discover Career Opportunities career path

2019 141

What are the profitable and developing career paths in the fintech industry?

Imarticus Learning

Fintechs are start-ups offering financial services and banking products in business competition with the banking and financial institutions. Many of them operate globally and account for sizeable portions of the industry services in finance, banking, and insurance sectors.

2019 76

Career paths that WILL lead to success

Ms. Career Girl

You don’t want some workaday, nine to five, humdrum job that pays a pittance. You’re on the hunt for something with a little more class, a smidge more cultural cache and a few thousand more pounds per month. We understand – you’re a greenhorn in the world of work and you want the most out of life.

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employee missed work after birthday drinking, interviewer hung up on me, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Employee missed work because of birthday drinking. An employee I manage called out today due to being hospitalized over the weekend for alcohol poisoning.

2019 90

Open Your Eyes

Learning Voyager

We all have blind spots. Trouble is, by definition, we are blind to them. Unless someone fills us in, we go along oblivious. One piece of wisdom that I came across years ago resurfaced the other day in my twitterfeed.and it reminded me of an important life lesson. The wisdom is a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein: "The definition of insanity is. doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results " The life lesson for me is to examine the insanity in myself.

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Should you start with big data training or learn data analytics? Which one to start first?

Imarticus Learning

One of the biggest changes in global technology has been the emergence of data analytics and big data. The two streams fall under the data analytics field, but there are major differences between the two.

2019 69

Working At Facebook | Work It Daily

Career Realism

Facebook is one of the world’s largest and most successful social networking platforms, with the goal of bringing the world closer together. Your work at Facebook impacts billions of users around the world every single day.

2019 58

my coworkers complained that the look of my breasts post-mastectomy is making them uncomfortable

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently had a double mastectomy with reconstruction, but the reconstruction on one side failed. As a consequence, I am not exactly symmetrical at the moment and will stay this way until the reconstruction is attempted again (probably next summer). I decided to not wear an external implant (it goes in the bra and once I’m dressed makes it look like both sides are identical) so even with clothes on it is quite obvious that I am missing a breast.

2019 88

Key Findings from the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey (Part I)

Water Cooler Wisdom

What is the future of jobs? The answer to that question depends on who you ask, and in what context. The World Economic Forum has its point of view, which it explored in The 2018 Future of Jobs Survey. This original research set out to represent the current strategies, projections and estimates of global business, with a focus on large multinational companies and more localized companies of significance due to their employee or revenue size.

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Understand the Difference: Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Imarticus Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now considered the greatest areas of innovation since the microchip. Almost all the tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM and more have bet big on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and are using it in their products right now.

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