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Is This Why You’re Not Getting A Job Offer?

Ms. Career Girl

There’s always a lot of competition for good job openings. So it’s quite average to have to endure several companies interviewing you before you finally get an offer. But what if you’re not getting a job offer after even 15 or 20 interviews?

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What got you to Level One will not get you to Level Two

Cube Rules

At the beginning of your career, your technical skills matter the most. Whether you're in business, healthcare, or other service industries, your job skills will carry the day with a hiring manager.

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How to Minimize Age Discrimination When Searching for an Executive Job

Professional Resume Services

Whether you want to believe it or not, age discrimination is real when it comes to job searches. This is one of the main reasons why the top resume writing services suggest people in their 40s and 50s visit them to update their resume to make it look more modern. While there’s nothing you can.

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Why You Can’t Retaliate Against Whistleblowers

Evil HR Lady

An employee reported his boss for (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations and we started investigating. We found the violation wasn’t serious, and only a small corrective action was taken. However, the boss came to me with a diary he found in the employee’s office. This journal contained some thoughts about his female coworkers that would trigger all sorts of #MeToo issues if they were read aloud at a staff meeting.

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Signs You Have the Summer Blues and Tips to Fix It

Ms. Career Girl

Everyone you know gets giddy at the thought of a grownups-only pool party or taking off work for a day at the beach. For you, though, just hearing about a summertime BBQ with the rest of the office or an outdoor music festival makes you anxious.

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9 Things to Talk About in an Executive Job Interview

Executive Career Brand

An executive job interview takes on a slightly different tone than your average interview. The structure is similar, and even some of the questions overlap from interviews for lower level positions. What’s expected of you, however, is on another level.

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The Ultimate Must for all Executive LinkedIn Profiles, Emails, Resumes and Cover Letters

Professional Resume Services

Grammar, spelling and punctuation issues can bring your job search to a screeching halt before it even gets started. Still, too many executives overlook basic typographical errors that significantly hurt their chances of landing the job they desire.

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The Truth About Who You Will Never Be

Ms. Career Girl

There’s something you need to know about who you are and who you will be. More importantly, there’s something you need to know about who you will never be. It might sting at first, but give me a minute and that will change. Actually, everything might change. I begin by saying….

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“How did things ever get so far? I don’t know. It was so unfortunate, so unnecessary.” ” – Don Corleone, “The Godfather”. It happens to everyone, every once in a while: a difference becomes a dispute becomes a war. “It It is so unfortunate, so unnecessary.”

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From Communications to Software Engineering

Career Shifters

“I'd always wanted something more creative.”. Ste Taylor was ready to jump with both feet into a more fulfilling, engaging career. Here's why he pivoted from his first plan, and how a tough decision got him moving more quickly towards work he loves

10 Things to Say Instead of Good Job

Evil HR Lady

We want to be positive. Well, some of us want to be positive. I want to be positive. But, sometimes, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “good job!” ” This is a lovely thing to say, but it’s not very specific, and it’s not very helpful. Sure, it’s praise (and unspecific praise is better than no praise –as long as it’s honest), but it would be better if we thought through what we are saying a little bit more.

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Eight Recipes For Success From Top Celebrity Chefs

Ms. Career Girl

Success looks different for everyone, and we all get there via different routes. When we look at our idols, we normally see that they have tapped into their natural strengths to get to where they want to be, and that’s a lesson worth paying attention to.

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How to Respond to Negative Glassdoor Reviews.

HR Capitalist

You love to hate Glassdoor. You feel like the negative reviews are disgruntled ex-employees who can hide behind not disclosing their identities. . You're halfway right. There's still plenty of disgruntled takedowns of your company that are probably unfair.

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“HR says my PEP (Performance Enhancement Plan) is not a PIP. True?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: Two weeks ago I received from my manager a document with the title “Performance Enhancement Plan.” It basically says that I am not performing satisfactorily (which is untrue), and unless I immediately improve drastically in vague ways (like “make me feel confident in you”) in 60 days, I could get terminated.

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Is There “Equality” in the Equality Act?

Evil HR Lady

When we hire people, the only consideration should be how well the can do the job. Race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion shouldn’t be a concern. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects people against discrimination on the basis of “ race, color, religion, sex and national origin.” Later acts protected people over 40 from discrimination (ADEA), Pregnancy (Pregnancy Discrimination Act), and people with disabilities (ADA).

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Which Social Networks Work Best for Recruiting?

The Undercover Recruiter

Some social media channels are down to preference but when it comes to recruiting, there are a few which are better than others. There is so much choice and being on more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Although, some would argue that the more online presence you have, the better.

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WORKPLACE ARTIFACTS: "Patient Zero" Drives Dress Norms at Your Company.

HR Capitalist

Ever notice that everyone in your company pretty much dresses the same? Me too. Note that you didn't hire with this criteria in mind. Before joining your company, your employees had a much greater degree of diversity in the way they dressed.

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Seven Latest Developments In Fintech

Imarticus Learning

Fintech is everywhere in today’s world that aims at robust development from the way we make purchases to the way we borrow loans. Fintech is a short form of finance and technology clubbed together.

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This Helicopter Mom Raised a Daughter Incapable of Normal Business Behavior. A Warning

Evil HR Lady

“There is no ‘P’ in hamster.” ” This is not a controversial statement. Any dictionary will agree with it. Any pet store will too. But, Carol Blymire overheard a conversation between a young employee with her boss , and this came up. The boss wanted a correction. The employee insisted that the word should remain “hampster” because that was how she spelled hamster. And that was what mattered.

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How an Effective Employer Brand can Convey Company Culture and Attract Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

A recent Glassdoor survey revealed that adults in the UK now place company culture above salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

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Let's Look at the Numbers Behind Amazon's Program to Retrain 100,000 Employees.

HR Capitalist

Odds are you’ve heard that Amazon plans to make a huge investment in retraining its existing workforce, partly due to the displacement of employees by emerging automation and A.I., and partly due to scarcity of talent in key job families.

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What Are The Cryptomining And Other Career Opportunities In The Blockchain Ecosystem?

Imarticus Learning

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and crypto mining seem to be buzz words touted today by everyone and in every industry where financial transactions are made. Technologies like Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality, Neural Networks, data analytics, AI, Augmented Reality, driver-less vehicles, smartphones, cryptos and many more have digitized the modern world and have come to prominence over the last decade.

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our office may be haunted — how do I keep it from distracting from our work?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a small, conservation-based nonprofit with four full-time people, five contract employees, and a summer program of up to 16 young people. We work out of a tiny office located inside 20 beautiful acres of land with which we are creating a public park. The office is a 110-year-old private home that was a rental for decades before being converted into an office. It’s cramped, loud, and far from ideal, but the location is perfect for our work.

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The Rise of Work Separation Anxiety

The Undercover Recruiter

With UK sick leave reportedly the lowest on record, we could be fooled in thinking the modern workforce is healthier than ever. However, the reality is almost two-thirds of employees have worked during their annual leave or when unwell.

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What Makes A Job Difficult To Succeed In?

Corn on the Job

There’s a lot of difficult jobs out there, in each and every sector of the working world. Even just sitting at a desk for most of the day, shooting off emails and swinging your legs, can take a toll on the human brain and body.

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Difference Between Data Analyst and Business Analyst

Imarticus Learning

Data Science is crucial in today’s modern world where AI, ML, VR, AR and CS rule. These sectors are where most career aspirants are seeking to make their careers because of the ever-increasing demand for professionals and the fact that with an increase in data and development of these core sectors, there are plentiful opportunities to land the well-paid jobs. In the earlier days, data scientists were obscure and restricted in the IT server rooms and department.

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4 Crucial Job Search Tips For Veterans Looking To Get Hired

Career Realism

If you're a veteran struggling to get hired after returning to civilian life, you're not alone. It's estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 veterans return to civilian life each year, and many of them find it hard to secure a job after serving. So, why are veterans struggling with the job search?

Channelling Your Inner Recruitment Superhero

The Undercover Recruiter

As I write this, I first need to point out that the real superheroes in life are those who work in the Police, Fire, Medical and Education services across the globe- those who choose a true vocation to dedicate their lives to, helping the people of the country they live in have better lives.

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?? How To Clearly Explain Losing Your Job To Kids


The best way to tell your family you lost your job. My own layoff story. I was last laid off in early 2006. At that time, I had 2 kids aged 3 and 2. To me they seemed too young for the layoff to have much meaning in their eyes, but I was wrong. Before the layoff , my kids barely saw me each weekday.

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How To Change Career From Retail Banking After Working For a Few Years?

Imarticus Learning

Your decision to take up a career in new-age banking is after being in retail banking is not only logical and laudable but is a great career move.

how do I explain being fired for sharing confidential info with a friend?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: This is a two-parter: 1. How do I tell potential future employers why I got fired and have them still want to hire me? How do I explain to those potential future employers that the only reason I got fired was because I was ratted out by a coworker for a victimless mistake and was fired unfairly, without sounding defensive? Here’s the story: I worked for a large government agency, in communications.

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Autonomy and the Engaged Employee

The Undercover Recruiter

We all have a slightly different way of working, using our varied experience, skills, traits, and preferences as to how, when, and where we complete our duties. Understanding and capitalizing on these attributes are key for managers who want to adapt, innovate and succeed.

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How College Grads Can Get A Jump On The Job Search

Career Realism

A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet.

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Agile Business Analyst Interview Questions

Imarticus Learning

If you’re searching for business analyst interview questions then you could be an interviewer or interviewee. But no matter which side of the table you are the interview itself is your chance to evaluate the answers of each other.

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my boss lied to my coworker about his firing, insecurity and graduate degrees, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker is being let go for not doing his work — but that’s not what our boss told him. I have a coworker, Fergus, who is being let go because he doesn’t do his job.

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The UK Workforce as 100 People

The Undercover Recruiter

Bringing benefits such as increased creativity, positive brand image, and a stronger connection with international markets, you would think diversity would be a priority to business owners. However, recent research has revealed that this isn’t the case for all companies.

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All Successful Leaders MUST Have These 10 Characteristics

Career Realism

hen we are asked to think of a leader, someone who inspires us to do our best every day, a wide variety of different people come to mind. Maybe someone in your personal life, someone from a television show or movie, or a historical figure whose personality you greatly admire.

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