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Smart Executive Job Search: How To Sail Through Salary and Compensation Negotiations

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Salary and compensation negotiations are imminent. you’re close to reeling in that great-fit executive job. You’ve been through a few rounds of interviews at a company you really want to work for, and they’re about to make you an offer.

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5 In-Person Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Ms. Career Girl

Maybe you were laid off last fall and are still looking for a new job. Or, perhaps you have set a goal for the new year of finding a better career opportunity. Either way, you can’t expect the next great career move to fall into your hands while you are aimlessly reviewing online job boards.

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Unwavering Value vs. Personal Brand

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Wikipedia describes personal branding as “self-packaging” and as establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others,” which is nice.

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5 Tips for a Stronger Sick Leave Policy

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According to United Press International , 37 percent of Americans say they would go to work sick because they lack a sick leave policy that allows them to take time off to recover. At least 25 percent actually do show up sick. Sure, you might think it’s great to have employees that want to work so hard they’ll work while sick, but one sick employee can wreak havoc on your workplace. A mild fever and cough for one employee can land another in the hospital.

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Last year, we hosted the 2017 MVP Awards across three of our sites. In order to get ready for this year’s coming awards across even more of our sites, we’re catching up with some of our judges from the previous awards who offered their time and insight to make the awards even better. Take a look!

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How I Increased My LinkedIn Views By 10x Almost Immediately

Evil HR Lady

For almost as long as I’ve been writing on the internet, I’ve been sharing my posts on LinkedIn. To be honest, I did so because it was easy. I just clicked on the little button above and that was that. I never expected many people to see what I wrote, because each update was only seen by a small fraction of my connections.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“If you really want something, you bring cash.” ” – B.B. Legendary Blues Guitarist. Promises, promises, promises.

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CES®2018 – Ms Career Girl In Las Vegas #CES2018

Ms. Career Girl

Unless you’ve been in a coma or on an extended wilderness trip, it’s been impossible to miss the trends in technology of late. Three words sum it up: Smart, connected, and wireless. There seems to be a quickening march away from all things that cannot talk to you or for you.

Top 3 Ways to Succeed at an Executive Networking Event

Professional Resume Services

Attending a networking event is one thing, but succeeding at it is another. Everyone defines success differently when it comes to networking events. You may be attending with the goal of finding your next employer or you may simply be attending to build your c-level personal branding.

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How to Prepare Employees for Moving Off Their Parents’ Health Plan

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When a person turns 16 years old, they get to drive. When 21 comes around, they can drink legally. Additionally, when they turn 26 years old, their reward is moving off their parents’ health plan. It’s not exactly the most welcome birthday present, but before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, they would have been on their own much earlier. So as employees (or children of employees) approach 26 years of age, it’s important they be prepared. Here’s what to tell them.

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“I've Got Time. I've Got Options. So Why Can't I Choose?”

Career Shifters

Josephine has the time and the space to work on her shift. But this luxury has her juggling so many interests that she can't figure out how and where to focus. How do you find clarity when your ideas feel chaotic

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Messy Brilliance – A Journey Into Knowing Yourself

Ms. Career Girl

So, you’ve spent the last five or ten or twenty years on a quest. That quest may have been for. Success. Wealth. Educational Achievement. Has your quest brought you to your desired destination? How much happiness have you gained – or sacrificed – along the way?

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6 Ways to Upskill Your Way to a New Job

The Undercover Recruiter

Upskilling isn’t just for candidates. For those in the recruitment and HR industry, investing in professional development through a range of courses, workshops, and events can go a long way in nailing that new job or gaining a promotion.

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How to Help Employees Struggling Outside the Office

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With the festivity of the holidays behind us, the upcoming winter months can be difficult. Five percent of Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder , and more than 14 million adults suffer from depression, which can be exacerbated by short winter days. Some things are personal and it’s best to stay removed, but if you notice that an employee is struggling with life outside of work, pay attention.

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

Career Alley

A video resume is a developing trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise representation of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. Resumes Resume Video Resume Visual Resume

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Today’s the final day of the four-day CES® in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve been taking in all the amazing new technology, as well as an array of gadgets designed to make our lives more efficient, our work more productive, and sometimes just simply more playful. There’s 2.5

The Skills Gap Exists: But Not Where You Think It Does

The Undercover Recruiter

Sponsored by LiveCareer “We’ve got a real skills gap problem here!” It’s the biggest cliché in HR practice today. And it’s a doozie. Mention the words “skills gap” and you can stop a serious hiring strategy discussion cold in its tracks. Yet behind the cliché lies a vicious cycle.

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What If It Were Illegal to Keep Your Co-Worker’s Salary Secret?

Evil HR Lady

One of the things that I loved about being an HR data person was knowing how much money everyone else made. My very first HR job was as an HR admin for the head of Compensation, and I got to run reports for her, which meant I knew everyone’s salaries, including hers and my co-workers (who, incidentally, were much higher level than I was and had no idea about each other’s salaries).

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How Long a Cover Letter Should Actually Be and Other Standout Tips

Career Alley

Job search is a competitive process, and having an awesome cover letter is an important first step in getting an interview. Career advice Cover Letter

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Women in the Workplace: What 2017 Taught Us

Ms. Career Girl

2017 has been a full-on year for women in the workplace – we tried to close the gender pay gap and smash the glass ceiling, we fought for workplace harassment claims to be heard and, on our time off, we joined the Women’s March.

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4 Ways AI Will Improve the Way You Work

The Undercover Recruiter

When AI springs to mind, you can’t help but think of the endless possibilities it could bring. With machine learning, robotics, and more, breaking new grounds year after year. It’s exciting to think where we could be by 2030.

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LuLaRoe: Family Last

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The biggest contributor to the wage gap is that women want “temporal flexibility.” ” In other words, many women want to put family first and still make a living. Naturally, this draws them towards organizations such as LuLaRoe , a multi-level marketing company that sells clothing. Their motto speaks to this: LuLaRoe: Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families.

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How Long Should a Cover Letter Be

Career Alley

Job search is a competitive process, and having an awesome cover letter is an important first step in getting an interview. Career advice Cover Letter

When Colleagues Claim Credit for Your Work

Ms. Career Girl

You work hard to be the best at your job. You put in the long hours, collaborate with other employees, create fresh ideas and content, and genuinely put your best into every task you tackle.

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How to Improve the Most Vital Component of Your Recruiting Efforts

The Undercover Recruiter

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on the shiny new HR Technology product or the trending social media site and assume that it’s the answer to our recruitment challenges.

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What Part of the Normal American Workplace Will Be Most Impacted by #metoo?

HR Capitalist

There's a ton of good that's come from the daily breaking news associated with the #metoo movement. Creeps everywhere are being held responsible for their behavior, and society in general seems to have a higher awareness for what's appropriate and what's not.

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4 Job Search Tactics for Medical Professionals

Career Alley

Because of medical advances in technology and the growing elderly population, the healthcare field for Medical Professionals is booming these days. Career Opportunities Medical Careers Medical professionals

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4 Easy Steps Toward Branding Your Business Through Volunteering

Ms. Career Girl

Advertising and marketing often comprise the largest portions of a small business’ expenses, especially when that business is just starting up.

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Why AI Will Enhance Our HR Approach

The Undercover Recruiter

Technology is evolving at a breath-taking pace and the HR profession role has, until recently, tended to focus on sourcing talent to support digital products and services.

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Just Do It – How To Turn Your Passion Into Innovation At Nike

Career Realism

Just Do It – How To Turn Your Passion Into Innovation At Nike. Work It Daily. This Company Hires Doers, Are You One? Everyone knows Nike’s tagline is “Just do it.” But, as of January 2018, they’ve added a new slogan for those who work there: “ We are the people who do! ”.

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Shout It Loud: How You Can Get Confident With Public Speaking

Career Alley

A big part of being a success in a company is public speaking. If you want to climb the career ladder, gain some experience and a managerial position, you need to be confident standing up in front of people and talking. Career Opportunities Public Speaking

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Five Things to Rethink About Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has been a top HR trend for years now. We know it’s important and we all want to increase our engagement levels, but…how? It’s notoriously difficult to raise and maintain high levels of employee engagement and beyond that, proving to your own boss why it’s so important can be hard. So here are […] Source. HR employee engagement employee experience

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Why You Need to Bank on Your Employer Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

Talent attraction for banks can be very difficult, it’s a high pace industry with a very ‘men in suits’ image that in many ways is only appealing to men who seek to live that lifestyle.

ASK THE CAPITALIST: Are HR Pros with MBAs Special Anymore?

HR Capitalist

Kris- Would love to know your opinion on a trend I am seeing as I'm screening HR Director candidates. I used to encourage HR undergrads to pursue their MBA instead of a Masters in HR.

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