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Tell-tale Signs That You Should Turn Down That Job Offer

Ms. Career Girl

When it comes to obtaining a job offer and securing a job, there are many factors that go into this process.

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Your Resume and You: Are You Standing in a Social Media Fog?

Career Trend

It’s all become quite clear, in an overwhelming, sometimes noxious sort of way. Some people get social media, others are in the learning curve process, and still others just don’t seem to have a clue. There is a lot of fog around developing and then using your storied resume.

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Food Glorious Food: Ideal Careers For Foodies

Career Alley

For the food-obsessed, choosing a career that allows them to indulge their passion while earning a good wage is always a smart idea. Discover Career Opportunities Careers restaurants

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How Unconscious Bias Led a Movie Theater to Kick out 100+ Disabled Children

Evil HR Lady

Mayo Beach Adaptive Camp likes to take their campers on field trips, just like most summer camps. This camp is for disabled children (from 6-21), their siblings, and friends. Camp Director Joe Mavo bought 140 tickets for his campers and staff (t he ratio is 1 staff member to every three campers ) to attend a summer movie at the Regal Waugh Chapel & IMAX in Maryland. He informed the theater that it was for special needs children.

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Kindness Starts With You

Ms. Career Girl

What happened to kindness? Do you wonder ‘what’s happened to kindness?’ The news is filled with stories of sudden rage: people resorting to violence over minor items. Bullying in schools and workplaces. Trolling on the internet. Everyone’ is complaining.

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The subtle – and not subtle – actions that ruin your productivity

Cube Rules

Even when you know multi-tasking doesn’t work — we do it anyway. We can’t seem to help it. There are ways that we sabotage ourselves, though. We allow out software programs to default ways to interrupt us. Our physical location supports being interrupted.

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Key Aspects To Consider When Deciding On A Career Path

Career Alley

Whether you want to explore new challenges within a career interest or to experience something new and exciting outside of your current career scope, you have options. Discover Career Opportunities career path Careers

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Summer Stress is Real: 3 Tips to Center Yourself 

Ms. Career Girl

The summer months are often painted as a time to relax and unwind, a time to soak up the sunshine and breathe a little easier. The reality is, working adults find summer to in fact be more stressful than the colder months. “We’re

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It’s better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than at the top of the one you don’t.” ” – Stephen Kellogg. This thought may seem most applicable to those in the early or even middle stages of their careers, but it is a message, too, to all. I began my “blog career” at a relatively “ripe old age” and it is literally keeping me young, healthy and handsome.

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From Solo Entrepreneur To Starting A Team

Career Alley

Hiring your first employee - Although it might feel like you’re ready, you really need to think about how ready your finances are going to be. Career Advice Team Building teamwork

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It’s August and All of Europe is on Vacation. How Do You Run Your Global Business?

Evil HR Lady

Paid vacation time is mandatory in the European Union–four weeks is a minimum. That number can seem crazy to people in the United States where it takes 20 years of service to reach an average of 20 vacation days a year –and even when we have it, we don’t use it all. But, in my experience, Europe embraces vacation–sometimes in ways that make no sense.

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From Private Investment to Own Business

Career Shifters

“I knew that if I made it a success, it would allow me to do things in life I've always wanted to do.”. Ashley Freer had an interesting career and earned well, but he couldn't resist the urge to start something of his own.

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How Do I Start Learning Java From Scratch

Imarticus Learning

Quick adaptations by ever-evolving technologies cater to organizational requirements and need full-stack capability to juggle between practical skills, multi-tasking capacities, and domain knowledge for the full-stack developer to suggest practical solutions.

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What Every Small Business Needs to Succeed

Career Alley

Marketing is one of the most essential components to the success of any business, large or small. Without attracting new customers you remain stagnant at best. Career Advice Business Small Business

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How to Hire Startup Talent on Job Search Engines That Aren’t LinkedIn

Evil HR Lady

Probably the most famous job search engine is LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. It also doesn’t mean it’s the one that will stay on top forever–remember when was the best place to find candidates and a job? Full disclosure: I got a job through a resume posted on Monster way back in 1999.).

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The LinkedIn Green Dot — A Job Seeker’s New Best Friend

Avid Careerist

By now, you’ve probably noticed the LinkedIn green dot on some of your connections’ LinkedIn profiles (see below). You might even have asked yourself, “What does that green dot mean. Read More. The post The LinkedIn Green Dot — A Job Seeker’s New Best Friend appeared first on AvidCareerist. Uncategorized LinkedIn Privacy Settings (6 More Posts

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3 Sourcing Strategies to Build a Talent Pipeline

The Undercover Recruiter

Building a talent pipeline is a proactive rather than a reactive hiring strategy. It encompasses sourcing and engaging a group of passive candidates for the fulfillment of future roles in the company.

New Data Tells Us Which Companies/Vendors Owns Corporate Expense Accounts.

HR Capitalist

If you've ever wondered (what, just me?) what companies and vendors have the biggest share of corporate expense accounts/submitted expenses for approval, look no further.

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12 Crucial Factors for Career Satisfaction

Boomers Next Step

Education expands your career opportunities and skill set but isn’t exactly a guarantor of success or career satisfaction.

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What do you lose if you stay home with kids?

Penelope Trunk

If you do not stay home with kids, you’ll be annoyed to hear all the benefits of watching kids, because people don’t really care about what benefits could be gained. We care about what we could lose. This is true for everyone: Consumers , liars , straight-A-students. Working moms.

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How Recruitment Trends are Changing to Suit the Current Candidate-Driven Market

The Undercover Recruiter

Through our day-to-day work supporting clients and candidates, we see how employers and HR personnel are adapting and evolving their recruitment approach to suit the current candidate-driven market.

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"The Villain Is The Person Who Knows The Most, But Cares The Least."

HR Capitalist

"The Villain Is The Person Who Knows The Most, But Cares The Least.". From Chuck Klosterman In I Wear The Black Hat. When it comes to Employee Relations, any investigation you do of general bad stuff is going to uncover a lot of ugly things.

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Resume Help for Baby Boomers

Boomers Next Step

Are you a baby boomer who needs resume writing help? The most common concern among job seekers over 50 is that their resume tends to date them. While it’s true that with age comes wisdom, it’s also true that securing a great new job becomes challenging after a certain age.

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my boss wanted to go over my personal budget

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve recently returned to the teaching field. While I know there are plenty of stories about the budget woes of teachers, my prior experience wasn’t so bad. The school year is approaching and I have been trying to get my class in order. My principal asked for a list of requested supplies and items, and I gave her what I thought was a modest list, the basics to get the year rolling.

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What is the Basic Social Media Strategy Recruiters Should Have?

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s always good to have a strategy regardless of what it’s for. You’ve heard of the saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ ’ And having one for your social media content is no different.

Amazing Facts About Full Stack Developer You Don’t Know

Imarticus Learning

Quick adaptations by ever-evolving technologies cater to organizational requirements and need full-stack capability to juggle between practical skills, multi-tasking capacities, and domain knowledge for the Full stack developer to suggest practical solutions. The full-stack developer handles the layers of. Presentation at Front end layer. Logic at the Backend layer. Multi-tasking at the sub-layers of data.

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5 Factors To Consider Before Accepting Your First Job

Career Realism

Landing your first job right out of school can be a tricky business. What if you can't find something that you think you would enjoy and is in alignment with your degree? What if time starts to run out and you need a job, like right now ?

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10 Points To Consider When Writing Your Graduate Cover Letter

Career Advice Guy

We’re approaching Graduate Season where many candidates are finishing full-time studies and thinking about what they’re going to do next with their life. When candidates start looking for their first job, the priority is always their CV and making sure it’s perfect.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Millennial and Gen Z Employees Productive

The Undercover Recruiter

Previous generations are quick to call both Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (people born from 1997 onwards) lazy, self-absorbed, and narcissistic.

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How Can You Build A Wealth With Stock Market?

Imarticus Learning

If you sell high and buy low you can make your wealth from the stock markets. If you make your millions just remember you can lose it overnight if you do not have a game-plan in place.

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When To Retire

Boomers Next Step

The 21st Century was supposed to usher in a wave of retiring Baby Boomers who would live off the spoils of their retirement funds. The dream was of travelling to sunny destinations, playing golf and enjoying time with their grandchildren when they retired.

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How To Effectively Expand Your Network For Job Search Success

Career Realism

Networking is vital to job search success. Networking can lead to referrals, identifying jobs that aren't yet posted, and securing informational interviews. They can also lead to future professional references.

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Can the Tech Skills Gap be Closed?

The Undercover Recruiter

Companies are making major investments in new technology in order to maintain relevance. However, the success of new technology does not rely on how fast companies are to adopt. Rather, it relies on how thoughtfully companies are in educating their workers to actually use new technology.

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The Investment Banking Course That Would Help Change Your Life For The Better

Imarticus Learning

Sai Charan recounts his experience of how a course, resulted in a job at one of the top investment banking firms. Breaking into investment banking is easier said than done; this particular industry is quite competitive.

Challenging Traditional Retirement

Boomers Next Step

Are You Challenging The Idea Of Traditional Retirement? Have you ever considered buying a brothel in an outback mining town at 55 years old? Would you like to still be working at 102? How about becoming a barrister when you have just been sacked as the judge on a top rating television talent show?

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I turned down a job — and the recruiter sent me an invoice

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I was in the awesome position of interviewing for two roles through recruitment agencies and receiving offers for both. Both roles were aware that I had another strong offer on the table, and negotiations started between myself and the two agencies. As I was available immediately, both roles wanted me to start ASAP and had suggested start dates that were within a working week of the initial offer.

2019 73

Building a Great Employer Brand to Win the Talent War

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s one of the fastest-growing and largest hair salons in the world. In fact, Great Clips has got more than four thousand salons across Canada and the USA. So how do they make sure they’ve got the best talent working for them instead of a rival salon? Well, this week we speak to Jared Nypen, View Article. Building a Great Employer Brand to Win the Talent War Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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