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Smart Networking Tips from Job Search and Career Experts

Executive Career Brand

Smart networking continues to be the best way to land a job that you covet and deserve. Over the past 10-15 years, power networking has expanded to include connecting and communicating through social media. So many of us shudder at the thought of having to network, even if we know we HAVE to.

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10 New Books That Make Great End of Summer Reads

Ms. Career Girl

The end of summer is nearly in sight, bringing with it the end to carefree days kicking back and reading. Before the temperatures cool down, get out and enjoy the final days of sunshine and bliss, with these ten great end of summer reads. The Nine by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg.

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Corporate Events To Remember

Career Alley

Hosting an event is not an easy challenge, especially when it is a corporate one. After all, the event hosted reflects the image and reputation […]. Discover Career Opportunities Corporate Planning

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From Strategy Consultant to Business Owner

Career Shifters

“I found the lack of longer-term ownership frustrating.”. Alice Whiteley was finding it increasingly difficult to balance life and work. She was also itching to create something of her own that she could grow over time.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

The time is past due; today, I must express my Very Deepest Concern. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am the son of a refugee who arrived on a boat, and who feared her whole life being “sent back.”. I am someone who, at a young age, was separated from my own family. When we moved to the suburbs, my first experience – at age 2 – was to be beaten by older kids due to my family’s religion. Yet, from a young age, I was so very fortunate to be the recipient of the kindness of strangers.

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How a Road Trip Makes You a Better Leader

Ms. Career Girl

What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? The two words often get mixed up but can be extremely different. Many people argue managers are focused on business operations and leaders are centered on team members.

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3 Smart Tips for Excelling at Your Career

Career Alley

There are all sorts of different factors that go into establishing a successful career, and these will often vary quite significantly from one field or industry to another. Discover Career Opportunities career

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LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed Battle Illegal Job Postings Every Day. Here’s How

Evil HR Lady

“We have Filipino maids!” ” announced one Instagram ad, aimed at wealthy expats in the Middle East who may want to hire a live-in housekeeper. This ad wasn’t aimed at job seekers (although it certainly would discourage non-Filipinos from applying for a job), but many job postings show just as much bias and prejudice for specific groups.

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Nerves Holding You Back? Here’s How to Power Forward

Ms. Career Girl

As a professional Vocal Coach for many years, I have observed many of the performers and public speakers I worked with being held back by nerves and insecurity. The one thing they all had in common?

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By: Blog | Careers Done Write | CVPro

Careers Done Write

[…] Source link 190+ Top Career Advice Websites – Career Tips […

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So You Want To Be a Thought Leader, But You Hate Writing.

HR Capitalist

Readers of this blog often ping me to have conversations about the best way to get started writing and sharing thoughts on the world of HR.

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Enterprise Ordered to Pay $16.3 Million, and that’s Just Part of the Punishment for Discrimination

Evil HR Lady

An administrative law judge (ALJ) ordered Enterprise RAC Company of Baltimore LLC to pay out “$6,645,444 in lost earnings and benefits to 2,336 African-American applicants for the company’s management trainee program.” ” Then you add interest, and the cost of giving jobs to applicants they previously rejected, and your total now stands at $16.3 million dollars.

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Beyond The Bickering: 5 Steps to Resolving Conflict In Teams

Ms. Career Girl

You can run the most efficient, well-run company in the world, packed with eager team members clad in your branded hoodies, but at some point conflict is going to rear its ugly head.

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The Most Sought-After Work Benefits to Attract Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

With people in the US reportedly switching careers once every 4.2 years on average in the US and every five in the UK, it’s never been more important to look at how major corporations advertise themselves to prospective employees, and what employees really look for in an ideal workplace.

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Using Pictures of Employees on your Careers Site - Do You Need a Release?

HR Capitalist

So you're ramping up your employee comms materials. A project to refresh the ole' careers site, new collateral, etc. You rightfully detest stock art because it's all fake and your employees don't look that perfect, happy or content. .

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How to Respond to Requests for Reference Checks

Evil HR Lady

My company has a policy of only confirming job title and dates of employment when people call for reference checks. I know managers are giving out more information. How can I train managers to send all reference requests to human resources? To read my answer, click here: How to Respond to Requests for Reference Checks. Leave your own in the comments! The post How to Respond to Requests for Reference Checks appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Comstock

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5 things to know before starting your own business

Boomers Next Step

Finally making the decision to start your own business is exciting, intimidating and invigorating all at once. It can be one of the most daring things we choose to do in our lives.

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Why Recruiters Need to Get on the Phone

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruiters! Did you know that you are interrupted at least 150 times a day! And still, your boss yells “Get on the phone!” That phrase was the mantra of many a recruitment leader in the early 2000s and continues to be said in every recruitment office across the globe. 68% of B2B business (eg.

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Get My New Book: THE 9 FACES OF HR.

HR Capitalist

It's true. I just launched a book and it is selling well. It's called THE 9 FACES OF HR. If you like reading The HR Capitalist or Fistful of Talent , you're going to like the book and you should buy it.

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How to Reduce the Risk of Fraud at Your Office

Evil HR Lady

When we talk about fraud and embezzlement in business, famous criminals like Bernie Madoff and Jordan Belfort might come to mind. But it isn’t just banks and institutions on Wall Street that deal with financial fraud. Every business owner must understand the dangers of embezzlement and the implications it could have on their organization. Smaller organizations are especially at risk because they often lack the resources to take a financial loss.

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Facing Redundancy: 9 Things To Do If You Think Your Job Might Be Made Redundant

Boomers Next Step

Are You Worried Your Job Might Be Made Redundant? You may have heard the rumours circulating at work that redundancies are about to be announced. You have heard and wondered, but you really don’t expect that your job will be affected.

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Stop Hiring Managers and Start Hiring High-Performance Coaches

The Undercover Recruiter

According to Gallup’s recent book, It’s the Manager, poor management is likely destroying your enterprise engagement and productivity.

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?? Common Bad Job Search Advice To Ignore Every Time


Job search going poorly? Maybe you're following the wrong advice. Photo by Elijah Hiett. Everyone you ask – and some you don't – will have an opinion on what you need to do in your job search, and more so if your search is not going well, but some of that advice is just bad.

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Lessons from a Zip Line Failure

Evil HR Lady

I learned something about myself yesterday when I got trapped in the middle of a zipline and had to be rescued by a very kind young employee. My children asked to go to a ropes park up in the mountains. It’s gorgeous, it’s nearby, and I thought it was a fabulous idea, right up until the point where I learned that children under 13 have to be accompanied by an adult at all times. My youngest is 11, so that meant that I would be climbing ropes and sailing along zip lines myself.

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Interviews — When Your Boss Is Your Reason for Leaving

Avid Careerist

One of my resume clients (let’s call him/her Pat) reported to the CEO of a start-up business unit of a Fortune 500 company. Pat grew the business unit’s sales so. Read More. The post Interviews — When Your Boss Is Your Reason for Leaving appeared first on AvidCareerist. Uncategorized Interviews (15 More Posts

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What is the Best Thing Recruiters Can Do on Social Media?

The Undercover Recruiter

While there is no right or wrong way of using social media for recruiting (well, it depends on who you ask) there are certainly some really good things you can do if you get it right. This week our expert panel share what they think are some of the best tips of using social media. View Article.

How to Write a Good Resume with Content That Grabs Attention and Builds Interest

Boomers Next Step

Your resume has two main purposes: 1. To represent you and your career in a way that keeps you in the running for a job opportunity when you aren’t there in person. Therefore, it’s important that it gets enough attention that it actually gets read.

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5 Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

Career Realism

"Why am I still unemployed?" At Work It Daily, we're asked this question a lot. The reality is, the reason is different for everyone. The good news? Whatever is holding you back from getting hired, you can overcome.

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my new employee ran a background check on me and asked me about what he found

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I started a new position recently and was promoted quickly to a management position. Great, I have a long supervisory background, looking forward to helping in a wider capacity. One of my direct reports is a very conscientious and ambitious young man named “Scott” who I have found pleasant to work with.

The Generation Game at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

We are living longer and retiring later, and this means up to five generations of employees may be working together at any one time.

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6 Things You Need To Know Before Retiring To Another Country

Boomers Next Step

Retiring to another country is a very popular option for many people. Malaysia and Thailand are the top retirement countries for Australians, while many in the USA move to Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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3 Ways To Be Memorable During An Interview

Career Realism

When you go into a job interview, your goal is to make a good impression, right? Kind of. The goal is to make a *memorable* impression—you want them to automatically think of you when someone asks, “Who should we hire?" How how can you make such a powerful impression?

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my employee keeps telling me his “expectations” of me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a mid-level college administrator. One of my direct reports is positioning himself to move up in a couple of years (from department member to department head). He would still report to me, but the working relationship would be a little different. I need to work closely with department heads, and it can have a major impact on my work and the organization if that relationship is toxic. The problem is that he thinks he is a LOT smarter than me.

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How the Learning Quotient Will Change the Hiring Process

The Undercover Recruiter

As recruiters, we must constantly look ahead to try and anticipate workplace trends. One area we’re keeping an eye on is the learning quotient (LQ) concept, which measures a candidate’s potential and their willingness to adapt to challenges in the workplace.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Job Recruiter to Find a Job

Boomers Next Step

Have you considered hiring a job recruiter to find a job? When you’re looking for a new job, it can be a pretty stressful period of time. We all need to have a way to be making a living, but given the behavior of the economy over the course of the last several years, it’s […].

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'What’s Your Biggest Weakness?' How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Career Realism

Even though it's one of the most common interview questions out there, everyone hates being asked, “What's your biggest weakness?" during a job interview. It's hard enough showing your potential during an interview.

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Reviews For Investment Banking

Imarticus Learning

A career in finance and investment banking lets you shape the nation’s economy. This is a major feat of anyone’s career that enables them to scale their country’s economy while ascending their own career on the top. .