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Employers: Ignoring Job Candidates Impacts Your Brand

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Job candidates already know the importance of following up in the hiring process – but how often to do companies take out the time to do the same to their job applicants?

5 quick and easy tips for job hunters

Career Copilot

5 quick and easy tips for job hunters Let me start by saying it is not quick or easy to find a new job. Quite the opposite in fact. Job hunting takes patience and perseverance. I often tell job seekers that is important to continuously move the needle each day and make sure you continue to move forward. Far too many people post [.] Career CoPilot - It's your Career - Don't Fly Solo. Career Development job hunting

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The Lazy C-level Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

So you’re suddenly in an executive job search or planning one – by choice or by circumstance. Things look different out there than they did the last time you were seeking a new opportunity, don’t they?

Possibly The Worst Cover Letter Ever (Must See)

Corn on the Job

There’s no other way to title a post like this.

Emails That Could Get You FIRED!

Resume Bear

For better or for worse, email is increasingly the way many Americans communicate in this technological era.

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What We Really Do at Work on Our Mobile Phones

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A recent survey sheds light on what people do on their mobile devices at work—and what they think others are doing. More than 60 percent of those surveyed reported using their mobile devices to watch videos, including ones unrelated to work, such as sports clips and viral videos.

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5 Job Search Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten

Career Realism

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “All you need to know you learned in Kindergarten.” Which things you learned can apply to your job search? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search advice career expert job kindergarten lesson search

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Blog Your Way To That New Position

Professional Resume Services

With all the new technology available on the Internet today, there is absolutely no reason anyone should simply stop once a resume has been completed and sent. There is a wide world of other venues just waiting for you to use them to market your personal brand. Blogging is only part of it. Some may

Five Tips for Playing the (Job Hunt) Game

The Job Quest

Living in Wisconsin, I am one of many who follow the Green Bay Packers. And this season has been a pretty amazing one. Until Sunday night, that is. Not only did they lose the game, they were trounced.

The 8 Best Career Movies of All Time

Resume Bear

Ever watch a movie and think, “Oh my God, that is my LIFE?”. Yeah, that happens all the time. And especially when it comes to your career, sometimes the movies just so perfectly represent where you’re at.

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‘I Know You’re Trying to Help My Career But Don’t’

Career Realism

"Don't help me." Is that what you want to say to your friends, family, and even co-workers who want to “help” you in your career change? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search advice career co-worker expert family friend help job search

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6 Tips for Creating a More Relaxing Workspace


Sweating under blindingly bright fluorescent lights in a stark white workspace isn’t exactly considered an ideal working condition. Rather, you must feel at ease in your workplace to produce your best results.

Tweet Your Executive Resume

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You’ve done everything you can possibly think of to get your executive resume out to businesses and still it’s hard to find a job. What else can you do? Think about social media sites such as Twitter. Many people now use tweets to get their resumes out to businesses faster. It’s also a great place

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

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Martin Luther King Jr. was working hard to get people to Washington, DC. But when he told an audience, “We are going to bring the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.

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Adaptive Skills: What Do They Add to a Resume?

Career Realism

Your resume should assure a company they are hiring someone who not only has specific skills they need now but also adaptive skills for the future. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Resume & Cover Letter advice career expert job resume search skill

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Quick Tip: Fill The Gap With a Relevant Part-Time Job While Unemployed

Corn on the Job

A friend from college sent me an interesting Facebook message the other day. She wanted to fill me in on a cool strategy she used while unemployed to help fill the gap, but also make herself more valuable to her next employer.

How to Leverage 5 Pathways for Strengths Based Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Leverage Strengths – An outline of why employee engagement needs to be strong stuff. Part 6 of an 11 part series on how managers can improve employee engagement). Let’s get strong in 2012. Engagement is strong stuff.

The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

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It’s that time of year again: Glassdoor has released its list of 50 best places to work in 2012! The list, “Best Places to Work — Employees’ Choice” is the fourth annual employee’s choice awards for best companies to work for. Below, see the companies and corresponding ratings.

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Tips for Making Your Online Image Employer-Ready

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Finding information about other people is easier than ever. Professionals are now going to great lengths to create their own personal brands online. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search advice career expert job networking online personal brand search

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3 Ways to Beat the Work Winter Blues


Work is a bore. With the nights drawing in, and winter spreading her icy fingers over pavements, squeezing life from the trees and freezing the air in your throat, days spent in the office seem more depressing than ever.

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How to land a job when you are overqualified

Cube Rules

photo credit: o5com. With the current climate of unemployment ( 8.6% in November 2011 , although it’s expected to rise closer to 9% once holiday retail workers are no longer needed), many workers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified.

4 Essential Job Search 2.0 Tips for New Grads

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Entering the job market after college can be an incredibly stressful process, but it’s also equally exciting.

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How to Tell if it’s a Dead-end Job

Career Realism

Here are the top 10 signs you should run for the door after an interview. If you see even a hint of any of these signs, it's a dead-end job. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search advice blog boss career expert job security management vacancies

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How to Turn Your Talent Into a Career


Growing up I always heard the popular “if you do what you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” ” This is especially frustrating because it’s true. Most people would love to be able to take their hobby and run with it for their entire lives.

How to Figure Out Which Managers Are Net Positive to Your Culture in 1 Question.

HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note - re-running this favorite since many of us are still in the planning stages for the new year regarding the best way to evaluate and improve lots of things - including culture. Don't overthink the questions and tools at your disposal. see comments for more gold.

Things I wish I had written

Penelope Trunk

In therapy lately I am learning to identify my feelings. Maybe you’re thinking this is elementary, but did you know that envy is about wanting something you don’t have, but jealousy is the fear of losing something you already have? I am thinking about those two things.

5 Wardrobe Malfunctions Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You About (Men’s Edition!)

Career Realism

Interviewers will notice (and appreciate) your attention to detail with your wardrobe. It shows you understand and respect corporate culture. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Climbing the Ladder advice appearance career expert job promotion search

How to Do a Great Phone Interview

Water Cooler Wisdom

The phone interview is typically overlooked because managers want to move straight to the in-person interview.    However, you can learn a lot from a 15 minute phone call, enough perhaps to save yourself the trouble of entertaining an unsuitable applicant for an hour or two at your office. The Ins and Outs. The purpose of a phone screening is to determine if a candidate has the basic qualifications so that you can make an educated decision regarding an in-person interview. 

3 costly mistakes jobseekers make on cover letters

Mildred Talabi

What’s more important – having a good CV or a good cover letter…? The answer? Cover letters are just as important as CVs because a good cover letter gets your CV through the door and a good CV then goes on to qualify you for an interview!

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens to Your Resume When You Apply to Jobs Online?

The Undercover Recruiter

Do you know what happens with your resume when you apply for jobs online? Employers receive a steady stream of applications from job seekers for each open position through their applicant tracking systems (ATS).

How to Pass a Career Personality Test

Career Realism

This article explains what to consider when taking a personality test for a potential job opening. Of course, always be honest with yourself. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Interviewing advice blog career expert management Personality tests

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The Resume is Dead


Your past is not. I am waxing nostalgic. What is it about the past that keeps us in it? Or keeps us reverting to it or, sometimes, avoiding it? Do we value it as history and what we can learn from it or is it simply too difficult to let go?

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how long should I wait for a company to contact me for an interview?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: After applying to a job, how long do companies usually wait before reviewing resumes to set up interviews? Twelve days ago, I applied to a job that fits me perfectly. It’s what I been doing throughout my career. I feel, based on my background, I should be called for an interview. If I don’t hear from them this week, should I call personnel or call the person looking to fill the position?

10 Ways to Manage Stress at the Office


In today's hypercompetitive business environment, it's common for workers to experience workplace stress. Stress will not only make you less efficient at your job, but it can also negatively affect your health. The following are 10 easy ways to manage workplace stress: Acknowledge the stressor.