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5 Reasons Your Personal Brand Loves LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

Let’s establish right off the bat that communicating your personal brand is no longer optional in executive job search.

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4 Reasons Why a Professional Executive Resume Writer is Worth the Investment

Professional Resume Services

A resume today is perceived differently than it was several years ago. Your resume should not only highlight your past achievements. It should also clearly demonstrate why you are equipped to handle the particular job you’re applying for.

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6 Surefire Ways To Find A Teaching Job

Career Alley

Everyone from your friends and neighbors to your college professors and classmates can prove to be great resources in your job search, so make sure that you tell them that you’re on the market. Discover Career Opportunities Teaching Careers

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Not Getting Any Feedback at Work? Here’s How to Seek it Out

Ms. Career Girl

Are you the kind of girl who gives 110% to a work project? Do you expect your supervising managers will notice and acknowledge your effort?

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From Healthcare to Data

Career Shifters

“I battled the worst case of imposter syndrome I've ever experienced.”. Bored with meetings and documents, Marcus Grant was ready to learn something more technical.

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What to Know About Artificial Intelligence and Applicant Tracking Systems When Conducting an Executive Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in many different industries, and it’s only expected to continue to be utilized even more. It has particularly become more useful in making a recruiter’s job more efficient.

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Perfect Resume Ideas for Freelancers

Career Alley

As a freelancer, you don’t have the same experiences as someone in a big company. For a start, you can’t be promoted since you are […]. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Building a Resume Freelance

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“It’s Going To Be Messy, And It’s OK If It Hurts” – 7 Hard-hitting Career Change Lessons From Society’s Great Minds

Career Shifters

Feel like you're the only one struggling to work out what you want to do with your life? The questions you're grappling with have a long lineage, explored by great thinkers and creatives for thousands of years.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“I like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” ” – Alice Sebold. This is one quote I heartily endorse.

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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Become a Tradie

Career Alley

Every year, thousands of tradies across the country either relocate, transition into new industries, or retire. In order to keep up with the demand placed on the industries by our growing population, there needs to be a constant stream of new entrants following them.

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The Truth About Working For A Charity

Ms. Career Girl

Many people want to work for a charity. Reasons include giving back to the world, working for a personally relevant cause, or a wish to work with a particular culture or in a particular location. Timing and career stage also contribute.

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Equal Pay Day is a Farce (and Demoralizing).

Evil HR Lady

Today is Equal Pay Day and while it’s supposed to be a day where we focus on reducing pay inequalities, it also doesn’t represent reality. “This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year,” according to the National Committee on Pay Equity. The problem is they are operating on assumptions that are completely and totally false. And when you put false numbers into your equation your answer will always be false.

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Can You Really Reinvent Your Career?

Boomers Next Step

Hoping to reinvent your career? Updated April 3, 2019] You are not alone. Millions of people in their mid-life and older feel the need for a change – a powerful life-changing reinvention of themselves and aspects of their everyday life.

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Companies Take the Sting Out of Lay Offs through Outplacement

The Undercover Recruiter

Until a few years ago, many people thought that being out of work was a sign of personal failing: “Hmmm, I wonder what he did? I wonder what happened?” Now, being in a job transition comes with less stigma attached — and, with the delivery of outplacement services, less anxiety.

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What Working Women Should Know About Disability Benefits

Ms. Career Girl

Women have taken major strides in a workforce once dominated by men. As women continue to climb the obstacles to equal pay and C-suite leadership roles, another potential barrier they cannot afford to overlook is the possibility that they will experience a life-altering disability.

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Viewers Attacked a TV Meteorologist For Her Baby Bump, She Responded with Science

Evil HR Lady

Becky Ditchfield is an on-air meteorologist who also happens to be pregnant with her third child. As a result, she has a baby bump and some viewers attacked her for being a “freak with (my) belly sticking out 2 miles…” Now, let’s set aside that being pregnant does not make anyone a freak, and take a look at how Ditchfield handled the situation. Math and science for the win.

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Are You Using The Best Career Change Strategies?

Boomers Next Step

Implementing the best career change strategies can be your secret weapon for success when you need to make career decisions and commence your job search.

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45 Empowering Quotes From Successful Women

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s no secret that women have had to fight for equal rights in the workplace (and beyond). While the fight is far from over, women are starting businesses, earning leadership positions and leaving lasting impacts in business, technology, philanthropy, and research.

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Love Your Pet? Here Are Some Summer Pet Care Tips

Ms. Career Girl

All the signs of spring are around us. If you’re not already enjoying the warmer weather, chances are you have plans for the months ahead. Just remember that your furry friend requires consideration and planning just as any other member of the family. Warmer days can be tough on them, too!

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Employee Time Tracking 101 for Managers

Evil HR Lady

Late last year, I did a webinar for BeeBole on Time Tracking. They just got a copy up on the internet and it’s free! So, go ahead and watch. What you’ll learn from this 60-minute webinar: Why your company should be tracking employee time How to set effective and realistic time tracking goals Tips for smooth implementation and compliance.

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Five Tips To Create Your Own Retirement Lifestyle Business

Boomers Next Step

Imagine running a retirement lifestyle business from the comfort of your home. Your business ideas, your creativity, your rules, your own business. Your work can fit around other things that matter to you, without sacrificing your dedication to the business or your professionalism.

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How Much Money Do Investment Bankers Make?

Imarticus Learning

Investment banking is a lucrative, yet demanding career path which requires hard work, good attitude and excellent communication skills. Read onto find out the biggest perks of this career. Investment banking is an envied coveted industry that many aspire for.

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How Can an Employer Help an Employee Deal with Mental Health in the Workplace?

The Undercover Recruiter

Welcome to our new online series on Mental Health in the Workplace. Taking care of our employees’ mental health is vital and we’ve brought together some of the world’s experts on this topic to share their thoughts with you.

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Do You Even Need a LinkedIn Public Profile?

Avid Careerist

You have a LinkedIn profile so people you know and people you don’t know can find you. But do you have a LinkedIn public profile? About LinkedIn Public Profiles In. Read More. The post Do You Even Need a LinkedIn Public Profile? appeared first on AvidCareerist

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What to Expect From a Video Interview

Corn on the Job

Photo Source: Shutterstock. What Should you Expect From a Video Interview? Video interviewing software is becoming more popular among recruiters, which means job seekers will start encountering it more often.

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What Languages Should I Know To Be A Full Stack Developer?

Imarticus Learning

A full stack developer is someone who takes care of both the front-end and back-end of any application. The front-end is the part which the user interacts with while the back-end runs the logic, developer integration, servers, and systems engineering.

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How to Solve the Skills Shortage in the UK’s Technology Sector

The Undercover Recruiter

Robert Walters, totaljobs, and Jobsite have published a report showing that the UK’s technology sector is struggling with a skills shortage. And there are worries that this problem is going to worsen due to Brexit.

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the Ask a Manager book is on sale right now

Ask A Manager

If you don’t already have a copy of the Ask a Manager book, now is a great time to buy it — because now through Sunday, the e-book version is on sale for only $1.99.

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8 Ways To Develop A High-Performing Team

Corn on the Job

In a world that demands as much as this one does, it’s imperative to have high-performing teams, or as I like to call them – super teams. Now the question is how exactly do you get your team to reach that level of performance?

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Career Benefits from Investment Banking Boot Camps And Modeling And Valuation Courses

Imarticus Learning

Investment banking is one of the hottest careers available right now. It offers high salaries and an exciting career dealing with corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Why Uncovering Your Competitive Differentiators is Key to Your Employer Branding

The Undercover Recruiter

Uncovering your firm’s “competitive differentiators” could be the key to making your Employer Branding Program truly standout! Each firm has differentiators. These differentiators will make all the difference to prospective new hire candidates (and internal employees).

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Called A Day Early For My Interview, What Do I Do?

Career Realism

In this week's episode of "Well This Happened", we want to know what you would do if a recruiter called you a day EARLY for your phone interview (and you were NOT PREPARED!) We want YOU to be the career coach and tell us which one is the RIGHT answer! Think you know?

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DIY: Improve Your Executive Resume’s Results ASAP

Resume Writing

careersteering. WHEN YOU REALLY MUST TRY TO IMPROVE YOUR EXECUTIVE RESUME YOURSELF… Let me paint this picture. You are looking for an executive resume writer’s help: “I need help ASAP for an interview I have coming up on Monday. It is a great opportunity,” you say. “But, every great executive resume writer is busy,” you continue. […].

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How Is Investment Banking Distinguished From Commercial Banking?

Imarticus Learning

Investment banks help corporations, companies, and governments raise capital, assist in mergers and acquisitions, and provide ancillary services such as derivatives trading, foreign exchange, equity securities, and making markets. They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of stock as well. Investment banking training is extensive with the aim of having an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and concepts.

5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview

The Undercover Recruiter

When it comes to conducting interviews, there are a handful of questions you simply shouldn’t ask the candidates in front of you. Whether it’s because your words could be misconstrued or cause offence, sometimes you need to look for a way around a certain question if you want to get to know your interviewee without. View Article. 5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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How To Write a Cover Letter to Beat Application Tracking Systems

Career Advice Guy

It's highly unlikely your cover letter will be read by either the hiring manager or the recruiter, however it's crucial for your job application if you want any success.

3. Candidate Sourcing

Recruit CRM

(This is part of a series of articles on becoming a Recruitment Entrepreneur. These articles are meant for first-time recruitment entrepreneurs and the more experienced recruiters may find some parts elementary. I shall start dwelling deeper into each aspect once we get done with the basics. If you wish to contribute to this topic please write to I will be happy to incorporate. Source. Blogs