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Top 10 Ways to Build Your Online Personal Brand with LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

Among the many benefits LinkedIn offers both job seekers and careerists, it is one of the best places to build your online personal brand and differentiate the unique value you offer your target employers. Don’t believe me? Try Googling “your name” right now.

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5 Essential Things All Female Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Ms. Career Girl

We’ll get this out of the way: It’s not as easy to be a female entrepreneur. You’re surprised, right? You’re not surprised.) The various obstacles and inequalities that women encounter extend to the business world.

The White House Shouldn’t Have Revoked Jim Acosta’s Credentials because CNN Should Have Fired Him First

Evil HR Lady

There’s a standard story in recruiting where a candidate for a high-level position treats the receptionist poorly. As a result, the hiring manager rejects the candidate because anyone who treats a receptionist that way isn’t the type of person you’d want to hire.

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From Marketing to Portfolio Career

Career Shifters

“I realised my job was making me truly miserable.”. Catherine Allison wanted to make a success of her role, but between workload struggles and poor cultural fit, it simply wasn't happening.

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How to Answer the Interview Questions Surrounding Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Professional Resume Services

One of the questions every interviewer will ask their interviewee revolves around their short-term and long-term goals, even if you state this information in your executive resume biography.

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Why I started a company (and why more women should too)

Ms. Career Girl

n April of 2018 I quit my job to start a wedding tech company called Honeydew, with my friend Lucy. Before that, I had been fantasizing for years that I wanted to start my own company, even without a specific idea in mind. Here’s why: Solving an underserved pain point is motivational and profitable.

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Half of Your Employees Think They Are Underpaid. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Evil HR Lady

Do you pay your employees fairly? Of course! You did your research when making salary offers, you award regular cost of living raises and you pay for their overtime work. Still, according to a recent study by Robert Half, 46 percent of employees feel that they are underpaid. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily indicate the truth about salary , since these particular findings are based on feelings.

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5 Essential Things To Research Before Your Executive Job Interviews

Executive Career Brand

Preparation is critical before any executive job interview. Entering the interview armed with knowledge not only differentiates you as a more informed and potentially valuable candidate, it will help ease you through this often most stressful aspect of executive job search. Another big bonus: This kind of research will help you assess the company to […]. The post 5 Essential Things To Research Before Your Executive Job Interviews appeared first on Executive Career Brand.

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3 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Small Business Without Going Broke

Ms. Career Girl

One of the most crucial questions every woman with a small business has to ask is how their company’s marketing efforts will stand out in a world that is crammed full of competitor’s ads.

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Our Manager Appeases Bullies. What Can We Do?

Evil HR Lady

Recently, my colleague and I carefully documented and reported acts of long-term bullying by two of our coworkers. Soon afterward, HR summoned the entire department for a mandatory meeting where our boss’s manager and the top HR manager yelled and reprimanded us. We were told our complaints were petty and stupid, and that their time was wasted.

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Cover Letters Do’s and Don’ts to Land Your Dream Job

Professional Resume Services

There are two types of job seekers today: those who think cover letters are somewhat fun to write, and those who think they are a complete waste of time. Regardless of where your feelings are, cover letters for your resume are more important today than ever before.

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.” ” – Unknown. So simple. So simply put. So simply applied. And so true. Whether at work, at home, or elsewhere, bear in mind that the darkness is the messenger of the coming light.

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Five Things To Do When You Think You Have a Million Dollar Idea

Ms. Career Girl

So you think you’ve got an idea for the “next big thing?” ” Tiffany Krumins, who successfully pitched her idea on Shark Tank, has these tips to turn your million dollar idea into reality. Do Your Product Research. Search high and low to see if your idea already exists.

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Wrangling Down Years of Experience to Create an Executive Resume Foundation

Career Trend

Building a firm foundation for your executive resume is essential for career resume traction. Here are 3 tips. The post Wrangling Down Years of Experience to Create an Executive Resume Foundation appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. executive resumes executive resume writing service

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Amazon Chose Super Expensive Cities, Should Entrepreneurs Follow Their Example?

Evil HR Lady

Amazon announced they will split their new headquarters between two cities : Long Island City (in Queens) New York, and National Landing (formerly Crystal City) in Arlington Virginia. Numerous cities vied anxiously for the honor of landing this headquarters, which will bring upwards of 50,000 well-paid jobs. Right now, they are slated to be split between the two locations.). Amazon is getting massive subsidies and tax breaks from the “winning” cities.

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Ace Your Embedded Software Engineers Interview

Career Alley

This post includes all of the job search and career information you need to help you land a great job as an Embedded Engineer. Included below are the best resources on the Internet for a successful embedded engineer job search.

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health At Work

Ms. Career Girl

Many adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work; and yet as many as 1 in 6 people will experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression in their job.

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Why Storytelling Matters in Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

During my recruitment career, one thing I have noticed is how rarely I refer back to my notes taken from my meetings, whether that be candidates interviews or clients requirements.

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15 Ways To Become Better At What You Do

Corn on the Job

[link]. We all have goals. And dreams. And wants. We all have them. No matter who you are or what background you have, there will be things in your life that you want. There always are. Some people write them down and call them goals. Other keep them in their minds and call them dreams.

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10 Things That Can Recharge Your Resume

Career Alley

when it comes to actually writing the resume, it’s important for you to ensure that it is tailored to each and every simple job that you are applying to. Never send out a blanket resume.

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Striking The Balance: Why Vacations Are Vital

Ms. Career Girl

So, you’re an ambitious career woman. You have goals and a plan to make sure you achieve them. You are determined. And you work hard. Really hard.

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Reducing Stress by Bringing the Outdoors into the Office

The Undercover Recruiter

Much emphasis is now being focused on how businesses across the UK can prevent stress and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

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my employer fined me $90 for being late

Ask A Manager

A reader writes. My company has a ridiculous late fine policy: you will be fined $2 for every minute, starting from 9:01 a.m. So if you come in at 9:05 a.m., that’s $10 you gotta pay up in cash. This is not somewhere where down-to-the-minute coverage would be essential. It’s just typical deskbound, back-end work. I can see why the receptionist who gets the calls will need to be there smack on the dot, but the rest of us — not really.).

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Interview Questions to Practice if You’re Going for a Job in the Mental Health Sector

Career Alley

Whether you’ve recently graduated from university, are about to soon or have been in industry for a while but are changing career focus, it’s important to give yourself the best chance of success of landing your dream job. Nail the Interview health interview

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Simple Ways To Practice Prenatal Self Care

Ms. Career Girl

Pregnancy can be a stressful time. You’ve got doctor appointments to attend, ultrasounds, scans, and check-ups. You’re trying to get the nursery ready, decorated and fully stocked ahead of your new bundle of joy, all while you’re continuing on with your regular life, work, social activities.

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8 Steps to Finding the Perfect Mentor

The Undercover Recruiter

Many aspiring entrepreneurs probably start their own business for the same reason: They want to be their own boss. In their mind, they envision how successful they will be, how much money they will make, how they will be a CEO of their very own venture.

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AI Essay Type Services – Features, Capabilities, and How to Use Them

Corn on the Job

Essay writing services readily offer features more than just the essay writing itself. They have elements with functions supporting the AI essay service to create the best article using the details you provided. Among those features include: Web Surveillance.

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Developing Your Personal Brand

Career Alley

Your Personal Brand Like it or not, you’re in the business of selling yourself. One of the key aspects to standing out in a sea […]. Launch your Career Branding Personal Brand

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can I read erotica on work breaks?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I came across the discussions of porn at work earlier this year , which got me questioning something I do. I tend to read romance novels and explicit stories from online repositories on my personal phone when I have spare moments, such as on a scheduled break.

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How Strong Values Can Attract and Retain Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

Do you value values? How about values such as; ‘Open company, no b t’ Maybe this one; ‘Build with heart and balance’ Or even better; ‘Don’t #@!% the customer’!

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Digitize Your Executive Personal Branding

Resume Writing

careersteering. Taking control of what executive recruiters and hiring authorities find when they search for your name online isn’t just smart — but critical in today’s digital and global job search landscape.

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Taming Your Mind: 6 Negative Thought Patterns You Need to Put a Stop to Right Now If You Want to Move Forward in Your Career

Corn on the Job

Do you ever get the nagging feeling that you’ve plateaued? That the best is already behind you? Even if you never say it out loud, these thoughts are incredibly limiting. What we think dictates how we feel, and how we feel influences how we behave.

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an overly cheerful executive keeps ordering me to feel great

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: What’s the polite way to tell a coworker to stop ordering me to be happy? Recently, I had a very painful thing happen one morning before work. I cried on my way in, but by the time I got there I had cleaned myself up and looked normal, though I was still hurting. No one noticed I was any different, but one of my executives (she’s not my direct boss, but she is senior to me) is an overly cheery person.

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Top 2019 Recruiting Conferences to Consider Attending

The Undercover Recruiter

Sponsored by Mighty Recruiter The recruiting industry is much like the natural world: it’s constantly evolving, shifting, taking on different forms.

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A Newbies Guide to Investment Banking

Imarticus Learning

To the layperson with limited knowledge of commerce and banking, ‘Investment Banking’ is bound to be a mystery of sorts.

Designing the Right Physical Workspaces

Water Cooler Wisdom

In my work as a human resources and leadership consultant, I’ve observed that many organizations have dedicated spaces where employees come together to receive training. Most of the time, these locations are basic conference rooms, which led me to wonder: what if companies could build facilities uniquely equipped to meet the needs of the human learner?

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update: a client sent me a thank-you check as a way to avoid paying my boss

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer last month whose client sent her a large thank-you check as a way of avoiding paying her boss, with whom he was embroiled in much drama? Here’s the update. Thank you to you and your readers for taking the time to answer my question. I thought you all would like an update. I originally gave one in the comments, but a few things have happened since then. First, I’d like to clarify something about my pay.

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