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5 Key Resume Tips for Aspiring CFOs

Career Alley

Being a Chief Financial Officer of a major corporation is a challenging job. If you have years of experience in a senior finance position, you may be ready to take a step up the ladder. If your dream has always been becoming a CFO, it’s important to make sure that your resume is up to par. Resumes for executive positions are a key part of your Job Search Marketing Toolkit and will help to market you as a professional to Executive Recruiters as well as senior executives.

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My 3 Words for 2015

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter I sat in a quiet nook reading Hemingway’s The Paris Wife, drinking it in with big gulps, each word quenching some deep emotional, mental, intellectual thirst. I finished the book in just two days, completing the final chapter at the unusual-for-me hour of 3 a.m. My husband remarked later how I had devoured […]. The post My 3 Words for 2015 appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Get Started In Freelancing: How To Profit From Your Passions

Ms. Career Girl

The post Get Started In Freelancing: How To Profit From Your Passions appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Make your own schedule. Set your own pay rate. Work as often as you like, with total creative freedom available to you. Be in charge of your own success. These are some of the benefits made possible by doing freelance work. What is freelancing, exactly? A freelancer is an individual who sells a skill or service for a contracted rate, rather than working for one employer on a regular basis.

Shorten Your Long Distance Job Search

Careers Done Write

A long-distance job search requires more planning and dedication than a local job search. You have the hurdle of breaking into to a new job market in addition to logistical challenges. On top of that, you must convince hiring managers and recruiters that you are a serious candidate and will be a reliable employee, one who will be there for the long haul. If you organize the process, it can be easier to manage. Follow these tips for shortening your long distance job search. Research.

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I Have a Job Interview, Now What?

Career Alley

Your work has paid off, you have a job interview – what now? Be prepared for your job interview. Many people think they can “wing it” but very few people can pull this off. There are thousands of articles on this topic ( Interviews Archives – CareerAlley ), but the basic points are generally the same. There are several types of interviews: initial interviews with recruiters, telephone interviews and “in-person” interviews.

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Why Cover Letters Are Relevant & How to Prepare Them

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter There are mixed messages in the value of a cover letter. In one instance, a recruiter proclaims, “Never waste your time on a cover letter. I never read them,” while in the next instance, in an equally insistent manner, a hiring decision maker says, “Always write an introductory letter to your resume. It […]. The post Why Cover Letters Are Relevant & How to Prepare Them appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Practical Tips For Holiday Job Hunting

Professional Resume Services

The holidays and the end of the year are already times that most of us consider more stressful than other seasons. But for some, the stress isn’t from finding the perfect gift — it’s from finding yourself unemployed. Whether it is the result of end-of-year layoffs or you have been searching for a job for some time, this time of year is challenging when there isn’t a regular paycheck in the works.

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New Year, New Job – What is Your Resolution

Career Alley

This is the time of year when your local radio station starts the countdown of the top 500 hits of the decade ending with the number one hit on New Year’s Day. Lots of parties, lots of food, a clean slate and lots of hope for a fresh start in the New Year. Several years ago at this time I too was out of work, another casualty of the “Great Recession” (yes, even job search experts can lose their jobs).

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When Networking Becomes Negligible

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter The trendy message to network your way into a new job often drowns out an even more important directive. While your friend or professional contact may recommend you as a perfect fit, if your qualifications meet 75% of the requirements and another non-networked candidate submits a resume that meets 98%, no matter that you were sponsored, the odds stack against […]. The post When Networking Becomes Negligible appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Interview Question: Why Are You Switching Jobs/ Industries?


This question is a bit like “What parts of your previous job didn’t you like?” ” but with a different spin. We’ll take this one in two parts. If you are switching jobs, you want to follow much of the same advice for “what didn’t you like about your previous job?” ” In summary, you want to […]. Interview Interview Questions & Answers

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Your Early 2015 Social Recruiting Priorities


Recruiting on social media isn’t new, it’s mainstream. What has changed is job seeker behaviour, the social media noise level, and intolerance to poor social recruiter behaviour. You can be amongst the best though if you make these 4 your social recruiting priorities in early 2015. Pick the right social channel & play nicely.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”. – Frank Baum. At work, the challenges you will face in the upcoming year will not be the same as those you faced last year. Many will seem more daunting. Some will even seem insurmountable. Just don’t forget that they can be seen as challenges, or they can be viewed as problems. Challenges inspire. Problems frighten.

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Knowing Yourself and Your Strengths

Position Ignition

The better we know ourselves, the better it is for both our careers and our lives in general. Once we get to know ourselves, we get to know our strengths and therefore get better at using them. Being able to use our strengths on a daily basis at work is a confidence-booster in itself but just knowing that you know yourself well will also give you the confident aura every professional needs in the workplace. Career Coaching Career Development Confidence

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The HR Capitalist

Holiday Week - Best of the Capitalist this week. --KD. Gone Dark (??n You know this one: 1. A phrase to describe a person who previously was communicating with you, but now returns no message that you have sent for a period of days or weeks without explanation for the change. How you know something you thought was previously possessing high probability to close is now a train wreck.

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Great Recruitment Videos Don’t Magically Happen


It’s nearly the New Year. Chances are you have a line item on your 2015 employment brand (or talent acquisition) budget that reads something like this: Produce amazing recruitment video that goes viral and magically attracts only qualified applicants. Great recruitment videos do not just happen as if by magic. There is a vision, a plan, and a purpose — there are people who bring it these together.

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Happy New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

To All of Our Blog Readers, Friends, Clients and Colleagues: “Our BEST WISHES for a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful NEW YEAR”. Thank you so very sincerely for making 2014 – our SEVENTH year of publication – successful beyond our expectations. May your 2015 be filled with the warmth of loved ones, the health we all sometimes take for granted, the joy of holding a newborn baby, the inner comfort of job security, and the wonder of a six-year-old about to open birthday presents.

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Yes You’re Being Judged: Why Business Professionals Internet Stalk You and How You Can Prevent It

Ms. Career Girl

The post Yes You’re Being Judged: Why Business Professionals Internet Stalk You and How You Can Prevent It appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. It will come as no surprise that your social media profiles tell a prospective employer considerably more about you than any tailored job site. I worked for several years as the Human Resource Director for a startup company, hiring primarily college students and recent grads for part-time teaching positions.

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HATE YOUR JOB: Welcome to the 2015 Version of Camp Suck It Up.

The HR Capitalist

It''s 2015. Many of your hate your job. Time to suck it up. No one''s going to care if you''re engaged or not. It''s up to you. No one cares more about you than. well, you. I was up over at Fistful of Talent earlier this week talking about 5 things to ponder if you hate your job. Here''s a taste from the intro: "Welcome to what I like to call CAMP SUCK-IT-UP. The answer is always more about you than it is about other people or your company.

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Prepare for High Intensity Meetings


When a lot is riding on an upcoming meeting or conversation, be prepared. Worrying or fretting won’t help. But effective preparation can help you shape the course of the conversation and may even determine the outcome. Who are the key people? If you’re having a conversation with just one or two people, this is pretty obvious. But in a larger meeting, identifying strategic connections, stakeholders and decision makers can be more complex.

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10 Ways Our Career Guiding Differs from Career Coaching

Position Ignition

At Position Ignition, we use career guides to help our clients rather than going down the traditional career coaching route. There is often confusion about how career guiding differs from career coaching. It’s not merely an issue of semantics. This article aims to clarify the differences between what a conventional career coach does and how our career guides work. Career Coaching

The Job Quest’s Top 10 of 2014

The Job Quest

With today being the last day of 2014, I decided to put together a roundup of the most popular blog posts published this year on The Job Quest. Equipped with this information, you can start 2015 with a bang! What Kind of Impression Do You Leave in an Interview? What’s your greatest weakness?” Hahaha! I am such a perfectionist!” Is that how prepared you are to answer the tough interview questions? Why Stellar Employees Sell Themselves Short in the Job Search.

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3 Reasons Why No Social Media Presence Is a Bigger Red Flag Than a Dodgy Profile

The Undercover Recruiter

Everyone knows by now that drunken party pics, profane posts and inappropriate Tweets can cost you a job or a job offer. But did you know that having no social media presence at all can be just as damaging? If you’ve honed your resume to a point of razor sharpness, that’s great. But in 2015, […]. 3 Reasons Why No Social Media Presence Is a Bigger Red Flag Than a Dodgy Profile. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

Top 5 How To’s On Hiring The Unemployable


Dan Diamond wrote an article this past August, “Why the Real Unemployment Rate Is Higher Than You Think.” This article discussed what is called the U-6 rate, which includes the individuals that settled for part-time work or quit looking for full-time employment altogether. This national unemployment rate averages out at 14.3%. The statistics show that the longer you are without a job – surpassing the eighth month mark – the callback rate falls by 45 percent.

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How To Use Blogging To Attract Job Offers


Have I ever told you that I get job offers every year? Wouldn’t you love to have companies bring you job offers instead of having to go searching for them? You can get the same results with your own blog. 5 reasons to start a blog now. 1) Let your blog be your resume. A good resume is a short sales pitch meant to entice the recruiter to call you with an interview invite. For that to work, the resume has to be found by that interested reader.

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How to Develop Your Personal Career Brand

Career Copilot

As a job seeker or career professional looking to get ahead, it is important that you stick out from the crowd. By applying this “P framework” you will be well on your way to developing your own personal brand: Product: What are your attributes? What are your values? What are your unique gifts? What skills, education and […]. Career Development

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Social Media for Recruiters: How to Use Google+ as a Recruiting Tool

The Undercover Recruiter

The job markets of nearly all industries are heavily influenced by social media nowadays. Just about every job hunter has profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, so businesses have opened up to these social channels and found an effective way to find skilled candidates for job openings. However, recruiters seem stuck with these three platforms […]. Social Media for Recruiters: How to Use Google+ as a Recruiting Tool. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

The Growing Demand for Personal Engagement


After shopping all day during the recent holidays, I visited with friends at a party comparing our various online and in-person shopping experiences. Three different retail stories reminded me about the value and power of genuine personal engagement. I want to share those three stories with you because I know talent acquisition and human resource professionals routinely find themselves solving problems that process automation and larger budgets simply cannot solve.

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Interview with Mari Smith on Facebook for Business

Water Cooler Wisdom

With millions of teens shifting their attention away from  Facebook  to other forms of social media, the question in everyone’s mind is: is Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild still  relevant for business ? I recently talked with  Mari Smith , a social media whiz who proclaims that Facebook still has its place among the most important business applications. Here’s what the co-author of  Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day  had to say.

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Employee Benefits: Are They Enough?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Employee Benefits: Are They Enough? appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. For months I have listened to the continuous complaints of my colleagues. The main gripe is that the local start-up that has employed us has not provided us with adequate benefits. My colleagues tackle this favored subject with a serious mien and with impressive persistence. I rarely join in these riveting sessions of employee bonding.

What Exactly is a Social Recruiter? #UROpinion

The Undercover Recruiter

This week, we asked you what exactly is a social recruiter? You got back to us saying that a social recruiter is someone that’s generally engaged with social media, with a good understanding in the platform, using it to its full potential. Being a social recruiter isn’t something you can project half-hearted. There has to be […]. What Exactly is a Social Recruiter? UROpinion. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week #NYE Edition


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that we’ve read throughout the week. If we’ve missed any, let us know. This week we’re bringing you top predictions posts as well as things your HR department can do to prepare for 2015 and beyond! Hope you enjoy! TOP BLOGS OF THE WEEK.

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How to Proceed When You Aren't the Best

Water Cooler Wisdom

My six-year-old son said to me the other day: “Mommy, I want to be the absolute best at everything I do.”. It’s a noble sentiment, but one that’s not necessarily realistic as we grow older and compete with everyone else trying to do the same things. Sometimes, when we can’t be on top, all we can do is work to get better. It takes money, resources, time, and a degree of luck to be a market leader. Whether your business is large or small, there will be lots of times you’re coming from behind.

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Top Thing Most People Forget To Include On Their Resume

Career Realism

Every day as a resume writer, I work with clients and gather background materials for their projects. People fill out a worksheet, plus they send me the most recent version of their resume with an updated work history. Related: 5 Things To Fix Before Your Resume Leaves Your Desk. And you know what? I’ve noticed a rather startling trend.

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How to Remove Random People from Your LinkedIn Company Page

The Undercover Recruiter

Does your company suffer from LinkedIn “Randoms”? As a recruiter, you’ll know that the lovely staff number you see at the top of the company page on LinkedIn is not a true reflection of who actually works there. You’ll go to that space and attempt to source from it. You use it to help you […]. How to Remove Random People from Your LinkedIn Company Page. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Business Employer LinkedIn Recruitment company page employees management Recruiter

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Tips For Your New Year Retirement Planning Campaign


One of my last posts I talked about your end of year checklist as an HR pro — some of those things touched your employees but this week I want to help you get thinking about something that we all know is on the mind of employees around the turn of the year — finances ! If you’ve been in HR longer than a year, your head is already in the benefits space this time of you.

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Want to be a Healthier YOU in 2015? ;) Join FREE 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge, starting Jan 1!

Personal Excellence Blog

This is the announcement post for the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where participants from around the world work together to improve on their diet and fitness for 14 days in January 2015. Read on for details and sign up free below! Quick note from Celes : Have you read my 2014 year-end review yet? If not, read it here ! Be sure to create your own year-end review as you join us in this 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge to kick off your 2015 on a healthy bang!

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7 Strategies To Get More Recruiters To Read Your Resume

Career Realism

Did you know that you only have 5-6 seconds to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring executives in your resume? That’s how long they take to review resumes on average, and it’s not much time at all to interest them in your candidacy. Related: 3 Resume Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them Now.

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