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A Female Music Exec’s Guide To Thriving In The Music and Advertising Industry

Ms. Career Girl

Women in executive roles are rising in industries that have been historically known for being male-dominated, and so it’s now more important than ever to continue the momentum and inspire other young women to break into these industries.

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Executive Job Search Blogging: Anyone Can Learn To Do It, and Excel

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Do you know how beneficial having a blog can be when you’re in executive job search? Having your own blog will help you build your personal brand and differentiate the value you offer as a candidate. in a way that almost nothing else can top. An added bonus. you […].

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How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Evil HR Lady

Most people come to work to, well, work. Employees don’t necessarily expect their jobs to be fun 24/7. But that doesn’t mean your workforce needs to do business under a depressing cartoon rain cloud. Here’s how to make working at your business a positive and productive experience, and why it’s worth doing so. Why Creating a Positive Work Environment Is Important. Most employees spend more time at the office than they do with their friends and family.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.” ” – Ernest Hemingway. Don’t let the starkness – or darkness – of this quote hide its living message: Don’t forget to have some fun. Don’t ever stop doing things simply for the fun of it.

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Four Tips To Finally Land That Dream Job

Ms. Career Girl

Finding that dream job, or just climbing the career ladder, can be a daunting and sometimes brutal task. If you’ve got your sights set on that certain position that sets your heart and passions on fire, it’s worth the effort.

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How to Kick Your Executive Career in the Butt

Career Trend

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This Company Lets You Turn Your Unused Vacation Days into Student Loan Payments

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Americans have fewer vacation days than their European counterpart s, and yet we still don’t use them al l. Some companies allow you to roll them over and cash out when you quit, but for many Americans they just disappear into the ether. If you don’t use all your vacation days, it’s just a boon for the company–they get more work out of you for no more money.

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Beauty is Where You Choose To See It

Ms. Career Girl

Well that’s boring. How mundane. Why post a picture like that? There’s no fire in the sky. No golden-apricot cotton candy tufts. No pink-purple-blue stripes. It’s just a plain, average, grey shot of the lake. Big deal.

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From Law to Photography

Career Shifters

“I was so unhappy at work that I became a horrible person at home.”. Jen Griffin was overwhelmed and miserable in her job. After taking some time to reevaluate (and hitting a couple of dead ends), she’s now in a portfolio career that allows her creative side out to play.

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47 Percent of Women Think Their Bosses are Their Friends. That Number Should Be Closer to Zero.

Evil HR Lady

Does your boss have your back? 50 percent of men think so, but only 39 percent of women do, according to a recent survey done by RingCentral Glip. If you’re a boss, these numbers should concern you, as you should have the backs of all your employees. You give your employees credit for all departmental successes and take the flack for departmental failures and handle feedback one on one. That’s what good managers do. But, having your back doesn’t mean being your friend.

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How to Build and Manage Your Personal Brand Online

Professional Resume Services

You can have an extensive amount of experience with unique skill sets and seem like a perfect fit for a job, but employers will still be hesitant to hire you if you don’t have a solid online presence. In this day and age, leaders have to be visible to the public.

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Fast, Fancy, and Fresh. Barrett Jackson Auto Auction has something for everyone.

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Love them or hate them, cars define us. From the mother of 4 who drives a trendy SUV to soccer practice, to the eccentric bachelor millionaire that drives a Bugatti to social parties. We show off who we are, what we believe, and what we care about with our choice of car.

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Chinese New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

On This First Day of the Chinese New Year. – A Message for all our Friends, Regardless of Ancestry: Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all of the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one.

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Managing Your Managers’ Stress Levels

Evil HR Lady

Business is hard and you need to make money. Sometimes things happen outside of your control or a new competitor pops up and what was easy before now becomes complicated. Lots of business owners put pressure on their managers to reach goals, right? Ask — no, demand — that they work hard, stretch and, if they must, put pressure on their team. That’s how a lot of businesses operate, but there’s a problem: stressed-out managers are bad for everybody at the company.

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Does Your Personal Brand Need to be Revamped in the New Year?

Professional Resume Services

The New Year brings a perfect opportunity to revisit your goals from the previous year and set new ones to strive to achieve. As an executive, one of your goals may revolve around enhancing your career in different ways, which may include improving your c-level personal branding.

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Planning A San Francisco Corporate Retreat

Ms. Career Girl

Your boss just dropped the news on you. She wants you to plan a corporate retreat in San Francisco. While you’re probably flattered that she’s got that much confidence in you, you’re also in mild panic mode. You know that a well executed retreat will earn you lots of kudos.

“Umbrella Negotiating” – Best Response to Private Equity “Hurricane Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“I am no longer afraid of the storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”. – Louisa May Alcott. ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Kalisha, 44, had worked for six years as the Financial Controller of a St. Louis-based, family-owned lighting distributor. After three generations of family ownership, during which the staff grew from two to 150, the grandchildren-owners received an inquiry from a Private Equity firm about their interest in possibly purchasing the company.

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How Employee Appreciation Can Make a Difference

Evil HR Lady

Workers deserve to feel appreciated every day they walk into the office. After all, without these team members performing vital tasks, your organization wouldn’t be able to do business. Not to mention, employees who feel valued are more likely to work harder and be more productive. Looking to boost morale and output at your workplace? Follow these four tips to help your fellow employees feel appreciated on a daily basis. Listen to Your Colleagues.

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Chill Out: It Really Doesn't Matter Where Your Kids Go to College.

HR Capitalist

I've got a senior in High School, and you know what that means - time for admission envy, parental handwringing and everything that goes with along with that. Sarah's going to Vanderbilt/Harvard/Stanford. Man, I wish my kid would have worked harder. I get it - we all want more for our kids.

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5 Signs of Great Feedback—And How to Give More  

Ms. Career Girl

Employees consistently report that they want more feedback. This continues to be an issue in 2018, according to a new study from Reflektive , which found that 94 percent of employees would like to receive feedback in real time.

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How To Fix A Broken Career

Career Realism

How To Fix A Broken Career Work It Daily. In this video, I walk you through the single most important tool you can use to find greater career success and satisfaction. If you feel like your career is broken, then take a minute to listen to this advice. It will change your thinking immediately!

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The Working Experience Podcast

Evil HR Lady

I had the chance to sit down with John Brancaccio to talk about just about everything work related. Listen here: The Working Experience Podcast. The post The Working Experience Podcast appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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How Can You Get a Certified Scrum Master Certification?

Imarticus Learning

In a bid to increase the salary and have better job prospects, IT and other professionals tend to rely on Scrum master certification course. It helps in mastering your project management skills which involve several skill sets using the management practices developed by global experts.

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How To Negotiate The Pay Raise You Deserve

Ms. Career Girl

You’ve been working well beyond your contracted responsibilities, putting in countless extra hours and hitting all your targets – you know, without a doubt, that you’re deserving of a pay rise. The problem is, like so many of us, the prospect of broaching the subject brings you out in a cold sweat.

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The Ideas Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring

The Undercover Recruiter

The pace of change in the talent market is unprecedented.

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Biggest Career Mistake About Money

Career Realism

Biggest Career Mistake About Money Work It Daily. In this video, I explain how attaching meaning to money in certain ways will instantly put you at a mental disadvantage when trying to reach your career goals. The post Biggest Career Mistake About Money appeared first on Work It Daily

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Starting a Blockchain Career Without The Prior Knowledge of Programming!!

Imarticus Learning

In simple words, blockchain is the system in which the transactions that are made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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Disaster Preparedness – Is Your Business Ready?

Ms. Career Girl

Floods. Landslides. Wildfires. Every week we hear about a new natural disaster. We humans make disasters too: data hacks, power outages, and even mass shootings. If you own a small business, planning ahead will help you recover if the worst ever happens. The impact.

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Suck Less: The Reality Behind Your Small Failures at Work.

HR Capitalist

Let's talk about small failures at work. The kind that stack up and make you feel like you had a crappy week. Some of you think everyone is watching you when you fail small. The dirty little secret is no one is watching you unless you beat them (good for you, but watch out) or lose to them (at which point they'll tell others or discretely imply that they crushed you). Of course, life at work doesn't have as many true "L's" as we think. People are hopelessly self-absorbed.

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You Need to Start Hiring, You Also Need to Know What That Means

The Undercover Recruiter

I remember the first outsourced recruiting engagement we took on. This was in 2010, our company had 12 people and one of our top clients asked us if we could put one of our recruiters onsite to take over their recruiting efforts.

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Fintech Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

Imarticus Learning

It is often said that, “Wealthy is a man who knows how to invest”. In today’s time, it cannot be more relevant! As many prices soar higher, we look at more ways of getting richer. It’s not just a job that can provide us the financial resources. Investing is a formidable option to make those extra bucks! Who says investing is only for the affluent? Read on and be amazed! In today’s time, investing has gone digital.

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Top Tips and Tools To Create A Profitable Blog

Ms. Career Girl

Chances are, you either have a blog, or have thought about creating one. Maybe you even had one years ago and it simply died a slow, quiet death.

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boss asked someone to take her family off her health insurance, how to encourage someone you’re rejecting, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss begged my coworker to take her husband and baby off her health insurance. So I recently started a new job in a very small office right before the New Year. As I was being hired, they were doing their budget for 2019. My boss, who is not my favorite person in the world, forgot to budget for my benefits.

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The Business Benefits of Employee Health Assessments

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s a fact; people are a company’s most important asset. So, it follows that the healthier your employees are, the healthier your business will be as a result.

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What Would Be The Career Path For an Agile Coach?

Imarticus Learning

The job role for an Agile coach originated from IT but is now in demand by various industries across the globe. If you’re a project manager and are looking to take the next step in your career, becoming an Agile coach might just be the perfect role for you.

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6 Ways to Juggle Your Work Life and Personal Life in the New Year

Ms. Career Girl

In the current workplace environment, there seems to be great value placed on finding the perfect work-life balance. However, this idea of balancing the scales between your work life and personal life is a myth we need to blow out of the water.

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people call me “young lady” when I’m clearly not

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am in my 60s. I don’t look like like a fossil, but I don’t look like I am in my 20s or 30s, either. Today I went to a store where someone who was in his 20s or 30s looked at me and said, “How can I help you, young lady?” ” The store wasn’t busy, so I told him what I have told others a few times: “When you call me young, it makes me think you immediately notice how old a person is before you consider them as an individual.”

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