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When Should You Seek Legal Action Against Your Employer?

Career Alley

Discrimination is one of the most common reasons that employees take out legal action against their employer. Discrimination is when your employer treats you unfairly or differently because of personal characteristics or who you are as a person. Discover Career Opportunities legal help

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It’s Time To Start Recruiting Satisfactory Employees To Work At Okay Companies

Evil HR Lady

I had the amazing opportunity to go Jersey (Isle of, not New Jersey) to speak at their inaugural DisruptHR event. If you haven’t been to a DisruptHR event, you’re missing out!

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10 Self-Love Practices You Should Be Doing Now

Ms. Career Girl

During the hustle and bustle of our daily lives—taking care of the kids, the pets and the ever-growing piles of work and chores—it can be nearly impossible to stop and give yourself some snaps.

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Paid by Net Sales, Net Profits, Net Revenues? – Always Ask, “Net of WHAT?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson. ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : After seeking a job in the growing 3-D Printer industry for several months, Corey gladly signed an Offer Letter for a job on a Sales Team for a high-end 3-D Printer manufacturer.

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4 Ways Your Brain Is Keeping You Stuck In Your Career Change – And What To Do About It

Career Shifters

Feeling stuck, lost and helpless in your search for fulfilling work? Unable to move forward, but not entirely sure why? Sometimes your biggest obstacles are on the inside. Natasha shares how your mind might be making your shift a struggle – and specific strategies to make progress faster

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Swiss Sunday: Swiss Efficiency? Ha!

Evil HR Lady

Now, to be clear, the Swiss are efficient about a lot of things. Take immigration and customs at the airport: it’s a model of efficiency and the US should take note. But, recently, I’ve run into a few frustrating examples of inefficiency. Here they are: Duplicated work. My daughter had a doctor’s appointment last week. It was with a new doctor, but the doctor was in the same practice as her previous doctor. The same receptionist checked her in.

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A Daily Checklist to Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle with low self-confidence each day, you already know how much of a toll it can take.

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From Teacher to Editor

Career Shifters

“I felt stressed and anxious a lot of the time.”. After years in work that didn't fit, Rose Norman's confidence was at rock bottom. Then, a chance comment from a friend planted the seed of a promising new direction. Here's how she built a fulfilling and flexible career at a pace that worked for her

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Learning the Difference Between Employees and Contractors in Today’s Gig Economy

Evil HR Lady

Gig workers made headlines recently with California passing new state laws that require companies to turn most contractors into employees. While politicians aimed this law at companies such as Uber and Lyft, it highlights how dependent we’ve become on gig workers. Whether we call them freelancers, consultants or independent contractors, they are everywhere. Some of you reading this are part of the army of independents in the HR war of contractors vs employees.

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How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Ms. Career Girl

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to avoid the buzz about investing in real estate. The reality shows make investing in real estate look like a fun adventure that’s profitable, to boot.

A Note to Our Jewish Friends.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Our Best Wishes to all. Our Friends of The Jewish Faith – and all others, too – for a Sweet, Happy, Healthy, Safe and. Prosperous New Year. 2019 Alan L. Sklover All Rights Reserved. Commercial Use Prohibited. The post A Note to Our Jewish Friends. appeared first on Sklover Working Wisdom

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Your Employment Brand (Once Done Right) Probably Needs Less Refreshing Than You Think.

HR Capitalist

Quick post today related to employment branding and HR marketing. The big thought is this: You get sick of your own stuff at a much more rapid pace than the marketplace does. Trust me, I'm somewhat of an expert related to being impatient with things that are done well.

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How a Signing Bonus Can Take Your Recruitment Efforts to the Next Level

Evil HR Lady

When you’re struggling to lure in talented candidates who will bring your business into the future, a signing bonus can be an effective way of getting their attention. Now, some might say that’s overkill. But a sign-on bonus isn’t just for executives — it can come into play during any level of talent acquisition. Here’s what you need to know before you put your next offer on the table. How Does a Signing Bonus Work?

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Leaving Your Job? Safeguard Your Reputation!

Ms. Career Girl

Leave a strong reputation behind. People leave jobs for many reasons: to get a better salary. To take the next career step. To get away from a terrible boss (#1 reason!).

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How Does A Banking Industry Help To Improve The Cash Flow?

Imarticus Learning

Banks are driving the economy. Banks are at the helm of affairs in today’s economy. Banks accept money from the people in the form of deposits and also provides credit to people who need money for professional and personal reasons.

Must-Read: The Kaiser 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey

HR Capitalist

It's not early October without the Kaiser Family Foundation releasing their 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey. It's the best report of healthcare costs and trends available, and a must for any HR leader who wants to be knowledgeable about cost trends.

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A Fish Tank Full of Sexual Harassment? Why Diversity Helps

Evil HR Lady

We have a beautiful 28-gallon fish tank in our living room with a variety of fish, including Mollies. I don’t know much about fish, so when the lady at the pet store said we needed to keep a ratio of one male Molly to three females, I took her word at face value. She sold us one adult male, two adult females, and two baby females. Everything was fine until one adult female and one baby female died. Then the male Molly began to chase the remaining female continually.

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How Do I Quit My Own Startup or Side Hustle?

Ms. Career Girl

For some Founders, their “job” at their startup isn’t necessarily something they want to keep. There can be a ton of factors at play, whether it’s “I can’t afford to do this any longer” or “I’m more passionate about something else.”

What Are The Ways Big Data Is Changing The Healthcare Industry?

Imarticus Learning

Introduction. Big data is the new elephant in the room. One can do nothing but notice how fast its applications are increasing and talk about it. Big data has made use of such information which was collected through various systems but was never used.

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Emerging Skill for Leaders: Making All Feel Welcome & On Equal Ground.

HR Capitalist

I read this post recently by William Wiggins at Fistful of Talent on Transgenderism. It's a simple, insightful piece on being aware. . Prior to reading William's post, I finished Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac.

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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hold out for that Dream Job

Evil HR Lady

Are you chasing your dream job? Lots of people are. And it’s fine to have a dream, but the reality is much harsher. Settling can be the better choice. Here are eight reasons why. You have bills. Or at least you should. If you’re still living with your parents and are over 22, that’s super nice of your parents, but you need to start acting like an adult. Take any job that will allow you to be an adult and pay your own bills.

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Being an Influencer: Branding + Positioning = Influencing

Ms. Career Girl

Becoming an “Influencer” is the desired goal for many professionals, regardless of their industry or interests.

2019 153

How ISPs Are Using Analytics To Help Customers?

Imarticus Learning

The world is driven by big data. Big data is everywhere. Businesses of all tastes and flavors are getting their hands on this mega resource to make their businesses competitive and also to gain useful insights that can shoot their operations to the zenith of success.

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Why Not Add Other Dimensions to the One-Dimensional CV?

The Undercover Recruiter

Most employers I speak to find the recruitment process is getting harder and more complex. There is increasing use of algorithms and many ‘add-ons’ like psychometrics to identify the ‘hidden’ attributes and weaknesses to help understand the candidates better.

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10 Things to Say Instead of “Do Your Best”

Evil HR Lady

“Do your best.” ” Have you said this? Or what about “Just do your best.” ” Is there a difference between those two phrases? It depends on how they are said. I’ve often used the latter when employees say that they aren’t capable of doing the task at hand. It’s usually said with a sigh, “Just do your best,” as if I’m already acknowledging that their performances will be substandard.

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Gift Season Ahead! Gifts You May Have Overlooked

Ms. Career Girl

Fall is officially here and that means the season of giving is coming up sooner than you think. Since most of us start our gift shopping early to get ahead of the crowds and last minute rush, it’s not too early to start considering your gift giving options.

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I burned a bridge in a spectacular way — how do I deal with everyone talking about it?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I could use your advice on something. I know you’re not a fan of burning bridges, but I burned one, then dynamited the remains, then salted the surrounding earth. I currently work as a senior director of IT development for a midsize firm. Prior to that, I was employed by a large foreign-based outsourcer who provided IT services to a large manufacturer. I was hired at an average market rate as a director of development, in charge of two teams totalling 15 people.

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Why Some Adults Want the Jobs They Dreamed of as Children

The Undercover Recruiter

Looking back at our childhoods, most of us will be able to remember the dreams we had of what our lives would look like when we were older. But new research by Perkbox Insights has found that the majority of adults never really get over those dreams.

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3 Most Important Things To Do In A Job Interview

Career Realism

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you have been removed from the job market for an extended period of time. It is one thing to sell on paper with the resume and another thing to sell in person at the interview.

2019 76

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses – Product Review

Ms. Career Girl

There’s three things I admittedly have too much of. Jewelry. Shoes. And sunglasses. But each for their own reasons, I can easily justify the presence to “too many” into being just about right.

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coworker assumes we’ll give him rides, can I fire a new hire for being pregnant, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker always assumes someone will drive him to meetings. I have a coworker who always assumes that someone will drive him to and from meetings outside our facility. He owns a car but usually takes public transportation to work since it’s cheaper and his wife can use the car. It’s one thing to give him a ride to a meeting from work because we are going the same place, but he never asks, he just follows you out to your car.

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Setting a Standard of Good Work

The Undercover Recruiter

The CIPD and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan have launched a new framework for good working practices, aimed at making London the best place to live and work.

2019 89

10 Ways To Become A Better Leader

Career Realism

During your career development, there comes a point where your leadership skills will be put to test. Technical skills are obviously important because they will get you to a position where you may have to start utilizing your soft skills.

2019 76

How to Build a Powerful Professional Network

Boomers Next Step

Once you are employed, and intend to stay employed for some time, it is important to build a powerful professional network. It is so easy to become complacent and stop developing your professional network when you have been in a job for some time.

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I’m doing two jobs, my boss thinks I’m dating a coworker but I’m not, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions, plus a bonus letter with an AAM love story! Here we go…. I’m doing my coworker’s job plus my own while applying for his role. I am going though a situation at work where we had a coworker depart the organization and I inherited his responsibilities. I am interested in his position and I am happy that I was given to opportunity to handle his workload in the interim.

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4 Reasons SMEs Need a Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

The Undercover Recruiter

Many SMEs think that well-being strategies are confined to big corporates. They are wrong. A study commissioned by private medical insurer AXA PPP Healthcare found that eight out of ten of the UK’s SMEs have no health and wellbeing strategy in place.

2019 87

6 Ways To Be Confident On Your First Day Of Work

Career Realism

Congratulations, you've got the job! It's not always easy to get a job these days and understandably you want to make a good impression. Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking for a lot of people but try to enjoy your first day—it is meant to be an exciting time!

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