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7 Helpful Tips for the 21st Century Job Seeker

Career Copilot

7 Helpful Tips for the 21st Century Job Seeker. Times aren’t easy these days. You’ll hear it everywhere, the economy is stuck in a rut, the U.S. is in unbearable debt, unemployment hovers around 10% and skilled workers are taking jobs far below their pay level. So what does that mean for the bright young faces eagerly entering the world, either after high school [.] Career CoPilot - It's your Career - Don't Fly Solo. job hunting career advice job search resume advice

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Bad Habits that Are Driving Your Coworkers Crazy

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Everyone has bad habits that have a way of showing their face while you’re at work. You may not be the loud talker or the office flirt, but maybe you have a bad habit about coming to work late or spending too much time on Facebook.

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Thank you, thank you very much!

Careers Done Write

When coaching clients, I frequently hear, “Do I really need to send a thank you letter after an interview? Isn’t that old-fashioned? I reply with a question, “Do you really want the job?” ” Of course, you should send a thank you letter.

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5 Tips to Creating a Great Professional Blog

Career Realism

Blogging has become a viable marketing tool for professionals who are applying for work or those who are trying to establish a personal brand. Below are some proven techniques for creating a great blog.

Networking Like a Pro

Career Copilot

Networking Like a Pro. First impressions are lasting impressions and you only get one chance to make a first impression so you better make it count. Here are some practical tips you can use whether making a presentation, making introductions, or conducting daily business. A firm handshake I personally get a bit perturbed whenever I extend my hand to someone in [.] Career CoPilot - It's your Career - Don't Fly Solo. Career Development

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Weighing in: 3 Job Search Fitness Tips

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Following our New Year’s resolution to get fit, my husband, Rob, and I have lost a combined total of nearly 40 lbs. During my last weigh-in, the scale’s little pound-marker quivered between a 19 and 20 lb. net loss. With 15 lbs. yet to lose, and after having “somewhat mastered” my strength [.] No related posts.

ResumeBear Uses Content Marketing To Explode Awareness

Resume Bear

Posted by Nick O’Neill on March 27th, 2012. Some startups think that getting press is the secret to building awareness of their product. While it can definitely give a boost, smart founders know that one of the most powerful tools to create sustained traction is content marketing.

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The Groupon Effect - From a Business and Individual Point of View


"Save $51.75 for a 12-Month National Geographic Magazine Subscription. Eighty per cent off teeth whitening treatment. Sixty-three per cent off a getaway to the Surfers Paradise Hilton.".

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9 Tips to Staying Positive While Looking for a Job

Career Realism

Don’t let the media and the news put you down. No matter how bad they say it is companies are always looking to hire the best available staff. If you have the right skills and passion, there will be a job waiting for right around the corner. You just need to remain upbeat and positive.

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Application Forms And Resumes – Why Both?

Professional Resume Services

Many companies require prospective employees to complete a job application form when you get to the interview. These documents are fairly easy to fill out, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

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Stay Away From These Online Job Scams

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The number of online scams is huge and growing. The sheer number of scams makes it difficult to catalog them all but there are similarities in the methodologies used by scammers that apply across a broad range of cyber crimes.

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Avoid Mind Reading

Hiring Technical People

Long ago, when I was single, one of my managers refused to give me new development work because I was dating a guy who lived out of the state. “You’ll go marry him and then where will I be?” ” he asked. “I’ll be down a developer.” ” “If you don’t give me good work to do, you’ll be down a developer,” I warned him. “I’ll be looking for another job.”

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5 Things to Fix Before Your Resume Leaves Your Desk

Career Realism

Recruiters are not very forgiving. If your resume has one of these five errors, you are reducing your chances of being called in for an interview: (a) The name, contact information or job title at the company where you’re applying is wrong. Many companies have names that are easy to misspell.

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10 Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Professional Resume Services

LinkedIn has become one of the most effective social networking sites for business professionals. Some people have used it to find better jobs within their industry while others do well using it for prospecting.

Resumebear helping veterans entering the civilian workforce

Resume Bear

Men and women who have served our country possess qualities and skills that are of great value to employers, including a strong work ethic, leadership and problem solving. Yet many veterans struggle with finding employment in the civilian world.

Five Reasons Scars Are Better than Perfection

The Job Quest

One day my four-year-old son was sitting on my lap, intently studying my face. Finally, he asked, “What’s that?” ” “What’s what, honey?” ” “That,” he said, pointing to the faint white line snaking just above my left eyebrow. “Ah, yes.

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6 Reasons Internships Are a Must in College

Career Realism

A growing number of universities now require students to complete an internship before graduation. If I ran a university, I would seriously consider doing the same. Before we get into why internships are so valuable, I’d like to take a moment to say that not all internships are created equal.

Top 6 Things You May Be Forgetting On Your Resume

Corn on the Job

Mike Ryan is a Search Marketing Specialist at iProspect and a Managing Partner/ Resume Consultant at the resume writing service , DreamResume. Mike has a great depth of experience, starting as an hourly employee at a startup and aggressively working his way up in the ranks, where he now drives digital success for the world’s best brands. Connect with him on Twitter at @mikeryan2. As a resume consultant, I see a lot of resumes.

Acing that Job Interview Resumebear Tips

Resume Bear

Sweating the small stuff can be the difference between landing a job and remaining on the sidelines. But many people fail to realize that the seemingly little things you do — or don’t do — can make a big impression on potential employers.

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Imprisoned by the Comfort Zone

The Job Quest

On Pinterest , I pinned this great quote by Anais Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.” ” My friend and fellow career pro Shahrzad Arasteh commented on the imagery conveyed by this quotation.

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8 Steps to Realize Your Ideal Career

Career Realism

We discovered the importance of “ Personal Leadership “ in accomplishing your career goals in the previous article. Today, we are actually going to put them into action to realize your ideal career. Step 1 – Identify the type of career you would wish to have.

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Savor success. Forget failure.

Penelope Trunk

My son already has experience taking care of an animal and selling it. Last year, his 4-H project was pigs.

ResumeBear: Looking for a career in healthcare?

Resume Bear

From nursing to neuroscience, the healthcare industry is swelling at an almost frightening pace. This is largely accredited to the baby boomer generation creeping towards an average age of 65, along with medical advancements and improvements in education.

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5 Top Tips for Freelancing Success

Career Alley

“ It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste time.” ” – Henry Ford. There are many advantages for those who work on a freelance basis.

How To Use Google Plus for Professional Networking [10 Smart Ways]

The Undercover Recruiter

Unless you have lived in a cave for a while, you cannot have missed the launch of Google Plus. This new social network managed to sign almost 100 million users inside less than a year, influencers like Chris Brogan are already reporting to get most of their blog traffic from Google Plus.

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5 Mistakes to AVOID when Implementing Internal Collaboration Tool


Pitfalls of An Employee Collaboration Tool. The workplace is evolving to embrace social media. A recent study of U.S. based employers by Gagen MacDonald revealed that companies are leveraging internal social media (ISM) to communicate and drive business.

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Pinterest is Bridging The Gap Between Social Media’s Emotional,Commercial Cross-over

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This is a great week for reflection on what makes people take action. Valentine’s Day is a perfect example showing distinct sides of emotion and commercialism. Interestingly enough, social media is very similar.

4 Ways for Moms to Break Back into a Career

Career Realism

Many women are faced with a tough hiring road if they have left the workforce to raise children. A resume that ends five years ago like an abrupt sandstone cliff won’t bring many interviews. Here are four strategies that can get you hired. Embrace the Internet.

Exploring Career Clusters and Career Pathways by Holland Personality Type

Career Key

Need to choose a career cluster or pathway ? If you'd like choose one based on your interests and strongest Holland personality types , look no further than Career Key's " Choose a Career Cluster, Field or Pathway " article.

How Recruiters Use Social Media to Find Talent & Hire Online


For Job Seekers: Online Job Search Tips & Advice. According to a study done in 2011 by Jobvite, 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new talent. But unless you understand the recruiting industry as it is set up today, that statistic doesn’t mean much.

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The End of F-Commerce?

Resume Bear

Does it really surprise anybody that some brands are shutting their Facebook stores? It doesn’t surprise me one bit. It tells me that most brands still don’t know how to monetize Facebook for business much past the obvious value for brand recognition and consumer connections.

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Quick Fixes to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Realism

When you first joined LinkedIn , it made sense to fill out quick facts to get the profile up and running, just to start connecting with others.

SOCIAL MEDIA 101: There's No Such Thing As a Neutral Social Media Profile Picture.

HR Capitalist

There's a lot of fear out there in the HR World related to social media. So it makes sense that I'm going to add to the fear, right? I'm not talking about legal risk, grabbing candidate's Facebook passwords for deeper background checks or the fear of your company's IP being broadcast worldwide.

David vs. Goliath. Someone’s Hijacking My Twitter Stream


Help! My Brand Has Been Hijacked On Twitter. A couple weeks ago while at SXSW, I was sitting in a panel session minding my own business and enjoying one of my favorite conferences of the year, SXSW. In fact, I’ve been planning and plotting and anticipating this conference for months.