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The 17 Worst Sales Email Writing Mistakes

Professional Resume Services

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And when that first impression is made via email, it’s even harder to come off the way you want to.

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The surreal artwork of Juan Antonio Guirado is reborn in Virtual Reality

Evil HR Lady

Juan Antonio Guirado stands by his masterpiece 'Kali's Tunnel' acrylic and collage on board, 1989.

2017 206

Custom Search for Recently Updated Profiles

Ms. Career Girl

Googling for recently updated profiles is a tricky business. However, Custom Search Engines, with their fascinating capabilities , allow us to set up sorting by date in the settings, making convenient UI to searching for pages that have been recently updated.

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Tips For Choosing A Suitable Career

Career Alley

you discover several tips to help you find a career that is suitable for your needs and preferences. Career advice Career Opportunities Careers

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The Similarities and Differences Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Professional Resume Services

With the digital age we live in today, it’s easy to think platforms like LinkedIn have completely diminished the importance of a traditional resume. While there are plenty of benefits to having a great LinkedIn profile , it was not created to replace your resume.

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It’s a Wonderful Life, but What Happened to George Bailey?

Evil HR Lady

George Bailey had big dreams. He wanted to travel and see the world. Instead, he ended up staying in Bedford falls and running his father’s business after his father unexpectedly died. He got married, had a bunch of kids (“You call this a happy family?

2017 188

3 Ways Women Can Open Their Own Doors to Entrepreneurial Success

Ms. Career Girl

Are you concerned about glass ceilings, gender discrimination, and corporate boardrooms that are frequently a men-only playground? Here are three ways women can open their own doors to entrepreneurial success. 1) Math & Science. There is no better investment in oneself than education.

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How to Wow with Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Professional Resume Services

You have a maximum of 30 seconds to impress someone who reads your LinkedIn profile summary. Many executives struggle with balancing the requirement of talking about yourself, while also explaining your impact on others. It’s challenging to do when you sit down and think about it, so sometimes it’s best to just start with LinkedIn profile development services for assistance. Being concise is key, since every single word matters in your profile summary.

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4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During Open Enrollment

Evil HR Lady

You’ve emailed your employees 37 times and put a sign up in the break room, but they still seem to miss open enrollment deadlines. It could be that they don’t understand why it’s so important. The result is that employees can end up with a plan that isn’t the best for them and their families. In fact, many people do, according to The New York Times. How can you get your employees engaged in the process of choosing their health care benefits for the next year, and do so on time?

2017 147

Software For Startup Computers: Essentials For Your Employees

Ms. Career Girl

Every business would be nothing without its employees. But people who work for startups are even more valuable, particularly during the first couple of years.

2017 156

Happy Kwanzaa

Sklover Working Wisdom

Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanzaa,” which means “first fruits of the harvest.” ” It is a celebration of family, community and culture of those of African descent worldwide, celebrated from December 26 through January 1 of each year.

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5 Types of underperformers who get an MBA

Penelope Trunk

Business school applications are due at the beginning of January. Now is the time to withdraw your application. Because you should not go to business school. If you want to start a company, you should start a company. And if you want to climb the corporate ladder you should do that.

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The Reason this Chess World Champion Is Stepping Away From Her Titles

Evil HR Lady

Anna Muzychuk is taking a stand for women’s rights at her own expense. The Chess Grandmaster won the 2016 Women’s World Rapid Chess Championship and the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship. She’s currently ranked the number two woman by Fédération Internationale des Échecs ( FIDE ), which governs international chess competitions. And she’s walking away from this year’s world championships. She’s not retiring or concerned about her challengers.

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Looking for Direction? Perhaps Florida is the Key

Ms. Career Girl

. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enterprise Florida for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Florida – Where it’s at! Florida – The Sunshine State – is home to more beaches and coastline than any other continental state.

Merry Christmas

Sklover Working Wisdom

To all our Readers, Friends and Colleagues, regardless of faith: Our Best Wishes to You and Your Family for a Very Merry Christmas. This holiday is one we have all come to identify with as a time of joy, a time of giving, a time of wonder, and a time of warmth.

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The Complete List of HR and Recruiting Job Titles


One of corporates biggest mysteries is that of the structure and role of team members within the HR Department. Those who work within HR and recruiting experience this every single day, but as the. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR hr glossary HR job titles recruiting job titles

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Why We Bought Board Games for Our Children (and You Should too)

Evil HR Lady

Like all good parents , our biggest goal is that our children grow up and move out. In order to do that, they need life skills, education, and (probably) a kick in the pants at the appropriate moment. Ideally, we’d like them to finish college or a skilled trade program, get a good job (or create their own good jobs ), get married, and provide us with adorable grandchildren. We’d like them to do the latter on their own dime.

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Fallacy of the Day

Ms. Career Girl

Forecasting ? Estimating. In the book on #NoEstimates, it is stated the difference between estimating and forecasting using a Merriam Webster dictionary. This book states estimating is "giving a general idea about the value, size, or cost of something".

2017 144

Sklover’s Thought for the 2018 Work Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It is hard, but sound advice: Don’t let your fears – even wholly legitimate ones – drive you. Hold on, have faith, retain your standards. In the short term this can be difficult. In the long run, it’s the only way to win.” ” – Peggy Noonan. If recent events are any indication of what we can expect in the 2018 Work Year, it will be a challenging year for us all. While the overall economy may be good, even a good economy may present increasing challenges.

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Which Employer Review Site is Best For Employers & Candidates?


As a consumer, you probably are familiar with the concept of reviews whether it is for a product or service like an Amazon product review or a review of a product or company on a Facebook Business. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR Social Media employee review site employee review sites employer review site employer review sites glassdoor hr glossary Indeed

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Employee Background and Your Health Insurance Plan

Evil HR Lady

Does employee background matter when you’re looking for a health insurance plan for your small business? When you’re looking at plans, the possibilities can seem endless, even if there are only one or two providers in your state. Do you want a PPO, an HMO, an EPO, a POS or an HDHP with an HSA? Yes, this alphabet soup all refers to different types of health insurance plans that may be available to you and your employees.

Why You Need Cloud-based Document Management Solutions

Ms. Career Girl

Wintertime, although joyous, can be stressful.

2017 137

Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

Imarticus Learning

The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry. There was a new controversy seemingly every week, whether it was Uber’s myriad scandals ; more personal data breaches ; Russia’s use of social media and other online platforms to try and influence U.S.

Daily Review: The First Digital Free Trade Area in Africa Will Roll Out in 2018


Africa, a highly diverse in business opportunities continent, is the largest unserved market that has dropped out of sight of the global financial system. With the latest news, Africa takes. Commerce Digital Insights Africa Asia Europe insights US

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Using Your Magical Recruiting Power to Hire the Perfect Candidate

The Undercover Recruiter

Have you ever had to find a candidate your business desperately need that tends to be in short supply? I have on numerous occasions.

2017 89

Conspiracy theories as maladaptive coping

Ask A Manager

A review called ‘ The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories ‘ sets out a theory of why individuals end up believing Elvis is alive, NASA faked the moon landings or 9/11 was an inside job.

2017 82

Skills Required to Learn Machine Learning

Imarticus Learning

Machine Learning usually goes synonymous with Artificial Intelligence. To generally put it, it’s a pathway which enables the computers to perform certain tasks, for example, prediction, planning, recognition, diagnosis, robot control, all without specific programming. Through machine learning algorithms are created, by the development of these algorithms a model or a program can teach itself to learn and grow, and eventually, change whenever exposed to new data.

2017 57

New to HR? Beware of the Work 15


We all know of the Freshman 15. When you go to college and gain weight, well I’m here to let you know, there is such a thing as the Work 15. Especially in the holiday times, it is easy to bring. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

2017 75

Leaky RootsWeb Server Exposes Some User Data

The Undercover Recruiter closes parts of its community-driven genealogy site RootsWeb as it investigates a leaky server that exposed thousands of passwords, email addresses and usernames to the public internet. Privacy Web Security Ancestry chief information security officer leaky servers plain text passwords RootsWeb Troy Hunt

2017 82

Getting Middle Schoolers Ready for HS Writing

HR Capitalist

Amber Chandler envisions her middle schoolers as cupcakes in the making as she considers the need for teachers to support each other from elementary through graduation. Read about ways she's strengthened her unit on The Giver to emphasize high school writing skills.

2017 57

an employee is putting magic curses on her coworkers

Ask A Manager

I’m on vacation this week, so here’s a reprint of one of my favorite letters of all time. A reader writes: I’ve recently been contacted by a supervisor in our company who has heard that one of his subordinates has been regularly “cursing” both him and his daughter (who also works for our company). By “cursing,” I don’t mean using foul language. I mean she considers herself something of a witch and has been literally putting curses on these people.

2017 80

Tableau – Career Opportunity and Scope in India

Imarticus Learning

In the field of Business Intelligence, Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends. The demand for professionals with Tableau experience is on the rise as the data visualisation tool is gaining much popularity in companies of all stature, big or small. Even Google trends indicate a high demand for careers with Tableau, especially if you intend to build your career in data visualisation.

2017 56

What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Heard About Being a Woman in Recruitment?

The Undercover Recruiter

Sexism in the workplace continues to be relevant, as much as we all don’t want it to be. And sexism isn’t one sided either, there are stigmas that follow females and males around that continue to be all too commonplace.

2017 78

?? Awesome New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Job Seekers


Pick job search resolutions you can actually keep this year. Photo by Joshua Earle. New Year's resolutions are often counter-productive. You see January 1st coming, and you think, now's a great time for a fresh start.

2017 53

Engaging Zingers #3: On the Path

David Zinger

Career Zingers #3: On the Path. . As we speed into 2018 many of us make resolutions and dream of an idealized year ahead. Many of our resolutions are neither attainable nor sustainable. We get caught up in the frenetic compulsion to get to some idealized destination.

2017 52

Why Financial Professionals Need to Have Knowledge of Big Data

Imarticus Learning

The role of a financial professional has evolved leaps and bounds over the last decade due to the changing nature of the business. Initially, the key expectation from a finance manager was to check accounts to analyse variance between historical performance and forecasted performance. In doing so one could certainly answer the question about how vast the variance was, but even upon investigation could not get to the root cause of the variance.

2017 54

update: how can I be more assertive at work?

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer asking about how to be more assertive at work , especially in the face of sexism? Here’s the update.

2017 66