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Oh, How the New LinkedIn Has Changed!

Executive Career Brand

I just completed updating my 3 executive job search ebooks. Most of the strategies I recommend in them haven’t changed much over the past year but, as I got into LinkedIn particulars, I quickly realized that my content updates were going to take a lot longer than I anticipated.

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Should You Include Hobbies and Volunteer Work on Your Resume?

Professional Resume Services

Is it worthwhile to record your hobbies on your professional resume? A question that comes up periodically that I wanted to address is people wonder whether they should include any hobbies or volunteer work on their resume. The short answer is: it depends.

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The Six S Formula For Women to Thrive Professionally

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Six S Formula For Women to Thrive Professionally appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Suzanne Johnson Cook. Her bio follows. No matter what field they may choose to work in, all professional women share a bond of common experience.

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Every Business Should Like This Facebook Policy

Evil HR Lady

The average company offers three days of bereavement leave. Three days. Now, this is probably fine if it’s your 95-year-old grandmother whose funeral will be in the same town where you live and someone else is taking care of all the details and you weren’t that close anyway. For other situations? Three days is nowhere near sufficient to even do what you need to do, let alone mourn.

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How Introverts Can Impress in Interviews

The Undercover Recruiter

Most people don’t associate introverts with the idea of attention-grabbing impact and unforgettable first impressions.

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Top 10 Talent Competitive Countries and Cities in 2017

The Undercover Recruiter

Our friends at INSEAD, The Adecco Group, and Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute have published the fourth edition of their Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI).

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Daily Challenge: Be Coachable

Career Realism

Daily Challenge: Be Coachable. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to be coachable. Yesterday, millions of football fans watched on the edge of their seats as the New England Patriots went head-to-head against the Atlanta Falcons for Super Bowl 51.

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Are You Over Educated? Why Does it Matter to Your Career?

Competitive Resumes

Are you looking to get another degree to help your career? Did the first one help your career at all? Once again, Janine Truitt of and Chris Fields of joins me for a roundtable discussion.

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Enhance Your Career with Leadership Coaching

Career Alley

All successful businesses have one thing in common, they have great leadership. Great leaders not only have the qualities and traits to create provide the catalyst to ensuring that all elements of the business work together. Career advice Leadership Leadership Skills

Glassdoor’s Top 20 Employee Perks

Evil HR Lady

Glassdoor pulled together a list of some pretty great perks. They describe these perks as going “beyond the basics” and entering “legendary status.” ” While I’m not quite sure all of these reach legendary status, I will say that most are pretty awesome.

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Challenge: Take 10 Minutes To Learn A New Skill

Career Realism

Challenge: Take 10 Minutes To Learn A New Skill. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to take 10 minutes to learn a new skill. We live in a busy, fast-paced world and sometimes it can be hard to make time to continue educating ourselves.

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Your Words: Career Lighthouse Beacons

Career Trend

Email communications between a single sender and recipient can vary widely in quality, content and thoughtfulness. It’s often exhausting, time-consuming and even frustrating to write right and well, only to have the receiver quip back with a one-word reply, or worse, to not respond at all.

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5 things to ask your employer about your 401(k)

Cube Rules

Sooner is always better when it comes to retirement planning, and that’s why you should go over your retirement plan with your employer as soon as you’re hired. Don’t just set your 401k contribution without asking any questions.

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14 Tips on How to Change Your Role

The Undercover Recruiter

Changing tact in your career and convincing others to give you the opportunity is often challenging. If this is something you want to do, my top tips to ensure things move in the right direction are as follows: Know where you want to go or what you want to do. Some self analysis is key. View Article.

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CEB Study Shows Eliminating Performance Reviews Causes Managers to Suck More - Not Less.

HR Capitalist

I know, I know. You think performance reviews suck. You're probably right, they probably do. But is the alternative - not doing them at all - really better? .

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Challenge: Read Something Inspirational Or Educational For 30 Minutes

Career Realism

Challenge: Read Something Inspirational Or Educational For 30 Minutes. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to read something inspirational or educational for 30 minutes. We all want to make time to read these days, but for most of us, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

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Four Resume Tips To Get More Interviews

Ms. Career Girl

The post Four Resume Tips To Get More Interviews appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. It seems that every day you see multiple articles giving resume advice. Do this, don’t do that, and perish the thought of whatever it is you did last week.

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Top 5 Shameful Office Sins to Stay Clear of

The Undercover Recruiter

There’s always one person in the office who never offers to make the teas or coffees, yet are the first to put their order in. Or that person who is always online checking their own social media accounts, playing games or indulging in a bit of retail shopping.

The Future of Project Management with Moira Alexander

Water Cooler Wisdom

Project management thought leader Moira Alexander chats exclusively with The Fast Track about issues such as the difference between Project Management and change management, the unique requirements of remote project management, and the most effective use of software tools to complete project management and non-PM related tasks. Moira Alexander is the founder and president of Lead-Her-Ship Group , as well as a project management and IT columnist for CIO Magazine whom I’ve often admired and cited.

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Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors

Career Realism

Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to identify three virtual mentors. Mentors are important influencers in your life. They are people who inspire you, shape you, and coach you.

Five Signs You’re Ready to Work With an Executive Resume Writer

Career Solvers

Employing a resume writer to help position you for your next role can be a positive experience — if you’re prepared to work collaboratively and have realistic expectations. Below are five signs you’re in the right place to begin a resume project with a professional resume writer.

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How the Right Perks Can Attract the Right Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

We all love a good perk – and I’m not just talking about staff discounts against your company’s products or a company car – but REAL perks.

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Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Here’s reality.

Evil HR Lady

Women earn $0.79 for every $1.00 men earn, but Snapchat co-founder Even Spiegel earned $2 for every $1 his co-founder Bobby Murphy made. Where is the pay inequity ? What if I said, nowhere?

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???? 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Ridiculous Waste of Time


Are career fairs a waste of time or are you wasting time at career fairs? A waste of time? In 2002, I was on the job search in Israel a few months after leaving my job at in France.

From Self-Employed to Employee

Career Shifters

"I always had this gut feeling that there was another path I needed to follow.". Andrew Magill was frustrated; he just couldn't see where his physiotherapy career was going.

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The 4 Challenges Facing Healthcare Recruitment in 2017

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruiting is challenging in any industry, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an industry where it’s more strenuous than in healthcare. The stakes are high and healthcare facilities can’t afford to onboard talent that doesn’t fit their specific needs.

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean to You?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Digital transformation is a transformation because it affects everyone within the organization from the c-suite on down. But at this point in time, is it more of a theory – something that organizations aspire to – or a reality? A group of recent studies provide insight into the degree to which non-IT employees desire and are helping to move the needle. Age Discrepancies Are Real. To start, Capgemini Consulting conducted a 2016 joint research study with the MIT Center for Digital Business.

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Facebook Moves to 20 Days Bereavement Leave, Makes Your Company Look Petty As Hell.

HR Capitalist

It's true. Facebook just moved their Bereavement Leave Policy to 20 days for an immediate family member, 10 days for an extended family member. More from TechCrunch : "On her personal Facebook account Tuesday, COO Sheryl Sandberg announced an update to the company’s employee benefits, which are newly enhanced to ease the lives of new parents and grieving employees alike.

“How Do I Turn My Vague Idea Into A Concrete Plan?”

Career Shifters

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How to Be Strategic in HR (Part 2)


Be sure to check out part 1 of our Strategic in HR series. Many in HR, and even outside the industry, would argue that in 2015, HR is all about strategy. It is true that increasingly, organizations’ HR departments are becoming more of a strategic HR business partner than an administrative HR task center, but […] Source. HR Changing role of HR hr strategic HR strategic human resources

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Choosing A Professional Career Path As A Millennial

Ms. Career Girl

The post Choosing A Professional Career Path As A Millennial appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Millions of millennials, those who were born since 1980, are in the midst of paving their professional paths.

The Heisenberg Rules: What HR Can Learn from Breaking Bad (#3 - Innovation, Sales and Operations are Equal)

HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note - I finally got around to binge-watching the former AMC hit Breaking Bad on Netflix, which follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White 's journey through a lung cancer diagnosis and his subsequent turn to becoming a world-class meth producer.

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The Art of Matchmaking: 3 Ways Recruiters Can Find that Elusive Perfect Candidate

The Undercover Recruiter

This post is sponsored by MightyRecruiter. Be sure to join their upcoming webinar, Master Your Match-making Skills: Find Your Job’s Perfect Match, on Monday, February 13, and ask your questions first hand! Recruiters are constantly asked to do more with less bandwidth, and 2017 is no exception.

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5 Steps To A More Flexible Workplace


The days of 9 to 5 cubicle jobs are over. The new generation of workers places a high value on flexibility in a job. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard, or expect not to have to show up at the office. It means most younger workers expect to have meaningful lives both in […] Source. HR flex work flexibility millennials paid time off time off

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