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13 Chilling Thrillers to Keep You Cool This Summer

Ms. Career Girl

Here it is, the middle of August. Yes, we’re only a bit over a month from the official end of summer. And that means the season of the scare – Halloween – is just around the corner.

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6 Great Career Choices for Car Lovers

Career Alley

Given that the auto industry is one of the biggest in the world, it’s not too much of a surprise to hear that there are so many jobs and opportunities within it. But you don’t have to be an engineer or a stuntman to enjoy a successful career if you have a love of cars.

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The Department of Labor Just Announced New Protections for Parents of Special Needs Children

Evil HR Lady

If you have a child with learning or physical disabilities, you’re probably familiar with IEPs–Individual Education Plans. The Department of Labor just released an opinion letter that says that IEP meetings are covered under FMLA and that any such meetings are protected time (as long as you otherwise meet the qualifications for FMLA). Managers are required to allow eligible employees time off (unpaid) for IEP meetings. What do managers and HR need to know?

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From School to Consultancy

Career Shifters

“The day-to-day bureaucracy was taking me away from the core work I wanted to do.”. Exhausted and frustrated at work, Sarah Billingham decided to become her own boss. Here's how a timely partnership was exactly the catalyst she needed to get her ideal business off the ground

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10 Photography Tips From A Grumpy Old Professional Photographer

Ms. Career Girl

For the aspiring photographers or for the people that just suck at taking photos. I got you! Here’s ten photography tips, from a grumpy old professional photographer. Two eye’s – learn to keep both eyes open (you’ll live a longer life).

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The Pros and Cons of Turning Your Hobby Into A Business

Career Alley

There is no better motivation to get up in the morning and go to work than doing something that you genuinely enjoy and feel passionate about. Discover Career Opportunities Entrepreneurship

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What Real HR Looks Like

Evil HR Lady

If you go to an HR conference or read articles about human resources (even the ones that I’ve written) you might get the idea that HR is full of exciting planning meetings, coaching managers, and designing strategy for succession planning. And that stuff does happen. For sure. But, the day to day–especially for generalists, employee relations, and HR departments of one or two–that’s not what it looks like.

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Owning Your Elegant Warrior

Ms. Career Girl

You’re an Elegant Warrior. No matter whether you’re wearing cut-off jeans, no makeup and a top knot or a business suit, nude stockings and 3-inch pumps, you meet the definition.

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Essential Things Fledgling Musicians Should Know

Career Alley

Becoming a successful musician is a career just like any other. You will have to fight off a lot of competing parties, there will always […]. Discover Career Opportunities musical careers

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Turning 13 Most Overused Resume Phrases to Achievement Statements

Boomers Next Step

How to make the best resume? Is your resume full of fluff or strong achievement statements? During a long career most people demonstrate many examples of strength and courage, go beyond expectations, achieve goals and show excellence in numerous skills.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Faith sees best in the dark.” ” – Søren Kierkegaard. Sometimes, at work, sometimes at home, it sure seems “dark,” and not at all easy to have hope for the future. We may try to console ourselves with “It will all work out,” and at times it does. At other times, though, you are beyond that stage, and see no logical reason to keep going at all. It is precisely in those moments that you experience faith. Irrational? Sure, but that is the point.

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How Collaboration & Data Can Help Refine Your Brand Image

Ms. Career Girl

The importance of your brand image to the success of your company cannot be understated. Your brand image is what potential and current customers think of first when your company comes to mind.

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Understanding the Importance Of Company Culture

Career Alley

Company culture is not just another buzzword in the business world. To those in the know, it’s the key to optimizing productivity and achieving a healthy bottom line. Career Advice company culture

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Do You Have to Give a Wedding Present to a Co-Worker You Don’t Like?

Evil HR Lady

I got very unexpectedly invited to the wedding of a colleague who has been giving me the cold shoulder for over a year. No matter how many times I say good morning to her, she just ignores me. She is the girl who gets away with anything with the administration. I know she invited me purely for the gift. Should I feel obliged to give her a gift? To read my answer, click here: Do You Have to Give a Wedding Present to a Co-Worker You Don’t Like? Leave your own in the comments!

When New CEOs Onboard, CHROs Are Often Gone.

HR Capitalist

One of the biggest reasons I wrote my new book ( The 9 Faces of HR ) was the sheer number of friends and colleagues I have in HR who have lost their positions, at least in part, to organizational change. A recent report puts a number to how at-risk HR is when C-level leadership changes out.

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7 Productivity Hacks To Implement This Week to Achieve More  

Ms. Career Girl

Productivity grants us a sense of fulfillment. When we’re productive, we’re maximizing our time and making the most out of the task we’re attending to. In order to be more productive, you may need to change certain habits or simply remove distractions from your work area(s).

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What is the Worst Thing Recruiters Can Do on Social Media?

The Undercover Recruiter

Now unless you’re Donald Trump, who clearly has no filter when it comes to his use of social media platforms, there are clearly some definite no-nos. For those of you who are new to the social media game, you can be forgiven for not knowing what they are. But just to be sure, our expert.

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The Best LinkedIn Profiles Rock These 10 Fields

Avid Careerist

This morning, I got some compelling insight into the best LinkedIn profiles for job seekers. If you’re in a job search, this matters big time. Keep reading! Tony Restell, who. Read More. The post The Best LinkedIn Profiles Rock These 10 Fields appeared first on AvidCareerist.

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Why "Unlimited PTO" Is Stupid and Needs to be Replaced with Work/Life Integration.

HR Capitalist

Remember when "Unlimited PTO" was a fresh thought and really made you think about the relationship employees had with the organizations they worked for? Yeah, me neither. I just did a google search titled, " The Long Con of Unlimited PTO ".

2019 87

How Is Data Science Changing The Process Of Web Design?

Imarticus Learning

A data science course will cover a lot of ground in learning about data sciences and its interlinkages with the creation and management of data and involves research and studies into how data is used to accomplish tasks that can change processes in web management and design.

2019 76

Industry Wages: What are Companies Paying in Salaries?

The Undercover Recruiter

As a recruiter or hiring manager, it is important to know how much the role you are advertising pays on average, this not only helps keep you competitive in a busy market but allows you to fill roles quicker and avoid lengthy negotiating periods.

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5 Tips for Baby Boomers on How to Stay Healthy

Boomers Next Step

How to Stay Healthy As you get older, it gets much easier for those minor aches and pains to build up and break you down. There’s no shame in it. We live decades longer today than we used to thanks to modern medical breakthroughs.

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One Big Difference Between The Naturals In Your Company - and Everyone Else.

HR Capitalist

First up, let's define a natural in your company. A natural is someone who: --Performs at a high level in their current job, and. Everyone with common sense understands they are promotable at least 3 levels above their current job - all they need is time, experience and a bit of guidance. .

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Personal Excellence Blog

Some of you may have noticed that updates at PE have been slow of late. There have been lots that I want to share, but I haven’t had the chance to share them as I’ve been waiting for the right time to do so. Today, I want to announce the birth of my baby girl, Baby A. ??.

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Digital Nomadism isn’t Just for Tech Workers Anymore

The Undercover Recruiter

Digital nomads take their web- and technology-based businesses to distant (often more inexpensive) lands, working remotely and keeping regular hours.

2019 109

How bad is it to carry debt in retirement?

Boomers Next Step

How to Prevent Carrying Debt in Retirement? There’s no denying that the baby boom generation has left a lasting impact on the world.

2019 63

ADJUST/EVOLVE: The Biggest Thing I've Learned In The Last 5 Years.

HR Capitalist

Quick thought on a Wednesday. I've been lucky to have a great career in the world of HR and recruiting. I've been active on the side in basketball as well. The two are interconnected when it comes to times that I didn't get the results I wanted. At work, in projects, on the court, etc.

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Unlock Your Potential With The Free 'Career Decoder' Quiz!

Career Realism

Are you ready to take the first step towards unlocking your true professional potential? If so, we're inviting you to take this incredibly accurate career assessment quiz. This quiz will help you determine what your workplace persona is.

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Minimising and Preventing the Influence of Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

Here at Pure, we really value the importance of recruiting people who will be a great cultural fit for an organization but we also recognize the need to balance this with ensuring that unconscious bias does not mean a business unintentionally discriminates or misses out on employing fantastic talent.

2019 108

Get a Job: The Do’s and Don’ts of Calling to Check the Status of Your Job Application

Boomers Next Step

How to follow up on job application? The Do’s and Don’ts of Calling to Job on Your Job Application Have you recently made a job application, perhaps many job applications, online or in person? When you are seeking a new job be aware that small mistakes can make the difference between success and failure in […].

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my company won’t let me DJ on the weekends — and refuses to say why

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My employer enforces a moonlighting policy whereby employees are required to obtain permission from an HR manager before they can work a second job. The policy does not specify what is permissible and what is not, only that the employer may deny concurrent employment if they deem it to be incompatible with the employee’s duties. I have recently been asked to DJ regularly at a night club Saturday nights from 9 pm to 3 am.

2019 77

How To Overcome Your Interview Anxiety

Career Realism

You're familiar with the feeling: your palms start sweating, you start to shake and for some reason, your mind goes completely blank. Sounds like a dreaded case of interview jitters!

2019 81

Science of Attraction: How to Source and Retain Top Talent in STEM

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s no secret that the UK is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to encouraging students to not only study but to pursue a career within some STEM subjects.

2019 106

5 Ways to Fight Age Discrimination in Employment of Baby Boomers

Boomers Next Step

How can you fight age discrimination in employment against baby boomers? The job market is hard for just about anyone.

2019 60

What Are The Sources To Learn Corporate Banking?

Imarticus Learning

The scope of a job in Corporate Banking depends and varies depending on the following factors. These factors are: The bank that employs you: All banks do not offer the same bouquet of services.

4 Reasons The Best Working Environments Are Multi-Generational

Career Realism

There's a good chance you have a diverse set of co-workers at your job. You may work with people who are older or younger than you. Working with people who were raised in different generations than you can actually be really beneficial to your workplace productivity.

2019 80

The Tech Talent Shortage: How Recruitment Marketing Automation Can Help

The Undercover Recruiter

These days, tech companies resort to all kinds of stunts, publicity moves, and shenanigans to try and differentiate themselves from their competitors to hire top candidates.

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