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7 Pros Share The Best Tools to Help You Kill it in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

“Out with the old, in with the new” may be a cliché, but the practice is as valuable for your business as it is for your overcrowded closet.

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3 Words for My 2019 Story

Career Trend

Each stroke of the new-year drum gains clarity, beat by beat. I look forward with hope and three words to shape my 2019 story: 1 of 3 Words: FAITH Faith is the foundation. Without daily nurturing and cultivating of faith, the other two words will wither.

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Google Interviewed a Candidate, and then Filed a Patent for Her Work

Evil HR Lady

Jie Qi went to Google in the hopes of collaborating with them on her projects on electronic books. What began as a chance for collaboration quickly turned to a job interview , with Qi receiving a job offer on the spot. After thinking and consulting with others, she turned the offer down so that she could complete her Ph.D. “That’s where the glitter ends,” she says in her article at Patent Pandas.

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LinkedIn is Key to Attracting Recruiters

Professional Resume Services

Whether you’re currently unemployed or you have a job and are starting to covertly look for a new one, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for you. Recruiters are constantly searching on the platform to find the candidates they think would fit the opportunity they have available.

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Getting Your Home Ready For The Spring Selling Season

Ms. Career Girl

Are you planning on putting your home on the market in the Spring? It’s not too early to get started on getting your home ready. Spring is normally one of the best times for selling, and some experts are suggesting that some real estate markets are reaching the top of a normal market cycle.

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Happy Kwanzaa

Sklover Working Wisdom

Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanzaa,” which means “first fruits of the harvest.” ” It is a celebration of family, community and culture of those of African descent worldwide, celebrated from December 26 through January 1 of each year.

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What to do when things go wrong before your performance review

Evil HR Lady

I’ve been at the same company for 25 years and suddenly everyone seems to be turned against me. There’s a new director who doesn’t like me, and the HR manager has never been friendly towards me. A couple of co-workers made some false accusations against me (saying I refused to help when I said I would be happy to as soon as I finished what I was working on), and now I’ve been labelled as a non-team player.

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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Within Your Business

Ms. Career Girl

Whenever the topic of outsourcing comes up, an immediate debate usually ensues: Should you outsource or not? What are the pros and cons? What are things you just shouldn’t even consider outsourcing? The truth is, the debate will never be settled with a single answer.

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Merry Christmas

Sklover Working Wisdom

To all our Readers, Friends and Colleagues, regardless of faith: Our Best Wishes to You and Your Family for a Very Merry Christmas. This holiday is one we have all come to identify with as a time of joy, a time of giving, a time of wonder, and a time of warmth.

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The Small Business that Changed the Revolutionary War

Evil HR Lady

Of course you know the story of Washington Crossing the Delaware River, which took place on Christmas Day in 1776. The Hessians, who were across the river, were quite surprised. No one really expects a lot of work to be done on Christmas, especially battles. While this was a turning point, emotionally, for the colonists–they needed a win–I’m not much a military expert.

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Resume Building Advice For A Recent Accounting Course Graduate

Career Alley

The job market at this time is quite competitive, so to find a job, and to actually get hired, you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Accounting Resumes

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My friend got laid off — from his dream job

Cube Rules

Well, that was a surprise. My friend -- who only early this year took a position that he considered his dream job -- got laid off. Got called into his manager's office and, in what is becoming scripted for managers, was told his final day would be November 30th (I found out about the layoff […]. The post My friend got laid off — from his dream job appeared first on Cube Rules. Job Search job layoff

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What Recruiters Should Avoid Doing in 2019

The Undercover Recruiter

At this time of year, as well as gorging myself on chocolate and cheese, I take the time to reflect on the business year gone by, to plan my strategy for the year ahead and to review what lessons I have learned from a personal as well as professional perspective. I think it is vital. View Article.

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To do something big, aim to be irrelevant.

Penelope Trunk

Urban Meyer, coach of Ohio State football, likes three-sport athletes more than singularly focused athletes. Yet sites like Active for Life jump on the three-sport thing to tell parents that early specialization is bad for kids. I don’t believe specialization is bad.

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The Sugar in Nutella

Personal Excellence Blog

Last week while conducting the third module of The Emotional Eating Course , I was sharing with the participants on the nature of food products today and how they are glorified through creative marketing. (I

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The Soul of a Company

Learning Voyager

There are organizations out there that are doing much more than making a profit and giving a return to shareholders. Some realize that they are providing jobs. Some realize that they are part of a community. Some realize that they are giving hope to those who have lost much in life. There is a small enterprise in west Los Angeles called Timothy J Candles. They make specialty candles for special occasions and customers.

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Recognising the Early Signs Before You Burn Out

The Undercover Recruiter

According to HSE, around 15.4 million working days are lost due to work-related stress in 2017 with 595,000 British workers suffering from Mental Health issues such as depression and anxiety over the last 12 months with 239,000 new cases.

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?? Awesome New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Job Seekers [2019]


Pick career resolutions you can actually keep this year. Photo by Joshua Earle. New Year's resolutions are often counterproductive. You see January 1st coming, and you think, now's a great time for a fresh start.

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the come-hither pirate and other stories of office holiday mayhem

Ask A Manager

Earlier this month, I asked you to share your funniest office holiday stories. Here are eight of my favorites. The come-hither pirate. “This wasn’t a White Elephant gift, but one a coworker who didn’t last so long gave to all the unpartnered women under 40: A studio portrait of himself, semi-80s background, with lasers, soft focus,, standing, with his hand on his chin, a ‘come hither’ look, and his parrot on his shoulder.” ” 2. The wrapped ears of corn.

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Follow your Internal Guidance System

Learning Voyager

“ Built into you is an internal guidance system that shows you the way home. All you need to do is heed the voice.” I like that sentence from writer Neale Donald Walshe. Home" is You. I think I am called to help people (myself and others) to 'tune into' it. There are many methods for such attunement. One is the Holland Theory of Careers. Some of you may be familiar with the Career Types theory developed by John Holland.

How Social Media Can Shake Up Your Recruitment Strategy

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment has been transformed by the digital revolution. In the war for top talent, innovative new techniques have shaken up strategies across the world. Social media is one, a reactive platform that connects your business with a new generation of talent.

The Past, Present and Future of Business analysis

Imarticus Learning

Over the years technology has bridged many gaps. These gaps existed between processes, skills and resources. However, an interesting turn of events happened with the era of Business analysis. This brought a time where data became the real asset and insights, disruptions and innovations followed.

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update: I brought my baby to a grad school talk

Ask A Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer who brought her baby to a grad school talk and was wondering if she should handle it differently (#2 at the link)? Here’s the update. Thanks for posting the question and for your response.

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Never Assume

Learning Voyager

"Never assume that the next guy knows what he is doing much less why." Dave Davidson was one of my professors at Rutgers circa 1973. His specialty was Information Systems Theory. Amidst an interesting and diverse Department of Communication faculty, Dave was one of the more memorable professors that I met, equally stimulating and irritating. His trademark was his pipe which he smoked all the time, even while teaching his classes.

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How to Harmonize Candidate and Employer Needs in 2019

The Undercover Recruiter

Two seemingly conflicting trends are shaping recruitment today: candidates expect a more personalized application experience that respects their privacy, while companies are needing to make faster, higher quality HR decisions.

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How To Answer "What Do You Do?" At Networking Events

Career Realism

When you’re unemployed, the thought of answering the simple question “What do you do?” can seem so daunting. What do you say? How can you answer the question without feeling embarrassed about your situation? What can you say to impress the person you’re talking to?

2018 70

update: my coworker is constantly out and I have to cover for him — including canceling my own vacations

Ask A Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer back in 2016 whose had to cover for her constantly-absent coworker, including canceling her own vacations ?

2018 72

What is Data Wrangling and Why is it Important?

Imarticus Learning

Data has changed the digital landscape drastically in the past few decades. From analyzing and providing insights real-time to enhance one’s life, data is integral to everything we do. It is impossible today to live in a world where we do not encounter data.

2018 65

Brain Teasers to Find the Right Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

Logic-based interview puzzles are becoming increasingly popular in recruitment processes to help employers find the brightest candidates and gain insight into a candidate’s thought process.

2018 99

Finding Out If You're Eligible For Rehire

Career Realism

In your job search, do you wonder if you're eligible for rehire at your old company? In today's episode, JT O'Donnell shares her advice on how to find out if you're eligible for rehire at a former employer

2018 62

update: are my mentors taking advantage of me?

Ask A Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer whose mentors were pressuring her to do networking favors she didn’t feel comfortable with ? Here’s the update.

2018 70

Is India The Best Fintech Destination?

Imarticus Learning

The Indian Fintech industry witnessed a boom in the early 2000s, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. We take a deeper look at India’s Fintech industry. Since the beginning of 2010, India saw the dawn of the financial era.

2018 52

Use Your Personality Type to Achieve Success at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

Everyone’s heard of MBTI (Myers-Briggs) or Enneagram, and maybe even their love language.

How To Answer “What Do You Do?” At Networking Events

Career Realism

How To Answer “What Do You Do?” ” At Networking Events Work It Daily. When you’re unemployed, the thought of answering the simple question “What do you do?” can seem so daunting. What do you say? How can you answer the question without feeling embarrassed about your situation? What can you say to impress the person you’re talking to? First off, don’t feel embarrassed about being unemployed. Being in-between jobs isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

2018 54

updates: anxiety causing problems at work, error in offer letter, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Here are five updates from past letter-writers. My anxiety is causing problems at work (#2 at the link).

2018 69

Top Features of Amazon Sagemaker AI Service

Imarticus Learning

Amazon Sagemaker is the latest service that has changed the programming world and provided numerous benefits to machine learning and AI. Here’s how: The Amazon Sagemaker or the AWS as its popularly known as has many benefits to organisations.

2018 52

An Introvert’s Guide to Office Parties

The Undercover Recruiter

Let’s face it – office parties are tough events to navigate for a long list of reasons. But for introverts, they are especially problematic. However, with the right planning and advice, there’s no reason why introverts can’t ace work gatherings and even start enjoying them. This 18-step guide covers what introverts should do before, during. View Article. An Introvert’s Guide to Office Parties Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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