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How to Create a Healthy Work-From-Home Space

Ms. Career Girl

Working from home (WFH) is here to stay. Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you will be given the option to embrace this trend more often than ever before, as the aftereffects of the pandemic keep teaching us valuable lessons about productivity. .

The Definitive Guide to Specialist Yacht Crew Roles


Yacht owners and their guests are becoming increasingly demanding, expecting exceptional service levels coupled with unique offerings.

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The Good Doctor and ADA

Evil HR Lady

Caution: This post contains spoilers for seasons 1 and 2. So, don’t continue reading if you are going to be angry that I’m giving out spoilers. The Good Doctor is my new show. I like medical dramas, even though they are utterly ridiculous.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Memo”:

Sklover Working Wisdom

Request for an Exemption from Covid 19 Vaccination Requirement based on Medical Reasons (Also includes Suggested Accommodations, and Sample Letter of Support from your Physician). If you can’t see the photo above, please [ Click Here ].

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The Mommy bind…again, forever?

Ms. Career Girl

One of the two toughest life lessons I ever learned was that motherhood, as a role, is not easily delegated. The other was that bias is at work everywhere, be it class, race, sex or economic situation.

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Useful Tips and Tricks for Car Dealership Salespeople


Worldwide car sales continue to increase. According to Statista, in 2021, automobile sales are expected to reach just under 70 million, which is an increase from the 63.8 million sales in 2020.

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How to Take Care of Employees Affected by Hurricane Ida

Evil HR Lady

Hurricane Ida has fortunately been downgraded to “just” a tropical storm , but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done damage and won’t continue to do damage.

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Memories with Meaning: Memoirs Day August 31

Ms. Career Girl

Someone asked me recently about the difference between an autobiography and a memoir. Aren’t they both just a person talking about their own life? But also no. An autobiography is a direct account of dates and events, the there to here of someone’s life. A memoir is far harder to pin down.

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COVID Vaccine Incentives/Penalties for Leaders, Ranked by Harshness.

The HR Capitalist

We're just going to shut everything down for two to three weeks, and we'll be good. Everyone, late March 2020. --. In a pandemic, wouldn't it be cool to say, "I don't know?". Masks, distancing, hybrid school, vaccines and more. The reasonable position on all of it is that most of it makes sense.

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Struggling? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t Hide. Also, the REAL HR Show: Lessons on Helping Your Employees in Times of Crisis

Evil HR Lady

Do you remember Mikey? Well, Mikey is currently enjoying the luxury of an inpatient hospital stay. I’m recovering from massive scratches on my arm and a disaster of a bedroom because I had to move furniture and take my bed apart to capture the stupid adorable beastie. See, Mikey is sick.

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From the Marines to Finance

Career Shifters

“I don’t miss the long deployments away from my family.”. James Knight wanted to be able to put down roots and spend more time with his loved ones.

2021 160

Taking a Step Back: How to Apply for a Job When You’re Overqualified

The Undercover Recruiter

We’ve all heard the saying – sometimes you need to take a step back to take several steps forward.

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3 Tips On How To Answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

Career Realism

"Why should we hire you?" This is actually one of the most common questions asked in a job interview.

2021 81

The REAL HR Show is Back: Setting Goals!

Evil HR Lady

We took the summer off but now we are back and better than ever. Join us as we discuss fall goals! I always think of fall as the time to set goals–it’s something about school starting. The post The REAL HR Show is Back: Setting Goals! appeared first on Evil HR Lady. The REAL HR show

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Why I Love Audiobooks

Career Tips Blog

Why audiobooks? I love listening and learning! I’ve been an enthusiastic audiobook listener for years because…well…what is better for a busy person than listening and learning while doing something else like chores or driving or working out? NOTHING! To me, it’s the best.

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How to Find a Job Quickly and Easily (Top Tips)

Wondering how to find a job? It is critical to know how to look for a job, whether you are looking for your first job after graduating from college or high school, or you want to move businesses or advance in your profession.

2021 52

Top 3 Biggest Concerns For Parents Trying To Return To Work

Career Realism

With many parents forced to work from home, work reduced hours, or leave the workforce entirely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to work doesn't come without obstacles.

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How to improve the agility of the people at your organization

Evil HR Lady

When we think about agility in the workplace, it can be tempting to picture the doctors on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy that begin their day examining a toenail infection, then doing a major surgery, before delivering a baby in an elevator.

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will I be fired if I refuse a Covid test, I didn’t get a thank-you after helping someone, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, will I be fired if I refuse a Covid test, I didn’t get a thank-you after helping someone, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Will my employer fire me on the spot if I refuse to get a Covid test?

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Average Real Estate Appraiser Salary Information

How much does a real estate appraiser make? What's the average real estate appraiser's salary? Real estate appraisers can operate in a variety of settings, with a variety of licenses and companies. As a result, determining the typical appraiser's salary might be difficult

6 Tips For Staying Healthy With A Desk Job

Career Realism

Millions of Americans struggle working at desk jobs, jeopardizing their health. Sitting down all day long can be a pain—literally. Here are six tips for staying healthy with a desk job: 1.

2021 71

6 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Job

Career Realism

There is a reason for the term "short-timer." Whether you are in the military and ready to separate, or in the corporate world and ready to leave your job, it can be a struggle to keep both your body and mind engaged.

2021 68

How To Stand Out From The Crowd With A USP

Career Realism

Developing a powerful unique selling proposition (USP) can make your brand stand head and shoulders above the crowd. A USP makes a strong first impression with your customers, making it easy for them to purchase your brand over your competitors.

2021 66

Learn How to Become a Model (Tips for Aspiring Models)

How to become a modelHere's how to become a model. A career as a model has several advantages. You gain confidence and poise as a result of the abilities you master.

2021 52

25+ Professional Interview Tips to Succeed in a Job Search

Here are the best interview tips to achieve interview success. Preparing for a job interview can be the best way to land your dream job.

2021 52

Ultrasound Tech Salary Information (Sonographer)

Much does an ultrasound tech make? What's the average income of a sonographer? Ultrasound tech salary information and sonographer salary information.

2021 52

Chairman vs. CEO - Differences (Active Chairman, Non-executive)

What's the difference between chairman vs. CEO? Corporate structures differ from one firm to the next, depending on criteria such as nonprofit organization, shareholder position, and governance philosophy.

2021 52

Paleontologist Salary Information - Average, By State (2021)

What is the average paleontologist salary? A paleontologist is a scientist who examines the fossilized remnants of all types of creatures (plants, animals, fungus, bacteria, and other single-celled living things) in order to learn more about the evolution of organic life on Earth.

2021 52

How Much Do Anesthesiologist Make? Average Salary by State

How much does an anesthesiologist make? What's the average salary of an anesthesiologist? An anesthesiologist is a medical practitioner who uses a local or general anesthesia to keep a patient comfortable, safe, and pain-free during surgery.

2021 52

How Much Do Senators Make? Average Salary Information

How much do Senators make? What's the average salary of a Senator? The United States Congress has the crucial task of representing the people of the United States. The legislative branch of the United States shares authority with the executive and judicial branches.

2021 52

What is a Stipend? Definition and How it Works

What is a stipend? There are several possibilities to advance your profession or academic study.

2021 52

Here's How to Quit a Job You Just Started (Resignation)

How to quit a job you just started. Have you lately begun a job that didn't turn out to be what you expected? Or perhaps you were sitting at your desk at the end of your first day, thinking to yourself, "I've made a terrible mistake."Even

2021 52

Horse Jockey Salary Information - National Average

How much does a horse jockey earn? A jockey is someone who races horses, usually as a profession. Jockeys are mostly self-employed, and are asked by horse trainers and owners to race their horses for a fee, and will also get a cut of the purse winnings

2021 52

What is DOE Pay? Definition, Advantages, Drawbacks

What is DOE pay? A job applicant's decision to seek a position is heavily influenced by the salary criteria. Because you have a budget to stick to, a candidate's wage requirements are also relevant to you as a hiring manager.

2021 52

How Much Do NFL Refs Make - Average Salary Information

How much do NFL refs make per year? Those who work in the National Football League gain celebrity status as a result of the league's popularity and success, and their wages typically follow. This results in a significant wage disparity between NFL employees and non-NFL employees

2021 52

How Much Do News Anchors Make - Average Salary Information

How much do news anchors make? Working as a news anchor might lead to intriguing broadcasting career options. As a news anchor, your pay might vary greatly based on your region and amount of expertise.What do news anchors do?From From TV studios, news anchors offer live news.

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update: my employee gave me an “it’s her or me” ultimatum

Ask a Manager

This post, update: my employee gave me an “it’s her or me” ultimatum , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Remember the manager last week whose employee given her an “it’s her or me” ultimatum ?

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