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3 Career Action Plans That Are Worthy of Your Attention and Trying

Career Alley

Having a great career action plan is the right move to jumpstart your career or make the necessary changes to achieve your long-term goals. Let’s talk about professional plans that are worth considering. Launch your Career Career Action Plan

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Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

LinkedIn and Resume Experts Discuss the Value of Each in Executive Job Search A few months ago I posted an update to my LinkedIn stream about LinkedIn vs. the executive resume, which highlighted my blog post, Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete. I hoped the update would generate some conversation, while providing valuable information […]. The post Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume appeared first on Executive Career Brand.

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Is Patience Your Most Underdeveloped Career Skill?

Ms. Career Girl

We live in a culture of wanting it all and wanting it all now. Getting ahead in our careers is often paramount in our minds, and an accelerated schedule for achievement is a preoccupation to which many of us fall prey. Yet somewhere inside, we know that the best things in life happen at a slower and more natural pace — like watching with patience and anticipation as the seasons change. But what does patience have to do with our careers?

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No Relevant Skills? How A New Take On 'Value' Can Help You Feel More Confident In Your Career Change

Career Shifters

Feeling uninteresting, underqualified and unimportant? Struggling to see what you could offer in a different field? Natasha suggests a new perspective on the subject of ‘value’, and some simple but effective ways to share it, no matter where you’re at or what your background

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5 Reasons Why a Career as a Dental Hygienist Will Have You Smiling

Career Alley

Diving into a career as a dental hygienist might seem relatively scary at first. You won’t be an actual dentist – but you will still […]. Find your Dream Job Dental Careers

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No, Bumble, It’s Not Okay to Discriminate Against Men

Evil HR Lady

Imagine a company sending out a press release to announce that they have a new networking tool that only allows men. Bumble has just done that–except it only allows women. Is there a difference? When we want to check our biases we can do a simple test created by Kristen Pressner, in her viral TedX talk: Flip it to test it. Is it okay to have a men-only business networking app? Of course not. Then it’s not okay to have a women-only app, but that’s exactly what Buzz Bizz has done.

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No Strings Attached – The Story of My $2,000 Stipend for Interview Attire

Ms. Career Girl

Mid-career, I was interviewing for a major, global beauty brand, and was surprised by a phone call from the recruiter, saying the brand didn’t want to offend me, but would like to offer me $2,000 to purchase an outfit for my final interview with the head of the company, a man. I’ll admit, I was a little taken aback, wondering what I had worn to the first 14 interviews that had concerned them. But I got over it and said, “I’ll accept the offer, but no obligation.”

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How Commenting on Blogs can Help Your Online Executive Brand

Professional Resume Services

Developing and implementing strategies to enhance your c-level personal branding is essential. One of the strategies you may have adopted is writing blog articles and posting them to your own website or LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to get your name out there and show what value and skills you have to offer. Another thing you can do to drive traffic to your own website, boost your credibility and expand your online presence is to comment on blogs other people write.

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Using Cross-Departmental Collaboration to Break Down Company Silos

Evil HR Lady

Do you know what happens when your organization doesn’t have cross-departmental collaboration? Complex reports—which call for data from six different people—are created, followed by hardcore analysis and then numerous revisions based on feedback from three different stakeholders. And, to top it all off, the recipients of these reports may then complain about how long the process takes. But wait, isn’t this an example of cross-departmental collaboration?

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3 Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book

Ms. Career Girl

The Adventure of Writing a Book. A couple of years ago, I gave birth to a book, Living Singlish , an ‘older sister in your pocket’ for women building strong, independent lives, whether alone or in a relationship. It flowed out of me, as the result of helping a young friend launch her life. What started as a letter grew, till one day I thought ‘This is a book’! Completing it took focus and work, and was one of the most energizing projects I have ever undertaken.

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New Feedback

Sklover Working Wisdom

Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback. hope you don’t mind our sharing one recent example with you: Dear Alan: I have been facing gigantic problems at my workplace for the last 5 years. My employer is very powerful. Your logic, intelligence and the structure of your thoughts has helped me during this difficult time. I finally defeated them with their own weapons. You saved me and saved many inhabitants of this country.

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3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond to Optimize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile

Professional Resume Services

When you start seeing LinkedIn as a way to enhance your career for the long-term rather than simply a platform you need to update to keep up with the trends, then you’ll have many more opportunities come your way. In order to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you must go beyond simply filling it out until it’s 100% complete. Of course, that’s the first step you have to take, but consider it to be the beginning rather than the end result.

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If You Want More Diversity in Your Office, Test Yourself with This

Evil HR Lady

Can you see two sides to every issue ? Not everyone can. A lot of people see things as either my way or the wrong way. And studies are showing that we’re getting a lot more divided in our thinking. The Atlantic and Predictwise took a look at the political divide by county–but instead of saying “this county is red, this county is blue” they looked at “partisan prejudice.” ” They found that.

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International Women’s Day – Perfect For Creating a Legacy of Learning

Ms. Career Girl

As parents, we naturally want to see our children achieve success. We hope that they’ll be able to see all their dreams come true. So we sort out what we’ve learned along the way of life, and pass on the best. As a legacy of learning. Like you, I’ve read a library of books over my lifetime. I’ve attended classes, seminars, and conventions. All in the quest for a few gems of wisdom that would help me achieve what I defined as success.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.” ” – Dale Carnegie. Hey, Al. easier said than done.” Yes, I know that. But, it does bear repeating that, if you follow your “path,” pursue your “light” and go “where your bones tell you to go,” you have the same chance as anyone else to “live in your own heaven.” Give it some thought, even just a little.

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11 Ways Investing in Machine Learning Can Make You Successful

Imarticus Learning

Machine learning is certainly a buzzword, most of us have been hearing about lately. In this digital age, most of us are exposed to technology on a daily basis, especially when it comes to our field of work. When applied properly, technology can yield mammoth results which can benefit the majority of us. Machine learning is a tool which is being used by various businesses, to predict market behavior, so be it marketing or finance, everyone is making the most of this particular technology.

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It’s Employee Appreciation Day: Thank the Techs Who Work Through Anything

Evil HR Lady

The U.S. Postal Service’s unofficial motto — “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” — was called into question during the polar vortex when the agency halted mail service in some areas because of extreme temperatures. You know who didn’t stop? Field service technicians. They were still out there, fixing furnaces, power lines, oil pipelines and other critical equipment.

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Should You Ditch Your Fitness Trainer?

Ms. Career Girl

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 338,000 personal trainers in The United States alone. Just like any other field, you have “ rock stars ” who are the real deal, some above average people, some who are merely competent, and others who have no business training people. We turned to Vince Sant, a certified fitness trainer and co-founder of the fitness platform to help you assess where your fitness trainer falls on the spectrum.

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Building Great Teams

The Undercover Recruiter

Organizational restructuring invariably means more emphasis on team working and team building skills are seen as essential to cultural, organizational and personal growth. Talent management relies on maximizing the potential talent of the team to be creative, innovative and effective in competing in a complex and challenging environment. If you want a team to work. View Article. Building Great Teams Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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What Recruiters Want to Know About Your Education

Avid Careerist

Many job seekers want to know how to best show their educational background to recruiters and hiring managers. Because of that, I wrote this post about the resume education section. Read More. The post What Recruiters Want to Know About Your Education appeared first on AvidCareerist. Resumes Uncategorized Optimize Your Resume

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Employee Privacy When Your Employee Needs Help

Evil HR Lady

Human resources is all about employee privacy. We keep information on salaries, performance appraisals, health insurance applications and disciplinary actions. We don’t gossip, and we only share when it’s necessary. We tell employees repeatedly that we’re not counselors, priests or lawyers, so please don’t tell us about your marriage, your sins or your legal issues. But what if we know someone needs help in that area? Then what? Let’s say Jane has taken multiple sick days in the past month.

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The Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Recruitment Success

Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment marketing success. Sounds great, doesn’t it? How are you measuring your team’s effectiveness? If you ran into the COO in the elevator and they asked for a single fact that demonstrated this effectiveness, would you be able to answer? And if so, what would you say? There’s no shortage of metrics available in the. View Article. The Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Recruitment Success Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Why Well-Slept Employees Perform and Feel Better at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

As an employer, there are many things you can do to help ensure your staff are working to their full potential. Whether it’s employee perks, free fruit or a comfortable working environment, you can often have a big influence on the motivation and positivity of your team. One thing you can’t change however is the. View Article. Why Well-Slept Employees Perform and Feel Better at Work Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science

Imarticus Learning

Data Science is growing at a rapid pace and businesses have been dynamically benefitting from this. A lot of Data Science Courses are available at the Imarticus Learning Data Science Training Center. No doubt, the insights and knowledge of data science have helped business emerge a winner with better knowledge and insights available at their fingertips. Have a look at these 15 important blog resources with the highest number of followers if you are willing to understand and learn data science.

Amazon Women Battle for Daycare. Bezos Says No.

Evil HR Lady

When your kid gets sick, your daycare provider breaks a leg, or there’s a snow day, finding a backup provider can be difficult if not impossible. So, it’s understandable that a group of Amazon employees, who call themselves “Momazonians” want Amazon to step in and provide a backup childcare perk.

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Having Humility in Recruitment

Undercover Recruiter

Choosing to write a blog about having humility- truly remembering to be human- in recruitment is necessary in a world which is ever changing, with AI altering how candidates experience a recruitment process and companies hire their staff; however, I felt rather compelled to share my views as a podcast I listened to recently only. View Article. Having Humility in Recruitment Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Who Owns Recruitment Marketing?

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s a question that comes up time and time again among the talent community so is there one definitive answer? Does it belong in talent acquisition or in marketing/communications? Well, we’ve been speaking to Kathleen Back of NCR. She is a Candidate Attraction Manager and she partners with peers across the Corporate Marketing & Public. View Article. Who Owns Recruitment Marketing? Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Can A Data Scientist Work In Biology?

Imarticus Learning

Data science relates to the collection and collation of facts, figures, statistics and other technical information. It is a developing field that is getting applied to all spheres- from management to business to science and technology. Biology today has evolved into a study combined with all other fields using data and technology.

2019 61

Still Using Excel For Recruiting?

Recruit CRM

Excel sheets are used by almost all white collar workers to do some part of their work: Making a list of leads, Tracking Revenue, Managing a To-Do List & pretty much anything you can think of. Excel sheets have been a recruiter’s best friend for the past 20+ years. Tools for recruiters have gotten a lot more advanced today, maybe its time to move on to something better than excel. Source. Blogs

2019 54

Innovation & Technology at America’s Top 10 Banks

Undercover Recruiter

Innovation and banking are two words not typically mentioned in the same sentence. But digitalization is happening, and it’s happening in the banking industry at a surprisingly quick pace with the continuous growth of the Fintech sector; new investment platforms, new banking apps, cryptocurrencies and much more. As Innovation and Technology is one out of. View Article. Innovation & Technology at America’s Top 10 Banks Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

Should You Drug Test Your Employees?

The Undercover Recruiter

One of the most complicated and contentious issues for HR professionals today is the question of drug testing employees for marijuana use. Because many states across the country have now legalized either medical marijuana use (33 states thus far) or even recreational use (10 states thus far), employers are unsure if this is still a. View Article. Should You Drug Test Your Employees? Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 71

How can you prepare for an interview for an M.Sc in big data analytics?

Imarticus Learning

Preparing for an interview is tough, especially when you want to lead the journey of life as a data analyst. Interview for a master’s degree course in Big Data analytics is no different. But interviews for an M.Sc. in Big data analytics are not that bad. With a robust big data analytics course in Mumbai, you can make sure that the interview’s result goes in your favor. First of all, try to understand the importance of big data analytics in recent times.

2019 58

How To Ask Effective Interview Questions

Corn on the Job

When you’re a hiring manager your same old questions can become so mundane and honestly, they’re not even that effective anymore. Candidates find new ways to avoid your generic and outdated questions every single day. But here’s what you need to know to turn things around; What Are Effective Questions and Why are They Important?

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10 Resume Writers Among the Best Offer Resume Writing & Job Search Advice

Resume Writing

careersteering. 10 + Top Executive Resume Writing Services Share Winning Job Search Strategies Read up on our expert advice to help you land your next six-figure senior executive position. Kick your job search into gear with best executive job search tips for the new year. With so much information online—how do you discern which advice you […].

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?? What Does “Vouch” Mean And What It Means To You


A quick way to be truly appreciated. So how does it work? Photo by Edu Lauton. Which of the following scenarios is more powerful? 1) You meet someone at a networking event, and introduce yourself and what you do. 2) You meet someone at a networking event, and while you're talking, an unexpected 3rd person joins the conversation if only to say how much they appreciate what you do. That's the power of vouching for someone.

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Is The Role Of a Full Stack Developer in Demand?

Imarticus Learning

Developers are available in various process streams like Backend, Frontend, Database, Testing and Mobile Apps. Older practices were that as you gain experience and expertise you would pursue specialization and grow your career in the field. Modern best practices have changed the trend. Seamless technology suites make it possible to learn at a Full stack development course like the one at Imarticus. Let us explore why full stack course is so famous?

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Supply Chains of the Future: What You Need to Know

Water Cooler Wisdom

There's a significant amount of  change taking place in business today , and it requires owners to avoid disruption to their supply chain strategy. Supply chain management plans will need to take into account automation and tech innovation, new geographies and regional sourcing, increased regulation and climate change. Automation and Tech Innovation.

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