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LinkedIn SEO with Susan P Joyce

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Power users of LinkedIn use proper LinkedIn SEO. Get more out of your LinkedIn profile and listen twice for all of the gems Susan P Joyce drops. Go back to our last conversation, and absorb and use the advice on personal SEO.

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Why Job Seekers Should Find a New Job in December

Ms. Career Girl

Most job seekers believe December is the worst time of the year to find the job of their dreams. The mindset that it is not easy to find work in an unstable economy can create doubts in your mind.

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When #MeToo and Sexual Harassment Revelations Trigger PTSD at the Office, What Do You Do?

Evil HR Lady

Yesterday, another two public officials resigned due to sex scandals and their resignations seem a bit backward. The first, Al Franken (D-Minn) had photos of him inappropriately touching women. He, however, denied that he’d really done anything really wrong, saying, “I also think it gave some people the false impression that I was admitting to doing things that in fact I haven’t done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently.”

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Think Twice Before You Lie on Your Resume

Professional Resume Services

Common sense should tell you not to lie on your executive resume, but sometimes it can be tempting to do so. This is especially true if you’re applying for a job you really want, but aren’t sure if you completely meet the qualifications.

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Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies

Executive Career Brand

Are you convinced you can write your own executive resume? Maybe you can. If you’ve been in on the hiring process at your company for some time, and have been in a position to review resumes of candidates, you may have a good handle on what should and shouldn’t be in a resume. […].

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How Your Social Media Use Can Sabotage Your Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

How you use social media and your online presence in general matter in executive job search. Hiring decision makers and executive recruiters are “social recruiting” They use social media platforms to identify potential candidates and find information about them.

The Benefits of Working from Home

Ms. Career Girl

While some people believe that working 40 hours a week in an office space is the best way to be productive and get the business to perform its best, others believe that this is an old-fashioned and outdated form of working. The world of work is adapting, and rapid changes are occurring.

What Are the Right Retirement Benefits for Your Business?

Evil HR Lady

If you want to attract quality talent, your business needs to offer the right retirement benefits. Sometimes, small companies think there isn’t much they can provide, but that’s incorrect. There are plenty of choices out there for you and your employees. Here are a few. Pensions. When you think about retirement, defined benefit plans—also known as pensions—might come to mind. These are very popular in government jobs and used to be standard at big businesses.

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9 Reasons Your Spouse Lost Their Mind When You Lost Your Job

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Your spouse mind raced because you announced you were let go from your job. It is one thing that you have had steady employment, another when the safety net disintegrates. Many changes are about to take place, and some will affect you. via GIPHY.

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7 Reasons Why Women Rock in Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

There are certainly plenty of good reasons why women (and yes you men too) rock in recruitment, so I’ve asked a number of fellow female recruiters for their interpretation of “why”.

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How You Can Use Technology To Streamline Your Business


There are lots of ways to streamline your business, from outsourcing jobs to improve efficiency to hiring web designers – but if you really want to improve your business model, you need to embrace technology.

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Can a Pay Cut from $25 to $9 per Hour Be Legal?

Evil HR Lady

I know a gentleman who has worked for the same company for thirty years. He has been a dedicated employee, always on time and doing what was asked of him without complaint. In the last couple of years, a new company purchased the manufacturing company and decreased his pay from $25/hr to $9/hr.

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Tips For Using Video To Promote or Monetize Your Website

Ms. Career Girl

Have you experimented with putting videos on YouTube, but seen little results compared to your efforts? That’s frustrating for sure. Because whether you have a blog, a more traditional online store, or are just present on social media, video can be very effective.

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From Office Life to Weekend Retreats

Career Shifters

“I felt like I was being wasted.”. Lizzie Fouracre had an exciting role. So, it wasn't easy to admit that, however good it looked from the outside, something was still missing. Here she shares how she found the courage to leave, and how, when she did so, her new career found her

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5 Things That Helped Google Land On Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” In 2018

Career Realism

5 Things That Helped Google Land On Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” In 2018. Work It Daily. Google is, quite possibly, one of the most well-known companies in the world.

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Can Your Remote Works Be a True Team? Of Course!

Evil HR Lady

I have worked at home–at least partially–for the past 14 years. While this means I have a well worn path between my computer and my refrigerator, it also means I have a pretty good idea about how to build relationships with people you don’t actually see every day.

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Living My Happily Ever After: Reinventing Life At 50

Ms. Career Girl

“Mom, you have more followers than me, on Instagram!” Dorian, my very artistic 28 year old son, shrieked! It’s almost a necessity today rather than a luxury to be present on social media platforms. People remember the birthdays when Facebook notifies.

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“How Do I Turn My Ideas Into A Clear Career?”

Career Shifters

Kevin's ready for a change. He knows what skills he wants to use and the sectors he'd like to apply them in, but he hasn't yet had a light-bulb moment about exactly what he'd love to do. How do you pinpoint your new direction when you've only got rough ideas

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How to Attract and Retain Top Millennial Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

While millennials suffer an unfair reputation for laziness and entitlement at the hands of the press, employers generally recognize that the younger generation’s high level of education, technological savviness, and fresh vision can be key to a company’s success.

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Budgeting for Health Care: 4 Tips for Success

Evil HR Lady

Budget season is upon us, and one of the top concerns of any business is budgeting for health care. With health care costs expected to increase by 6.5 percent, according to PwC , this is something businesses can’t overlook. How can you still provide quality health care for your employees without breaking your own budget? Be Prepared. Working the new costs into the budget should be easy if your business has been highly profitable this year.

Assert Yourself: How to Show Strength in a Job Interview

Ms. Career Girl

There’s a rising awareness of the need to tackle equality in the workplace. More and more employers are now setting targets to ensure equal representation of genders, and making efforts to close the pay gap.

Why One Resume Doesn’t Always Fit All

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Wouldn’t it be nice if one executive resume would be enough in today’s job-search landscape? It often isn’t because every employer seeks the BEST hire for the position they have available. Why would they settle for someone whose qualifications just meet all the requirements?

Your Top 20 ATS Providers By Market Share - With My Color Commentary.

HR Capitalist

Ran into this list by way of Ongig, who surveyed 3700+ companies to determine the top 99 applicant tracking systems by market share as of April 30, 2017. Go to the original post to view the top 99 providers and view the methodology.

Bryan Cranston Played Jokes with Sex Toys on His Co-Workers, Why Wasn’t He Fired?

Evil HR Lady

Matt Lauer, had a bag of sex toys in his office. It’s one of the many complaints against him. But do you know who also liked to play practical jokes with sex toys and hasn’t been vilified or fired? Bryan Cranston. Shocked? No one has said one bad word about the star of Breaking Bad. Well, no one needs to because he said it himself. In an interview with AMC Cranston told a “funny story. ” We all have a lot of fun. You pull some practical jokes from time to time.

should I hang my degree in my office, employee invited a toxic guest to our holiday party, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I hang my degree up in my office? I’m starting a new job next week that I’m VERY excited about. A great opportunity for a great company. I’m also about to finish a Master’s degree program I’ve worked very hard for over the past two years, while working a full-time career job.

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Downsizing During the Holidays: A Sign of Bad Planning?


These past two weeks my Twitter feed has been full of announcements from colleagues about being let go, or having just missed being on the chopping block, while dozens of others found themselves out of a job. Yes, it’s holiday layoffs season again! Every year thousands of Americans are downsized, laid off, or just plain […] Source. HR end of year planning layoffs

???? 61 Hidden Job Market Secrets Without Using Social Media


What if your next job was hiding right in front of you? Photo by Joshua Sortino. Quick poll: what is the hidden job market? Does it contain…. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Read on to find out….

How To Stand Up For Yourself at Work


Figuring out how to stand up for yourself at work might provoke anxiety in even the bravest of workers, but ensuring that you feel valued in the workplace is absolutely essential.

my interviewer’s wife told people about my job search, my date to the holiday party is a coworker, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My interviewer’s wife is telling people about my job search. I recently came across a job positing for a position I had interviewed for seven years ago. I made it through three rounds of interviews and in the end did not get the job. I was crushed at the time. I came across the same listing this year, and couldn’t resist applying again.

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Setting Yourself up for Leadership Success


Leaders are lifelong learners and many of us were voracious note-takers in college. We were taught planning was the key to success and we read our college texts cover to cover energized with new found knowledge we could use this to mastermind our success. Experience has taught me differently. Parents and students on the college […] Source. Communication Leadership Learning Management better communication business leadership learning

4 Easily Executable Talent Management Strategies

The Undercover Recruiter

Employees are one of the most important commodities to any business, but developing great teams and getting the most out of staff requires the implementation of sensible talent management initiatives.

The Relaxation Options That Can Help To Reduce Stress

Ms. Career Girl

Stress can be a huge problem in today’s society. Many of us can flippantly say that we feel stressed or that we are feeling stressed out at any given time. But whether you just feel flustered, or you are well and truly feeling the pressures of stress, it can often be an unpleasant feeling.

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my hair looks different than when I interviewed, we turned in our IT director, and more

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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My hair looks different than when I interviewed. I recently accepted a new job that I’m very excited about. It’s a promotion to VP, a huge salary bump and a great company doing inspiring work. The internal recruiter told me I nailed the interview and that the team is excited to have me. For the record, I’m a consultant.

The Workplace Guide to Going Rogue


In almost every workplace, there’s a chain of command. You work as part of a team that may be siloed from the rest of the organization. But what if you need to work with other departments to collaborate in order to fill roles as a recruiter? Collaboration is key for not just success in hiring […] Source. Entry Experienced HR Life Work going rogue going rogue at work workplace rogue