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6 Types Of Illegal Interview Questions To Watch Out For

Career Realism

6 Types Of Illegal Interview Questions To Watch Out For. Work It Daily. There are many different types of illegal interview questions out there. And, sadly, they’re asked all of the time. This has been a problem job seekers have dealt with for decades.

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What’s Hot + What’s Not in Executive Resumes – 2017

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What’s Hot: Focus In today’s go-go-go, over-stimulated world, readers will quickly abandon your rambling, circuitous story. Instead, you must capture their attention with a tailored, what’s-in-it-for-them hook that is easy to spot, and reinforced throughout the document. What’s Not: Brain-Dumping Avoiding being pigeon-holed into a particular role, you instead dump all of your areas […].

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Looking for Inspiration? Let it find you.

Ms. Career Girl

The post Looking for Inspiration? Let it find you. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post By Tess Callahan. Her bio follows. .

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The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 3

Executive Career Brand

Mind Your Online Reputation: The Personal Branding Social Proof Paradigm. Check out the first two parts in this series: Part 1 – What Personal Branding Is and Is NOT, and How Personal Branding Makes You Stand Out. Part 2 – How to Define Your Unique Personal Brand and Make It Memorable.

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Unconscious Bias: Your Career, Workplace, and Everywhere

Competitive Resumes

Last week, I traveled to the University of North Georgia to present a talk about “Unconscious Bias.” ” I recorded it so I can share it with you at least a part of it. I talk about how it affects everyone in their career, life, and workplace.

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Executive Job Search Advice From the Experts

Executive Career Brand

I’m very flattered and grateful to be included among such heavy hitters in Career Sherpa’s (Hannah Morgan) “ 50+ Best Websites For Job Search 2017 “ WOW! What a valuable resource this list is!

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“The Lessons We Didn’t See Coming”: 3 Unexpected Insights From 3 Of Our Audience Who’ve Made Successful Shifts

Career Shifters

You think you know where you need help when it comes to your career change. But sometimes, the lessons you need are the ones you least expect. Here are three stories from people we've worked with recently and the surprising mindset shifts that helped them get the clarity they were looking for

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5 Tips For Staying Motivated During A FRUSTRATING Job Search

Career Realism

5 Tips For Staying Motivated During A FRUSTRATING Job Search. Work It Daily. Let’s face it: job search can be challenging, and staying motivated during a FRUSTRATING job search can seem impossible sometimes. However, it’s critical that you stay positive.

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Need Help? Here’s What Your HR Department Can Help You With

Evil HR Lady

HR has a bad reputation. See title of Blog.) But there are lots of things your human resources department can help you with. Some of these you may know about and some of them might be surprises to you. Even bad HR people should be able to help you with some of these things, and great HR departments (they do exist! I’ve been in several!) will really be helpful. To read all about it, click here: 10 Things HR Departments Can Do For Employees. The post Need Help?

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If resumes are hard to write, what should I do?

Cube Rules

There is an incredible amount of noise about writing your resume. Hundreds of rules, contradictory advice, many different formats – and no sense of what it takes to win. Often, it is really overwhelming. So we give up.

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5 Industries with Serious Skills Shortages

The Undercover Recruiter

From the sheer number of reports and statistics being published about the current lack of opportunities in the UK job market, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the outlook was bleak for anyone wanting to embark on a new career.

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Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job (Even If You’re Completely Miserable)

Career Realism

Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job (Even If You’re Completely Miserable). Work It Daily. You hate your job. You find yourself complaining about it daily to your family and friends.

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Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass?

Evil HR Lady

My son was a baby when our family moved to Switzerland. If you have any s tereotypes of the Swiss in your head , it’s probably that they are clean and orderly. This stereotype overwhelmingly plays out. For example, the street cleaner truck goes down my suburban street every week. If someone spray paints graffiti at the tram stop (my favorite was a group that used to go around spray painting their zip code with a stencil), it will be cleaned and gone in less than 24 hours.

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How to Avoid Bad Career Advice

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Avoid Bad Career Advice appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, especially when it comes to career advice. Between the internet, mentors, and even well-meaning friends and relatives, there’s a lot of career advice floating around out there.

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8 Movies Every Recruiter Must Watch

The Undercover Recruiter

Whether you are looking for some sales inspiration this month or simply fancy a night in with some popcorn and a storyline you can relate to. I have included a collective of some great films which are out there at the moment and every recruiter should be able to relate to! Sit back, put your feet.

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5 Good Habits That Destroy Unproductive Meetings

Career Realism

5 Good Habits That Destroy Unproductive Meetings. Work It Daily. Unproductive meetings are the WORST. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And ain’t nobody got money for that, either. An estimated $37 billion is lost every year to unproductive meetings, according to this article in Business Insider.

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3 Tips for Developing First Time Managers


Whilst there are many things which can influence the success of your team, a great manager is a key factor when it comes to keeping people motivated and on the road to success, either as individuals, a team, or an organization. An effective manager can make all the difference between a successful team and one […] Source. HR Leadership leadership management mentoring

Tools to Change Your Financial Reality

Ms. Career Girl

The post Tools to Change Your Financial Reality appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Simone Milasas. Her bio follows. Valentine’s Day around the corner has lots of people evaluating their relationships. What’s working? What’s not?

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Don’t Cold Call: 8 Things to Do Instead

The Undercover Recruiter

I started my recruitment career as a researcher in an executive recruitment agency. Old-school cold calling was all I did, including identifying target candidates via cover stories and then cold calling the prospects later, but is it still as effective? What is cold calling According to the dictionary, Merriam-Webster defines cold calling as: “a telephone. View Article. Don’t Cold Call: 8 Things to Do Instead. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Career Blog.

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7 Jobs for Those Who Love Math

Career Alley

If you love math, there are a plethora of career opportunities available to you. Fortunately, math-minded individuals are able to score some of the highest paying jobs out there, from accounting to biotechnology. Here are seven jobs you can pursue if you love math. Career Opportunities Career Alternatives

LinkedIn’s Best Jobs for 2017

Evil HR Lady

Wouldn’t you like a job that has potential? Where you can earn great money and have the promise of promotion in years to come? LinkedIn crunched their data and came up with the Most Promising Jobs of 2017. LinkedIn looked at their member data to not only find the jobs that are likely to lead career growth but found the skills you’d need to be successful in each one. So, they’ll tell you not only which jobs are best, but what you need to do to get one of these jobs.

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Will you love this job?

Cube Rules

You hate your job. It blows the big one. There’s no culture, it makes you uncomfortable, and Janet from accounting is always whispering whatever behind your back. There are a whole list of red flags you kick yourself for ignoring during the interview.

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Don’t Make These Body Language Mistakes!

The Undercover Recruiter

If certain techniques for acing job interviews are so well-known that you use them almost automatically, the things that you don’t realize you’re doing can cost you that dream job at the final hurdle. Identifying and neutralizing potential errors before the big day can make all the difference if you’re up against strong competition. View Article. Don’t Make These Body Language Mistakes! Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Career Blog. Interview Tips candidate Interview Job Interview

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So You Have A New Job? Great! What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Ms. Career Girl

The post So You Have A New Job? Great! What’s Your Exit Strategy? appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Last month, I did an article on the gig economy. It was a quick reminder of where our work world is and where it’s headed.

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Using a Value-based Approach to Job-Seeking

Corn on the Job

Photo Credit. What do you usually look for when searching for a job? Most people would first check the salary. Then, they will take a look at the job description and find out if it matches their educational background and expertise.

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4 Reasons to Replace Performance Reviews With Frequent Feedback


2016 might be remembered as the year we heard the death rattle of the traditional annual performance review. As those of us in the HR space know, there’s been a revolution brewing for a while, with companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, Adobe, and Accenture doing away with their review systems, well before the end of last […] Source. HR 360 degree feedback feedback one-on-one performance reviews

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9 Interview Experiences to Make You LOL

The Undercover Recruiter

Prepping your candidate to help them nail the interview for THAT dream job is hard enough – especially if confidence isn’t their strong point. You’ve told them to do all the prep beforehand to make sure they’re as ready as they’ll ever be.

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Top Tech Skills for College Students: What You Need to Know to Succeed in School

Career Alley

Getting to college is a journey. A student must do well in classes, fill-out applications, write essays, etc. In some cases, an adult gains experience before heading to college. Regardless, in some cases, essential skills are not learned or improved. In some cases, high school students may have access to computers but with limited resources and teachers who can relay top tech skills. If you’re headed toward a higher degree, here’s what you need to know to succeed.

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???? 7 Things Recruiters Reproach Older Job Seekers And How To Respond


Job search is hard enough without these extra obstacles in your way. Photo Credit: JD Hancock. The biggest hurdle older job seekers usually face is that many recruiters tend to be put off by their age.

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Ep 103 – Tackling Workplace Optimism and Positivity with Shawn Murphy


Work doesn’t need to be a soul sucking nightmare especially when you consider how much time you spend at the office versus your home, with friends and family. A Root Inc. found that 68 percent. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Work doesn’t need to be a soul sucking nightmare especially when you consider how much time you spend at the office versus your home, with friends and family. A Root Inc.

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Recruiting in 2017: 7 Experts Share Their Top 5 Predictions

The Undercover Recruiter

This post is sponsored by MightyRecruiter. Be sure to check out their latest eBook, 2017 Hiring Trends & Predictions: Industry Experts Weigh In. It’s available now! If the experts are correct, 2017 is going to be an extraordinary year in the world of recruiting and hiring.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Step up to the World of Public Speaking

Career Alley

There are few things more terrifying to people than public speaking. The mere thought of having to speak to a group of people is like having a slow-motion nightmare. You are desperate for it to end, but time seems to stand still. Career Opportunities Public Speaking

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Try These Unique Networking Methods!

Professional Resume Services

Proper LinkedIn profile development is just one great networking technique! Here are more. When it comes to networking, you don’t always have to step completely out of your shell to meet new people.

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Good Work Perks Are Free Advertising


Last Thursday, Kraft Heinz announced that instead of buying another pricy Superbowl ad, they would instead turn the event into a holiday for their entire salaried US workforce.

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