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Perfectly Imperfect – Insights From Kelly McNelis

Ms. Career Girl

The post Perfectly Imperfect – Insights From Kelly McNelis appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Seems that women are constantly under the microscope to be perfect. Or, at least as perfect as the observer is willing to accept.

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B.S. Incorporated Will Make You Serious About Your Job Search and Career

Competitive Resumes

Finally, I read a job search and career book with the mission to entertain while making serious points. Much of what NOT to do in your job search and workplace is in the book, B.S. Incorporated. The authors, Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss mix parody and non-fiction to bring us chaos.I

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Swiss Saturday: Fasnacht (Mardi Gras) Basel Style

Evil HR Lady

Fasnacht is the German/Swiss equivalent of Mardi Gras. It’s supposed to be a big party before Lent begins. However, Basel has their Fasnacht the week after Ash Wednesday. And what a party it is. 3 full days and by full days I mean full days.

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Don’t Forget to Add These Soft Skills to Your Executive Resume!

Professional Resume Services

Hiring managers are impressed by more than your technical skills! Here are some soft skills to include on your resume to help you land the job. There was a time when soft skills were considered resume filler—something to make the resume look longer, but not bringing any value to it — fluff.

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I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good.

Ms. Career Girl

The post I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Heather Monahan. Her bio follows. I found myself thinking about St. Patrick’s day this year and realized that the luck of the Irish struck me differently than it had in years past.

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Real Career Girls: Betsy Rivera on Following Your Own Path

Ms. Career Girl

The post Real Career Girls: Betsy Rivera on Following Your Own Path appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Betsy Rivera. Her bio follows.

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Advance Your Career With A to Z Personal Branding

Executive Career Brand

Personal branding is no longer optional in executive job search. Those who take the time to dig deep and differentiate the unique value they offer their target employers typically land faster. in jobs that are a better fit.

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When Lots of Praise Backfires

Evil HR Lady

With some office environments being completely toxic , it should feel like a relief to land in one where everyone is kind to each other. But it can go south as well. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. The Wall Street Journal took on the growing trend of having people give positive feedback to their peers. It sounds fabulous– who wouldn’t want more praise ? And Slack (full disclosure: Inc.

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12 Ways to Mute Your Personal Brand and Not Get Heard or Hired

Competitive Resumes

Never quell the voice of your personal brand. Never. It is the path to your future opportunities. Everyone is an authority at least in his or her household, or at the minimum, self. Right? Or maybe you are an insider and can speak authoritatively about your industry, hobby, or passion.

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Are You On the Road to Burnout?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Are You On the Road to Burnout? appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Burnout: a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, brought on by long periods of stress without any breaks or recovery time. Seems like we’re all talking about it, and too many of us are suffering from it.

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The resume was fabulous. Then he started talking.

Cube Rules

The purpose of the resume is to get an interview. Nothing more — which is a lot — and nothing less. But then, you come to doing the phone or video interview. It’s a completely different skill set then getting the resume right, submitting for jobs, and then securing the interview.

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When Your “Day Without Women” Press Release Announces You Are Violating Federal Law

Evil HR Lady

My friend and fellow writer, Amy Alkon (author of Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck ) received a press release announcing a certain company’s celebration of International Women’s Day. The press release stated: [Company] CEO, [Man], is joining the nation in solidarity of women’s rights and values by giving his female employees paid time off March 8th.

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.” ” – Banana Yoshimoto. A co-worker named John is really grumpy, so grumpy that he is often hard to be around. I say hello to him every morning. I often ask him how he is doing.

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10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Pat Fredshaw. Her bio follows. Managing your professional life can sometimes be extremely stressful.

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Struggling To ‘Find Your Passion’? Here’s Why It’s Dangerous Advice – And What To Look For Instead

Career Shifters

You want inspiration, drive, energy, and contentment at work: a career you can be proud of and a life you love. There's just this one little thing you need to find first… Or is there?

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Marissa Mayer’s Replacement, Thomas McInerney, Will Earn Twice Her Salary. Good for McInerney.

Evil HR Lady

Altaba, what will be left of Yahoo, filed documents with the SEC regarding Marissa Mayer’s replacement, Thomas McInerney. McInerney’s salary is $2,000,000 a year, which is twice what Mayer’s current salary is. Same job, double the salary, fair? Unfair? Newsweek’s headline: Gender Pay Gap, Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Replacement to Make Double Her Salary. Fortune’s headline: Yahoo’s New Male CEO Will Make Double Marissa Mayer’s Salary.

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LinkedIn Personal Branding Secrets for Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Check out the podcast I did with Mac Prichard (@ Mac_Prichard on Twitter) on LinkedIn, personal branding and executive job search — as part of his “ Find a Dream Job ” series. 077: Do You Know These LinkedIn Secrets with 
Meg Guiseppi. Listen to the podcast on YouTube.

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Are You Dating A Narcissist? 7 Red Flags Not to Miss

Ms. Career Girl

The post Are You Dating A Narcissist? 7 Red Flags Not to Miss appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. With more and more people turning to dating apps and websites to meet people, we see a relatable pattern. You see someone’s photo. You’re attracted.

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From HR to Writing

Career Shifters

"I cringed every time someone asked me about my job. I hated talking about it.". Nina Jervis was stuck and lost in a career she'd given 15 years to. Now, after some help uncovering her passion (and a push from a loved one), she's moved into work that finally feels like her.

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The 25 Top Paying Jobs List Is Here! Here’s Why You Should Ignore It

Evil HR Lady

Do you want to be rich ? Of course, you do. Do you want your children to be rich so that they can support you in the style to which you’d like to become accustomed? Of course, you do. So you scour these lists and say, “Junior! Get a good grade in biology so you can go to medical school!” ” Right? Of course right. Forget these lists. They are not the way to financial independence. Let’s look at the numbers.

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Tips When Asking for a Raise


If you are looking for tips when asking for a raise, you are in the right place! Some people happen to love their jobs, while others not so much.

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8 Healthy Pre-Sleep Habits For Better Sleep

Ms. Career Girl

The post 8 Healthy Pre-Sleep Habits For Better Sleep appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. A (wo)man who sleeps well is a (wo)man who lives well. Well, I haven’t said anything new. But the relevance of the statement springs from the alarming frequency with which we forget the importance of sleep.

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6 Ways to Help Your Team Achieve Purpose 

The Undercover Recruiter

It is important to define what purpose is before trying to explain how to achieve it. According to the dictionary, “Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. It is also describes a person’s sense of resolve or determination.”

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Why You Should Absolutely, Positively, Work From Home Today

Evil HR Lady

Yesterday, in most of North America, people lost an hour of their time. Unless you’re a person who goes to church or work on Sunday , the time change didn’t really hit you until you woke up this morning. Or, rather tried to wake up, because it’s freaking early. So, work from home today if you can. Not just because it will allow you to sleep a little longer and wear your bathrobe and sip hot drinks while you work, but because it will keep you safe.

7 Tips to Knock Your Next Phone Interview Out of the Park

Career Alley

Phone interviews have become very popular as the first interview in the hiring process. Companies are overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions of applicants for each position posted online. How people work in the job market has changed so much that, if you plan to telecommute, there is a strong chance that you may never set […]. Interviews Interviewing Job Interviews telephone Interviews

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5 Terrific Winter to Spring Skin Care Tips

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Terrific Winter to Spring Skin Care Tips appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. As we say goodbye to the Winter season and hello to Spring, there are important beauty tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure your beauty regimen continues to thrive through the transitioning seasons.

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8 Elements of an Effective Job Advert

The Undercover Recruiter

Writing a job ad might seem like a fairly intuitive kind of process – you think you know what the job is, you have a fair idea of the kind of person you’re looking for: all that remains is to put the two together, right? Of course, it’s not quite that simple. Constructing an advert.

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Stacking Benjamins: ETFs and (More Importantly) Pay Cuts

Evil HR Lady

It’s time for a guest appearance at Stacking Benjamins. The focus of the show is on ETFs, but my segment is about when you should take a pay cut. The whole thing is a good listen, but the best part is the very last minute. I mentioned that this last minute happened last week when I talked about the hilarious hazards of working from home , but I had no idea that Joe included it until I listened today. To hear the show, click here: ETFs May Do More Harm Than Good.

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Reviving Blue Collar Work: Why the Trades Need Women

Career Alley

It’s no secret that a career in the trades can be quite lucrative. Nevertheless, few parents and teachers would wish their students pick blue-collar work over a university education. As such, fewer and fewer high schools have been teaching trades and encouraging students to explore career opportunities that veer from the university route. This is […]. Career advice Blue Collar Women

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4 Job Searching Tips You Can Use Today

Ms. Career Girl

The post 4 Job Searching Tips You Can Use Today appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. At some point in time, most job seekers feel like they have reached a dead end in their search.

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3 Reasons Cultural Fit is Important in the Workplace

The Undercover Recruiter

It is often said that firms want to recruit people with the right attitude and work ethic rather than just a glowing CV. While knowledge of the job is essential, key skills can be learned in-house, particularly at a junior level. But how easy is it to find someone who is the right cultural fit.

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How To Cope With Change At Work


It’s so crucial in today’s job market to how to cope with change at work. No matter where you work, or in what role, you are always going to encounter change. Change can come in so many forms, though.

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Why Choose a Career in Roofing and How to Get Started

Career Alley

With good work ethic and a positive, professional attitude, you shouldn’t have any problem finding yourself employed. Career change Career Opportunities Roofing

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How to Renovate Your Home for Your Home-Based Side Hustle

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Renovate Your Home for Your Home-Based Side Hustle appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Do you want to start a home-based business? If so, you’re not alone. With the layoffs and downsizings in today’s economy, this may be your time.

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