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Worried About Age Discrimination? 9 Things on Your Executive Resume That Show Your Age

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Several years ago I wrote the post Is Your Executive Resume Still Partying Like It’s 1999?, and then updated it more recently. Sadly, I’m still seeing executive resumes that look and read like the ones I was writing 15-20 years ago.

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What You Should Know About Your Sleep, Work, and Productivity

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This post is sponsored by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Today’s work environment is both demanding and competitive. So much so that it’s common, and sometimes expected, that work weeks edge into the 50 or 60 hour range. In the U.S.

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I Have No Idea Why I Was Just Fired

Evil HR Lady

I am hoping you can help me understand this. I have worked as a contract worker (meaning no benefits, and being paid by the recruiter’s company). . . I was working for 6 weeks, and then I get a call after 5:00 p.m. from the recruiter who tells me my assignment ended, and that the place I was working for does not want me to show up for work the next day. Of course, I ask why? And I am told, ” you were not a good fit.” ” . What does that mean?

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3 Facts You Need to Know Before Starting an Executive Job Search

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Most people have heard the phrase, “it’s not where you start, but where you finish.” This is true in many aspects of life, but when it comes to an executive job search, how you start will have a significant impact on your success.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.” ” – B. Forbes.

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Why do so many workers remain silent about toxic work behavior?

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Virtually every American worker has been the target of toxic work behavior at some point in his/her career and, yet, the majority of us never report it.

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In a Small Business, Everyone Does Multiple Jobs. How Do You Choose Accurate Titles?

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I always find the job title “secretary” fascinating. It’s both an administrative support person, almost always non-exempt, and not responsible for high-level activities, and an exceedingly high government official, with incredibly complex and varied responsibilities, some of whom are responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of employees.

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“My Mind Is Going Round In Circles. How Do I Find A Way Through The Confusion?”

Career Shifters

Rachel's stuck in analysis paralysis. She gets no joy from her job, but she's struggling to work out if making a leap is anything more than a pipe dream. When you're terrified of getting it wrong, how do you figure out which way to go

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Aging Parents – The Truth You Need To Know

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None of us likes the idea of getting older. But getting older, and eventually facing death, is part of the human experience. And it’s happening to each and every one of us, including our parents.

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Why Student Loan Repayment Is Not the Benefit You Should Offer in 2019

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Americans are drowning in student loan debt. The average person (as of 2016) graduates with $37,172 in debt. That’s a tremendous burden and businesses are doing the right thing in helping their employees pay down this debt. That’s the general consensus, but it’s not actually the best use of your benefit dollars. Here’s why. Student loans are voluntary. Yes, rich kids can get through school without student loans, Yay. But, I’m not talking about that.

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Create a Resume for a Career


Creating a resume is like fishing. Your resume is the bait that you disseminate into the workplace of a company that you would like to consider a career with. You cast your resume into the human resource pond hoping to hook a job.

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From Marketing to Storytelling

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“I'd plateaued in my day job; after ten years I needed something new.”. Matthew Barrett didn't dislike his work, but he wanted to start something of his own.

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The Top 5 Countries Where it Pays to Be a Teacher

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Everyone who has had the privilege of going through the school system has met a teacher that has made an impact on their lives. When we’re kids, and even when we’re adults, it’s hard to think about our teachers in terms of all the hefty workload they have inside and outside the classroom.

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World Mental Health Day

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Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is so important and yet we often treat it as a minor aspect of our lives. While there are numerous mental health conditions, I’m focusing on depression today, as it’s extremely common. There’s a good chance that someone in your office is struggling right now. I’m sharing three articles about depression to help you, whether you’re the person suffering or the manager of someone who is suffering.

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5 Ways Text Interviews Will Surprise You

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruiters are at a disadvantage in today’s hyper-connected society.

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The benefits of transparency are bigger than you can imagine, which is why transparency feels so hard

Penelope Trunk

My son left. He’s in Boston now. My friend Lauren agreed to take care of him. “Until when?” ” I said. “Right now, just get him on the plane. He doesn’t have a cello and he doesn’t have a teacher and he just needs someone to help him. I can help him.”

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How To Get Your Brand On Brand: The Secrets To Success

Ms. Career Girl

There’s a great deal of difference between setting up a business and creating a brand. The latter will certainly provide you with more success, that’s for sure. Brand strategy should be the first thing you’re thinking about before you’ve even registered a new business.

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White House Advisor’s 3rd Grade Teacher Says He Ate Glue. Time to Fire the Teacher and Regain Sanity.

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I understand that politics has reached the point that we don’t merely disagree with one another, we must destroy the opposite side. And we must point out that not only are they bad in their current jobs, but they were also always bad. It’s like sin, but in politics and repentance is not possible. Once a sinner, always a sinner. Nikki Fiske, in the Hollywood Reporter , says she was White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller’s 3rd-grade teacher and that he ate glue.

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How to Recruit Candidates With Zero Relevant Work Experience

The Undercover Recruiter

In the recruitment world, most sectors and disciplines are extremely “talent” short, therefore, hiring managers have to become more receptive and agile to hiring potential employees who do not necessarily possess the most relevant (if any) work experience pertaining to the role required.

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Leadership Strategy in Organization Change Management

Imarticus Learning

As we already know, changes in an organisation are inexorable and so does the necessity for effective change management.

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Panic Attacks? So Do Lots of A-List Celebrities!

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Over 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety and panic disorders. And as privileged as they are, celebrities are no exception when it comes to panic attacks. Whether it’s a one-time event or something they consistently struggle with, dealing with a panic attack is never easy.

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Making Sure Your Compensation Is Fair

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At both small businesses and large companies, employee compensation should always be top of mind. It’s crucial that organizations offer workers the best pay packages possible, since this can help with recruitment and retention as well as ensure that morale stays high. Therefore, it’s important for companies to regularly evaluate compensation packages (to determine the best fit) and educate employees on their value.

5 Ways to Deal With a Counteroffer

The Undercover Recruiter

With great talent in short supply, businesses are doing everything they can to retain employees. So when your candidate goes to hand in their resignation, a counteroffer from their existing employer is not out of the question – in fact, it’s more common than ever.

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How to Build an Evidence-Based Executive Resume: Why Metrics Matter

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careersteering. Most executive and management resumes that I rewrite suffer from an acute condition. The condition? KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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Three Lessons I Learned From An Accidental Entrepreneur

Ms. Career Girl

Some people know they want to start their own company someday; it’s simply in their DNA. Others never consider being an entrepreneur an option and happily build successful careers working for others.

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Want Innovation? This 94 Year Old Leader Innovates.

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We often think of new and innovated being the purview of the young, but if you want to see innovation and change on a grand scale, look at the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Russell M. Nelson. Nelson is 94, and his counselors, Dallin H. Oakes , 86, and Henry B. Eyring , 85, have made massive changes in the past year.

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The 9 Most Sought After Work Perks

The Undercover Recruiter

A recognition of your hard work can make all the difference to productivity and the atmosphere within a working environment. However, when those perks seem more like a gimmick, they can have a negative effect and can make staff wonder if they’re an invaluable member of the team.

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AI Essay Type Services – Features, Capabilities, and How to Use Them

Corn on the Job

Essay writing services readily offer features more than just the essay writing itself. They have elements with functions supporting the AI essay type r service to create the best article using the details you provided. Among those features include: · Web Surveillance.

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Three Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community

Ms. Career Girl

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. If you are wondering how to take on the challenges of a shifting global economy, investing in creative industries entrepreneurs tackles economic, civic, and social challenges and is found in every community in every corner of the globe.

our disruptively cheerful new coworker treats us like toddlers

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a company that has grown quickly in a couple of years. We have an informal reporting/management structure, no HR, etc. The boss is the owner, who works about 20 hours a day and doesn’t have time for minor issues. We all have a lot of work, but the atmosphere is relaxed and collegial. We have nice chats in the kitchen over a tea break, and we go for occasional lunches out together, but we don’t have (or want) a social committee. My problem is a new hire.

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How to Use Company Perks to Attract the Best Employees

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment is hard, there are no two ways about it. Job seekers are often competing with hundreds of other applicants for roles, and that means more and more applicants for businesses to sift through. Because of this, you need to attract the very best from the beginning.

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Essay Writing Using AI Technology

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Are you wondering how to make the most use of essay writing services? What ways can improve the essays and articles you write using AI writing tools? In this article, you can find tips and methods on how to write an essay with AI technology. The Birth of AI Essay Writing Tools.

Roses and More Roses! We Love Those Roses !

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Women love flowers. That’s no secret. And we especially love roses. In fact, in a recent poll, 65% said they preferred roses when receiving a gift of flowers. The rose is so loved that the image of a rose is found in more sculptures, paintings, and engravings than another other flower.

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Placement Series: Interview Preparation – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Interviews have become the preface for any business institutions to judge candidates suitable for the job profile. What’s good about the interview is that they are an excellent source of data, but when it comes to analysing the situation, the interview takes a wrong turn. But this is not the end; there is an ugly part as well. People have now mastered the art of flattering and so you cannot truth words that voice.

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How Should You Measure ROI on Recruitment Marketing?

The Undercover Recruiter

Like most things in life, there’s no point in doing something if you’re not going to get anything out of it. It’s no different for recruitment marketing. Maybe you have someone dedicated to delivering this for your company or maybe you’re still considering it.

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10 Things Every Illustrator Should Know About Getting Paid Work

Corn on the Job

If you have the skills, you can make a living as an illustrator. It isn’t going to all be sunshine and daisies, but you can more than scratch out a living. Know that in today’s global society, there are a lot of other illustrators out there.

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Baby Boomer School Reunions

Boomers Next Step

Does the thought of a school reunion leave you feeling like hiding in a cupboard, never to reappear until the reunion is over? Or would you love to catch up with people who you knew during your school days?

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