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Hot New Titles For Your Winter Reading List

Ms. Career Girl

Winter is fast approaching, and there is no better way to spend this season that by curling up with a great new book. From romance, to poetry, to thoughtful YA, and women’s fiction there is something for everyone on this winter reading list! Chasing North Star by Heidi McCrary.

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How to Find and Connect with the RIGHT Recruiters on LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

Recruiters are a major source of executive jobs and LinkedIn is a haven for them. They’re busy networking there, posting updates, and sourcing and assessing candidates. It only makes sense to connect and network with the right recruiters on LinkedIn.

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Please Tell Me this CEO is Nuts

Evil HR Lady

This is not a creative way to get noticed. This is a stupid way to get noticed. If someone sent me $10 and asked for a job, I’d return the $10 and put them in the do not hire, ever category. It’s not cute. It’s not creative.

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Is there videoconferencing etiquette I should know?


Needless to say, videoconferencing has become a primary way of communicating with colleagues, suppliers and clients. Here are some best practices for videoconferencing etiquette.

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4 Simple Practices to Make Your Workday More Productive

Ms. Career Girl

Melissa Steginus is a productivity and wellness specialist and author of the new book, Everyday Mindfulness: 108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life.

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Should You Display #OpenToWork on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Executive Career Brand

Have you noticed the little green #OpenToWork frame around headshots on some LinkedIn profiles? Are you wondering whether to use it yourself? A time-honored job search strategy is not to “out” the fact in your LinkedIn profile that you’re unemployed.

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Managing Social Media Challenges in Today’s Employee Relations World

Evil HR Lady

Even though I spent Halloween in my apartment watching Hocus Pocus with my children and had precisely two trick-or-treaters that were pre-arranged, I saw hundreds of costumed children in my Facebook feed. You no longer have to do things in-person to know what goes on in your friends’ lives.

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6 Ways Covid-19 Anxiety Affects Your Work or Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

Coronavirus anxiety is increasing as numbers surge across the US and around the globe. As businesses shift, expand and close due to pandemic circumstances, it is especially hard hitting for executive job seekers trying to stay ahead of the game.

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From Corporate Finance to Menswear Brand

Career Shifters

“I always felt that the people on the other side of the table (my clients) were having more fun.”. Pascal Keane had a challenging and enjoyable job, but it was never something he was passionate about.

2020 141

The Real HR Show: Funny Things Employees Do

Evil HR Lady

Plus, learn about my and Brenda’s worst workplace screwups. The post The Real HR Show: Funny Things Employees Do appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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Why Visual Representations of Diversity Aid an Inclusive Work Environment

The Undercover Recruiter

The workplace is where we spend most of our lives. Shouldn’t it, therefore, be a place where we can bring our whole selves to work without the fear of facing discrimination based on our ethnicity, culture, gender, age, or sexual orientation?

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Federal Guidance to Fly Healthy This Holiday Season

Ms. Career Girl

The U.S. Departments of Transportation, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and State have established a new web portal where airline passengers can obtain updated information on how to Fly Healthy this holiday season.

An Inverted Jedi Mind Trick

Career Tips Blog

Pay attention to what you’re focusing on. This one thing can do wonders to increase your satisfaction in life almost immediately. First, understand that what you focus on affects how you feel. If what you’re thinking about makes you feel bad, it affects your energy level in a bad way.

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Today at 10:00 Eastern: HR in the Age of Social Media!

Evil HR Lady

Today the Virtual HR Summit begins–it’s free and it’s fabulous. Today at 10:00 Eastern (Monday, 9 November), I’ll be giving a presentation on HR in the Age of Social Media. You can still register and join us! Click here to register !

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This Veteran's Day, Broader Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Water Cooler Wisdom

According to the  U.S. Government Accountability Office , as of June 2019, 200,000 service members transition from military to civilian life annually. In the last several years, the federal government has taken many steps to support them — including the Joining Forces Initiative in 2011, which called for companies to hire and train 1.5

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my company wants us to meditate and do yoga and alternative healing

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work for a growing company (think of the products you’d find in Whole Foods beauty aisle) that is doing great things and genuinely has good intentions and smart people behind it.

2020 44

I can’t fire a terrible employee

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m the manager at a growing professional services firm. I’m in charge of a lot of things, but the company owners have the final say in hiring or firing, and I’m stuck in a situation where the owners won’t fire a terrible employee.

2020 42

will a job candidate who used to be in charge really be OK with a non-management job?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work in biotech and am in the process of reading resumes and interviewing candidates to replace my only direct report, who left recently when she got a really nice job offer elsewhere.

2020 39

I was praised for my insecurities, boss pressures me to reschedule vacations, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I was praised for my doubts and insecurities. I am a first-time manager who walked into a situation no one was expecting. I had to rely on my boss, grandboss, and HR to help me navigate situations that were almost unknown in my organization.

2020 39

my interviewer berated me and called me a liar

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I royally screwed up today in the middle of an interview process and got weird reaction from the recruiter in the process. Where do I go from here?

2020 39

is it OK to fire someone over email, resigning over an ethical conflict, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it OK to fire someone over email? Is firing someone over email acceptable? Someone I know was recently fired via email. They are not a remote employee.

2020 38

I’m not getting interviews because employers think they can’t afford me

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Like many people, I am now unemployed due to the economic impact COVID-19 had on my previous sector. I have been working in this industry for almost eight years in project management/engineering-related positions, and the industry tends to be very well-paying.

2020 37

my boss is a snob about college degrees, will I look ungrateful for quitting, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss is a snob about college degrees. I work as a strategy leader for a large corporation that—among many other things—builds and runs primary care doctor’s offices.

2020 37

job candidate read all his answers from notes, predecessor won’t clear out their office, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Job candidate read all his answers from prepared notes. I recently conducted a Zoom interview that did not go well. The candidate’s answers weren’t spectacular, but the delivery was the bigger issue.

2020 36

what do we do about end-of-year celebrations during the pandemic?

Ask a Manager

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question: I work for a multinational company. Normally at the end of the year, various geographic offices would have holiday parties/dinners. Obviously this won’t happen this year due to the plague.

2020 35

candidate was dressed too casually, upset about hiring process, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Candidate was dressed too casually on a Zoom interview. I recently conducted Zoom interviews for a professional position.

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it’s your Friday good news

Ask a Manager

It’s your Friday good news, with more accounts of success even in this weird time. Although I love my current job/supervisors/coworkers, I’ve hit the salary cap at my current organization.

2020 33

two of my employees are harassing their disabled coworker

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I manage a small digital marketing firm. The owner is usually in the background doing the “big stuff” like networking and bringing in sponsors or big clients, I do almost all the hiring, and we use a virtual assistant HR company that tends to just forward me complaint emails (a separate issue). We have one staff member who has been with us since the company formed 10 years ago.

2020 34

how to interview with people you already know

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have an interview for a new job (in a new company) next week. The difficult part is that I know several of the people interviewing me, I work with them on a regular basis in my current role. How do you suggest approaching the interview?

2020 34

my boss’s boss asked me a fantastic question

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I wanted to share this amazing question I got from my boss’ boss not too long ago because it stopped me in my tracks, it was so good and helpful. Setting the scene: My boss Perfuma was enjoying some much-deserved time off for a few days, and we ran into a tricky situation with a handful of customers in a public setting who were upset about how we were advertising our, let’s say, unicorn grooming.

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weekend open thread – November 14-15, 2020

Ask a Manager

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand. Here are the rules for the weekend posts. Book recommendation of the week: Solutions and Other Problems , by Allie Brosh.

2020 29

we all need a good editor – and I’ve found her

Ask a Manager

And now a word from a sponsor…. Early in my career, I didn’t much like being edited — my words, my beautiful words! How dare someone suggest they could be different or – gasp – shorter. But as my career has progressed and I’ve worked with better and better editors, I’ve learned to appreciate the editing process so much more. A really good editor can strengthen your writing in ways you can’t spot by yourself.

2020 28

not every work call needs to be on video

Ask a Manager

When our entire lives went online earlier this year, most of us quickly learned about “Zoom fatigue”: how video calls are generally more draining than ordinary conversations because of the constant gaze of the camera, the lack of many of the nonverbal cues we typically rely on, and the slight delay in virtual responses. Yet many offices have plunged enthusiastically into video as their primary remote communication method.

2020 27

is my job the problem — or is it me?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: How do you know if the problem is you and that you are just going through a hard time in life, or if you are in a toxic workplace that exacerbated your mental health issues? On one hand, I have been at my current position for a year and a half. As you can imagine, COVID has put a lot of emotional stress on me (and everyone else). On top of that, about a month after starting this position, one of my immediate family members passed away under traumatic and unexpected circumstances.

2020 27

how to ask references about a candidate’s personality

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I run a nonprofit and hire part-time workers to work in recreation-type centers across the city. Strong interpersonal skills are part of what we look for. However, interviews make people nervous, and it can be a little hard to judge those skills in interviews. My question is about checking references and getting managers to talk about interpersonal skills with us.

2020 25

What a Biden Presidency Will Mean for Your Workplace

Evil HR Lady

It’s time to start planning for how a Biden presidency will affect your business. Some things may matter to you, and some may not, but there will be change. Here’s what is likely to happen that may influence how you run your workplace. Critical Race Theory Back In.

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open thread – November 13-14, 2020

Ask a Manager

It’s the Friday open thread! The comment section on this post is open for discussion with other readers on anything work-related that you want to talk about (that includes school). If you want an answer from me, emailing me is still your best bet*, but this is a chance to talk to other readers. * If you submitted a question to me recently, please do not repost it here, as it may be in my queue to answer.

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