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Why I Believe Your LinkedIn Profile May Now Be More Valuable Than Your Resume

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While once a junior-player in career communications, your LinkedIn profile now reigns supreme in job search. The post Why I Believe Your LinkedIn Profile May Now Be More Valuable Than Your Resume appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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The Yin and Yang of a Convincing Job Interviews with Thea Kelley

Competitive Resumes

Welcome back to the fall edition of the podcast. Thank you for joining us as we’ll have about eight episodes to deliver this fall plus a few bonus episodes. My guest is Thea Kelley who wrote the book, Get That Job!

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12 Ways To Build Personal Brand Evangelism

Executive Career Brand

How to get people to spread the word about your unique value in the executive job market. You may feel that “Brand Evangelism” is a fussy term. It may even turn you off to the whole concept of personal branding. Don’t let it.

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Stop Trying To Google Your Way Into A New Career (And What To Do Instead)

Career Shifters

Spending hours scouring job sites, reading articles, and still not getting anywhere with your career change? Natasha shares why it's not working and what to do to move forward more productively

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10 Strange Job Interview Questions and Answers

Career Alley

Have you ever been to an interview and suffered from a ‘deer in the headlights’ scenario when caught completely off guard by the question your interviewer asked you? Interviews Interview questions

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#1 Secret To Getting Noticed By Recruiters At AECOM

Career Realism

#1 Secret To Getting Noticed By Recruiters At AECOM. Work It Daily. With all of the “noise” online, standing out can be a challenge, especially if you’re fighting for a job. However, just because there’s a lot of competition for jobs on job boards doesn’t mean you can’t get hired.

5 Tips to Prepping Candidates for Interviews

The Undercover Recruiter

Even experienced recruiters can overlook the importance of fully preparing their candidates for interviews. As recruiters, we have an obligation to tell our candidates everything we know about the people and organisation.

My Coworker Thinks He’s the Voice of HR

Evil HR Lady

We are a small company. We have no HR department, but we do have a jerk. A jerk who is a director and has decided that he is the voice of HR. Nobody appointed him to this role. He frequently dips snuff at his desk, which is a shared table with eight coworkers. He throws temper tantrums exactly like a three-year-old, ranting and cursing at employees and vendors alike. He’s a serious liability to the team. His behavior needs to be curtailed ASAP.

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5 Reasons Your New Résumé Isn’t Working

Ms. Career Girl

At this point in your career, you are aware of the importance of a resume. This one to two-page document is the ultimate sales pitch that’s designed to brand your impact and achievements to rise above the competition.

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5 Ways To Determine If You'll Be Leading an HR Function in 2022.

HR Capitalist

The world is changing, and the people paying the bills want different things from HR. Here's five things to look inward at and determine if you've got what it takes to lead an HR team and be a viable partner to the business leaders who will hire you in 2022. Remember, I'm talking about leading HR, not participating in running it: 1. You've got a mack daddy processor upstairs. Meaning you can take large amounts of information in and make quick, accurate decisions. Not IQ. Speed with accuracy. .

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How to Get Started with Your Digital Recruiting Strategy


This morning I’m sitting in a workshop session on the subject of recruiting and hiring. Things are just kicking off, and as I listen to the speaker and talk to the recruiters and HR professionals who are in the room, I am reminded how varied the experiences and interests among us. Just like companies recruiters […] Source. HR Recruiting digital recruiting social media social recruiting

Does an Exempt Employee Need Permission to Leave the Office?

Evil HR Lady

Recently my dept hired a new manager, my first interaction with her happened when I broke a tooth and had to go to the dentist on an emergency work in basis. I sent an email to my new manager letting her know that I would be leaving for the emergency appointment and giving full details; then coming back after. I also explained that my calendar was free for the afternoon with no pending obligations and notified my coworkers of my whereabouts.

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Creativity Hacks You Can Do While Flying

Ms. Career Girl

Creativity on the Road: Not Just a Dream! Business travel can sap your creativity, with long hours and the airport-office-hotel-airport circuit. Long plane rides become work opportunities; the office can’t reach you and you can concentrate. That’s fine, sometimes.

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How Executive Personal Branding Affects Your Executive Career

Professional Resume Services

Working on your personal brand is more important now than ever before. Executives have typically considered their c-level personal branding as being associated with and representing the company they work for.

How Anger Affects the Brain and Body [Infographic]

Personal Excellence Blog

There are times when we fly into a rage, such as when we face an outrageous situation or when we have an argument with a loved one. We may think that our anger is justified (and it probably is), and we have every right to be angry. But do you know what happens each time you get angry?

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How to Handle and Reduce Staff Turnover

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Restaurants are known for having a high staff turnover rate. However, there are certain ways to limit this so your restaurant can run smoothly. With a little effort, you can reduce your restaurant’s turnover and retain quality employees. Here are some tips to help guide you. Treat Your Employees Well. The best way to handle turnover is to reduce it, and there are a number of things you can do to make everyone happy. First, pay your employees well.

5 Tips to choosing a great yoga studio

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re into yoga, you have probably gone yoga studio hunting at some point. For those of you who have already found a yoga studio that meets your needs, then good for you.

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The Importance of Appraisals

The Undercover Recruiter

An effective appraisal and performance management process can have a significant impact on an organisation’s culture, staff morale and employee engagement levels – all of which enhance employer brand and support the retention of key talent within a business.

did my employee quit or is she in a ditch somewhere?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My mom just called to ask for advice. She hired a new office manager, “Jane,” a few months ago. Yesterday Jane left for lunch and never came back. She had some performance issues, so my mom thinks she may have quit, but she’s also worried Jane might be in a ditch somewhere. Jane hasn’t answered the phone or text messages. I gave her advice about filing a missing person report, mailing the last paycheck, etc. (I’m

Not Blowing Sh*t Up At Work is Hard.

HR Capitalist

"You think this is hard? This isn't hard. You know what's hard? Riding a bike on a freeway, now that's hard.". -- Willard Sims, Head Basketball Coach , Truman State. -.

5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination and Finish Every Project

Ms. Career Girl

When it comes to household projects, everyone faces the same challenge at some point or another. You get this big idea to renovate the living room, replant some flowers or sort through your closet for the first time in years, and you get excited.

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How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting?

The Undercover Recruiter

The rapid pace of technology has transformed many aspects of work, and life for that matter. We are more productive, efficient and innovative because of it, and the recruitment industry has been no exception to it.

my boss gets annoyed when I bring up problems, I use a fake name with clients, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss gets annoyed when I bring up problems. I work as a designer for a startup marketing company. The design team is a group of three at the same level as me and our creative director, who works remotely in another state. He made it clear multiple times that if we ever had any issues, we should bring them up.

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Saving a Sinking Business Is Easier Than It May Seem

Corn on the Job

Businesses fall on hard times from time to time; it’s inevitable and it’s just what they do. Whether these hard times be brought about by escalating financial problems. Whether they be brought about by a loss of custom. Whether they be brought about by customer service woes.

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Where to Walk: A Walker’s Guide to Port Isaac

Ms. Career Girl

Port Isaac is a small picturesque fishing village in the north of Cornwall. With various different attractions and things to do, here is our walker’s guide to helping you on your way around the village. Doc Martin Tour. Fancy something a bit different? Are you a big TV watcher?

7 Rules for Giving Feedback to Interview Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

Offering feedback to candidates is vital, especially for students and younger professionals. There has been widespread encouragement towards the British government to make feedback after face-to-face interviews mandatory among all employers in order to improve the application process for job seekers. In research done by Debut, 77% of over 70,000 18-23-year-olds agreed that feedback should be. View Article. 7 Rules for Giving Feedback to Interview Candidates.

my boss’s family comes to work with her, will employers care that I drop my G’s, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss’s family members are volunteering in our department. I work for a small-to-medium nonprofit institution where many of the high-level administrators have been there for most of their professional lives, and there is a TON of turnover at the middle-to-lowest level, mostly due to the toxic environment that’s been plaguing this place (but that’s a story for another letter).

Are You Ready to Have Employees Displaced?


We have all read about robots replacing workers in the not too distant future. I wrote about it in Future Friday: Repetition may spell the end of your job on my blog. Other posts include one of mine on this site, here, and one from Megan Purdy, here. When we see articles and posts about […] Source. HR autonomous driving robots

What it Takes to Go from War-Torn Iran to Successful Entrepreneur in America

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Successful serial entrepreneur is shining example of an immigrant living the American Dream. NEWPORT BEACH, California – ( September 13, 2017 ) – Those who know business statistics know how difficult it can be to have a thriving business in America.

Candidates: LinkedIn or Lucked-In?

The Undercover Recruiter

When you’ve got a dozen viable candidates, but only four interview slots available, it’s time for a cull.

my boss is shirtless in his staff photo, bug bites at work, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss is shirtless in his staff photo. I work for the Southern California branch of a large, multinational corporation. The company recently rolled out a new internal employee directory/intranet platform that allows us to customize our profile photos, resume information, skills and interests, etc. The information is only accessible to other employees, but that’s thousands of people!

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“Low Status” Men Avoid Negotiating In the Workplace


According to new research “low status” men who occupy position are less likely to negotiate for raises or promotions in the workplace. It’s become popular to argue that a big reason the pay gap persists is women’s reluctance to negotiate, with schools and and other organizations setting up negotiation workshops just for women, in hopes […] Source. HR diversity gender negotiation pay gap wage gap

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Meal Planning for More Productivity at Work

Ms. Career Girl

You’ve heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” ” right? Think about it. The last time you sat around and ate junk food, how did you feel? What about when life just seems to be in sync and you find yourself eating all the fruits and veggies?

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From Greeting Cards to Furniture

Career Shifters

“I felt stagnant and frustrated.”. George Winks' career was stuck in rut. So, when his experiments with woodwork got positive responses, he decided to take the plunge and build a business of his own. It's been stressful, but he's happy. Here's what he's learned along the way

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