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Changing Your Career Could Be The Best Thing You Do This Year: Here’s How

Career Alley

Maybe now is the time to think about a career change and really think about what you want to do. If you know what that is, then here are some of the steps to take to make it happen. . Find your Dream Job Dream job

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Entrepreneurs: Looking to Hire? Avoid These 3 Hiring Mistakes

Ms. Career Girl

New entrepreneurs typically take on all business roles themselves during their first year of operations, by necessity not choice, according to new research published by SCORE , mentors to America’s small businesses. Still, the report shows that over half (54%) of startups are looking to hire in their first year of operations. If you’re considering hiring help for your small business, avoid making these common hiring mistakes: Hiring too early. For starters, do you really need help?

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What Your Job Postings Need (and what they can do without)

Evil HR Lady

The internet was buzzing about a job posting for a nanny/household manager/best friend last week because it was so over the top. It was also 1475 words. That’s longer than many Atlantic articles. Most of what you read online is less than 1000 words. In other words, this wasn’t a job posting; it was a fantasy novella about this hiring manager’s dream employee. I wish I could say that she was the only one who writes fantasy in place of actual job descriptions, but long job descriptions are common.

2020 147

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

“When I marched in Selma, I felt my legs were praying.” ” – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. Every now and then there appears a person who reminds us of our highest aspirations. He or she usually upsets the status quo, is often hated by some, but over time brings people together, and – sadly – disappears all too quickly. Think of these people, at least once a year, and recall their sacrifice, their teachings, and their contributions to humanity.

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5 Simple Tips that Will Help You Ace that Job Interview

Career Alley

There are ways you can prepare for the dreaded interview and make the right impression. Many articles on acing your interview will tell you to research the company, but you’ll help your case even more by researching your interviewers as well.". Nail the Interview interview Interview Tips

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Advice I’d Give To My Twenty-Something-Self Entering the Workforce

Ms. Career Girl

I’m at a point in my life when I think I can fairly claim to know a few things. I’ve had many years of work experience spanning restaurant, legal, academia, p harmaceuticals and the publishing/film industries. And th ere are things I wish I’d known when I was starting out. So, here’s a shot at bestowing some of that wisdom on upon the next generation. . Repu tation is E verything. .

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It’s Perfectly Legal For Your Boss to Tell You to Drive a Nicer Car

Evil HR Lady

An email telling an employee that he needs to drive a nicer car is circulating rapidly around the internet, and it’s as horrifying as you’d imagine. It’s also legal. This email her coworker received today commenting "He drives a 2005 Camry that is old and fading paint. He never has to meet anyone that they would ever see the car. It’s literally just another car in the garage." " — Oregon I.T. not IT (@OregonProgress) January 22, 2020.

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7 Hot Career Paths if You Enjoy Working with Children

Career Alley

If you're unsure what career path you want to take but do know, without doubt, children should be part of that path, you have several options from casual jobs to solid career choices. Discover Career Opportunities Careers Working with Children

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5 Tips To Bring Your Best Self To Work Every Day

Ms. Career Girl

Do you ever get the sense you are just going through the motions at work? The term “burned out” has a basis in reality. It happens to people who go to work everyday, do what’s necessary to get the job done and just never seem to feel good about their accomplishments. The truth is you owe it to your company, boss and yourself to be the best you can be when you sit down to do your job.

2020 168

Megxit Is a Cautionary Tale for Every Family Owned Business

Evil HR Lady

The Divine Right of Kings, or in the case of the United Kingdom, Queens, is the belief that God appoints the monarch and, as such, we cannot rebel against the king (or queen). As a general rule, the western world rejected this philosophy. And the American Colonies rejected it in a big way in 1776.) But, several western countries maintain monarchies that have no real power, but a whole lot of privilege. Queen Elizabeth is the most famous.

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Ask the Capitalist: "KD, I've Been Fired and Need Your Help".

The HR Capitalist

Heard from a great executive type in my network a few weeks ago. The story was a common one - this exec made a move, then figured out the culture, boss and job wasn't exactly as she had envisioned. As a result, she bounced out of the job voluntarily before she was fired, which she felt like was coming in short order. . The executive reached out to me and we met. I'm not a life coach, but I've got enough experience to be a career coach.

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Recruit Your Friends to Help With Your Job Search

Career Alley

Consider what your friends can bring to the table. If you aren’t very good at creating a cover letter that will grab the attention of your prospective employer, maybe you can ask one of your friends to help. Find your Dream Job College Job Search

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Can Millennials and Baby Boomers Make a Great Work Team?

Ms. Career Girl

The majority of major companies in the US are a blend of millennials and baby boomers. They are equally good at their jobs but in terms of sociability and work goals, there are glaring disparities. The different communication styles these generations can be a real asset to a company. There is no need to think of it as millennials vs baby boomers in the workplace , and here’s why. What Exactly are Baby Boomers and Millennials?

2020 161

Surprising Career Habits of Highly Successful People

The Undercover Recruiter

When observing highly successful people, it’s easy to assume they must have had a string of great luck that landed them in their good fortune. And, if it wasn’t luck, surely, they were born with super-human abilities that made their rise to greatness quick and effortless. But our latest research confirms good luck and good […]. Surprising Career Habits of Highly Successful People Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace Career Habits Emily Gregory Routines VitalSmarts

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GUY TO GUY HUGS AT WORK: Let's Agree To Get Our #### Together.

The HR Capitalist

My best friend Tim Sackett is an expert on workplace hugging. . Tim even incorporates hugging into his speaking appearances. When you go to watch him speak, get ready for what I like to call the “Tim Sackett package”.

2020 88

What is Personal Brand for candidates and How Does it Work?

Undercover Recruiter

We’ve all heard of employer brand and what that can do for your recruitment efforts but there’s also such a thing as a personal brand. This week our panel of experts unpick exactly what that means and why future hires should consider having one. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves Having a strong personal brand is incredibly important. Be […]. What is Personal Brand for candidates and How Does it Work? Undercover Recruiter -.

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Home Safety Tips for the Digital Age

Ms. Career Girl

Once upon a time, home security focused more on community initiatives like a neighborhood watch team. Now, technology has completely transformed how home security is viewed and has made it more digital. There are endless gadgets and tools available to help you make your home a safer place to be in, including but not limited to artificial intelligence which makes features like facial recognition and smart home integration possible.

2020 155

Attracting Talent Through Employer Brand Authenticity

The Undercover Recruiter

This global biotech company stands out in a competitive industry by prioritizing authenticity—saying no to impersonal stock photography and “vanilla” social media advocacy. Tammy Embry is a Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Amgen. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer […]. Attracting Talent Through Employer Brand Authenticity Undercover Recruiter -.

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The Guide to Being a Great Interviewee

The Corporate Con/noisseur

The Guide to Being a Great Interviewee. A lot of work goes into an interview from both the employer and the applicants end. From the employer’s perspective, they must go through a list of applicants, setup initial phone screens, and then setup time for an in-person interview. From the applicant’s perspective, they must continue to apply to positions which they believe they are qualified for, prepare for a phone screen, and then prepare for the in-person interview.

2020 50

4 Rules for Hiring From the Competition

Undercover Recruiter

In my thirty years of helping companies hire from their competitors, I have come to believe in two truths: when the economy is either very good or very bad, the amount of lateral hiring ticks up dramatically. Two other phenomena accompany those truths: both hiring practices and the speed at which a hire goes from hello […]. 4 Rules for Hiring From the Competition Undercover Recruiter -. Talent Acquisition competition Hiring Poaching Steven L Manchel

2020 51

Teaching Kids Autonomy

Ms. Career Girl

What’s autonomy? Autonomy is the ability to make decisions on your own. It’s freedom and independence. As a child, you don’t have many chances to make decisions on your own. Your choices are often made by your parents, teachers, and other members of society. Even though children need to learn the ways of the world, it’s our job as parents to show them that they can have a strong sense of self and stand up for who they are and what they want. Here are some ways to teach your kids autonomy.

2020 116

Encouraging Employees to Buy Into Business Security

The Undercover Recruiter

Despite not being a priority for many businesses, security needs to be a part of every small business’s identity. With crimes against small businesses costing an estimated £12 billion a year and fraud claims on the rise, it’s the smaller firms that suffer the biggest hits if they don’t protect themselves. Companies have always been […]. Encouraging Employees to Buy Into Business Security Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace employees Izzy Schulman Keys 4 U Security small business owner

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Career Realism - Untitled Article

Career Realism

2020 61

Network with Alumni on LinkedIn

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Network with Alumni on LinkedIn. One of the most surefire ways to help your application get seen, is by knowing someone inside the organization that can refer you. This connection can help you to ensure that your application lands in front of the decision makers and is not lost in the pile. With nearly 52-people applying to an open job posting, it can be difficult to ensure that yours gets seen. Networking is an essential part of life and can open doors and opportunities you weren’t aware of.

2020 40

Why Women Need to Start Talking About Their Salary

Ms. Career Girl

Do you know how much your coworkers make? If you haven’t asked, you may think you know already. Yet studies have shown that people can only guess their coworker’s salaries half of the time. That means the person your department with similar experience to you could be making a lot more or less than you think. If you avoid money topics at work because you feel talking about salary with your coworkers is taboo, you may miss out on some valuable information.

2020 147

Preventing Burnout in the Multi-generational Gig Economy

The Undercover Recruiter

Nuffield Health’s latest whitepaper – The effects of remote working on stress, wellbeing, and productivity – has discovered remote working correlates with higher workplace wellbeing but can also offer unique business challenges. Hectic schedules and long hours have become an increasingly prevalent issue across offices and the rising gig economy, with a new study from Gallup revealing 23 percent […]. Preventing Burnout in the Multi-generational Gig Economy Undercover Recruiter -.

3 Innovative Business Trends for 2020

Water Cooler Wisdom

Remember when the year 2020 seemed incredibly far away? Sure enough, if we'd read about this year's new business trends in the late '90s, we might have thought they were pretty futuristic. A few developments—including the  artificially intelligent voice economy, democratized IT and enhanced social video—became reality in the last few years and form the basis of future business trends in 2020 and beyond.    AI-Powered Voice Economy.

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Resume Tenses for Volunteer Work

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Resume Tenses for Volunteer Work. When it comes to writing your resume, getting the grammar correct is of utmost importance. Grammar is one of the best life skills and can be a reflection of your knowledge and your professionalism. When writing your resume, understanding which verb tense to use can be a difficult question. For volunteer work, if it occurred in the past, you should use the past tense verb. If the volunteer work is present and ongoing, you should use a present tense verb.

2020 40

7 Expert Things to Say in Your Cover Letter

What should your cover letter say? The answer is simple but is going to take some time for you to think through. Effective cover letters often discuss a few points that propose why you are an effective candidate for the position.

2020 52

Secrets to How Women Entrepreneurs Manage Their Travel

The Undercover Recruiter

While it’s easy to feel defeated after spotting discouraging news headlines about women being overlooked in the latest Oscars drama (pun intended), let’s focus our attention elsewhere. It’s still early in 2020, so we can start by ringing in this year by celebrating these women who have battled not only the battles typical of any […]. Secrets to How Women Entrepreneurs Manage Their Travel Undercover Recruiter -. Timebound Alex North entrepreneurs travel women in leadership

2020 57

Moving for a Job

Corn on the Job

“Congratulations, you’re hired!” This phrase marks an exciting but scary time in most people’s lives. After the initial euphoria rush of getting the job, sometimes there comes the scary realization that this job is a few hundred miles away. Having to move in the middle of a job transition is never easy. Employees may need to start their new job before there is time to get fully comfortable in the new environment.

2020 40

The Definitive Guide to Resume Tenses

The Corporate Con/noisseur

The Definitive Guide to Resume Tenses. Understanding which verb tense to use in a resume can be frustrating but using the wrong one will be noticed by a recruiter and could hurt your chances at landing an interview. As your resume is a reflection of your current and previous accomplishments and skills, there will be instances where you will need to use past tense and instances where you will need to use present tense.

2020 40

Best Speech Pathologist Job Description Sample (+ Free Template Download)

A speech pathologist ("speech-language pathologist" or "SLP's") assists patients who have disabilities or have experienced traumatic life events that have left them with speech or voice disorders or impairments.

2020 52

Word of Work #1: Steps

David Zinger

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” ” – Neil Armstrong. Step Up to Work. When I was 4-years old living in Regina Saskatchewan and had nothing to do on sunny August days, my mother would hand me a can of water and a paint brush. With can and brush in hand I would paint our red wooden front steps. Before I got to the top step, the bottom step was already dry, so I would climb down the steps and start over, a four-year old version of Sisyphus.

2020 40

our boss told us to camp in tents when we travel for business

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I started on staff at a small environmental/conservation nonprofit. My coworkers and I are PR, fundraising, and outreach staff. All of us are brand new due to turnover. Today we received an email from our boss that says: “When we are traveling for work, we try, when possible, to stay at a state park — cabins in the winter, camping ‘normally’ in the summer since most cabins are booked for a week.

2020 39

12 Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice

The Corporate Con/noisseur

12 Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice. We’re definitely not ones to judge here, but every now and then you may simply need to miss a day of work. Whether it’s due to an actual sickness, or you drank just a bit too much the night before. We’ve compiled a list of 12 excuses to miss work on short notice. These excuses should be used sparingly! If used too often, your manager may become suspicious and catch on to your patterns.

2020 40

What Does a Good Cover Letter Look Like

If you’ve never written a cover letter, you might not know what they look like. Or maybe you're wondering, "what should go inside my cover letter?" This can be a stressful time for you. You are feeling the pressure of wanting the job. And want to make the best cover letter you possibly can.

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