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5 Tips to Digitize your Job Search

Career Alley

Most of us have been fortunate enough to never have had to type our resume on a typewriter. We are all a little spoiled and […]. Find your Dream Job

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How Your Workspace Affects Your Mental Health and Productivity

Ms. Career Girl

No matter how much you enjoy your job, the workplace is entirely intended to elicit the maximum productivity from its employees.

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Top Posts of the Decade Part II

Evil HR Lady

My favorite controversial post. Newflash: Motherhood is Not the World’s Hardest Job. I wrote this for CBS. CBS refused to publish it. I published it on my blog. CBS freaked out and said I had no right to do that. Fortunately, I knew they were wrong and they did too. Another controversial post.

2019 193

Happy New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

To All of Our Blog Readers, Friends, Clients and Colleagues: “Our BEST WISHES for a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful NEW YEAR”. Thank you so very sincerely for making 2019 – our TWELFTH year of publication – successful beyond our expectations.

2020 130

5 More Resources to Check Your Job Search Social Profile

Career Alley

When it comes to your reputation or social profile, there is an old saying that still holds true – “Never do anything that you wouldn’t […]. Discover Career Opportunities Networks online reputation Social Networking

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Employee retention: 7 Ways To Retain Your Talent in 2020

Ms. Career Girl

The new year is traditionally a time where we re-evaluate our lives (and bank balances) for the twelve months ahead, which makes it a common time for employees to start considering switching jobs.

2020 190

How to Create a Welcoming Environment in the Office


The importance of a welcoming environment in the world of business can never be understated. By failing to make your workspace feel comfortable for all those that enter it for the first time, you’ll damage your brand and give yourself a bad name.

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The Best Careers For Empaths

Career Alley

Empaths need careers that offer them more than remuneration and the ability to order people around, they need to nourish their need to nurture and care for others. Discover Career Opportunities Careers

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Grab Your Year and Go!

Ms. Career Girl

Your Year Is In Your Hands! Are you tired of making New Year’s Resolutions that fade away by February? Want to start the New Year off right, but in a different way? Trade in your resolutions for a new attitude and make this your year. Your year can be whatever you want it to be.

2020 165

Top Experts To Know on LinkedIn in 2020

Professional Resume Services

2019 was my year to get to know LinkedIn. I mean REALLY get to know it (more on that journey later). What I’ve discovered—and what gets me—are the stories and storytellers. I am amazed at the consistent content and relevant messaging these people put out. Posts rich in real-life experiences, expertise, and valuable information about. Read more » The post Top Experts To Know on LinkedIn in 2020 appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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How Employee Resource Groups Help Workers Flourish

Evil HR Lady

People are naturally gravitate to those who are similar to them — with similar tastes, styles and problems. Employee resource groups (ERGs) bring people together to foster inclusivity and communication in the workplace. This is especially true for companies whose workforce represents a wide range of backgrounds and ages: ERGs are a way to connect people with similar struggles who might not otherwise ever speak to each other.

2020 140

Finding Careers That Help Bring Systemic Change

Career Alley

Finding a career that allows you to feel satisfied in the everyday work you commit to is a powerful achievement to celebrate. Discover Career Opportunities Career Advice

2020 241

Is Caffeine Boosting or Sabotaging Your Productivity?

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re someone who likes to start their day with coffee, you may be surprised to find that it could be counterintuitive to your productivity.

2020 130

Career Zone: 10 Great Entry Level Jobs You Should Consider

Career Advice Guy

If you have just left college the first thing that you need to decide is what career you’re going to follow. Read More. The post Career Zone: 10 Great Entry Level Jobs You Should Consider appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Career Zone

6.8 Million People Got a Raise Yesterday. Were You One?

Evil HR Lady

Twenty-one states had minimum wage increases go into effect yesterday –and Delaware had one go into effect in October. Overall, an estimated 6.8 million people will see their paychecks increase anywhere from $0.10 an hour (Florida) to $1.50 an hour (New Mexico and Washington). The federal minimum wage stays put at $7.25, but states are free to create their own minimum wage–whichever is higher (federal or state) is the legal lower limit for salaries.

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Give Yourself the Best Chance at Your Dream Career Right Now

Career Alley

Your dream career could actually be much closer than you would think, so it’s really just a case of making sure you work toward achieving […]. Find your Dream Job dream career Dream job

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Why Bother with Employer Branding?

The Undercover Recruiter

Oh, brother. Here come more “shocking” statistics that are actually quite pedestrian. Another clickbait headline that elicits the opposite…yawn.

2020 85

Why the final blow to feminism will be autism

Penelope Trunk

Feminism celebrates women who choose paths typical to men over women who choose paths typical to women. The problem with this approach is that in the last ten years researchers have found that women who think like men are not neurotypical women; these women have Aspergers. .

2020 114

Ask The HR Capitalist: I Work at Tesla, and I'm Tired of the S**t.

HR Capitalist

From the mailbag: KD -. I first ran into the HR Capitalist based on you writing on Tesla and our founder Elon Musk. I work in a professional grade position managing people in our Fremont location. I've been at Tesla for a little under 8 months, and I'm exhausted.

2020 69

update: coworkers only ask me about ducks

Ask A Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer who took care of her company’s ducks and that’s all anyone asked her about ? Here’s the update.

2019 81

Modern Office Trends for 2020

The Undercover Recruiter

Professionalism in the workplace is a topic that continues to evolve as we head into a new year and a new decade. Gone are the days of the completely formal office environment stuffed with cubicles and suits. Today those are being rapidly replaced with open floor layouts and casual dress codes.

2020 82

Negotiating a Raise After a Promotion

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Negotiating a Raise After a Promotion. Negotiating a raise after a promotion is generally more difficult than doing so during the promotion process. Typically, many managers and employers will look to handle salary negotiations and increases in designated timeframes throughout the year.

2020 52

RIP David Stern: On The Need for Confrontation in Leadership.

HR Capitalist

In case you missed it, David Stern, past and longtime commission of the National Basketball Association (NBA), passed away over the weekend. . But this post isn't about sports. It's about leadership, and the at times, ugly side of leadership.

2020 66

my favorite posts of the decade

Ask A Manager

It’s the end of the decade. Here are 19 of my favorite posts of the 2010’s. My favorites of the weird. My coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master”. Because come on. A coworker stole my spicy food, got sick, and is blaming me (and the update ). Because total ridiculousness so rarely gets such a satisfying conclusion. My coworker has started faking a British accent. Because I love a spectacle. An employee is putting magic curses on her coworkers.

2020 67

What Attracts Purpose-Driven Talent to Your Employer Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

When your business is connecting customers with their next home, attracting purpose-driven talent with your employer brand is critical. Sarah Staley is Head of Employer Brand and Culture at

2019 74

Best Career Coaches in Your City

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Career Coaches in Your City. Career coaches have become more and more common in recent years. Career coaches are professionals whom have direct industry related experience in your field.

2020 52

New Year's Resolutions For HR Pros Are All About Not Being a Slave to Transactions.

HR Capitalist

New Year's Resolutions. Seems like they're trending down these days, doesn't it? Does anyone do them? The drill is usually about weight loss or some other type of personal improvement. We don't do resolutions as much at work, and that's a shame. Resolutions at work can be powerful if used correctly.

2019 59

updates: getting pregnant at a new job, boss said I’m lying about my health, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s the last week of “where are you now?” time at Ask a Manager, where I run updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Here are five updates from past letter-writers. Is it bad faith to try to get pregnant when you’re in a new job? (#5 5 at the link). I did get pregnant very soon after starting my new job. I wanted to give it some time to integrate and to prove my value to the team before telling my manager so I waited until well beyond the 12-week mark.

2020 59

2020 Trends That Will Shake Up Workplaces

The Undercover Recruiter

Internal communications and workplace flexibility will reign supreme in the 2020 workplace. The convergence of the startup and corporate company cultures will lead to the emergence of ‘employee first’ culture when it comes to EX, while CSR initiatives will increase with the help of digitalization.

2020 72

The Best Promotion Letter Sample

The Corporate Con/noisseur

The post The Best Promotion Letter Sample appeared first on The Corporate Con/noisseur. Career

2020 52

2019 Employer Brand Song of the Year Winner - Amazon!

HR Capitalist

It's the end of 2019 and reflection time. One reflection I've had this year is how much Amazon is dominating my life. As a consumer, it's obvious and great. I can get anything I want without leaving my house, and it generally comes no later than 2 days after I ordered it.

2019 59

weekend free-for-all – December 28-29, 2019

Ask A Manager

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand. This one is truly no work and no school.).

2019 56

The Secrets to Keeping Your Fitness Resolution at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

January is officially the bleakest month of the year. It’s cold outside, you’re broke and you’re stuck in your office making it difficult to kick start your health and fitness resolution.

2019 72

Volunteer at A Hospital Under 18

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Volunteer at A Hospital Under 18. We’ve previously discussed the benefits of volunteering at a hospital. Volunteering at a hospital can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling act. It is a selfless act and can help nurture a level of empathy and compassion.

2020 52

Optical Sight Equipment You Would Use Working In The Military

Corn on the Job

The sheer selection of equipment available to the military in this day and age is mind blowing. Soldiers and other military personnel have gear to aid them in all areas of their profession.

2020 52

New Year’s free-for-all – January 1, 2020

Ask A Manager

It’s the New Year’s open thread free-for-all! The comment section on this post is open for discussion with other readers on anything that you want to talk about — work-related, not work-related, doesn’t matter. Tomorrow I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule. *

2020 55

The Benefits of Power Napping at Your Day Job

The Undercover Recruiter

We’ve all been there, hitting the afternoon slump sitting at work trying not to fall asleep, reaching for coffee as an easy caffeine kick to get through the day. All you want is a quick power nap, yet, sleeping at work is known to be a big no-no. Sleeping is best known to happen at […].

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