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5 Essential Tools for Small Businesses

Career Alley

Starting a small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By using the right tools, you can streamline the process to reduce the workload on yourself and allow you to enjoy the challenge of running your own company. Career Advice Small Business

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How to Conduct a Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ms. Career Girl

It’s mayhem out there. The Covid19 coronavirus has been declared a pandemic , and is affecting life as we know it. The business world is reeling as companies shutter their offices and factories, restrict business travel, and attempt to limit face-to-face contact.

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I Got Fired in My Dream Last Night, and My Dream Boss Did It Wrong

Evil HR Lady

Do you have stress dreams? They used to be that it was the end of the semester and I’d forgotten about a class and now I was going to flunk it. Or, I couldn’t remember my locker combination.

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Uncertain Times for Job Search: Stay in the Loop Despite the Coronavirus

Executive Career Brand

In these uncertain times for job search, the front page of the New York Times is covered with words we’re all getting used to, but which still make us fearful: COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, outbreak, wartime, shutdowns, working from home, remote work, etc.

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Is Your Employer Taking The Right Care Of You?

Career Alley

No one should have to work a job where they aren't cared for or appreciated. You should feel valued at your job every single day by both your colleagues and your employer. Career Advice saftey

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How to Stay Positive No Matter What’s Going On

Ms. Career Girl

We live in challenging times, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic; nevertheless, there are ways to focus on the positive things in life. These powerhouse female authors will help you do just that by shedding light during these dark times.

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Why Your Sick Policy May be Causing Actual Harm

Evil HR Lady

Kathleen Moncrieff is a family physician who spends her time off sewing masks for herself and her colleagues, as there is a global shortage. They aren’t as good the commercially made masks, she admits, but they are better than nothing.

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Is Teaching Right For You?

Career Alley

Teaching is truly a vocation and something that many people really love to do because it is very rewarding. But before you go out and get your masters of education online, you should consider all of the options that may help you decide whether it is the right career choice for you.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Anxiety – Time For Some Inspiring Reading!

Ms. Career Girl

Just a few months ago, who would have imagined being asked, or required, to embrace social distancing, or shelter at home. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives drastically. For some, it’s frustrating. For most of us, it’s brought anxiety and worry.

2020 236

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow is blind. That’s why I live one day at a time.”. – Willie Nelson. Want a great way to reduce your stress, especially in stressful times? Many of us have found that it surely helps to continually remind ourselves to live life one day at a time.

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How to Help Your Laid-Off or Furloughed Employees Manage Unemployment

Evil HR Lady

As state after state closes all but essential businesses, many companies are laying off and furloughing employees. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, warns that unless the government acts appropriately, the country could end up with 20 percent unemployment. If you lay off (or furlough) your employees , they are eligible for unemployment.

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Successfully Managing Millennials in Six Words or Less

Career Alley

As a business manager, it's important to recognize the differences, adapt your expectations, and reap the benefits of the enthusiasm and energy that a relatively young workforce has to offer. Career Advice Managing Millennials

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A Covid-19 Message From The U.K. To Help You Cope

Ms. Career Girl

As we prepare for the next phase of our battle with Covid-19, author Kay Hutchison shares a few thoughts from the UK … Here in the UK we are probably a bit ahead of the US in terms of the scale of the pandemic.

2020 228

Career change and uncertainty: what to do when everything’s up in the air and you don’t have any of the answers

Career Shifters

Feeling groundless and apprehensive? Stuck in survival mode, unable to take action? Natasha shares 6 ways to reduce your panic and take back control in uncertain times

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Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities

Professional Resume Services

Taking on a new leadership opportunity can come with undue stress surrounding the demands and qualifications of the role. Familiarizing yourself with the common tools executives use to operate at their full potential can make a major difference in your confidence entering the new position. Use the strategies listed below to give yourself a. Read more » The post Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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5 Latest Ways to get the Job with the Help of Social Media

Career Alley

Networking plays a vital role; giving us access to people who can recommend us for positions or simply inform us of opportunities. Find your Dream Job Social Media

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Become a Shero. It’s Time To Up Your Game

Ms. Career Girl

March is Women’s History Month and a perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of females throughout time. We call these strong ladies who are fighting for equal rights lady bosses, superwomen or sheroes. The last term was first coined during the suffrage movement in 1836 when women were fighting for their voting rights. A shero is defined as a woman who is admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Sheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

2020 115

From Journalist to Not-for-profit Founder

Career Shifters

“The work I was producing felt pointless and, to some extent, self-indulgent.”. Giovanni Fontana spent years holding out for his 'dream career', job-hopping between many different roles in the process. But when he took some much-needed time out to reflect, he finally discovered what was most important to him, and how to use it to get unstuck. Here's how he did it

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How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

Work is a fact of life for most of us. We can’t choose whether we go to work or not because we need the money, so that means we have to put up with a lot of situations we wouldn’t necessarily choose to encounter and many of them can feel overwhelming. But just as we […].

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?? What You Need To Be Doing To Job Search at Home in Quarantine Today


Need to find a new job but you're stuck at home in coronavirus quarantine? There are plenty of effective things you can do while other people are in the same situation. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez.

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The Sandwich Generation: How to Navigate a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

Most people have to live through a sandwich generation phase of life. That stretch through your 30s, 40s, and 50s can be exhausting as you balance the demands of work, children, and aging parents. When you toss in the complexities of the increasingly remote, technologically sophisticated modern workplace, it can feel nearly impossible to find genuine work-life balance. The Challenges of the Sandwich Generation.

2020 109

exactly where to report employers for violating shelter-in-place orders, by state

Ask A Manager

When I wrote on Wednesday about what to do if your employer is violating shelter-in-place orders , commenters were a wealth of information for individual states. Here’s crowd-sourced info on where to report non-compliant employers, by state.

2020 114

How to Start Your Career Using Just Social Media

The Undercover Recruiter

When it comes to career progression, using social media to find a job or for professional development is something not many think about. Social media can be very divisive when thinking about its impact.

2020 79

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

Competitive Resumes

I worked at a large, multi-national investment bank for over a decade before I started my writing career. It can take a huge leap of faith, but working for oneself has a number of amazing benefits! Of course, there are also many different challenges involved in leaving a typical 9-5 job; and it has to be said that such a move isn’t a good fit for everyone. There’s a lot of self-discovery that comes with working for yourself. Yes, working for yourself has perks.

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THE OWL: A Metaphor For Life During the COVID-19 Lockdown.

HR Capitalist

It's a weird time for all of us right now. Coronavirus. COVID-19. Being at home 100% of the time. It's a time for reflection. For meaning. Earlier this week I couldn't sleep. I looked at the clock - 4:30am - and I decided to make a bathroom run.

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bosses are panic-buying spy software to monitor remote workers

Ask A Manager

Well, this is a terrible indictment of employers’ utter lack of understanding about how to manage remote workers : I’m quoted (in part, questioning how these managers are getting any work done themselves).

2020 108

How to Be a Better Employer Brand Leader

The Undercover Recruiter

Where do you start when leveling up your employer branding? An experienced employer brand leader shares the strategies, tools, and skills that can make a difference. Sara Balaban is Employer Brand & Talent Operations Lead at Geller & Company.

2020 69

How to love what you do and be more successful

Competitive Resumes

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed how when you focus your efforts on your personal strengths you are much more likely to increase your contribution, excel in your career and find lasting satisfaction. So focusing on your strengths sounds like an interesting idea but how do you get started and how does it work in practice? Firstly, it’s important to get crystal clear on your own strengths.

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: E7 – COVID-19 + Work From Home (WFH) Advice from Dawn Burke.

HR Capitalist

In Episode 7 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn (Jessica Lee on break) get together to with Dawn Burke (Senior Writer at Fistful of Talent, Sr. Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox) to talk about Work From Home, as tens of millions of American workers have been told to stay home, keep working and figure it out on the fly.

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if your hours have been cut, you can collect unemployment benefits

Ask A Manager

You should know that if your hours are cut due to coronavirus (or for any other reason), you can file for unemployment benefits in your state. I’ve heard from some people who incorrectly believed they had to be fully unemployed before they’d be eligible for unemployment.

2020 104

Best HR Software Solutions for 2020

The Undercover Recruiter

Technology and HR have never been more critical in business. It’s impossible to imagine running a business without these two. HR software solutions have an essential role to play today. These systems are used for hiring, onboarding, managing, and training employees.

2020 64

Focus on Doing What you Love – Delegate the Rest

Competitive Resumes

Networking, marketing, thought leadership, event delivery, product development, social media, relationship management and more – a life coach business demands a myriad of skills and abilities akin to the personified swiss army knife. Oh, and you should to be brilliant at them all too, right? But here’s the thing. Being good at everything is a fantasy that will torture you forever unless you let it go and learn to delegate.

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Best Office Pencil Sharpeners

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Office Pencil Sharpeners. While most business professionals opt for pens as their tool of choice when writing a document or signing a contract, there are some instances where a pencil would be both a smarter and better choice.

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how do you turn off a crisis management mindset after finishing work each day?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am a manager deemed an “essential personnel” and have a lot of responsibility for other people.

2020 90

How to Hack Your Lunch Hour

The Undercover Recruiter

The importance of taking a lunch break cannot be understated. Both for your mental health as well as your physical health, your lunch break offers you an opportunity to decompress and take a break from the task at hand. But, unfortunately, not enough Americans take an actual lunch break. And while it’s important to eat, […]. How to Hack Your Lunch Hour Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace Lunch break Lunch Hour Office Hacks Soda TED talk

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Career Realism - Untitled Article

Career Realism

2020 60

Interview Tips for Freshers

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Interview Tips for Freshers. A job interview can induce anxiety, nervousness, and unease in even the most seasoned professionals. But for freshers, that anxiety can be tenfold.

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