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LinkedIn Profile Tips – How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Career Alley

In the digital era, the future of your professional development and career largely depend on your activity on social networks, including professional platforms. LinkedIn is […]. Find your Dream Job LinkedIn

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No More Gurus – It’s Time To Follow Your Own Truth

Ms. Career Girl

After my mother’s death when I was about to turn thirty, I set out on a path to “find myself” consuming every self-help book and empowerment course I could get my hands on, looking for “the answer.” What was going to fill the hole within me? After trying every external source available over the span of fifteen years (yes, fifteen long years), I finally grew tired of chasing the answer. And it was only when I stopped seeking that I found the truth.

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Is Your Career in a Rut?


Not everyone goes through a critical period in their life when they realize they are stuck in a rut, but if you are one of the many that do find themselves in that sobering understanding, the thought can be devastating. Whether it is the realization that you are in a job you don’t like, not advancing in your personal life, or living in a town you wish you could get out of, the negativity may be dragging you down emotionally and mentally.

2020 151

Don’t Let Social Distancing Stall Your Job Search

Professional Resume Services

With the recent global pandemic crisis, many of our nation’s businesses, education institutions, and entertainment venues have either lowered or ceased operations completely. However, if you are in an active job search mode, there are plenty of ways you can still focus on your job search within the safety of your own home. Meaning…don’t use. Read more » The post Don’t Let Social Distancing Stall Your Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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Why Does GPA Matter in Getting a Good Job?

Career Alley

GPA matters in getting a good job to an extent. A good GPA will help get you an interviewer and possibly a job, but after that, it all depends on you. Find your Dream Job Good Grades Good Job GPA

2020 209

How to Walk Away from Something That Isn’t Working for You

Ms. Career Girl

From a young age we are taught to, “Finish what you start.” Keep your eye on the prize.” And, “clean your plate.” What happens when your desires change mid-creation, mid-race or, horror of horrors – mid-meal? Do you stay because, “Well, I’ve put this much time into it, might as well finish it,” or some version of this? Do you keep going because to not finish is accepting failure ? What if failure wasn’t the worst choice?

2020 186

Executive Job Search Preparation is Hard Work. Accept it!

Executive Career Brand

The Corona virus is impacting all of us in many ways right now. We’re following guidelines to stay healthy and avoid spreading the disease. If you’re job-hunting, you may think you should put it all on hold. Companies aren’t hiring now, right? And job search preparation may be the last thing on your mind. But […]. The post Executive Job Search Preparation is Hard Work. Accept it! appeared first on Executive Career Brand

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11 Tips to Help You Stand Out at a Job Fair

Career Alley

These are a few great tips for standing out at a job fair. Remember to dress to impress and always have a plan before the big day. This will help you to shine and hopefully, land an interview with the company of your choice. Find your Dream Job job fair Job Fairs

2020 209

Being an Empath in Times of National Disaster

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re an empath, please read this. If you don’t know why you have so much compassion for others, you’re probably an empath. Please read this. For those who aren’t familiar, and empath is defined as: “Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling.

2020 174

Working From Home Reality Check: No, Your Employees Aren’t All Doing Yoga and Folding Laundry

Evil HR Lady

People are working at home at record levels–some happily and some not so happily.

2020 164

myCorona: Let's Leave the #COVID19 Messages to the Experts.

The HR Capitalist

You know what I'm talking about, my friends. COVID-19 messages from the companies you have some type of relationship with. There's a set of organizations where messages on COVID-19 are either mission-critical or welcomed. Included in that group are hospitals and health care organizations, companies communicating with workforces, government entities, schools, places for food and a few others. Gotta hear from those mission critical folks, and for the most part, they are doing an outstanding job.

2020 103

5 Useful Tips on What to Say about Salary Requirements in an Interview

Career Alley

Negotiating your pay is a tough business. And without solid facts, there’s a huge chance you’ll say something wrong that’ll take the interview out of your hands. Nail the Interview Salary salary negotiations

2020 198

How To Support Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Ms. Career Girl

Mental health can impact employee productivity every bit as much as physical well-being. However, due to the stigma, many workers hesitate to mention emotional concerns to employers and colleagues alike. But mental health isn’t something we should ignore in the office — it’s something we should talk about, because certain working conditions can either foster more positive outcomes or contribute to employee stressors.

2020 132

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources – and the reason underdogs win as often as they do is that the latter is sometimes every bit the equal of the former.”. – Malcolm Gladwell. Listen up: this is important.

2020 100

myCorona: The One Thing To Remember As a Manager of People on 3.20.20.

The HR Capitalist

Short post today, because there's a lot going on. What, just me? Seriously, though - what follows is all you need to remember and the biggest value I can provide for the good people that read this blog and are managers. You've got a lot going on as a manager at your organization in a pandemic world. There's craziness everywhere and lots to do, and nothing to be done all at the same time.

2020 94

How the New NLRB Rulings on Joint Employer Standard & Investigations will Impact You

Evil HR Lady

The National Labor Relations Board has just changed how you do employee relations. Okay, that’s probably a bit of a shock to you if you’re a non-union organization, because you generally think of the NLRB as focusing on union stuff and basic things like, your employees’ right to discuss their salaries (and other working conditions). Side note: I know there are some of you reading this that have policies that prohibit employees from sharing their salaries.

2020 133

COVID-19 Have You Working at Home? Check Your Cyber Security!

Ms. Career Girl

Social distancing and quarantining don’t have to mean a halt in productivity or an increase in cyber security risks. With the unfolding COVID-19 health crisis, we’re facing an unprecedented global situation. Thankfully, we also have tools that allow us to productively stay connected even when we’re forced apart. Whether you’re your own boss or a new hire working to make an impact at your company, working from home can protect your physical health.

2020 132

Getting the Most from Flexible and Remote Working

The Undercover Recruiter

Covid-19 has brought a renewed focus on flexible working as we all struggle to adapt to the new normal. However, Covid-19 is not the first or last major disruption we are likely to face in the future and businesses will have to adapt. Some are further ahead of the curve than others – not only […]. Getting the Most from Flexible and Remote Working Undercover Recruiter -. Uncategorised Coronavirus Covid-19 flexible working Mandy Garner remote working

2020 83

From Recruitment to Super Yachts

Career Shifters

“I knew I'd never truly be free.”. Pea Brown felt trapped in her desk-bound role. Craving adventure, she started exploring other paths, and kept coming back to the passion she knew deep down she'd always had. Here's how she's found a way to combine her skills with seeing the world, and why her career no longer feels like work

2020 109

Schools are closed. Kids are home. What’s the long-term impact of that?

Penelope Trunk

Sometime in February, it was clear that the US was headed toward crisis, and every day we don’t take major action would make the crisis geometrically worse. Suburban schools closed first. The last school districts to close are bigger cities, because they had to figure out how to get breakfast and lunch to the kids who depend on it. For homeless kids, and hungry kids, school is a home away from home. . Taking kids out of school is the silver lining of coronavirus.

2020 72

How Data Skills Benefit More Than Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any career-minded woman that data skills are more valuable than ever before. Along with numerous soft skills such as communication, organization, and punctuality, data skills are sought out by hiring professionals. This means that broadcasting these skills in your resume can be profoundly rewarding. However, the benefits of data skills should not just be limited to how they help you in your career.

2020 116

How to Support Staff with Coronavirus Anxiety

The Undercover Recruiter

As a global society, we are facing an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty. As more cases of the coronavirus continue to be announced, we can expect to see employees experiencing high levels of anxiety around the potential impact of the virus. The fear of becoming ill – and the social and economic impact that […]. How to Support Staff with Coronavirus Anxiety Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace anxiety Brendan Street Coronavirus Covid-19 Nuffield Health Self-Isolate

2020 82

Best Public Speaking Jobs

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Public Speaking Jobs. Public speaking definitely isn’t everyone’s forte. In fact, according to one recent study , nearly 75% of the population has some form of public speaking fear. That means, that in America, nearly 240 million people are nervous when talking to others or in front of others. If you are part of the 25% whom enjoy speaking to others, and in front of others, then the below list is the best public speaking jobs currently in the market.

2020 40

Stress and Anxiety Guidance from Northwestern's Chief Psychologist

Water Cooler Wisdom

Greetings, friends.   I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this unprecedented and challenging situation. As many of you know, my husband Stew Shankman is a Professor and Chief Psychologist at Northwestern Medical School. He provided some great advice to the media for coping with stress and anxiety of the pandemic and our current isolation procedures. It might be helpful to share with your families, friends, and teams.   NPR. The New York Times. WGN Chicago.

2020 40

Imposter Syndrome – Stop Undermining Yourself!

Ms. Career Girl

When my husband and I get home from work at the end of each day, we usually talk about work and do a “daily download”. While I don’t necessarily understand the ins-and-outs of his job in particular, he doesn’t really understand the ins-and-outs of mine, either which makes the conversations something we both have to listen to particularly well. If I’m not following along, giving him my full, present attention, I miss details that help me understand what he does better – same goes for him.

2020 100

It’s Time to Change Our Approach to Employee Wellbeing

The Undercover Recruiter

‘Time to change’. You may recognize this phrase as the headline of Mind’s ambitious campaign to change the stigma around mental health. In line with this great work, we believe it’s also important we look at how to change the way employee mental health is handled in the workplace. According to Mercer’s 2019 report on mental health […]. It’s Time to Change Our Approach to Employee Wellbeing Undercover Recruiter -.

2020 77

Best Career Strength Tests

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Career Strength Tests. From a young age, a common question asked is, “what do you want to be when you get older?” While the question may seem easy and innocuous, at a young age, it can be a dreaded one as you get older. And whether you’re a recent college graduate or looking for a career change, a career strength or career aptitude test can help you narrow down the field. The best career strength tests are ones that are inherently unbiased and objective.

2020 40

5 Leadership Principles to Improve Customer Service

Water Cooler Wisdom

Each year, thousands of companies around the world – spanning the financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit, government, and education spaces – celebrate Customer Service Week during the first full week in October. Although the 2019 Customer Service Week theme is “The Magic of Service,” strategies to improve customer service go beyond magic.

2020 40

Line Cook Resume Example - Free Template

Line Cook resumes should contain references to your knowledge of the safety requirements, general line cook operations, and chef requirements that are necessary to drive an incredible dining experience for patrons.

2020 52

Work-Life Balance: How To Prevent Employee Burnout

The Undercover Recruiter

Over the last few decades, the business world has been gripped with paranoia about productivity. Companies have adopted numerous philosophies and systems aimed at removing every last inefficiency from their operations. Anything that isn’t contributing directly to higher output and profitability is seen as wasteful and unnecessary. Although the impulse to be more successful is […]. Work-Life Balance: How To Prevent Employee Burnout Undercover Recruiter -.

2020 73

How to Ace Your End-of-Year Review

The Corporate Con/noisseur

How to Ace Your End-of-Year Review. End-of-year reviews can be a stressful circumstance. While you may believe that your work and performance were phenomenal, you may be unsure if your manager feels the same way. And while it may seem too late to make any significant changes, there are certain ways on how to ace your end-of-year review. Acing your end-of-year review is essential to portraying yourself in a professional manner.

2020 40

Work at Home: Manage The Circle of Transitions

David Zinger

This post can be used by individuals to manage the transitions they experience with the change to working at home. If you are a leader/manager I encourage you to take time with your staff either individually or collectively to help them be mindful and to manage the challenging transitions that can accompany the movement from being at the office to working from home. Ensure you also do this for yourself.

2020 50

I thought coronavirus would be more fun

Penelope Trunk

I had this idea that coronavirus would be heaven for me because I’ve been working from home with my kids circling all day long for ten years. This should be my time to shine. I was looking forward to when schools closed down. I wanted all the parents to ask each other: How are you coping???? Finally, I will get to be the parent who is on top of things. I will be the coronavirus version of the mom who packs snacks for soccer and never forgets extra water.

2020 46

The Curious Employee

The Undercover Recruiter

Ask anyone at 10Eighty and they’ll tell you that the trait we’d probably put the top of our list is curiosity. The curious employee is likely to be a natural learner, eager for knowledge and new experiences, keen to grow and develop in their role. These are people willing to explore new perspectives and new […]. The Curious Employee Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace 10eighty Collaborating creativity Curiousity liz sebag-montefiore

2020 70

Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee. Some days of the work week can feel like a case of the Monday’s. Whether you just got too little sleep watching the latest show or were up late catching the game, we’re going to help you in staying awake at work without coffee. While coffee has a plethora of health benefits , there may be good reason to avoid its consumption. Staying awake, and being energized and productive, at work can be challenging at times.

2020 40

what to do if your company isn’t handling coronavirus well

Ask a Manager

I am getting a lot of mail about coronavirus, and one common theme is employers who aren’t acting with any urgency at all — not having people work from home where they can, not canceling travel or events, etc. Here’s some advice if you’re in that situation. • One of the most effective things you can do is to band together with other coworkers and push back as a group. It is much harder to ignore a group of employees than one person. •

2020 43

A Present for Working at Home

David Zinger

This morning I was rereading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s, Full Catastrophe Living. It feels like so many of us are being thrust into the full catastrophe. Here is a little present from the introduction to the second edition: Work at Home. “The only way we have of influencing the future is to own the present, however we find it. If we inhabit this moment with full awareness the next moment will be very different because of our very presence in this one.

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