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Top Career Paths in Interior Design

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To be successful in interior design, you have to give value to your clients’ needs and wants while making sure that you are not compromising your creativity. Discover Career Opportunities Interior Design

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Online Learning During Coronavirus Isolation: What You Need to Know

Ms. Career Girl

They say you should never let a good crisis go to waste. If you’re locked in during the COVID-19 crisis, take advantage of the time. Use online learning during Coronavirus isolation to master something new. Why Learn Online. If you are working in your chosen field, additional skills can help you get a promotion. Job hunting? Demonstrating more knowledge in your chosen area makes you a more attractive candidate. Explore interests outside of work, too.

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11 Ways to Improve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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Are you getting overwhelmed by workplace stress and the pressure of family and friends? A positive work-life balance can help you create more time for your work and other things in your life. The busier you get, the harder it is for you to prioritize between your work and personal life. Maintaining a healthy work-life. Read more » The post 11 Ways to Improve a Healthy Work-Life Balance appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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3 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Your Workplace for the Better

Evil HR Lady

Chances are, your organization made massive changes due to Coronavirus shelter-in-place and other orders. Some of them should be temporary, but some of the changes should be permanent. Let’s look at a few things that have changed. Destigmatized Working From Home. Jobs that a month ago, managers said could not possibly be done remotely, are now being done from home.

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Let's Look at Glassdoor Reviews.For Glassdoor the Company!

The HR Capitalist

I woke up this morning and learned that US weekly jobless claims jumped to 6.64 million in the week that ended Saturday, per the US Labor Department. That is more than double the prior week's report, which itself reflected filings that more than quadrupled the previous record. Here's a chart to really help you feel it (email subscribers, click through it you don't see the chart below). Thanks COVID-19! With charts like that, you know what's coming for a lot of HR and TA pros out there?

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4 Ways You Can Support Women at Work…and Why You Should

Ms. Career Girl

Let’s Shatter the Glass Ceiling Together. For too long, men and women have blocked women’s progress up the career ladder. Whether it’s the office Queen Bee blocking other women’s path to senior leadership, the Office Witch hexing every female colleague, or the old-fashioned man who can’t see women as his equal, it’s time for this to stop. In the 21 st century, men and women work together to break the glass ceiling. It’s about time! Why We Need Women At The Top.

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Top Tips and Techniques for A Successful Job Search

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Searching for a job is a crucial part of your professional career. It isn’t just about simply submitting a copy of your résumé to a recruiter and then waiting for a call. Because of the ever-growing influx of job seekers everywhere and the impact of the internet in our society, the process of job searching. Read more » The post Top Tips and Techniques for A Successful Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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“Waterfall Distribution” – What’s That? The Private Equity Pitch to Employees

Sklover Working Wisdom

A Note to Our Readers: At the time we are posting this Newsletter, the world is encountering the multiple tragedies of the coronavirus experience. We are not writing about workplace issues related to the coronavirus because, frankly, we are not health experts, and there is, it seems, little employees can do to “negotiate” about such issues.

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Conscious Conversation – Your True Voice Can Change Your World

Ms. Career Girl

These days, have you been wondering if you’ll ever be truly happy? Did you get a pay rise, promotion or gain something you really wanted, but still feel like there’s something missing? That you’re constantly looking for the greener grass on the other side of that elusive fence? If you have come across this article I am sure you have tried and probably still are in constant contemplation and deliberation around, ‘What’s wrong with me? What do I really want?

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Furloughs/Layoffs During COVID-19: Best Delivered Via Video or an Analog Call?

The HR Capitalist

I've got a post up at Fistful of Talent this morning called How S**T Got Sideways as Companies Furloughed/Laid Off People in the COVID-19 Meltdown. The gist of that post is as follows - a LOT of companies over the last two weeks have communicated bad news (personal news of impact due to furlough/layoff) to groups of employees at the same time, which is about as far from a best practice as you can get. But it begs another question.

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5 Ways to Manage a Human Resources Crisis During COVID-19

Evil HR Lady

Your employees are not okay. In this COVID-19 world, this is a fact for every single one of your employees. They may act like they are okay. They may say they are okay, but they are not okay. Most aren’t pretending. This is just hard. Every one of them faces uncertainty. People working in health care or grocery stores have secure jobs, but tremendous stress and a high exposure to the coronavirus. Almost everyone else is experiencing employment uncertainty right now.

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”. – Stephen Covey. In good times and bad, in easy times and difficult, it’s important to keep in mind that so very much of who you are is a product, not primarily of your circumstances, but of your decisions. Circumstances are surely a factor in each of our lives, but background can be overcome by good decisions, day in and day out. Think about it.

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Stock Trading Opportunity: Before You Dive In

Ms. Career Girl

The Covid-19 pandemic is taking a huge toll on everyone. Physically and financially. You’ve no doubt read about the precipitous fall of the stock market. So is it time to follow the old adage to “buy low?” ” Stock trading has been the source of great wealth for many, but it’s not without risk. Before you decide to jump in, here’s some tips to consider. Do Your Homework.

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The HR Famous Podcast: E8 - Video Work Meetings: Winning On ZOOM

The HR Capitalist

In Episode 8 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn ( Jessica Lee on break) get together with Dawn Burke (Senior Writer at Fistful of Talent, Sr. Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox) to talk about video meeting etiquette, their virtual meeting pet peeves and their wildest video call stories. The team shares their tips and tricks on tech, framing and lighting for your video calls.

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How to Lay Off Employees When Everyone Is Remote

Evil HR Lady

Rent the Runway laid off all of its brick and mortar staff. With stores shut and parties canceled, layoffs make complete sense. But, they reportedly did it via Zoom. Is that acceptable? In the pre-social distancing rules, the answer to that would be a resounding no. Layoffs should be done face to face , and the employee’s direct manager should be the person to deliver the bad news. Meetings should be held one on one unless the company is laying off an entire group, as done here.

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Survival Tips for Parents Who Now Must Work From Home

The Undercover Recruiter

On the afternoon of Friday, 20 March, schools across the UK were ordered to close ‘until further notice’ to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. At the same time, organizations that have avoided being shuttered under the directive of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have moved their operations […]. Survival Tips for Parents Who Now Must Work From Home Undercover Recruiter -.

Study Your Way To A Stronger Career


Higher education means more pay and better job opportunities. No matter where you are in your career, if you’re thinking about a change, don’t forget to consider pursuing a degree. Whether you want to start at the beginning or take it all the way to a PhD, many degrees can be earned virtually.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Undercover Recruiter

How long has it been since you met someone who started and ended his or her career at the same company? The days of working 40+ years for the same employer and retiring with a generous pension after years of company loyalty have been replaced with a new norm – changing jobs every few years […]. 6 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job Undercover Recruiter -. Talent Acquisition Inspirity John Feldmann new job overworked Salary

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When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Payroll Protection Loans

Evil HR Lady

With jobless claims hitting record highs, you might finally need to figure how to ask for help. A portion of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocates $350 billion in government-backed loans for small businesses, under the Paycheck Protection plan. As a small business owner or sole proprietor, that means you can borrow money to help meet your payroll, pay your rent or mortgage, and cover your utilities.

How Employer Brand Teams Can Respond to Coronavirus

The Undercover Recruiter

What happens to employer branding in a time of crisis? In this special episode responding to the global crisis surrounding COVID-19, Jörgen Sundberg and Andy Partridge connect on how employer brand teams can respond and what Link Humans is doing to help clients. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary […]. How Employer Brand Teams Can Respond to Coronavirus Undercover Recruiter -.

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10 Tips To Passing Your Next Competency-Based Job Interview

Career Advice Guy

Competency-based job interviews are becoming widely used during the job interview process, as they provide employers with greater accuracy to what. Read More. The post 10 Tips To Passing Your Next Competency-Based Job Interview appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Competency

From HR to Pattern Design

Career Shifters

“I'd always wondered whether I would be better suited to something else.”. Komal Pandya-Rao worked in an exciting corporate role, but longed to use her creativity, and have more say over her working day. When a home learning project became something she wanted to spend all her spare time on, she realised that it was time to make a change. Here's how she did it

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Coping Under the Current Economic Climate

Undercover Recruiter

I’m a 25-year-old Recruitment Consultant, and since March 2020, like many people within my generation, I’ve lived in an economic bubble. The economy has always grown, never had to fight for business, I’ve been working in a candidate short market, with plenty of jobs. I have friends working across several different industries including education, hospitality, […]. Coping Under the Current Economic Climate Undercover Recruiter -.

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Strategies for Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Industry

The Undercover Recruiter

To catch the eyes of top talent, this telecommunications company revisited and revamped its EVP, generating innovative strategies for reaching prospective candidates. Sarah Dovlo is VP Global Employer Branding & HR Marketing at Deutsche Telekom. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Branding […]. Strategies for Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Industry Undercover Recruiter -.

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16 Social Media Networking Sites to Find Your Next Job

Career Advice Guy

With the epic rise of social media networking platforms over the last few years, more and more candidates are conducting their. Read More. The post 16 Social Media Networking Sites to Find Your Next Job appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Social Media

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Best Steel Toe Pull On Work Boots

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Steel Toe Pull On Work Boots. When it comes to steel toe pull on work boots, generally, you will want to go for boots that are not only comfortable and fashionable, but also durable and long-lasting. As these boots will be worn on a daily basis, you should consider them an investment in yourself and your career.

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Work It Daily's Coffee & Podcast Club

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Get inspired to grow your career with Work It Daily's weekly Podcast Club for FREE! What Is This Club? Work It Daily's podcast club is a group where professionals can receive recommended podcast episodes geared towards inspiring you to grow your career. Every week, a new article will be released with a list of episodes for you to listen to. Opt-in to receive weekly emails on the episodes of the week. We will also be creating challenges for everyone to participate in!

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How to Deal With a Bully in the Office

The Undercover Recruiter

Bet you thought you’d left the bullies behind at school! Sadly, bullying is every bit as much of a problem for adults as it is for kids. Science has shown that bullies often act the way they do as a way of unleashing the pent-up feelings they’ve stored from their own traumatic experiences, stress, or […]. How to Deal With a Bully in the Office Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace bully bullying human resources workplace

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Job Interview Advice: 25 Things Not To Do In Your Next Interview

Career Advice Guy

Have you been invited to a job interview? It means you’re going to be seriously considered for this job. Hiring Managers. Read More. The post Job Interview Advice: 25 Things Not To Do In Your Next Interview appeared first on The Career Advice Guy.

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Are Floral Ties Professional?

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Are Floral Ties Professional? When it comes to professionalism, there are often a ton of questions surrounding specific pieces of fashion and attire. One common question that we hear at The Corporate Con/noisseur surrounds floral ties. More specifically, users often ask us are floral ties professional or not? Floral ties, for the most part, are deemed unprofessional in a traditional corporate setting. However, this answer should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Work It Daily's Upcoming Events!

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Did you know every week Work It Daily has live events you can join? Check out our regularly updated calendar to learn more! Join Us For Our Free & Premium Events (Updated Regularly!) Free VS. Premium Events Want to know the difference between our free & premium events? You've come to the right place! Let's compare them: Free Events: These events are free to EVERYONE (WID Members & Non-WID Members. Anyone can (and should!) attend these events.

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What it’s like to be a single parent who has coronavirus.

Penelope Trunk

I knew something was wrong the day my son lay in bed in an emergency room waiting for his MRI to come back. A nurse entered his room and said, “Has your son been outside the country recently?” ” I did a double-take. “It’s pretty late to be asking that, isn’t it?” ” “Ma’am, yes or no?” ” “No.” ” The next week I was coughing so hard I was lightheaded.

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12 Common Candidate Mistakes in Competency Based Interviews

Career Advice Guy

Interviews, in general, are notorious for bringing out nerves in candidates, particularly candidates who have not prepared or do not have. Read More. The post 12 Common Candidate Mistakes in Competency Based Interviews appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Competency

The Best Work Cufflinks

The Corporate Con/noisseur

The Best Work Cufflinks. Cufflinks have made a recent resurgence in the corporate world. Once relegated to European aristocracy, cufflinks are now worn in all levels of the corporate structure, from C-suite executives to entry-level positions. We are going to discuss below the best work cufflinks that you can purchase from Amazon. These cufflinks will not only enhance your style, but make you appear more presentable and professional. What Are Cufflinks?

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here are your animal coworkers

Ask a Manager

With so many people working from home with animal coworkers, obviously we need to see photos of your new colleagues. When I put out a call for pictures last week, I received more than 450 of them … so I’ve divided them into two separate posts. Here’s part one. Click photos to enlarge. And if you’re reading this from the home page, you have to click through to see the photos.).

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How the Paycheck Protection Plan Can Help Save Your Business

Evil HR Lady

If you’re a small business owner (defined as fewer than 500 employees) whose functions aren’t “essential” (and even some whose are) you’re probably feeling a huge financial pinch. You may have laid off employees (painfully), and you may be wondering how you’ll pay your personal bills. The $2 Trillion stimulus act has something that can help out small businesses: The Paycheck Protection Plan.

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Want to Go back to School? How About Studying At The Open University

Career Advice Guy

Have you ever thought about going back to University, but are not sure about fitting studying around your family and work. Read More. The post Want to Go back to School? How About Studying At The Open University appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Training

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