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Leadership is not for everyone. Is it for you?

Ms. Career Girl

Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “the office or position of a leader; capacity to lead; and the act or instance of leading.” I contend that leadership is more than a title, ability, or action. Unlike management, leadership isn’t about positional authority alone, or at all.

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Not Every Organization Needs to Reflect the Community

Evil HR Lady

A few days ago, Anthony Tommasini wrote an Op-Ed at the New York Times titled “To Make Orchestras More Diverse, End Blind Auditions.”

2020 264

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Targeting, Branding and Networking Get the Job During the Pandemic

Executive Career Brand

With COVID-19 continuing to impact job search, 3 things are more important than ever: Targeting (and research) … Personal Branding … Networking Some employers (maybe your current employer) are furloughing or laying off people. Others are hiring new people.

2020 181

From Own Business to Humanitarian Work

Career Shifters

“I wasn't waking up excited anymore.”. When Marta Zecin travelled to Lebanon for the first time, she fell in love. No longer content to keep her humanitarian work in the sidelines, her new path unfolded step by step.

2020 208

10 Ways to Stimulate Employee Motivation

Ms. Career Girl

Today’s fast-moving business environment demands that the effective manager be both a well-organized administrator and highly adept in understanding people’s basic needs and behavior in the workplace.

2020 205

Lessons from My Favorite Dentist

Evil HR Lady

David Morris died a few weeks ago at the age of 83. Fortunately, his family was with him, and it was peaceful. He was my dentist when I was a teenager and the father of one of my best friends.

2020 242

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The night will pass. Then we will have work to do.” ” – Rumi (Persian Poet, 13th Century). It seems that 800 years ago, they had their own dark times. And, then, when the night passed, they had “work to do,” too, just as we will. That is for certain, it’s just a matter of time.

2020 130

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8 Ways the Workplace and Workday Are Different Due to Covid-19

Ms. Career Girl

If you kept your job throughout the pandemic thus far, you probably experienced a few changes to the way things work. Those seeking new employment should also anticipate a change in the traditional workplace model.

2020 141

HR Leaders Are Increasingly Turning to Generalist Over Specialists (Best Hire Ever Podcast)

The HR Capitalist

Change. We've had our share of it in the business world in 2020, right? It has hit everyone hard without question, but HR leaders and pros have been hit as hard as anyone. Like you, I have a lot of friends who have faced furloughs, layoffs, etc - both inside and outside of HR.

2020 111

The Secret to Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Evil HR Lady

When you’re hiring –especially for a new company where all the positions are new–writing job descriptions can be almost as much fun as a root canal. You sit down to write it, and your mind goes blank–just what does a finance manager do? You have no idea.

2020 156

From Tax Advice to Social Impact

Career Shifters

“My soul was slowly dying.”. Aimee Higgins had worked her entire career to get to the 'top'. But the closer she got, the more she realised she didn't want to be there.

2020 189

Step-By-Step Instructions on Setting Up A Professional Domain Email Account

Career Advice Guy

I firmly believe the best way to search for a new job is to email the hiring manager directly. This way, Read More. The post Step-By-Step Instructions on Setting Up A Professional Domain Email Account appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Strategies

2020 102

Good Call Center Jobs Teach You a Lot - But We Might Wonder Why You Didn't Get Promoted.

The HR Capitalist

I love what jobs early in our careers teach and say about us. There's literally 8 million stories in the naked city, and this is just one of those stories. But in its own little way, it matters - a lot.

2020 111

The Real HR Show: Jobs on the Rise

Evil HR Lady

The post The Real HR Show: Jobs on the Rise appeared first on Evil HR Lady

2020 145

Why the Time Has Come for a Four-Day Week

The Undercover Recruiter

The coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, and it’s had a particularly marked effect on the way we work. The largest flexible working experiment ever conducted has taken place out of necessity, and the early signs are that it will leave a lasting change in work culture.

2020 98

A-Players Sourcing Guide: 11 Steps to Landing the Industry’s Top-Performers

Undercover Recruiter

The most talented people build the best companies. It’s that simple. No successful business was built purely on market fit and a ton of investments. People are the #1 asset of any company, its biggest strength or weakness.

2020 91

Authentic Leadership - Can You Define It? (Best Boss Ever Podcast with Lisa Higgins)

The HR Capitalist

Authentic leadership. It matters now more than ever, because while being perfect as a manager of people is unrealistic, being authentic is full of forgiveness. Being authentic as a manager or a leader means no one is ever guessing where you come from on any issue.

2020 100

What a Black person thinks when they read this blog

Penelope Trunk

Note from Penelope: This is a guest post of sorts. I asked Whitney to annotate one of my blog posts because I want to better understand the white privilege on my blog.

2020 81

10 Customer Service Interview Questions

The Corporate Con/noisseur

10 Customer Service Interview Questions. Are you interviewing for a customer service position? Below, we’re going to review the 10 customer service interview questions which will help to provide you with a leg-up on your job search and interview process.

2020 52

Why the US Suspension of Foreign Work Permits is Good News for UK Companies

Undercover Recruiter

As the legalities of employment in the US continue to evolve, the conviction that the future of work will be remote becomes stronger. In June, the US President decided to halt access to several employment-based visas, including H-1B visas for high-skill workers.

2020 59

Your Company's Probably Going to Ask You to Delete TikTok From Your Phone (The HR Famous Podcast)

The HR Capitalist

Ah, company phones. Here's the deal - they really don't exist much anymore. . Why are we talking about company phones? Last week was a doozy as Amazon directed its employees to remove TikTok from company devices, only to take the request back later in the same day.

2020 100

12 Effective Ways to Deal with Racism at Work

Catherines Career Corner

These are 12 effective ways to deal with racism at work.

2020 95

8 Types of Careers in the Courtroom

The Corporate Con/noisseur

8 Types of Careers in the Courtroom. You don’t necessarily need to be a lawyer or judge to work in a courtroom. Instead, these 8 types of careers in the courtroom will ensure that you get to work in the legal field while still being in a courtroom.

2020 52

Thanks For Signing Up!

Career Realism

We're So Excited To Work With You! Thanks for signing up! Check your email for more information

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Is a Career as a Medical Scribe In Your Future

Corn on the Job

Is a Career as a Medical Scribe in Your Future? A medical scribe isn’t a career that everyone has heard of yet. While they work in many hospitals across the country, they don’t grab the headlines.

2020 52

I’m stuck in daily three-hour Zoom meetings

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I could use some help trying to figure out how to best navigate the absolutely bonkers amount of meetings that my boss is holding. I work in public education and obviously we have been very impacted by Covid. I work on a small leadership team for a very large department.

2020 48

5 Quick Profile Fixes to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Mildred Talabi

If you want to start being visible on LinkedIn so you can promote your brand and easily attract your ideal clients, you need to have a magnetic profile. A magnetic profile is one that tells your brand story, speaks directly to your target audience, and *pulls* them towards you and your service offering with minimal ‘sales’ effort on your part. Not got one of those? Don’t worry, here are five quick profile fixes you can carry out today to take you in that direction. 1) Show your face.

2020 43

Executives - Thanks For Signing Up!

Career Realism

We're So Excited To Work With You! Thanks for signing up! Check your email for more information. Create your own user feedback survey

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how do I change to “they” pronouns at work?

Ask a Manager

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’m considering starting to use “they” pronouns at work.

2020 45

my company has strict language protocols that my coworker won’t follow

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work for a company that produces highly specialized products to very exacting standards. Our work is extremely high-stakes and errors could be extraordinarily costly for our clients in terms of money and even human lives.

2020 45

my employee thinks coronavirus is a hoax

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: One of my employees has been vocal about the coronavirus being a hoax. I had to have a talk with him during our last few days in the office at the end of March because he was openly criticizing and mocking coworkers for “being afraid of the flu” and practicing social distancing. While the rest of us isolated and worked at home, he went on two different vacations out of the state and did not isolate upon returning as required.

2020 43

my manager makes us do mental-health surveys every day

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Recently, my boss started attending personal therapy (she shared this information with me unprovoked) and shortly after starting her sessions she discovered Brene Brown.

2020 41

my employee posts on social media when she’s out sick

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I oversee a close-knit team, and most people follow each other on social media.

2020 40

7 Top Ways to Market Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Mildred Talabi

If you want to be visible you need a strong personal brand. Your personal brand matters because it’s what people remember about you and, if you’re in business, it’s why they decide to work with you – or not. This is *especially* important if you have a service business – people don’t just buy into what you do (newsflash – you’re not the only one doing it!), they buy into who you are and your particular way of doing what you do. That’s why marketing your personal brand is important.

2020 40

10 Engagement Strategies You Need to Be Doing on LinkedIn

Mildred Talabi

If you’ve been on LinkedIn for any length of time, you’ll know that engagement is a pretty big deal. What do I mean by engagement? Simply this – building relationships with people in your network by engaging (liking, commenting and/or sharing) with their content. This sounds easy enough on paper but in reality, finding something to engage with when you have zillions of posts in your feed can be a challenge. But engage you must. The good news is, there is a way around this.

2020 40

Top 5 Ways to Be Visible on LinkedIn

Mildred Talabi

Top 5 ways to be visible on LinkedIn. If you want to effortlessly promote your brand and easily attract your ideal clients through LinkedIn, you need to be visible. What does it mean to be visible? Simply this – to be seen, heard and remembered by your target audience so that you’re the first (and possibly only) person they think of when they actually need the service you offer. Sounds like a dream scenario, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing – it’s very possible to achieve this!

2020 40

boss responds to every email with “calm down,” my office is overrun with buzzwords, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss responds to every email with “calm down” I am a woman and am very reserved in my work life. I work as a sales assistant to our sales team, so me keeping a cool head is very helpful (I think). I have an issue with my interim boss.

2020 39