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How to Overcome Career Setbacks

Career Alley

Getting your priorities straight is important when it comes to how you’re going to overcome a career setback. Sometimes, you have to think about your own well being before you start to consider your career. Career Advice career setbacks

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Failure Is a Gift: How Working with Failure Can Become a Personal Best

Ms. Career Girl

Ask anyone who has achieved a significant goal in their life or career, “What fueled your success?” and many people will talk about a moment when they needed to look in the mirror and say, “Well, now what?” Often it is failure to reach a goal that propelled them to their next success.

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This Job Candidate Walked Out Before His Interview Started. The Reason Is Instructive for Any Employer

Evil HR Lady

Miguel Olave waited 35 minutes for an interview. Then he walked out. . He was absolutely right to do so. Five minutes, sure. Ten minutes, I’ll even give you a pass. But, when you let a candidate site for 35 minutes without acknowledging him, you’re going to lose that candidate.

2020 216

“How Do I Find A New Career, When I’ve Lost My Self-Confidence?”

Career Shifters

Sofia's always thrown herself head first into new challenges. But a meaningless and uninspiring job has chipped away at her confidence, leaving her full of excuses not to change.

2020 190

How to Know You’re In the Right Job

Career Alley

It’s nearly always the most obvious things that tell you whether something is right or wrong for you. When it comes to your work, this will be decided by how you feel on a Sunday evening. Find your Dream Job Dream job right job

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Why Paying Yourself First and Putting Away 10% is So Important

Ms. Career Girl

When I first heard of the 10% account, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was working hard just to pay my bills, never seeming to get ahead. I was left wondering, is this all that is possible for me when it comes to money?

2020 206

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Hiring a Cleaning Lady–Or Any Other Kind of Employee

Evil HR Lady

In honor of National Women’s Day, working women are supposed to fret about other working women who happen to work for us. Let me explain. Sally Howard researched cleaners, by working with them. Fair enough.

2020 201

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Top 5 Ways to Use Online Learning Tools to Enhance Your Education

Career Alley

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or simply want to improve your learning abilities, online learning apps can bring your learning abilities to the next level. Career Advice Education online learning

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A year in reflection: International Women’s Day 

Ms. Career Girl

Like any year, 2019 was a mixture of successes and failures for women’s rights. This is true whether we are talking about the rights of women in employment, women in the wider UK, or for women worldwide.

2020 167

What Can HR Do to Help Prevent Burnout?

Evil HR Lady

Have you ever felt just… done? Overwhelmed, utterly exhausted and detached or unmotivated at work? If that feeling persists for longer than a day or two, you may well be suffering from burnout as a result of chronic stress (often tied to your job).

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Don’t Leave Yet: Three Key Areas To Establish In Your New Business Before You Hand In Your Notice


35% of small business owners are aged between 50 and 59 : they’ve reached a time in life that they’re ready to use the experience and skills they’ve built up in a long career to move towards starting their own business.

2020 172

How to Protect Yourself in a Job as an Employee

Career Alley

There are things that you can do in order to ensure that you are protecting yourself from anything that might threaten your job or yourself. Career Advice Employees Protect Yourself

2020 261

Girl Power: Women In The Entertainment Industry

Ms. Career Girl

With female produced and directed projects breaking box office records and garnering awards like never before, I am proud to witness a time where women are taking the lead in the film and entertainment industry.

2020 158

The Coronavirus Has Been Devastating for Some Companies. 6 Questions to Ask Before You Consider Layoffs

Evil HR Lady

With Coronavirus now a pandemic, it’s safe to say your company can expect interruptions if it hasn’t already felt them.

2020 190

From Banking to Psychotherapy

Career Shifters

“I knew that ultimately I would be unfulfilled.”. After being 'distracted' by a different career path for years, Rakhi Chand finally gave herself permission to forge a new path in the field she'd always gravitated towards.

2020 155

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification for a Successful Career in Cloud Computing

Career Alley

Microsoft Azure certification is the ultimate platform that can help you in building a great career in an IT industry. Launch your Career Successful career

2020 241

Self-Isolating as a Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter

Who would have ever predicted I would be writing a blog as if we were in post-apocalypse times.

2020 97

Dilemma of the Month: How to Best Handle Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Evil HR Lady

I have an employee who would like to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns — a singular “they” instead of “he” or “she,” for example — but not all of my managers are following the request. The employee has come to me to point this out.

2020 174

What’s My LinkedIn URL and How Do I Change it?

Career Advice Guy

My favourite job search strategy to is email my CV directly to a potential hiring manager for review. I have explained. Read More. The post What’s My LinkedIn URL and How Do I Change it? appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Social Media

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Telling a Leader They're Wrong: A Survival Guide.

HR Capitalist

One of the trickiest parts of growing your career is the following: The leaders you work for aren't always going to be right. You're going to see that they are wrong from time to time. You're got a choice - tell them or not? If you tell them and don't nail the landing, you will hurt your career.

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?? 15 Ideas For Job Seekers To Do While Lonely in Coronavirus Quarantine


Congrats! You're in coronavirus quarantine for the good of humanity. Let's make it for the good of your job search too. Welcome to a resume gap that no one will fault you for. Photo by freddie marriage.

2020 82

Three Reasons to Consider Return-to-Work Parents When Hiring

The Undercover Recruiter

In January 2020, Tiger Recruitment hosted a roundtable discussion with an intimate group of HR professionals to discuss the reintegration of parents into the workplace.

2020 82

Personal Brand: How To Publish Articles On LinkedIn And Grow Your Brand

Career Advice Guy

A personal brand is similar to a corporate brand, it explains who you are and the values that you embrace. Read More. The post Personal Brand: How To Publish Articles On LinkedIn And Grow Your Brand appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Social Media

2020 88

The Origin of the Executive Compensation Industry.

HR Capitalist

From a book I'm reading - The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and its Secret Influence on American Business by Duff McDonald : "A small number of McKinsey consultants did manage to stand out from the rest.

5 Zingers on How to Successfully Work From Home When You Have No Choice

David Zinger

Once there was an elephant who tried to use the telephant — No! I mean an elephone Who tried to use the telephone — ~ Laura Elizabeth Richards.

2020 96

What Would You Do if You Were a Candidate to Ensure You Get Hired?

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s not a trick question but we thought we would put our expert panel in the hot seat this week. It’s great that they’ve been sharing their top tips for candidates for the past few weeks but what they do if they were in the candidate’s shoes?

2020 79

How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account

Career Advice Guy

LinkedIn is firmly the largest professional networking website and a firm favourite job search tool to find your next job. Whether. Read More. The post How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Social Media

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HR Capitalist

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my office plays religious music, my new boss asks about our sex lives, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My office plays religious music throughout the building. I work for a very large, non-religious company in a technical role.

2020 95

How Employers Can Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

The Undercover Recruiter

Most modern worker schedules have changed in the present day to adapt to new job industries, demanding bosses and fluctuating workloads. On average, full-time employees expend over one-third of their time at work.

2020 77

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts (& Then What to Do To Find A New Job)

Career Advice Guy is one of the most powerful and useful tools in your job too arsenal. At time of writing, LinkedIn is. Read More. The post How to Export LinkedIn Contacts (& Then What to Do To Find A New Job) appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Social Media

2020 88

Employee Experience: Under Mental Construction

David Zinger

Employee experience is more than something that happens to you. You mentally construct your experience and this mental construction may be as, or even more, important than the experience itself.

employee lied about coronavirus to get time off work, coworker sprayed Lysol at me, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My employee lied about being exposed to coronavirus. One of my employees lied about being exposed to COVID-19. She called in to work saying she had gone back to her hometown over the weekend to visit family and was exposed while she was there.

2020 94

How Women Can Match Men in the World of Work

The Undercover Recruiter

Although the UK’s gender pay gap has been steadily closing and is now sitting at its lowest ever level for full-time employees (17.3%

2020 71

How to Find a Job in a Small Town

The Corporate Con/noisseur

How to Find a Job in a Small Town. Small cities and towns can be the perfect place to live and raise a family. With the interconnectedness, sprawling landscape, and quaint charm, small towns make an appealing arraignment for anyone looking for a slower pace.

2020 52

Happiness based on George Vaillant

David Zinger

Drift. The following quote from an article about the Harvard Grant study demonstrated authenticity and realness in happiness. “ Only with patience and tenderness might a person surrender his barbed armor for a softer shield.

2020 70

I exposed myself at work because my coworkers didn’t believe I had cancer

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I made a huge mistake and I am trying the best way to dig myself out of this mess. In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery to remove that cancer and one breast in early 2019. My recovery went smoother than expected and I ended up just needing some follow-up care and check-ups. I wear a prosthesis at work and it makes me look no different in clothes than before the surgery.

2020 87