3 Reasons to Start Speaking at Industry Conferences

Ms. Career Girl

The post 3 Reasons to Start Speaking at Industry Conferences appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Brendan Alan Barrett. His bio follows.

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Executives: Don’t Put These 5 Things in Your Resume!

Professional Resume Services

The best executive resume writers don’t include these things. Executive resumes deserve just as much attention as a resume for any other job. You may be surprised to know most resumes for executive positions are generally poorly done.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. I’ve found that many executives have a “build it and forget it” mindset with LinkedIn.

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My Co-Workers Are Voting for Trump

Evil HR Lady

I sit across the cube wall from 4 hipster type web designers – all guys. (I’m I’m a nerdy female data analyst). The guys are all conservative republicans, so I usually tune out the political talk or put on my headphones.

10 Secrets to Leaving a Great Impression

Position Ignition

There are some individuals who seem to go through life charming everyone they meet and getting on with all kinds of people. There’s something magnetic about them that draws a crowd.

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Meaningful Work Matters

Career Trend

“There is no amount of beer-Fridays that can make people feel good if they don’t do meaningful work.” ” -CareerTrend.net client. The post Meaningful Work Matters appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Career Wisdom Meaningful Work workplace

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4 Things Everyone Forgets to Put on Their Resume

Cube Rules

Knowing what to put on your resume can be difficult. You want to sound qualified for the job with all the right experience, and attributes without sounding pretentious.

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Resume Writing Tips for College Students

Career Alley

Creating a great resume can be a challenging task for college students and recent college grads. College Grads Resumes

5 Phone Interview Tips to Get That Job


Learning about different phone interview tips is just as much understanding the interview process, as it is understanding the phone interview process.

From Corporate Suits to Cotton Pyjamas

Career Shifters

"I'd become become disillusioned with the corporate work environment. I knew I needed to make the jump." Now, Becky Lupton is awake and working at 2 a.m., juggling a baby and a business, and making mistakes along the way. But even on her exhausted days, she has no regrets. This is her story.

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A Seat At The Table

Ms. Career Girl

The post A Seat At The Table appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Shonda Scott. Her bio follows. In business and in life, I have a mantra that has given me the courage to succeed in a world that was not initially inclusive.

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How Executive Resume Targeting Works

Professional Resume Services

You can rely on an executive resume writing service – such as Professional Resume Services – to help you craft the most effective resume. Every company has different positions within each organization.

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What’s the Best Executive Resume Format and Length?

Executive Career Brand

When I speak with executive job seekers, one of the first things they often ask me is how their resume stacks up. Many of them have never been in a job search or haven’t faced one for a number of years.

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Are You Old? Like, Really Old? Like, 35?

Evil HR Lady

Everyone knows that only young people are good at tech jobs. Okay, everyone knows that statement is foolish, but so many tech companies only want to hire young people. One man decided to start a job board for “ old geeks.”

2016 245

10 Ways to Build Your Reputation at Work

Position Ignition

If only having a good reputation at work was as simple as keeping your nose to the grindstone and working hard. In reality, the complexities of office politics means that a lot of factors contribute to what kind of reputation you have amongst your colleagues and bosses.

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How to Encourage Your Employees to Be Genuine

Career Trend

The topic of authenticity in the workplace is nothing new. However, the reality is that each workplace is unique, and cultures run the gamut from open to rigid (and everything in between).

2016 218

5 crucial tips to help you stand out at work

Cube Rules

It can be tough to stand out in a company of talented individuals. Especially if you work for a large corporation, you may wonder how you will be able to make your mark. However, there are plenty of ways to stand out in a corporate environment with a little extra effort.

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Get Ready for an Agile Job Search with Nissar Ahamed

Competitive Resumes

When I like a job search blog, I like to let you know about it. If you haven’t heard of Career Metis, then I encourage you to listen to this show and then head on over there. The blog founded by Nissar Ahamed is likely to give your job search a boost.

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Plan, Positivity, and Perspective: The 3 “P”’s of Interview Prep

Career Alley

Preparing for an interview can be one of the most draining experiences you’ll have. Job Search Plan Planning

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” ” – The Dalai Lama. On behalf of my clients, I have many times stood up against people with resources, power and influence far greater than my own.

2016 176

The 4 Career Change Traps You Don't Know You're In (And How To Get Out Of Them)

Career Shifters

If you're getting nowhere with your shift, there's a good chance you've got yourself into a 'monkey trap'. Natasha explains what on earth a monkey trap is, how to tell if you're in one, and how to get unstuck.

2016 248

5 Smart Choices Vital To Your Success & Happiness

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Smart Choices Vital To Your Success & Happiness appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Alan Fox. His bio follows.

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Executives: It’s About Who You Know

Professional Resume Services

Professional Resume Services offers the best tips for personal branding for senior level executives. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s the key to landing the perfect executive job nowadays, in addition to flawless executive resume writing.

2016 259

Personal Branding FAQs for Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

When I speak with my c-suite and senior level executive clients for the first time, we discuss the job search issues concerning and impacting them right now. The things they don’t know how to deal with. The things they don’t understand that may be holding them back.

2016 240

Really Bad Interview Questions. Really Bad. Like, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Evil HR Lady

Lots of people stink at interviewing. They think it’s important to come up with “interesting” or “out of the box” questions for job candidates. Yeah, well, this is what happens. Here’s my favorite (least favorite?)

2016 244

9 Ways to Managing Your Career Successfully

Position Ignition

There is no such thing as a job for life any more and it is no longer safe to think that any one job is secure. At the same time, in today’s working world there are so many more opportunities and options available to us than ever before.

2016 205

The Heart of Your Value Proposition

Career Trend

In its most basic sense, a unique value proposition is defined as, “a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer and what distinguishes you from the competition.” It’s a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well.

2016 215

7 Resume Blunders Recruiters Will Not Forgive

Cube Rules

Whether you’re changing jobs or trying to catch your first interview, the one thing employers and recruiters want to see is a proper resume. You should think of your resume as a representative talking to the employer on your behalf, because that’s exactly what it does.

2016 198

How to Use Your Blog for Today’s Job Search

Competitive Resumes

I’ve known Ileane Smith for several years now. She owns one of the largest blogs for basic blog tips in the world. If you are thinking about starting a blog, find solutions to your questions at BasicBlogTips.com.

2016 208

The Four Legs of Job Search

Career Alley

the "four legs" of job search are Recruiters, Job Search Sites, Networking (and Social Networks) and Company Career sites. Job Search Plan Company Career Sites

2016 194

How to Stop Money From Consuming You

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Stop Money From Consuming You appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. In their song “Awake My Soul,” folk band Mumford and Sons sang the memorable lyrics, “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

2016 265

Another Chain Broken:

Sklover Working Wisdom

Non-Solicitation in the Petrochemical Industry. Effective This Week: Another client is free from the “chains” of a non-compete or non-solicitation restriction.

2016 173

How to Ensure Your References Are as Helpful as Possible

Professional Resume Services

The best resume writing services will help you with your references. It’s standard practice nowadays for employers to check with references before deciding to hire a particular candidate.

2016 258

6 Career Lessons You Learn from Yoga

Ms. Career Girl

The post 6 Career Lessons You Learn from Yoga appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Flexibility is not the only attribute valued by employers and yogis alike! Here’s how to be your own personal guru in the workplace: Self-improvement is more important than trying to beat everyone else.

2016 259

How to Stay Positive in Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

10 tips to conquer negative thoughts and keep moving forward. Job search can wreak havoc with your emotional state and self-esteem. Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll face at least some rejections.

2016 239

Exempt? Earning Less than $47,476? Your Life Is About To Flip Upside Down

Evil HR Lady

Everybody likes overtime pay, and starting December 1, about 5 million more people will be eligible for overtime. Yay!!! Except, when it starts happening to you, it’s not always the basket of joy the Department of Labor would have you think. One of my friends ran into this in real life.

2016 231

7 Tips For Job Interview Success

Position Ignition

Job interviews can sometimes seem daunting. There is the pressure of the best first impression, deciding what to wear and coming across confident. If you are nervous or feeling unprepared, here are 7 tips to guide you. You can also find out more by reading our How to Ace the Interview eBook.

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