Holiday Book Gift Guide for the Career Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time to Shop

Ms. Career Girl

As the days get shorter and your workload gets heavier, we know how difficult it is to handpick gifts for all of your family and friends. The one gift everyone will love this year? A brand-new book.

2018 280

3 Reasons I Won’t Connect with You on LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

I’m fortunate and grateful to receive lots of requests to connect on LinkedIn. Heeding the same advice I give my executive job seeking clients, I connect with most people who ask me. Expanding my network on LinkedIn means more people to learn from and communicate with.

2018 274

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Use Your Job Rejection to Find New Opportunities

Professional Resume Services

It’s only natural to feel hurt and get down on yourself when receiving a job rejection. However, it’s also very possible to rebound, get rid of the negativity and find better opportunities.

2018 254

9 Ideas to Help Spur Your Goals Forward This Year

Career Trend

Are you past the new-year resolution high and ready to dig in for the long haul to a better you, with resolve and commitment? If so, read on for eight ideas to help you spur your new year goals forward.

2018 230

7 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads


Facing the world as a new graduate can be an extremely frustrating time. Recent figures show there has been a drastic decline in possible job opportunities for new graduates, and the resources obtained from college career services are limited.

2018 270

How to Boost the Value of Your Design Resume

Career Alley

A good resume will not only get you noticed, but it can also get you that job interview or a chance to present your ideas for a project. Before you can get to that stage, however, you need to think about how you can make your resume different from the competition.

2018 180

The Best New Features of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Competitive Resumes

LinkedIn is constantly changing their features and functionality to the point where new and old users lose sight of LinkedIn’s value. Bob McIntosh is a purveyor of all things LinkedIn for job seekers.

2018 261

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How To Move Into A New Career With No Relevant Experience On Your CV

Career Shifters

Everywhere you turn it seems to be staring back at you: "Experience in a similar role required". How can you move into work you love when nobody will give you a chance? Natasha shares the key ideas and practical actions that can help you dodge the experience Catch-22

2018 242

What I Learned When I Gave a TEDx Talk

Evil HR Lady

I love to speak. In fact, I feel more comfortable in front of a microphone than at a networking event. So, when my friend and colleague Kristen Pressner suggested I give a TEDx talk, I was like, sure, no problem.

2018 215

Worried About Age Discrimination? 9 Things on Your Executive Resume That Show Your Age

Executive Career Brand

Several years ago I wrote the post Is Your Executive Resume Still Partying Like It’s 1999?, and then updated it more recently. Sadly, I’m still seeing executive resumes that look and read like the ones I was writing 15-20 years ago.

2018 274

Miss America on The Value of Public Speaking

Ms. Career Girl

The Miss America Organization is more than a competition, it’s a 365 day effort to advance scholarship and service. It is a voice for young women who are looking to participate in social change. Today, the Miss America Organization is more relevant than ever.

How Science Predicts a Bad or Good First Impression in an Executive Job Interview

Executive Career Brand

How to Ace Your First Impression in Executive Job Interviews First impressions are tricky things. and especially critical in executive job interviews. We always want to nail a first impression but, sometimes, it seems more like an art than a science.

2018 267

5 Errors You Could be Making on Your LinkedIn Profile

Professional Resume Services

Having a LinkedIn profile is important for executives today. Networking is such a critical part of business, and many professionals view LinkedIn as the best way to meet other professionals. When completing your profile, it’s important to ensure the right information is included.

2018 217

Preview: My Personal Branding Session at Lake Texoma, Texas

Career Trend

My Personal Branding Session at Lake Texoma, Texas It may seem that work-life blend is a mystical dream, A fantasy that inspirers use to elevate self esteem. It may be that residing in a rural lake town, Creates images of someone living in a perpetual hoedown.

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Use LinkedIn Wisely in Your Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

I would guess that the majority of executives in job search, or planning one, know that they need a LinkedIn profile. Too many stop there. They may fill in a little information in their profile, but they rarely do much else.

2018 265

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Jobhunting

Career Alley

find the companies you want to work for and start contacting their employers directly either by email or phone. You’ll feel as if you’ve got a lot more freedom not having to reply solely to ads – you can craft the application the way you want to and apply to the roles you want.

2018 180

Every Job Seeker Needs to Act as Their Own a Hype Man

Competitive Resumes

When it comes to your job search , job seeker, no one is going to amplify your best attributes, skills, and abilities but you. No one can better testify to your competencies than you can.

2018 232

Happy New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

To All of Our Blog Readers, Friends, Clients and Colleagues: “Our BEST WISHES for a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful NEW YEAR”. Thank you so very sincerely for making 2017 – our TENTH year of publication – successful beyond our expectations.

2018 158

The Renegade Mindset: How To Stay True To What Matters To You

Career Shifters

In a world where the pressure to conform is all-consuming, how do you discover what you want, and then maintain the strength of mind to carve your own path? Natasha shares how to create the mindset shift you need to break the mould and stay on track for a career (and a life) you love

2018 243

A Clever LinkedIn Personal Branding Tip to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

If you’re using LinkedIn correctly for personal branding and executive job search, you’ve come at it in two ways: 1. You’re building keyword-rich content to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your profile sits there working PASSIVELY for you – making you more visible and findable.

2018 267

What You Should Know About Your Sleep, Work, and Productivity

Ms. Career Girl

This post is sponsored by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Today’s work environment is both demanding and competitive. So much so that it’s common, and sometimes expected, that work weeks edge into the 50 or 60 hour range. In the U.S.

2018 257

Preparing for Your First Interview in Years


If you’ve been in one job or with a single company for years, the idea of making a change can be intimidating. Whether it’s been five years, ten or more since your last interview, things have likely changed.

2018 213

Nothing Sells Better than Enthusiasm in the Job Interview

Ms. Career Girl

Job seekers are often surprised when they don’t receive a job offer after an interview. They wonder, “Why wasn’t I selected? What went wrong?” But imagine this scenario: I want to work in your company, but in my interview with you, I sit in a cowering posture and with downcast eyes.

2018 251

Details to Include in Your Executive Cover Letter

Professional Resume Services

You spend so much time writing the perfect resume, so why do you have to exhaust the same amount of time and effort on a cover letter? The little known fact about resumes and cover letters is they go hand-in-hand in most cases.

Breaking Through in the New Year

Career Trend

I’ve been contemplating what breaking through in the new year means. I’ve been pondering motivators and what actions will make me a better, stronger and more hopeful person. As well, I’ve been considering areas where my motivation has waned–where the spark has been snuffed.

2018 204

Four Tips For Being Confident At Work — But Not Catty

Ms. Career Girl

Women in the workplace are sometimes thought of as a scary group of people. It’s safe to say there’s a stereotype about women — their cattiness knows no bounds and instead of coworkers, they’re competitors. And when we’re competing, we play both offense and defense.

2018 252

Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Career Alley

Practice talking about why you want the job, what your career goals are, your previous positions and what you learned from them and how you’ve dealt with challenges in the past. Nail the Interview Dream job Interview Tips

2018 176

8 Ways to Use Underemployment to Sway Your Employment Opportunities

Competitive Resumes

We know underemployment is hard to measure. Even the government has difficulty measuring it. But that said, you certainly know when you are unemployed. It’s when you have a job, and it pays the bills for the most part, but your talents are worth so much more.

2018 219

Smart Personal Branding: Posting LinkedIn Updates vs Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

If you’ve been paying attention, plenty of helpful articles have probably passed in front of your eyes about using LinkedIn for personal branding and executive job search. I write about LinkedIn often right here on ExecutiveCareerBrand.com.

2018 253

From Accountant to Nurse

Career Shifters

“Every day I left the office feeling frustrated and numb.”. Ever felt that the career you've invested in no longer fits? Tired of compromising his values, Andrew Grayson decided to explore his options elsewhere.

2018 236

7 Pros Share The Best Tools to Help You Kill it in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

“Out with the old, in with the new” may be a cliché, but the practice is as valuable for your business as it is for your overcrowded closet.

2019 249

2019: The Year To Take The Leap And Change Your Career And Life

Ms. Career Girl

Another year is nearly over. Before you start gathering all those great ideas for New Year’s Resolutions, it’s a good time to take a look back. What’s your life like now compared to two or five years ago? Are you happy with where you are now and the progress you’ve made?

2018 247

Sorry, HR, You Don’t Get Any Friends at Work–The DisruptHR Talk

Evil HR Lady

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how HR can’t have friends at work and it kind of created controversy. LinkedIn went kind of nuts discussing it, with people digging in their heels on both sides.

2018 212

Working Anyway: On Physical Challenges – Reflections from a Retiree

Ms. Career Girl

Chances are, right now you are in pretty good health, and maybe aging or physical difficulties are something you think may not happen until decades from now… and I truly hope this is the case.

2018 246

Essential Elements to Include on Your Career Changing Resume

Professional Resume Services

Going through a career change can be difficult to wrap your mind around. This is especially true if you’ve been in the same industry or worked at the same company for several years.

2018 208

10 Senior Executive Resume Writers Provide Expert Job Search Tips for 2019

Career Trend

Following is a cross-post of top 10 resume writing and jobs search tips, reprinted with permission from executive resume writer colleague, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, owner of CareerSteering.

2018 197

How Women are Changing the Face of Construction

Ms. Career Girl

Construction has traditionally been a male-dominated field and that is still the case today with less than 10 percent of construction workers being female.