STEM Education: The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Workforce (and Today’s!)

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The post STEM Education: The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Workforce (and Today’s!) The subjects of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) have always been at the foundation of society’s ability to grow, adapt, compete, communicate and protect citizens.

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Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

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The post Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Read on for some information that’ll help you understand the education versus experience issue so that you’ll know where to place what on your resume.

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3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume

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3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume. The words you choose to use and how you choose to present information on the resume can dramatically impact the results you get. One of the best ways to do that is to offer quantifiable information.

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5 Rules To Remember For An Informational Interview

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An informational interview is not the same as a job interview. Related: How To Conduct An Effective Informational Interview. 5 Rules To Remember For An Informational Interview. What type of training or education is needed to continue to advance in this profession?”.

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Are You Over Educated? Why Does it Matter to Your Career?

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Here are a few of the highlights of our discussion: Many job seekers and career changers using education to increase his/her career marketability. Finding the balance between traditional education and skills to scale your career. Career education

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Answer This Question Before An Informational Interview

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I love educating people on how to get their next job. When someone asks for a coffee date for an informational interview , the person they are asking isn’t always inspired to give up their time. Remember, in an informational interview, the objective is for you to get information.

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What’s Education Got to Do With It?

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And love’s a good thing, but education is where it’s at for a lot of careers these days. Even our federal government is joining the education band wagon. More education can make a huge difference in your life – and your family’s. Got education?

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5 New Careers in Education

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New roles are being developed in education. Technicians can visit classrooms and educate teachers and other education professionals on the methods and techniques that they can include technology in the classroom. Private Early Childhood Education. Educational App Maker.

Career Key Career Test & New Career Information Links to the 2012-2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook

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The Career Key's valid career test and online career assessment now links to the latest career information from the new 2012-13 Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) released late last week. We have preferred the career information in the OOH to the O*NET for quite some time.

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5 Steps to a Great Resume – Gathering Your Information – Lesson 1

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There are five lessons in the Resume Series : Gathering your information (today’s post). Gathering Your Inform ation – As with all successful endeavors, thoughtful planning will make for a great resume. Put Your Education to Work on Your Resume.

Résumé Help: Formatting the Education & Professional Credentials Section

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This highly-qualified finance professional has listed her education and professional designations together in one category. It’s presented in a very dense manner, which means it will take the reader longer to sort through the information. Resume Help education resume

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Are You Making Informed Decisions In Your Job Search?

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If you haven’t been faced with some of these before, how will you know you are making an educated decision? Choices Based On Lack of Information: Sometimes, decisions are based on lack of information. Are You Making Informed Decisions In Your Job Search?

Promising Careers 2011 Part 4: Social Services, Nursing and Education Careers

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Are you interested in promising social careers, like different careers in social services, nursing and education ? In part 4 of our Promising Careers series, we list careers that are compatible with Holland's Social personality type , linking them to career information from the U.S.

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Will You Be Shut Out of Popular Education and Career Choices? 3 Tips for Career Planning Success

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What if a required education program has too many applicants, a lot of prerequisites, or is just very selective? Competition to get into some education programs required forin-demand careers can be stiff. If you areshort on time or money, there may be similar occupations requiring fewer yearsof education. Fully research your education options, includingdifferent types of degrees/programs and the schools that offer them.

Great Jobs in Medical, Information Technology, Engineering or Legal Professions

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The list shows the potential for those looking to pursue a career in the medical, information technology, engineering or legal professions. It’s no surprise that many of the top jobs on the list require advanced education or training.

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

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We may not have always referred to these endeavors as “STEM,” but they are accurately representative of what STEM-driven education can do. Author Byline: Laura Mingo writes in the field of higher education.

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

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We may not have always referred to these endeavors as “STEM,” but they are accurately representative of what STEM-driven education can do. Author Byline: Laura Mingo writes in the field of higher education.

How To Educate And Enable A Passive Social Network

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By not providing the tools and specific information they need to help you. Social Networking code words conversation educate enable identify ignite job leads Job Search passives search social network social networking specificEveryone seems to want to help during job search. Check that.

3 Creative Approaches to Gathering Career Option Information

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With such poor or varying quality career information found online, it’s important to adopt a creative approach online. Here are 3 approaches to getting more useful, reliable & locally relevant information about the career options that interest you.

Top Five Careers in MBA Education

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Ascendance of MBA Education and the Career Opportunities it Offers. An educational degree in MBA is among the most preferred career options that are chosen by students these days. For all these purposes, an educational background in this field is highly recommended.

3 Education Career Choices with High Demand Futures

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If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in education, now is the time. There are a variety of education career choices with high demand futures. The following are just a few of the many choices available to a Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

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Top Information Technology Jobs For 2013

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Today’s companies face rapidly changing information technology demands. With the information technology field changing so fast, it can be challenging for professionals to know which area to focus on for career development. Top Information Technology Jobs In 2013.

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3 Thriving Education Tech Trends

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The post 3 Thriving Education Tech Trends appeared first on Ms. It’s no secret that technology has changed the way we communicate – and education is no exception. Isn’t it time for education to catch up? The post 3 Thriving Education Tech Trends appeared first on Ms.

Employers are filling more entry level Jobs with Educated Labor

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Employers are filling more entry level functions with educated labor,” said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America. The survey found how job descriptions have affected education requirements, what business qualities HR professionals expect from higher education and certain industries where this education trend is most prevalent. Changing job and education requirements. Higher education and the bottom line.

Comparing Top Career Information Resources: Occupational Outlook Handbook and O*NET’s My Next Move

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When you’re looking for occupational information , which U.S. My answer - use both, starting with the OOH for the best overall occupational information, then moving to the O*NET (or America's CareerInfoNet ) for local salary and education information. of Education's College Navigator ); People or counselors needing lists of required skills and abilities, and technology use (i.e. Department of Labor resource is better - the OOH or O*NET’s new My Next Move ?

Ep 52 – Is Your #HRTech & Information at Risk From Hackers & Phishing?


Our HR information is at risk simply because of speed at which we are investing in HR technology. The most recent Ashley Madison hack scandal has once again reminded us of data and information security not just for ourselves personally but also in business. Our information is at risk. We can’t afford to take chances when it comes to the security of our company communication, reporting, and our employee information and candidate records. Can you keep a secret?

5 Project Management Skills to Help You Succeed

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Working closely with team members and keeping them informed is also critical. Education Work project management project management skillsThe post 5 Project Management Skills to Help You Succeed appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. By Tricia Hussung.

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Young Person Unemployment – Is the Higher Educational System at Fault?

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Broadcasting, journalism and public relations is also facing similar difficulties with 83,000 people completing education specialising in these fields and there only being 65,000 jobs available.

Going Green in Education: Inspiration You Can Use

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The post Going Green in Education: Inspiration You Can Use appeared first on Ms. Grades of Green fills that gap by helping students, parents, and educators bring environmental education to the broader school community. Education Going Green in Education

Why Your Resume Must Have Your Contact Information

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What absolutely shocked me was that ten percent of the resumes I received or already had in my database lacked basic contact information. And, no disrespect intended, I’m talking about individuals who are well-educated. Resume contact information resume

Information Systems Security Jobs: Benefits and Challenges

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The field of information security is growing by leaps and bounds each year as more people around the world gain access to smart phones and additional computing devices. Because of this growing demand, information systems security jobs are offered in many areas such as within the government or even many Fortune 500 companies. Advantages of Information Security. For example, one of the most popular jobs to work in within the information security field is as a forensic analyst.

Occupational Health and Career Options: How to Learn More

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In choosing a career and comparing career options , don’t forget to include occupational health in your research along with salary, education, and job outlook. This post lists top career information resources related to occupational health.

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Further Your Studies: Job Options With a Masters of Education

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A Masters of Education is a very valuable degree for graduates who want to pursue a career in the fields related to teaching. It does not get as much exposure and press as an MBA but there is no doubt that education is an expanding field not just in the U.S. Adult Education Trainer.


David Zinger

For 25 years I taught Educational Psychology and Counseling Psychology at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Over the past few months I have awakened from a lengthy educational slumber or hibernation. David Zinger is an employee engagement educator, speaker, and expert.

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Is Higher Education Just Like a Louis Vitton Purse?


In the age of information, we are now able to educate ourselves online, on our own terms, at our own pace, for a price anyone can afford: free. Elearning and Online Adult Learning as Alternative to Higher Education. The real value of higher education then, is for you to decide.

Study in Canada: 7 Tips to Canadian Career & Education Success

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Match Your Personality to Canadian Majors and Educational Programs. See how Holland’s Theory can help you relate your career and education interests to the real world of work. Also explore our recommended web resources with Canadian career and education information. If you’d like to study in Canada , start by looking at who you are, your career interests and options, then choose the right college/university major to make your dream career and life in Canada.

Make Liberal Arts A Successful College Major Choice

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I guarantee you'll get some ideas; Decide on whether to go to graduate school with particular career goals in mind, based on real research based on informational interviews with current grad students and grad school grads, not hearsay. Forget the war on liberal arts !

5 Awesome Advantages Of Studying Online

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With the advent of technology, an increasing number of students around the world are opting for online education. Let’s take a look at the ways in which online education may have the upper hand on attendance-based courses. Up-To-Date Information.

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Higher Education – A Necessity to Grab your Dream Job

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In today’s world however, the necessity of higher education has grown on a massive scale at almost every nook and corner of the world. What’s amazing about online education is that it gives students the opportunity to obtain all sorts of degrees starting from Bachelor’s, Master’s to Doctoral.

How to Write Resumes for Jobs in Education [7 Tips]

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An education field offers you with a lot of opportunities, whereby, you can prove your potential, and serve the most interesting area you desire for. Thus, they help you to create an additional advantage, by highlighting your strong aspirations, to serve the education sector.