STEM Education: The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Workforce (and Today’s!)

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The post STEM Education: The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Workforce (and Today’s!) The subjects of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) have always been at the foundation of society’s ability to grow, adapt, compete, communicate and protect citizens.

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Can the President of the United States Create Jobs?

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Every presidential candidate, as well as the current President of the United States, has a plan to create new jobs. Be an educated voter. However, can the President really create new jobs? The simple answer is, “no.” ” Based on the U.S.

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United States Colleges Offer Opportunities for International Job Skills Development


Students who decide to leave their home countries to attend college in the United States share a desire to succeed that transcends their fear of the unknown.

Seven Reasons to Continue Your Education After College

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Wes spent several years in an entry-level position before realizing that his lack of education was holding him back. For many people, furthering their education is a good idea. Why More Education Is Worth The Effort.

Résumé Help: A Quick Lesson on Education

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Today’s candidate was educated in Mexico and is currently working in the United States. With those changes, today’s candidate (and you too) will have a sharp-looking education section. Resume Help education

5 Reasons Continuing Education will Help Your Career

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For certain career choices, continuing education may not necessarily be a requirement, but it can certainly be a smart investment. Earn a Higher Salary – New skills or education often leads to a higher salary. Continuing education may give you what you need to get that promotion.

Going Green in Education: Inspiration You Can Use

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The post Going Green in Education: Inspiration You Can Use appeared first on Ms. Grades of Green fills that gap by helping students, parents, and educators bring environmental education to the broader school community. Education Going Green in Education

Yes, Dating is Important to Your Career

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She talked about how critical education is for women. In much of the world, girls are denied education or are limited in their education by law and culture. Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a speech as part of the #62MillionGirls Initiative.

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3 Benefits Of Studying Abroad In Israel

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The benefits of higher education in a new environment are vast, especially if you consider that learning encompasses all aspects of life, not only the academic. Education abroad study work Are you interested in studying abroad?

Swiss Saturday: Ebonics and Swiss German

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So, while I agree with Hobbs that AAVE needs to be respected and especially that educators need to understand that it is a legitimate language, I also agree with Alkon that not requiring all children in the United States to learn standard English is dooming them to an insulated life without the possibility of greater success. Amy Alkon’s commentary on Ebonics caught my eye. She responded to an article by Michael Hobbs called “Why America Needs Ebonics Now.”

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Which Careers Have the Most Job Security?


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for network and computer system administrators is expected to grow by 28 percent between 2010 and 2020. To obtain tenure, educators often have to meet certain requirements.

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Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Here’s reality.

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Now, we’re going to keep this discussion to the United States only, in case you are itching to trot out statistics from Kazakhstan or Sweden. Women earn $0.79 for every $1.00 men earn, but Snapchat co-founder Even Spiegel earned $2 for every $1 his co-founder Bobby Murphy made.

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How Parents can Help Their Student Prepare to be Job-Ready

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Millennials made up about 30 percent of the United States’ unemployment population. Despite being college-educated, many recent graduates are ill-prepared for the workforce, leaving parents wondering how to get their kids from backpack to briefcase.

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Jobs that Don’t Look Like Work

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After a two year push for improvements in education by the current administration and a $100 billion sent to the states through the stimulus package, one man stands before the Senate to represent the often forgotten need for vocational education and training.

The Importance of Accreditation Should Never be Underappreciated


Despite what you may think, the United States Department of Education is not in direct control of higher education accreditation. Accreditation Choose Your Career career education

Researching a New Career: Green Jobs

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A career change may require additional education or certifications. According to the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics , i n 2010, the United States had 3.1 With so many Americans out of work, searching for a job can be a challenge.

Why Studying Abroad Isn’t As Expensive As You Thought

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Clinton, former President of United States, once said, “When we make college more affordable, we make the American dream more achievable.” While you cannot demand for an affordable education abroad, there are steps you can take to cut on cost and save big. Education working abroad William J. ” The same thing applies to studying abroad.

Life and Jobs Matter for Women Ex-Offenders

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You should take note Montgomery County Correctional Job Facility is a model for the United States to help ex-offenders thrive in their transition back to life. Ranging from highly educated to those who never completed high school.

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U.S. Tech Companies Could Double Overseas Cash By 2013.


Education Store. At a time when the United States is marred in debate over deficits and debt ceilings, American tech companies are keeping about 70 percent of their cash and short-term investments overseas, according to a report published Monday by Moodys Investors Service. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Share Your Experience. Submit an Article. Login / Register.

Are You Cut Out To Be A CEO?

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This infographic explores the education backgrounds, the experience levels and the personal characteristics that shape the CEOs of the world today – while providing a glimpse at what the future holds for the CEO of tomorrow.

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How To Become A Loan Officer In New York

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Right now is a great time to work in mortgage banking, but there are certain federal and state-level requirements that prospective loan officers must be aware of. This is happening in the Empire State and across the U.S. Education.

Three Misperceptions Prevent Employment of Wounded Warriors

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As part of Warrior Care Month, the Army unveiled the “Hire a Veteran” education campaign to reduce anxiety about hiring a Veteran. The education effort includes the attached promotional trailer, a ten minute video and online materials found at

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How Speaking a Second Language Can Help Your Career

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To a potential employer, your ability to communicate with manufacturers in Asia or target Spanish-speaking demographics here in the United States is a valuable asset. In the United States, the need for Spanish speakers is quite strong in the communications and media industries.

5 Job Options For Military Veterans

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Manufacturing, industrial and construction have all become crucial parts of the economic recovery in the United States. Veterans: How To Continue Your Education After Service. It’s not unusual for military veterans to go into law enforcement.

The 10 Best Careers For Women In 2013

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While the United States is still coming back from its most severe recession since the Great Depression, career opportunities for women are many and wide in scope. Administrator in Education.

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5 Things EVERY Brand Needs To Succeed

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For better or worse, these names bring to mind immediate thoughts and impressions because most of us in the United States, at least, recognize these names and associate certain significant impressions with them. 5 Things EVERY Brand Needs To Succeed. Work It Daily.

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5 Key Reasons Why Electricians Should Get Licensed

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It takes a positive approach to education and learning, commitment to gain hours upon hours of experience, and the tenacity to continuously improve oneself through training until he/she reaches the required level. Being an electrician is not for everyone.

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Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?


Earlier this year a new study was released that highlighted disability statistics around the United States. Are you curious where your home state lands in the disability employment conversation? South Dakota is the number one state for hiring people with disabilities, with 50.1%

If You Want More Women in STEM, Try Discriminating Against Them

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In a fascinating article about education in the Middle East, Amanda Ripley writes at The Atlantic: In fact, across the Arab world, women now earn more science degrees on a percentage basis than women in the United States. Fewer than one in every five workers is female in Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. Where do women study STEM at high rates? Sweden, where gender equality is a super important cultural value?

Warning: Shrinking Economies Shrink Job Opportunities

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One industry to avoid is the United States Postal Service (USPS). According to data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, all occupations within the postal industry are on the decline.

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A Master Plan: Why Grad School Is Worth It

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The United States Census Bureau reported in 2000 that grad degree holders within the ages 21 to 64 earn an average of $55,242 annually compared to regular degree holders only registering $42,877 per year. Advancement education grad school mba

Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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” The survey queried more than 5,000 professionals across the United States in creative business industries, including digital, fashion, retail, beauty, design and marketing. surveyed more than 5,000 creative industry professionals across the United States.

Domestic Violence and HR: Don’t Wait for a Ray Rice Moment


A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that sexual violence, stalking, and domestic violence are widespread in the United States among both women and men. More than 1 in 3 women and more than 1 in 4 men in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. Educate and Train Company Leaders and Employees.


Do I need to reveal that I am not a citizen on my resume?

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I have been working at a university as a researcher in the United States for six years. Do I need to state my citizenship and status on my resume? Employers will see that your education and experience is outside the US. Dear Deb: I am a citizen of Italy.

5 Fabulous Career Paths For Creative Minds

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As a professional in fashion designing, you will enjoy studying different fashion trends, creating sketches of your imaginative clothing line, as stated by the United States Department of Labor.

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ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

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Growing up, higher education was always touted as an essential gateway toward many (if not most) career paths, but reality proved otherwise when businesses just stopped hiring.

What an MBA Can Do For Your Career

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Gateway to Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship has become a badge of honor in the United States. Education Career advice Careers Job Postings Job Search The current job market is quite competitive with employers looking to hire the best talent.

8 Careers That Are Actively Hiring and Require Little Training in 2013


In tough economic times, many people are looking for stable careers in 2013 that do not require a college education or extensive training. A high school diploma or GED is the only educational requirement in most states.

Overcoming Obstacles of Employment

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For example, pardons Canada offers services to help people with criminal records get back into the workforce, and even gain entry into the United States for employement. Secondary Education. It’s not for everyone, but furthering your education could be the boost you need.

How to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Market

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In the United States, one start-up founder is competing with the likes of Google and Facebook to attract top talent to his business.

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