3 Ways To Avoid A Minimum Wage Job After College

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They quoted a study that showed 44% of Americans ages 22 to 27 with a bachelor’s degree now work a job that doesn’t require their level of education. Here are three ways you can avoid a minimum wage job after college: 1. Career Education. Get educated.

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Low Wages: 13 College Majors To Avoid Like The Plague

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Employers needed an educated workforce, and many of them didn’t care what degree you had, just as long as you had one. Just be sure you have a solid personal finance strategy to offset your low wages so that you’re properly prepared for retirement.

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Unequal Pay and Unequal Opportunities: New Data On the Gender Wage Gap


A new study by Payscale adds depth to the gender wage gap discussion. They peg the current controlled wage gap at 2.7% and the uncontrolled wage gap at 25.6%. To arrive at the controlled wage gap, Payscale compared wages in identical jobs: HR Manager to HR Manager.

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STEM Education for Girls Is Good for the Economy


The importance of educating women and girls in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) was made apparent by a study just published by The World Economic Forum (WEF). Even in the US we have an ongoing effort to encourage girls to get educated in STEM subjects.

Seven Reasons to Continue Your Education After College

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Wes spent several years in an entry-level position before realizing that his lack of education was holding him back. For many people, furthering their education is a good idea. Why More Education Is Worth The Effort.

Top Careers in Education

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If you’re looking for a career that is expected to offer solid opportunities for the foreseeable future, education is an excellent option. According to the BLS, the median annual wage of adult literacy teachers ( [link] ) nationwide was $48,590 as of May 2012.

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The U.S. has waged a war on jobs


Education Store. has waged a war on jobs. Im not an economist, labor or otherwise, but simple observation suggests one significant contributor to the nations job crisis -- for a long time, maybe even decades, we have been waging war on jobs and those who hold them. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. million in back wages, damages for more than 4,500 Misclassified Wal-Mart workers. Be our Friend.

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Want a Fatter Salary? These 5 Things Are More Important!

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These 5 Things Are More Important what is a positive attitude what is networking work salary work wagesTweet Written by Catherine Adenle It is easy, in this over-commercialized world for us to think that money is everything. In actual fact, this is not necessarily true. To get into high paying jobs you will have to study and develop [.].

5 Steps to Better Wage & Hour Law Compliance


I am making these statements from the perspective of an HR professional, consultant and HR instructor that has dealt with Wage & Hour issues for a long time. With that said here are five (5) steps to better wage and hour law compliance. Wage and Hour Compliance Tips.

Will Relocating for a Higher Wage Leave You Worse Off?

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Over time, you gain the experience and the skillset needed to make that progression to a higher wage. So, you will be receiving a higher wage. The extra money you are bringing home could be dwindling as fast as it is earned in a maelstrom of higher gas prices and education fees.

Get an Education to Build a Promising Career

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The pressure to get a college education is as high as ever, but so are the risks. After all, the end goal of any degree track is to position yourself for a great, rewarding career and a good income; if those aren’t in the cards, your education is a bad investment.

The Competitive Job Market Requiring More Education

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Many people are beginning to discover their true need for a sufficient education past high school, because otherwise it may be impossible for them to find a job. If someone in the job market doesn’t become better qualified by furthering their education, their competition will.

Young Person Unemployment – Is the Higher Educational System at Fault?

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Broadcasting, journalism and public relations is also facing similar difficulties with 83,000 people completing education specialising in these fields and there only being 65,000 jobs available. This high unemployment rate and demand for jobs means that employers are able to pay low wages.

Five Steps to Better Wage & Hour Compliance


I am making these statements from the perspective of an HR professional, consultant and HR instructor that has dealt with Wage & Hour issues for a long time. With that said here is my list of 5 things that may help you to better wage & hour compliance. Be educated.

Gender Wage Gap: Are College Major Choices to Blame?

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When you cross-reference data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Digest of Educational Statistics, you see that English is a predominantly female-dominated major with a ratio is 32 men to 68 women. Whatever the case, it’s a notable twist to the usual gender wage gap discussion.

6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here. The author, Kate Rodriguez is a former senior career search researcher and government analyst who covers career development and higher education marketing for The Economist Careers Network.

Is It Worth Going To University?

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True, if you do not go to university you are likely to start on a lower wage, but the flip side is that you’ll be starting that working life three years earlier than students, and therefore gaining three years’ more wages.

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Increasing Education through Work – A Cost Effective Method

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The post Increasing Education through Work – A Cost Effective Method appeared first on Ms. Education can be expensive. Now let’s delve into the fun and complicated world of business educational assistance benefits set up the IRS.

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Is a College Education Still Worth the Time and Financial Investment? Part One

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Is a college education still worth the time and financial investment? Looking at the most recent Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers, Q4 2011, college graduates earn median earnings double that of employees with only a high school diploma. College costs have risen tenfold between 1978 and 2008, based on a National Center for Education Statistics and College Board report. education jobsYears ago, a college degree in the U.S.

can I justify hiring someone who needs additional education to do.

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager can I justify hiring someone who needs additional education to do the job? I know someone who I feel would make a great employee, is smart and would mesh well with the culture, but they would need additional education to be a generalist.

Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?


In the study they compare all things disability-related, such as employment, wages, housing, poverty and more. The Disability Wage Gap. The last statistic we will highlight is wages. Educate yourself and encourage your business to hire people with disabilities!

Lean In or Lean Out: Women Are Damned Either Way


Those women have more education, higher incomes, more prestigious occupations, and higher levels of job satisfaction and autonomy than the women without job authority. When a woman does gain […] Business HR Leadership Work discrimination leader leadership sexism wage gap women

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Bridging the Gender Wage Gap: Knowing When and How to Ask For a Raise

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Even though women, for the first time in our country’s history, represent over fifty percent of the workforce, and even though more women than men hold degrees in advanced education, there still remains a wage gap.

Is Your Industry Prepared for a Labor Shortage?


With ongoing low wage growth perhaps there is not enough incentive to join the workforce. The lack of STEM education combined with the rapid rise in demand for these skills has produced this large shortage. HR labour participation rate labour shortage low wage growth

Women in Iceland Left Work Early to Protest the Pay Gap


In this year’s report, WEF ranked Iceland first in overall global rank, educational attainment and political empowerment, and ninth in economic participation and opportunity. It’s only in educational attainment that it takes a top ranking.

What Does the Future Hold for the New College Graduate?


As Payne said in her article the promise of a college education is supposed to be a brighter future. As she says “That post-secondary education was the guarantee that they would do better than their parents; be more successful.” HR education new grads new graduates training


Overtime Pay: 80% of American Employees are Entitled. Are you?

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Education does, indeed, pay off. Learned Professional” Exemption – This exemption is intended to apply to those who are highly educated and trained in a specific area. times the minimum wage. For information on how to initiate an anonymous overtime complaint to the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Monthly Newsletter Library Overtime, Commissions and Unpaid Wages“I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need. if I die by four o’clock.”. Henny Youngman .

Minimum wage hike could boost Economy, research show


Education Store. Minimum wage hike could boost Economy, research show. TOPIC: Minimum wage hike could boost Economy, research show. Minimum wage hike could boost Economy, research show. New Economic Research Backs Overwhelming Public Support for Minimum Wage Increases to Help Rebuild Economy. An increase in the minimum wage could help bolster the sluggish economic recovery, according to two new, groundbreaking studies. Be our Friend.

Landing an Entry Level Job Without a Degree

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This can be a hard endeavor if you have minimal professional work experience, no college degree, and cannot realistically afford a college education. Do you desire an escape from a minimum wage retail job? Education Job Search career entry level jobs

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

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As with the dating scene, candidates arrive at job postings with the experience and education they have , which is more often than not a result of a semi-planned progression (at best) punctuated by involuntary job shifts and the need to take jobs for an income’s sake.

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Fight for $15 Protests Planned Nationwide Today


Today thousands of fast-food and airport workers are protesting in favour of a big minimum wage hike. Fight for $15 advocates for a hike in the minimum wage to alleviate poverty and the right to organize in unions and bargain collectively.

5 Things to Watch Out for In Friday’s Job Report


In addition to key indicators like overall employment and wage growth, I’ll be digging into the report for information on regional and sector disparities, youth employment trends, underemployment and where America stands in the global employment picture. Wage Growth. Quarter after quarter, wage growth has been so slow as to be measured in single digit fluctuations, a little bit up, a little bit down, but for the most part, slow and steady.

How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to manage a college education Posted to: College students January 21st, 2010 Del.icio.us Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The idea of paying for a liberal arts education is over. And he’s fascinating, and he’s educating himself through experience , which is what the Internet does not provide. Are you saying that public education is worse than private?

What the Walmart VP Termination Over a Resume Teaches Us

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You need to graduate from college if you want to make a living wage working for someone else. Want a living wage? I’ve been reading Michael Ellsberg’s The Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won’t Learn in College About How to Be Successful and other anti-college writing.

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Jobs that give Women the Most Earning Potential

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In the past 30 years, the wage gap between men and women has narrowed considerably. From a purely financial standpoint, we wondered what careers would narrow the wage gap if more women pursued them. Education administrators.

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Best Jobs for 2014

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The list was based on occupations that grew 7 percent or more from 2010 to 2013, are projected to increase in 2014, and fall within a higher-wage category of $22 per hour or more. Is finding a new job one of your New Year’s resolutions?

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Understanding Comprehensive Benefits Before Taking A Job

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It can be very easy for companies to build a compelling case by attaching a certain number to wage or salary information. Generally, these employee stock programs take a certain percentage of your wages, setting it aside to buy stocks at the beginning of a purchase cycle.

5 Well Paying Careers that Don’t Require a College Degree

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It’s no question that education is both beneficial and important. Annual salary/Hourly wage: $25,710 a year/$12.36 Nursing assistants and orderlies may perform similar tasks, however nursing assistants receive more education and certification than orderlies.

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Adecco’s CEO for a Month Internship

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Top reasons for the skills gap include gaps in wage expectations (46%) and new/shifting technologies (41%). o Followed by employers not willing to pay enough to attract talent (32%), job requirements that are above entry requirements (27%) and access to education (21%). ·

ECONOMIC MOBLITY CHART: The Older I Get, The Less I Judge People.

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Talk of that dream fading has been present since the Great Recession sucked 9 million jobs out of the economy and knocked down already-depressed wages for millions. As tax time approaches, I find myself searching for a little balance. Why do I have to pay so much in taxes?