5 Reasons Why You Need More Than a Good Resume to Stand Out from the Crowd

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In the end, only technically qualified candidates will get to interview for any open job. Lots of research, interview preparation and (unfortunately), additional “documentation” Your Resume Does Not Highlight Skills Specific to the Job – While your resume will (should) provide an explanation of job responsibilities and achievements, it is not the best document to highlight skills specific to any particular job. Elevator Speech – A brief description.

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview

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Your Elevator Speech – If you’ve been job hunting for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the “Elevator Speech”. It is your short marketing speech (your job search objectives) and can be used in a variety of situations such as cold calls, job fairs, meeting someone at a networking event, yes – even an elevator! I think the length is less important than the content (although 3 minutes would be a very long elevator ride).

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9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

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Of course, you need to make it to the interview and then make it through the interview to be considered for the role. If you’ve been lucky enough to make it to an interview, make sure you are prepared and don’t make common fatal mistakes. It is what helps you get your foot in the door, gets hiring managers to notice you and ultimately gets you the interview. If you cannot answer the questions raised at the interview, then why are you there?

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5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Job Offer

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Updating resumes, leveraging your networks, going on interviews, etc. Reading the job description does not qualify as preparing for a job interview. You need to do your research on the company, the interviewers and the position. You should also be familiar with common interview questions and ensure you have the right answers. Use your social networks to find people you know who work at the company and get as much background information as possible.

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Top 10 To Do List for College Grad Job Search

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Social Networks – Now’s the time to leverage all of those social network skills you have to help you find a job. These are all important questions and the answer is – your social networks. Sounds easy on the surface (and it really is), you just need to spend a little time “working” your networks. How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job. How to Effectively Leverage Your Alumni Networks.

5 Steps to Making a Fresh Start for Job Search

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Make a list of your job search network connections. What about your interview questions, elevator speech and a list of your references? Job Interview Questions and Answers. Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech. This includes your network, recruiters, job search sites and any other leads you may have. 5 Tips for Leveraging you Social Network in Your Job Search.

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Twitter Job Search Help From Career Experts

Executive Career Brand

On topics ranging from personal branding, targeting and working with executive recruiters, to best job networking and interviewing strategies, and so much more. . Includes career assessments (formal and informal), personal branding, informational interviews (for career focus), job shadowing, mentor relationships, internship, or volunteering. Includes informational interviews, direct to company websites, social search sites (e.g. Finding Jobs: Networking.

The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

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Peruse the extensive article archive and be sure to check out “The Pros and Cons of Using a Career Advisor&# and “Social Networking Gotchas.&#. With a focus on networking and personal branding, this site has advice and tips that are very readable and informative. Be sure to read his article “6 Steps to a Great Elevator Speech&# and check out the “Watchlyst tool&# which helps to align you with job openings received from recruiters.

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4 Ways to Show Off Your Awesome Resume

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That makes your job search a numbers game, and you would have to spend 40 hours a week on every job board you could find applying for every position you are even remotely qualified for—literally applying for hundreds of jobs a week to get a few call-backs and maybe one or two interviews. Social Networking. LinkedIn: Professional networking is a must! In-Person Networking. Buy some networking cards. Job searching needs to be a diversified effort.

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The Heat Is On – So Get Yourself Cooking

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If you have spent all your time just collecting network connections on Linked-In and other relationship management and social networks stop collecting them and use your time to reach out to the ones you already have. Networking is not comparable to baseball cards where you collect and trade them and store them away in a box. Networking is an active pursuit that should occupy at least 50% of your allotted job search time.

[R]energize Your Job Hunt In 8 Steps

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Break Out Of Your Isolation Figure out who are the members of your support system – your family, friends, other job hunters you meet at networking groups, members of your church or synagogue and so on. You need a variety of arrows including: informational interviewing; attending professional meetings and seminars; social networking utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; writing your blog, and so on. “My job hunt is stuck in the mud.

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Personal Branding is About Doing

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« Previous Post Next Post » [link] Dan Schawbel I think personal branding will always be more relevant because there are two major drivers here: social media and competition/market saturation. link] Dan Schawbel I think personal branding will always be more relevant because there are two major drivers here: social media and competition/market saturation.

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Guest Post: Ford R. Myers.

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Network, network, network. Continually increase your level of networking and keep expanding your contact database. Being out of work does not mean you have to be out of touch, so be sure to build and maintain your networking momentum. Reach out through social networking sites, such as Facebook , MySpace , and Twitter. Practice interviewing and negotiation skills. Beware the "scam" networking events.

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4 Lies about social media | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog 4 Lies about social media Posted to: Job Hunt | Networking | Promoting Yourself October 21st, 2009 Del.icio.us Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Everyone knows that the best way to get a job is to leverage your network. And almost everyone knows that social media is a great way to build your network. But many of you are making lots of social media mistakes.

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