Preparing for Employment Law Changes


Last fall, Governor Jerry Brown signed California’s paid sick leave bill into law. The law will guarantee paid sick leave for many employees who previously had no such benefit. While this law is great in theory, it has proven to be quite challenging for employers when it comes to implementation. Unfortunately, a lot of laws that are well intentioned can become headaches for employers. Start with the text of the law itself.

State And Federal Employment Laws: Know Your Rights When You Work Across States

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One of the biggest employment scuffles of our time is the introduction of AB5, a Californian law that hopes to stabilize the gig economy. The hope […]. Discover Career Opportunities Moving for a job

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The Pop Culture Employment Law Blog Carnival


Employment law blogs are a blog niche I’ve seen grow over the past two years, and I’m thankful for that. Because your employment law attorney and HR experts can keep your workplace out of trouble of the legal variety. That’s why I’m proud to host this month’s Employment Law Carnival. It’s an exciting time to work in HR and employment law. Case Law That Creates Conversation. Employment Law 101.

Why Is Understanding Employment Law So Important?


Employment law is in place to guarantee a fair and safe working environment for employers and employees. Statutes and strict rules outline, for the employer, how their employee’s should be treated within the workplace. Many employers and employees often don’t realise how many rules and regulations are covered by employment law, leading to confusion for employers and employees alike. Career Advice employment law

The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Should know

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Employment law is complicated and can have big repercussions for your company if employees fail to adhere to it—either out of ignorance or neglect. million to settle a lawsuit over unpaid overtime—a violation of employment law. While you can’t expect everyone at your company to be experts in the law (that’s why you should have an attorney on retainer), your managers should be trained on the basics.

Back to School: Employment Law Blog Carnival


Are we, as human resources practitioners, up to speed with employment law? Are our employment laws still working and still relevant as the workplace and workforce demographics change? When’s the last time you reviewed your state’s employment law? California employment law getting you down? Ari Rosenstein can help you out Federal and California Employment Laws: A Review. Employment Discrimination.

Steamed Employment Law Attorneys & Social Media


Employment Law Attorney, Facebook is not going away. I’m through with hearing employment law attorneys who are social media novices stand up and recommend that managers should not friend their employees on Facebook or use social media as part of their employee communication and candidate recruitment process. Bottom line is that your employment law attorney really has no idea. I’ve reached my boiling point. I’m steamed mad.

The 2017 Employment Law Year in Review

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The post The 2017 Employment Law Year in Review appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Did you miss the best webinar EVER? You might have because it became so popular we had to turn people away, as the system would only support so many people at once. But, don’t fret! We recorded it. It’s amazing. The only bad part is that I had technical difficulties so all my parts got taken over by Eric, who is awesome and works on the fly. Give it a watch. Worth your time. I promise.

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Employment Law, Labor Unions & Social Media


Employees reached out to Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 363 last spring for support – but the fear of captive-audience meetings, harassment and other actions by the employer left many at the plant wary of how to press forward without management sidelining their efforts. Michael is currently employed as a labor relations strategist for a fortune 100 company based in Florida. Labor unions are using social media in new ways every day.

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The Oxford Comma Case Proves We Need New Employment Laws, Not Better Grammar

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Everyone is focusing on the Oxford comma part of this case, but I’d like to focus on the ridiculousness of an employment law that could result in this confusion and hinge on a grammar question. My first question on this was how on earth do truck drivers qualify for being exempt on a federal law level? To keep reading, click here: The Oxford Comma Case Proves We Need New Employment Laws, Not Better Grammar.

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New York City Just Changed Fast-Food Employment Forever

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With more than half of New York restaurants hanging on a thread and depending on federal dollars to stay afloat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on January 5 signed new legislation that effectively ends at-will employment for fast-food restaurants in New York City.

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Top Summer Legal Pitfalls for Employers: Vacation and Sick Leave Benefits


As a result, many employees are looking to cash in their accrued vacation benefits, and employers who don’t offer. HR employment law sick leave vacationIt’s officially summer! Days are longer, temperatures are higher and school’s out. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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NY Domestic Violence Suit has Implications for Employers


The settlement makes it clear Bon-Ton’s response has been found lacking and beyond the impact on the company itself, there are broader implications for employers in New York state and elsewhere. And with laws on accommodations varying from state to state, disclosure can be risky. As Maya Raghu wrote on B4J back in July , employers can’t afford to wait — they need to put policies in place before such incidents occur.

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My Ex-Employer Can’t Say That! Or Can They?


Are you concerned about what a former employer might say in a reference call? Learn what a prior employer can say about you. Employment Law Featured reCareered Blog background check career career change career coach Employment employment law headhunter Job job search Planning recruiter reference researchand what they can't say. Continued at [link].

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DOJ Says Title VII Doesn’t Protect LGBQ People – What Now?


HR Civil Rights Act discrimination employment discrimination employment law Title VIIThe Department of Justice has filed an amicus brief arguing that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination on the basis of race, religion national origin and gender, does not. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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HR Best Practices: Going Beyond Minimum Requirements


Every year brings changes to employment laws. Ultimately you want a policy that complies with the law and also meets the needs of both the company and employees. This can often mean going beyond what the law requires. For example, California’s new paid sick leave law goes into effect on July 1. The law offers a few options in terms of how employees accrue sick time, which means employers have had to pick what works best for their company.

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2018 Worst Employer of the Year

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It’s time to vote for the worst employer of the year! Employment Attorney Jon Hyman, over at Ohio Employer Law Blog keeps a running list throughout the year. The post 2018 Worst Employer of the Year appeared first on Evil HR Lady We narrowed it down a few weeks ago, and now we have the final four! Go vote here: Worst employee of the year, 2018!

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Don’t Microchip Your Employees


HR employment law future of work microchips wearables at workSo we’re microchipping our employees now, huh? Over the last year more and more companies have offered microchip implants to employees as an optional fun experiment. In some organizations they’re meant to replace keycards. In others they’ll collect data about employees throughout the work day – how long they’re on task, how many breaks they […] Source.

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Part One: CA Discrimination Law and Web-Based Recruiting Practices #hrbasics


Mary Wright explains the HR pitfalls in the relationship between California discrimination law and web-based recruiting practices. Part one discusses discrimination laws in California. . By now, every HR professional knows that it is a violation of civil law to discriminate against an employee or candidate because of their membership in a group identified as protected by state or federal civil rights laws. 68, Oakland, CA: Employment Law Publishers, 2013. “To

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6 Points in Time When an Employer Needs an Attorney

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No business owner starts out with the idea that he’s going to be the subject of an employment lawsuit. After all, very few owners have the intention of breaking any laws. Granted, there are some people who do have the intention of breaking the law, but they aren’t the type who will research best practices on the internet.). The problem is, that employment law is complex.

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Part Two: CA Discrimination Law and Web-Based Recruiting Practices #hrbasics


Last week Mary Wright explained California discrimination law and its consideration of recruitment as a “term and condition of employment.” Most times, employers seek electronically stored information about the candidate that that is perfectly legitimate. If an employer must rely on a particular site (due to industry limitations), he suggests that HR diversify recruitment efforts with use of other methods of recruiting.

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Ep 85 – What Employers Need to Know About the FLSA Changes


Employers must begin following the new changes starting on December 1, 2016. Episode 85: What Employers Need to Know About the FLSA Changes with Casey Sipe ( @CLSEMPLOYERLAW ). Employment lawyer, Casey Sipe breaks down some of the changes happening with the FLSA update and helps us understand their impact, including: Minimum salary requirements changing to $47,476 annually for a full time worker.

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Lifeguard Lessons: When to Break the Rules


Balancing Employer and Employment Risk versus Reality. What can we learn from this tale of mismanagement that is also about employer risk? We stick close to the rules and employment laws because they exist for a reason and because they protect us from liability. The strong reaction and viral nature of this story of an employment involuntary termination stems directly from the fact that in this case the rule stood in opposition to common sense.

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Mark of the Beast: $666 Raise Sparks Lawsuit


After receiving a $666 raise, law professors Sheldon Gelman and Jean Lifter decided to sue their employer, Cleveland State University. HR employment law raises unionsIt’s not that their raise was so small ($666 works out to. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Part 5 – The Era of Corporate Social Media Discrimination


This means that companies who consider off-duty and after working hours conduct when making employment decisions like hiring, firing, performance, and promotions could be digging themselves a very large, deep, and dark hole. Restrictions relating to employment activities of a particular employee or group of employees rather than all employees. Employers who consider activities off-conduct in employment decisions are opening themselves up to increased risk.

The Era of Corporate Social Media Discrimination


Old laws. These things are referred to as protected classes and according to the law are considered information that should not be factored into the decision making process when a candidate is evaluated as part of the hiring process. Learn more about social media, employment law later this week in Part 2 of The Era of Corporate Social Media Discrimination. New tools. Social media.

Hiring Your First Employees: Making the Move from Small Business to Employer

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Brush Up on Your Tax and Employment Laws. In addition to budgeting for expenses like salaries and benefit contributions, you’ll also need to budget for employment taxes. While you’re at it, take the time to meet with your lawyer to talk about employment law. Your business will need to be prepared to securely store any data you collect on employees, and there are laws that regulate how you can appropriately do this.

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Workplace Social Media CYA


Employment law attorneys and corporate counsel have advised senior leaders and HR against allowing employees to have access to the internet as well as social media at work. When it comes to the social media mullet, managing your own personal brand as well as the corporate brand you represent as an employee is necessary for your future employment at said corporation. This is a 4 part series on Managing Your Social Media Mullet.

Age Discrimination — When Everyone is a Protected Class


Lawsuits in 2009 cost employers $72.1 Until the Age Discrimination in Employment Act is amended, this will continue to be a growing issue for organizations across the U.S. Gen Y HR age discrimination act age discrimination articles age discrimination in employment conversation culture EEOC employment law human resources age discrimination human resources workforce planning workplace discrimination

Part 4 — How to Write Social Media Policies


That is because an attorneys job is to advise you the employer on the current potential pitfalls and liabilities. Employment law attorneys are not adopters or users of social media, and therefore, struggle understanding exactly how employees or companies and corporations are using these tools outside of case law summaries and court decisions. In Part 1 of “How to Write Social Media Policies Series,” I discussed the myths around social media.

Part 2 — How to Write Social Media Policies


HR Social Media HR Blogger human resource blogger social media discrimination social media employment law social media policies social media policyThis is Part 2 of a Social Media Policies Series. In Part 1 , we discussed myths around your corporate social media policy. In Part 2, we continue the discussion diving into monitoring tools and research involved before you craft your corporate social media policies.

How to Write Social Media Policies


HR Social Media employment law social media facebook firing hr background check HR policy human resource policy social media discrimination social media policies social media policySocial media policies and guidelines don’t have to be complicated. With the average American spending six to twelve hours a month on Facebook, social media is an essential part of millions of Americans daily lives.

Unemployment Survival Tips

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Age Bias Careers Job News Employment Law Severance package Unemployment benefitsLosing a job is one of the most unfortunate things one can ever experience. It can make you worry about lots of things such as your monthly bills, health insurance, and grocery stuffs. If you have been a victim of a wrongful termination recently and feels like you are nowhere to go, the following are.

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“Can my present employer ask a prospective employer not to hire me?”

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Question : I read your article about a current employer contacting a prospective employer and affecting potential employment. They never came back with a counter offer, and the prospective employer all of a sudden rescinded its offer, providing no reason. Have you heard of employers getting sued in situations like this? Our law is based in common experience, common sense, and a common view of what is fair.

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Ep 67- EEOC Changes to GINA and Workplace Wellness Programs


Our resident Blogging4Jobs employment attorney, Casey Sipe returns to talk about the changes to GINA, how it impacts HR and workplace wellness programs. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 and another set of proposed changes regarding how employers monitor, manage and recognize company wellness programs. Casey says the changes were missed by employers due to the proposed changes regarding the FLSA.

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Part 3 — How to Write Social Media Policies


HR Social Media employment law social media facebook firing hr background check HR policy human resource policy social media discrimination social media policies social media policyIn Part 1 of “How to Write Social Media Policies Series,&# I discussed the myths around social media. In Part 2 , I outlined paid and unpaid social media monitoring tools organizations can use, and in Part 3, I share some scenarios that companies and HR teams may have already encountered.

Should You Be Worried About Age Discrimination?

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Age Bias Careers Employment Labor and Employment Law linkedin resumeAlmost every client I work with who’s above the age of 40 asks the same question at some point: Do I need to make myself look younger on my resume? The fear that they are being skipped over for younger candidates is clearly a widespread concern among today’s job seekers. While I certainly encourage those.

Dear Potential Employer, Please Access My Social Network


I first heard about using MySpace to vet candidates in 2006 at a local employment law conference in Oklahoma City. A person’s social media accounts are theirs and not accessible for viewing by their employer or potential employer at least in this situation. If a current employee’s social network is part of a lawsuit or employment law litigation that is a different story. Employer Access to Facebook is The New Illegal Interview Question.

What Happens When You Hire an Employment Lawyer?

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Don’t make the mistake of hiring the guy who helped you with your divorce, real estate closing, or even your brother-in-law who totally knows about sexual harassment because he’s a prosecutor and that’s illegal, and he’s up on all that. But, did you know that employment law isn’t even covered on the multi-state bar exam? While those are helpful for the employment lawyer, it’s not exactly a topic your real estate lawyer studied heavily.

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Breastfeeding Breaks at Work: How Far Have We Really Come?

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As of March 2010, employers are required to provide “reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after a child’s birth.” ” Employers are also required to provide a place for expressing milk other than a bathroom that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co workers and the public. career management breastfeeding breastfeeding legislation employment law nursing mother's rights

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With the Government Shut Down, It’s Employers Gone Wild


Employers, today is officially your get out of jail free. List of US Agencies Impacting Employers During Government Shut Down. With this being the first day of the United States government shut down due to budget cuts , the governing agencies for many of our workplace laws are closed, not open and therefore unable to take your calls. Employers are required to verify identification of new employees within 72 hours of hire using a government I-9 form.

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Ten Very Goofy Things Employment Lawyers Tell Clients

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Here are ten very goofy things I have heard many employment lawyers tell employees that are, to be polite, just plain dumb. There is no problem of any kind that a creative, resourceful, caring lawyer can’t at least try to remedy using knowledge of the law and experience applying it. All that “at will” means is that at any time either employer or employee can end the relation. You might want to read my article entitled “At Will Employment – What Exactly Does That Mean?”

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“Can I sue my former employer for ‘interfering’ with my new job?”

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A customer of my old job contacted me asking for a quote on argon, something both my old employer and my new employer sell. Then my former employer sued me and my new employer for a breach of contract for $50,000. Since then, to settle the suit, my new employer and my old employer agreed – without me being involved – that I would not work for my new employer for 24 months. Can I sue my old employer for interference?

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