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our employee runs an adult website on the side, manager is pushing me to use public transportation, and more

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Should that have any ramifications on her job? She is not doing anything criminal and it does not affect her job. If it doesn’t impact her ability to do her job, I’d let it go and write it off as her private business. My manager is pushing me to use public transportation. I took a new job over a month ago. Public transport during weekends and early mornings is not an option. Did my employer lie about the reason I was let go?

15 Tips for Cutting Expenses While Job Hunting - BLOG.


To keep yourself on an even keel, commit yourself to a self-help program of cutting expenses while youre out hunting for a new job. Pull out your home insurance and see what quotes you get from four other insurance brokers for the same coverage.

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8 Job Search Trends You Should Expect in 2020

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The new year always brings some exciting new developments in the job market with it. New tech impacts the business world, and perhaps new job opportunities have arisen? . In 2019, about 7 million jobs were unfilled ! Transportation reimbursement .

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Military? – Special Civilian Job Rights are Yours

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It provides very valuable employment-related legal rights to members of the armed forces and other uniformed services who are absent from work due to military service or training. The name of the law is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, commonly called “USERRA.” USERRA seeks to minimize disruption to the lives of service members by ensuring that they are able to retain civilian employment and benefits while serving their country.

Industry Evaluation: Banking and Finance Sector

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With high job salaries and low unemployment, positions in this sector are promising. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the five positions with the strongest job forecast are: 5. With a job growth outlook of 27% from 2010-2020 and a median pay of $74,940 per year, this position boasts one of the strongest growth rates and one of the highest median pays. These people advise individuals on their finances, from investments and taxes, to saving and insurance.

10 Tax-Free Fringe Benefits (i.e., “Perks”)

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Jay seems to be facing what a lot of people are facing these days: it’s getting harder to “make ends meet” and employers are very reluctant to significant raises, if any at all. Instead, many employers are offering tax-free fringe benefits (“perquisites,” or more commonly, “perks,” for short.), Then, if it makes sense in your situation, consider raising the request for one or more of these to your employer.

how to answer “what do you do?” when you’re unemployed, employer restricts how I can spend my salary, and more

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My employer has restrictions on how I can spend my salary. I recently accepted a new position (yay, thanks in part to your blog!) A few days into my new job, I received an email from the program advising me that as per new restrictions, I am only allowed to use the second half of my pay to cover very specific expenditures. This part of our pay is not to be used on transportation costs, car payments, car insurance, home internet, cell phone bills, etc.

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MEMO TO: New College Grads

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Parents, college professors and the media have told them that a college degree is the way to a job that will bring satisfaction, fulfillment and a fat paycheck. Get the diploma, send out a few “dynamite” resumes, and a job will follow. However , will any job in any industry do it?

Career Advice For Surviving Automation In The Workplace

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News reports about people losing their jobs to robots have become more frequent and will only continue to increase. Always Be Aware Of Where Your Job Stands via GIPHY Honestly, this is good career advice for anyone.

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my coworkers won’t cut expenses, pop culture references in interviews, and more

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But I’ve done what I can — e.g. I walked five miles with heavy equipment rather than take public transport which the others did. I’ve indicated to HR that I want to opt out of the healthcare insurance at the next renewal date. As for reducing your retirement contributions and opting out of health insurance (!!) — NO. Is it okay to reference pop culture in a job interview as long as the reference itself is not inappropriate or obscure?

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employee’s boyfriend keeps making her late for work, seriously ill employee who’s making mistakes, and more

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It turned out she’d recently moved in with her boyfriend, she drives him into work as there is no public transport where they moved to, and “he’s bad at getting up in the morning.”. How do I determine my rate for freelance work for my current employer after I leave? I gave close to four weeks notice at my nonprofit full-time job to coincide with the end of our fiscal year (also the date our employment contracts are up each year).

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did this recruiter lie to me? and why can’t I get hired by this company?

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A reader writes: For the past six months, I have been searching for a job after a long-term contract job ended. Two years ago, I also had a short-term temporary job there, from which I was asked to leave because I could not control my sleep apnea and was suffering from daytime sleepiness there. I did, and applied for three jobs there this summer. After my customer service interview, I saw the editor job had been reposted. job searching

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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Asking about start time at a new job. Last week, I was offered a job (after being unemployed for nine months) that I’ll be starting this week! I work out with a trainer a few days a week in the morning (6:00 – 7:00 AM), which makes it hard to arrive at the job by 8:00 but not hard to be there by 8:30 or 9:00. When is the best time and what is the best way to bring up daily start time with my new boss?

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Workplace news you cannot use | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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But today I’m trying something new. And it turns out that if you give a lawyer a part-time job, she ends up working 50 hours a week instead of 80, and gets part-time credit, which isn’t exactly encouraging. This is what I said to Hannah Seligson , who asked me to write about her new book, A Little Bit Married: How to Know When it's Time to Walk Down the Aisle or Out the Door. We get a glimpse of who you are and at the same time, get something new.

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