our employee runs an adult website on the side, manager is pushing me to use public transportation, and more

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My manager is pushing me to use public transportation. Public transport during weekends and early mornings is not an option. When I announced to my employer that I got the transport sorted, he for some reason asked me if I could try to commute anyway?! Regardless, though, you don’t need to loop your manager into your transportation plans at all. Did my employer lie about the reason I was let go? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Nearly Half of Employers Plan to Offer Grads Signing Bonuses in 2014

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Most likely to offer bonuses are employers in pharmaceutical manufacturing (nearly 86 percent say they expect to offer bonuses) and management consulting (70 percent). Figure 1: Percent of employers offering signing bonuses to 2013-14 graduates, by industry. Transportation.

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8 Job Search Trends You Should Expect in 2020

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Because of the skills shortage, many employers are providing their workers with new learning opportunities. . Diplomas, certificates, and just the overall educational background will always be relevant to employers. Transportation reimbursement . Even pet insurance .

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Is Commuting the Most Stressful Aspect of Your Job?


The modern world of public transport and privately owned vehicles has made it possible to seek employment opportunities located further afield to your home than ever before.

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Keeping Taxes in Check: Write-Offs for Your Small Business

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If you don’t have a car, then you can also factor in public transport expenses. You’ll find the same thing happens with technology and transportation. This can encompass any program your company offers that benefits your employees, such as tuition reimbursement or health insurance.

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Feng Shui Your Job Search Luck – How to use Feng Shui to find a Career that Harmonizes with your Personal Energies

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It’s the kind of luck you acquire by aligning your birth date and gender with particular colors, directions and elements, and by employing harmonious living to your life.

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Military? – Special Civilian Job Rights are Yours

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It provides very valuable employment-related legal rights to members of the armed forces and other uniformed services who are absent from work due to military service or training. The name of the law is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, commonly called “USERRA.” USERRA seeks to minimize disruption to the lives of service members by ensuring that they are able to retain civilian employment and benefits while serving their country.

Turning An Interest in the Automotive Industry Into a Professional Driving Career


The automotive industry employs roughly 4.2 While your employer will likely provide you with the type of insurance you need, it is important to ensure that you don’t have any prior accidents on your driving record that could make it hard for them to employ you.

VetJobs: A Job Board Just for Veterans and Their Families

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Since 1999 veterans worldwide have found quality jobs with the thousands of employers who use VetJobs to reach the veteran market. Candidates post resumes and apply directly to employers. The Employment Assistance section is my favorite.

how to answer “what do you do?” when you’re unemployed, employer restricts how I can spend my salary, and more

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My employer has restrictions on how I can spend my salary. This part of our pay is not to be used on transportation costs, car payments, car insurance, home internet, cell phone bills, etc. Explaining to employers why I’m leaving grad school after a year. ” when you’re unemployed, employer restricts how I can spend my salary, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Global Productivity Drought: When Will It End?

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private-sector employment and 30 percent of private-sector GDP, make 70 percent of all private-sector investments in information technology. The physical industries, which are 75 percent of private-sector employment and 70 percent of private-sector GDP, make just 30 percent of the investments in information technology. This category includes construction, mining, healthcare, most of manufacturing, retailing, food services, education, transportation, and hotels.

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10 Tax-Free Fringe Benefits (i.e., “Perks”)

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Jay seems to be facing what a lot of people are facing these days: it’s getting harder to “make ends meet” and employers are very reluctant to significant raises, if any at all. Instead, many employers are offering tax-free fringe benefits (“perquisites,” or more commonly, “perks,” for short.), Then, if it makes sense in your situation, consider raising the request for one or more of these to your employer.

4 Types of Compensation You May Be Owed from Your Company

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When a person is employed by a company, they are almost always entitled to some sort of compensation from the employer according to employment laws. Depending on your industry and type of employment, you may deserve compensation beyond your normal salary or wages.

15 Tips for Cutting Expenses While Job Hunting - Jobacle.com BLOG.


Pull out your home insurance and see what quotes you get from four other insurance brokers for the same coverage. If you had health insurance from your employer while you were employed, check into the Federal COBRA health insurance program.

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MEMO TO: New College Grads

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We spend “left-over money” on technology gadgets, killer apps, insurance, transportation and recreation. Finding the right employer is quite another. For example, enter “Food Producers” and you will come up with many hits, all potential employers.

How Much Money Would you Need to Retire Comfortably?


It’s worth bearing in mind that your employer’s super contributions may not be enough if you want to be financially secure when you retire. Also check out this tool we found from Aussie insurer Suncorp’s Retirement Simulator.

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Think Of Becoming A Dump Truck Operator?

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There is much to discover regarding the career requirements, means of career utilization i.e. whether to work for a company or to be self employed, as well as the expectations. Dump truck drivers can either seek employment in construction or mining firms but one can also invest and start a firm of their own. Secondly, the truck must be insured, after which it can now be launched into operation. How To Land A Career As An Auto Transporter.

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Need a New Car But Can't Get Financing Because Of a Bad Credit.

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You need reliable transportation to look for work and as long as one member of the household is making at least $15oo per month you can happily go car shopping and not worry about qualifying.

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Why Expats Are Heading For The Tiger States

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In addition, many expats are hired with an employment package that may help to reduce the financial burden of relocation, accommodation, health, transport, or education. South Korea’s healthcare system follows the British model with a compulsory social insurance system.

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Think Of Becoming A Dump Truck Operator?

Career Alley

There is much to discover regarding the career requirements, means of career utilization i.e. whether to work for a company or to be self employed, as well as the expectations. Dump truck drivers can either seek employment in construction or mining firms but one can also invest and start a firm of their own. Secondly, the truck must be insured, after which it can now be launched into operation. How To Land A Career As An Auto Transporter.

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Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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Employers across markets and industries are seeking employees with deep digital skill sets. The survey found that the longer one works as a freelancer, the less likely they become to accept traditional employment with a single company.

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Job Change? Ten Tax Tips – Things to discuss with your tax advisor

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Deductible expenses include (a) resume preparation services, (b) resume printing and mailing services, (c) fees paid to employment agencies, and (d) costs of travel related to the job search. We offer a 152-Point Master Checklist of Employment Negotiation Items to help you “remember everything and not forget anything else.” To avoid over-paying or under-paying your taxes, carefully read the instructions on the W-4 tax withholding form given to you by your new employer.

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Attention Millennials – Fix Your Financial Situation with Little Effort       

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You may be under-employed; you may be unemployed. Public transportation has improved a lot. You save gas, maintenance, and insurance costs, and those are big.

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Industry Evaluation: Banking and Finance Sector

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These people advise individuals on their finances, from investments and taxes, to saving and insurance. For $45,260 annual pay, event planners select meeting locations, provide transportation, and arrange all other details. The position, too, requires only a Bachelor’s degree, but most employers will expect a year of experience in a related profession.

Career Advice For Surviving Automation In The Workplace

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According to a 2018 Visual Capitalist article , the professions most at risk for being taken over by automation are telemarketer, tax preparer, insurance underwriter, bookkeeping clerk, legal secretary, payroll clerk and real estate broker, just to name a few.

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Not Your Parents’ Job: Five Careers that Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago

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Whether you’re a graduate on your first employment hunt or a young professional looking for a career change, you want to pick a job that’s got a future. TSA Officer – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA for short) was created exactly ten years ago in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Investigating insurance claims, tax evasion, money laundering, and fraud are all part of the daily grind.

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my coworkers won’t cut expenses, pop culture references in interviews, and more

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But I’ve done what I can — e.g. I walked five miles with heavy equipment rather than take public transport which the others did. I’ve indicated to HR that I want to opt out of the healthcare insurance at the next renewal date. As for reducing your retirement contributions and opting out of health insurance (!!) — NO. It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. My coworkers won’t help me cut expenses.

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Action Verbs For Your Resume

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Employed. Insured. Transported. The challenge in beginning a sentence that will outline your accomplishments is finding attention grabbing but appropriate action verbs throughout your resume. Without these action verbs your resume will be lifeless and boring. I listed below some action verbs that could help you breathe life into your accomplishments: Here is a list of accomplishment-stimulating verbs: Accelerated. Accentuated. Accepted. Accessed. Accessorized. Accommodated.

7 Things You MUST Consider Before Accepting A Job

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If you the employer can’t pay you at least your “walk away” rate, you might want to consider negotiating or finding another opportunity ( What’s a “walk away” rate? rent/mortgage, transportation, food, etc). Do you need health/dental insurance?

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4-Day Weeks

Telecommuting Journal

– “Employees all across the country are currently submitting petitions to employers in attempt to gain approval of four-day weeks and telecommuting. Leave a Comment Previous post: FlexJobs Next post: Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates?

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employee’s boyfriend keeps making her late for work, seriously ill employee who’s making mistakes, and more

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It turned out she’d recently moved in with her boyfriend, she drives him into work as there is no public transport where they moved to, and “he’s bad at getting up in the morning.”. How do I determine my rate for freelance work for my current employer after I leave? I gave close to four weeks notice at my nonprofit full-time job to coincide with the end of our fiscal year (also the date our employment contracts are up each year).

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did this recruiter lie to me? and why can’t I get hired by this company?

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I cannot pay my rent, car insurance, phone bill, and my medical debts with a poor-paying retail job. But you’ve got to remember that you can’t expect to transfer that over to an employer — it’s reasonable that they won’t feel the same urgency around getting you an immediate answer that you feel. But ultimately, the big thing here is that you can’t make this employer hire you by sheer force of will.

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terse answer Thursday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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Employer shared info on everyone’s payroll deductions. My employer emailed the entire company with updated information about our health insurance plan. ” However, my employer listed by name exactly how much money each person had coming out of his or her paycheck every month. Declining an interview because I don’t have transportation. I can’t drive, so I have to take public transportation.

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How to Launch Your Own Business

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Regardless of whether you own a new or existing business, your retail operation should have a location that is relatively secure and accessible by public transportationEmploy An Online Only Model eBay is only the beginning. 

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my boss lies about deadlines, my work crush is upset with me, and more

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Due to poor performance, he will be dismissed if no improvement is shown, but nobody has been employed to replace him. He asked for something in writing for piece of mind, so I wrote the following: “I certify that to this date nobody has been employed for replacement and that no plans are made for his dismissal.” Now, I’m in a position where I’ll have to purchase a second vehicle to be able to transport my own children.

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my boss snooped in my personal email account, my employee quit smoking and is being a pain, and more

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It’s true that employers can monitor and view anything sent on their servers, but you’re talking about your manager looking through your Gmail account at everything that’s there — not just looking at data that’s gone out via the company’s server. The boss and two managers have vehicles assigned to them full time and fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking are provided by the company at no out-of-pocket cost to them, roughly a $4,000 annual savings.

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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It’s a health insurance company, if that helps. Applying for a job with organizations that fund my current employer. I’m on the job hunt but I have not told my current employer. There’s no ethical issue in applying, but you’d need to be prepared for the fact that they might mention to your current employer that you applied. Applying for a job with an employer when I backed out of their internship a year ago.

2013 54

Workplace news you cannot use | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

So, this post was great, except for the end where you shit on it. :) I actually think the law firm thing is REALLY interesting and useful, as it shows how completely out of whack some sectors of employment still are, in thinking that job = life. The case is this: Plaintiff's estate is suing my client and the client's auto insurer for texting while on I-94 on the way to Milwaukee. Is this your first time here?

2010 59