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5 Ways To Hack LinkedIn And Twitter For New Jobs

Career Realism

5 Ways To Hack LinkedIn And Twitter For New Jobs. I keep hearing about people who landed jobs using social media. Related: Why You Need Social Media In Your Job Search. Forget about answering job postings or coming in “cold.”

Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job (Even If You’re Completely Miserable)

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Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job (Even If You’re Completely Miserable). You hate your job. Every Sunday night, you tell yourself that you’re going to finally quit and find a new job because you just can’t take it anymore. Yes, starting a new job can be scary.

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How Public Should Your LinkedIn Profile Be?

Professional Resume Services

The default privacy settings for your LinkedIn profile aren’t always best. Unfortunately, many executives never look at the privacy settings on their LinkedIn profile. Restrict Your Profile if Currently Employed.

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6 Ways To Secure A New Job

Career Realism

The traditional approach to finding a new job has been to look out for advertisements for roles you fancy. However, there are other ways you can go about securing that ideal new role. Related: 10 Ways To Network Your Way To A New Job. Job Websites.

3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

Executive Career Brand

I’ve been a LinkedIn member and professional LinkedIn profile writer for close to 10 years. I’ve not only learned how to help my clients leverage LinkedIn for job search, but also how to use it to build my personal brand and business. Job titles = 100.

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The Biggest Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Career Solvers

I meet many job seekers who have never had to conduct a formal job search. If you’re looking for a new job, below are some tips for starting off your search on the right foot: 1. It can be tempting to apply to jobs online. A job search is like a marathon.

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5 Ways to Tweet Yourself to a New Job

Resume Bear

The traditional resume remains an important tool for jobseeker and employer alike. But it is no longer the final word on how candidates communicate their qualifications to potential employers. More and more, employers are using social media to get to know and vet candidates.

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4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

Resume Bear

Whether you’ve just graduated from college or you’re between jobs, being a new job seeker can be pretty overwhelming. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about social media in the job search, but how does it all fit together? Want to connect with a new mentor?

Showcase Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments

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[This article was originally published for my gig as the Personal Branding Expert on]. Once again LinkedIn comes to the rescue by offering several ways and places to post your comments on relevant topics. LinkedIn Group Discussions. LinkedIn Pulse Articles.

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How To Evaluate New Job Offers


Negotiate with yourself before negotiating with employers. We make the decision that it’s to time leave our current employer and look for another job. But what happens if you were not actively looking for a job? when you were not actively looking for a job).

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7 Tips To Best Utilize LinkedIn

Career Realism

7 Tips To Best Utilize LinkedIn. Spend any time on LinkedIn and you’ll see that the site is constantly changing. Related: 4 Reasons You Might Not Get Recommendations On LinkedIn. Here are some tips to best utilize LinkedIn gleaned from the Career Brainstorming Day report: 1.

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The New (But not So New) Job Search

Competitive Resumes

Both Hannah and I agree today’s job search is more than obsessively tweaking your resume. The new job search is about disruption and agility. I gladly accepted her invite to talk about what’s new in job search. Interact with employers and recruiters.

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Online Reputation and Your Search for a New Job

Resume Bear

While the nation’s unemployment numbers have showed signs of improvement in recent months, there are still millions and millions of Americans in search of a job. That being said, it only takes one online slip up to mess up an otherwise impressive resume during an employer background check.

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Top Tips for Finding a New Job Fast

Ms. Career Girl

The post Top Tips for Finding a New Job Fast appeared first on Ms. This is why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. If you’re in this boat, and want to find a new job nice and quickly, it’s important to be proactive and plan ahead. New skills you’ve learned.

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How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?

Career Realism

How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile? If you are in job seeking mode, you should have your LinkedIn profile optimized so that you are ready for “prime time” when a recruiter or hiring manager comes across it.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. I’ve found that many executives have a “build it and forget it” mindset with LinkedIn. Build Your LinkedIn Profile. If You’re Job Hunting Undercover.

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Looking for a New Job This Year? Three Things You Should Do Today

Careers Done Write

Happy New Year! If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to finally find your next great job, here are three things you have to do today to put yourself in a great position to make a switch. Freshen up your LinkedIn profile. And once again, Happy New Year!

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Updating Your LinkedIn Profile When You’re Employed

Career Realism

Yes, job searching means getting the word out that you’re looking for new opportunities, but when you’re still employed, it’s wise to take a more discreet approach. Related: 3 Most Important Things To Do In A Job Interview. Don’t Show the Job Search Groups You’ve Joined.

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How to Look for a New Job on LinkedIn Without Everyone Knowing

Career Solvers

If you are currently employed, you may be concerned about using LinkedIn for your job search, since your activity could tip off certain people about your search who you would prefer to keep in the dark. career management networking job search LinkedIn LinkedIn privacy

LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed

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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed. There’s an old adage that one shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket, and this is particularly true of conducting a job search. One of the many free and effective tools available is LinkedIn ®.

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3 Tips To Avoid Missing Out On New Job Opportunities

Career Realism

Did you know that you can actually be hiding from employers and not even know it? It’s true – You could be missing out on new job opportunities. The post 3 Tips To Avoid Missing Out On New Job Opportunities appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

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4 Things To Do After Joining A LinkedIn Group

Career Realism

4 Things To Do After Joining A LinkedIn Group. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of job networking and how it can help the job search process and beyond, but what exactly does one need to do after joining these specialized groups on LinkedIn? Go To The ‘Jobs’ Tab.

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Are you Looking in the Wrong Place for a New Job?

Resume to Referral

"At least 70 percent, if not 80 percent, of jobs are not published," he says. And yet most people — they are spending 70 or 80 percent of their time surfing the net versus getting out there, talking to employers, taking some chances [and] realizing that the vast majority of hiring is friends and acquaintances hiring other trusted friends and acquaintances." On the contrary, he claims a high percentage of jobs are not online AT ALL. jobs linkedin new job

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How to Get a New Job Using Social Media

Careers Done Write

Did you know that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 15% of today’s career opportunities ever make it to the job boards. So why do so many job seekers spend so much time searching job boards for work?

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your LinkedIn Profile?

Executive Career Brand

They put up a perfunctory LinkedIn profile years ago – perhaps the last time they were job-hunting – and promptly forgot about it, once they landed a job. I hear it all the time, when I first speak with new clients. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you: ?

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7 Tips To Best Utilize LinkedIn

Career Realism

Spend any time on LinkedIn and you’ll see that the site is constantly changing. I can certainly vouch for that, given that I recently spent hours capturing LinkedIn screenshots for a workshop, only to have many of them out-of-date by the time I presented them… only a week later.

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Reasons LinkedIn Can Cause Problems at Work

Resume Bear

Job hunting on while you’re on company time, using company resources to help aid in a job search, or browsing any social media websites that contain job listings are three things that are generally ill-advised and best avoided. There goes the stealth mode for your job search.

Ready For a New Start In 2017? How About A New Job?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Ready For a New Start In 2017? How About A New Job? The beginning of a new year always seems to be a time to reflect on our lives in every aspect. For many, a new year is a good motivation to start something new or pursue an old interest.

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5 People You Should Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations

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LinkedIn recommendations are a tremendous asset to your job search. You can quickly and easily point a potential employer to your LinkedIn profile and they’ll be able to see verifiable references and recommendations of the quality of your work and the results you deliver.

LinkedIn Etiquette For Job Seekers: The Dos And Don’ts

Career Realism

Your behavior in-person and online equally gives employers something to work with in forming an impression. There is a lot out there about how to behave at the job interview, but what about your behavior online as a job seeker? LinkedIn is a “professional” social networking site.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Executive Job Search Confidential on LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

How to successfully job hunt on LinkedIn without people knowing. Something like 90% of my c-suite and senior-level executive clients need to keep their job search under wraps. They’re still employed, but looking to move on for various reasons. on LinkedIn.

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Employees as Brand Ambassadors on the new LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn’s new Company Pages show employees and connections more prominently than before. Also, the new company pages highlight status updates more prominently. The first thing you will notice is the new page design for both Company and Career Pages.

How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?

Career Realism

If you are in job seeking mode, you should have your LinkedIn profile optimized so that you are ready for “prime time” when a recruiter or hiring manager comes across it. However, completing your profile is only part of your challenge with LinkedIn.

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manager asked about religion, new job was a scam, and more

Ask A Manager

My office is gossiping about how much time a married male coworker is spending with a new female hire. I have a peer named Fergus, who has been seen around the office talking quietly with a new, young female coworker (Felicity). Felicity doesn’t do the same job as us, but it is possible he is mentoring her in some way. My new job was a scam. I was employed by a businessman through a website. Short-term jobs on a resume.

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Tweeting Your Way to Your New Job

Position Ignition

Recently, we published our latest ebook called 125 Twitter Job Search Tips and just a few days ago some of our top tips from this ebook were included in a blog by the senior editor of Forbes in her popular article: How to Tweet Your Way to a New Job. Here we gave you 10 pointers in using Twitter effectively in your job search. Follow top employers you want to work for. Monitor and stay on top of job site streams. Top LinkedIn Job Search Articles.

Why Your LinkedIn Headline Is So Important

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If you’re looking for a new job, you probably already know the importance of having an updated LinkedIn profile, but you may not realize how important the LinkedIn headline section can be to your job search. Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Headline.

I Graduated, Now What? 4 Tips For New Job Seekers

Career Realism

Look for a job seems like the obvious answer. Things certainly have changed and it’s tough for new job seekers (like college graduates) to peg out exactly what has changed and how they should approach their job search. 4 Tips For New Job Seekers.

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15 Ways LinkedIn Can Supercharge Your Job Search Results

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You know that LinkedIn is a critically important job search tool, right? But do you know the specific ways LinkedIn can elevate your search results? Related: 7 LinkedIn Hacks That Will Make Your Job Search 1,000 Times Easier. LinkedIn. Online Job Search.

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The Secret Hack You Can Use On LinkedIn To Help Recruiters Find You

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The Secret Hack You Can Use On LinkedIn To Help Recruiters Find You. How can you help recruiters find you on LinkedIn? Use this secret hack to increase your chances of showing up in LinkedIn search results… When you want to find something, what do you do?

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

Resume Bear

Our New Networking series has taken a look at how social media sites can be used as powerful networking tools for new college graduates, sharing our best picks for tips, tools, and more for Facebook, Twitter, and now, LinkedIn. Today, we’re exploring LinkedIn for new grads.

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