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This template offers enough space to describe the achievements you’ve had so far in your career and the skills you can bring to prospective employers. All about Jobs Career Cover Letter CV/Resume Empowerment Jobs Career Success Effective CV Effective Resume Finding a Job Free CV Templates From Monster Get the Job Perfect Your PitchTweet The ‘Classic’ Work Based CV.

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Download, save or read free career eBook from Monster. Download a free career eBook from Monster. The post Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. temporary jobs the monster us government jobs us jobs usa gov jobs usa jobs usa usaa jobs usajobs want job what career is right for me Work yahoo jobs

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There’s No Such Thing as Monsters


Last night my 2 1/2 year old daughter, asked me a question, I wasn’t prepared for. &# Mommy, are the monsters coming?&# There are no such thing as monsters.&#. The drama making monsters in your office always causing trouble. Monsters in the workplace. .

Monster Unveils Facebook Based Social Media Tool BeKnown at SHRM


Minutes ago Monster Worldwide, most known for its dominance in the job board industry unveiled its Facebook based social media engagement tool BeKnown at the SHRM 2011 Annual Conference. Referrals are tracked by Monster through their reporting and analytics systems.

Why Monster’s Batch Apply Service is Bad for Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’ve visited the Monster website recently you may have noticed their new innovate ‘ batch apply ’ function which allows you to apply for multiple job openings with just one click of a button. While Monster seems to think this is a good thing, I couldn’t disagree more.

Employer Use of Social Media for Applicant Screening Declines

Resume Bear

A Society for Human Resources survey reports that more employers have backed away from using social networking sites and search engines to screen employment applicants. Written by Donna Svei, One of Monster’s “11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search&#.

What Job Boards are Most Useful for Applicants?

The Undercover Recruiter

Employers don’t always turn to the major job posting sites. It pays to know what type of employer is likely to post on what job sites. When it comes to general job searching, Monster , Careerbuilder , and Indeed definitely run the game.

6 Pro Tips For Job Searching on Online Websites & Job Boards


Major job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster and job board aggregators like Simply Hired and Indeed are some of the most popular ways for companies to develop a candidate pool when looking to fill an open position. TIPS FOR JOB HUNTING ON CAREERBUILDER, MONSTER, ETC.

Friday Five: Acquisitions, Olympics, and Sexism in the Advertising Industry


Why Employers Should Let Staff Watch The Olympics At Work. ” Randstad Buys Monster for $429M as Recruitment Consolidation Continues. Another big HR tech buy this week, as Ranstad snapped up Monster. No theme this week.

Your Resume – An Employer's First Impression of You

Resume to Referral

A resume has to tell this prospective employer why they should call you and grant you the opportunity to meet with them for the chance of gaining employment. Remember that along with your resume, the prospective employer will be viewing many others so yours must stand out.

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How to Avoid the Job Search Rut

The Undercover Recruiter

Depending on your industry, general job sites like CareerBuilder or Monster can be great resources for starting your search, posting your resume and getting an idea of the current demand in your field. Until you’re employed, you’re a salesman.

Should LinkedIn Be Afraid of BeKnown?

Career Solvers

The option for employers to make referral payments for hires. Specific skills endorsements rather than the generic “Bob’s an employer’s dream.&# networking on-line identity BeKnown BranchOut business networking Facebook LinkedIn Monster social networking

Are You Going Beyond CVs For Your Candidate Sourcing?

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At the Talent Sourcing Conference, held at Monster HQ in August, we heard that Monster alone have 10 million UK CVs in their database. Monster Sourcing CV Recruiting resourcingThere are a lot of CVs on the Internet.

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Statistics are Dead, Not Job Boards


Who worked part-time, became under-employed, because their hours were cut or they had to take “any old job”? I appreciate statistics, but… what do we really see?

3 Of The Most Effective Ways To Find A Job

Career Realism

Although tedious and time-consuming, uploading your resume to sites, like, Career Builder or Monster may pay off over the long, IF you are not in a rush. Consider reaching out to: Former Employers + Peers. 3 Of The Most Effective Ways To Find A Job. Work It Daily.

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is my employer plotting against me?

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager is my employer plotting against me? He asked if I found it on Monster, a job posting site, did a friend recommend it to me. Luckily for me everyone saw that my former employer was batsh*t crazy. is my employer plotting against me?

Job Boards: Job Search Do Or Don’t?

Career Realism

Job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired, and Indeed, are immensely popular. Be Employable Job Search career advice job boards job searchJob Boards: Job Search Do Or Don’t? Work It Daily. Many job seekers use these as a primary search tool to find jobs to apply for. But is that where you need to be to get a job? Probably not.

Workplace Haiku to Make Your Monday Better

Evil HR Lady

Monday can be the most difficult day of the week for many of us, so I was thrilled to find Monster’s new collection of workplace Haiku. Hat tip, employment lawyer, John Hyman.). it’s also supposed to be more complicated and poetic than just the requisite number of syllables, but we won’t hold the Monster people to it.

How Telling Personal Stories can Help you Establish Trust

The Undercover Recruiter

Now, the MonSter, as it is called by some, has lots of challenges. Career Management Employer Humor Networking Personal Development Professional Recruitment Reputation Alec Baldwin Bull Dookies candidates communication Hiring hiring manager relationship trust

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my employer cc’d my husband on an email turning me down for a promotion

Ask A Manager

During that time, he completely changed the way the job was presented, even going against the Monster advertisement for the job. We work for the same company, a by-product of when we were in a much smaller community and there were few options for employment that didn’t require a long commute. A reader writes: I recently applied for an internal promotion. Several other employees had mentioned my name for this position, and I asked to put my name in for consideration.

Looking for Work? Test Your Amazing Brain

Catherines Career Corner

Your potential employers’ body language should also speak volume to you. Related posts: Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster. Looking for a job? Your body language has to be on point during any of your job interviews. It helps too if you can read facial expressions. Having a good memory is also essential. To find out how clued up you are on body [.]. The post Looking for Work? Test Your Amazing Brain appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

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Will You Succeed in Your New Job?

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All about Jobs Career Advice Career and Job Search Tips Career Management Career Tips Job evaluation Job Search Job Searching Jobs Jobs and Careers Keeping your job Career Career advice career builder career career builders Career help Career Success CareerBuilder careerbuilders Careers civil service jobs craigslist jobs dream job Employment federal government federal government jobs federal inded federal jobs Find Jobs government indee indeed indeed jobs

Resume Security: Safeguard Your Contact Information – reCareered quoted in Monster article


The trade off between keeping your information safe vs making it available for employers to see is a hot topic these days. Realistically, if you have a landline, own real estate or vote, your personal information including address is already on the. Continued at [link].

I’m cranky about having to volunteer in my field, my former employer’s website still lists me as an active employee, and more

Ask A Manager

My former employer’s website still lists me as an active employee. My former employer still lists my photo and personal bio on its website. Do employers research candidates’ age before interviewing them? No, employers do not typically use those services. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I do volunteer work in my field even if I’m cranky about it?

I can’t get back to my desk if I forget my access card, my boss is upset with my new employer, and more

Ask A Manager

My boss is upset because my new employer didn’t let her know they were hiring me. Is it ever appropriate for a potential employer to call your current employer and let them know about a pending job offer? It’s reasonable to expect flexibility from your employer if they expect you to be flexible with them. When I have to go home over winter break, what do I tell my employer? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

30 Job-Seeker’s Glossary (A-D)of Key Job-Hunting, Career, and Employment Terms

Catherines Career Corner

Hence we bring you this definitive source for learning about career, job-hunting, and employment terms — from the expert team at Quintessential Careers. Explore this 30 Job-Seeker’s Glossary (A-D) of Key Job-Hunting, Career, and Employment Terms. The post 30 Job-Seeker’s Glossary (A-D)of Key Job-Hunting, Career, and Employment Terms appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster.

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6 Job Search Board Resources to Focus Your Job Search

Career Alley

Some Job Search Board Resources: – The grandfather of all job search engines (no disrespect) and one of the first, Monster once owned the lion’s share of job search. Originally competed with Hotjobs (which Monster now owns) and now is one of the best known in a crowded field.

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JobCompass Helps You Find Jobs Near You | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Case in point, there are several apps available for finding employment, professional networking and tips on your careers. Joan: I have a friend who is an employment counselor (yo. job hunt Monster roars.

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Are You Recruiting Loyal Employees?

The Undercover Recruiter

But employer loyalty is a little different, and in this case, it seems like a hefty price to pay for both sides. As an employer, would you want to hire an employee sporting a tattoo of his or her former employer, shamelessly displaying the shards of a failed corporate relationship?

Google For Jobs Launches: Are You Going to Nap On This For the Next Year?

HR Capitalist

These include job sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor, but also information hosted on company’s own websites — if they’ve updated their sitemap, that is. Users can then click on results to get more information, and filter listings by criteria like location, employer, and the date of the listing. . It's go time for Google for Jobs. . Earlier this year at Google I/O, the search giant announced a new initiative named Google for Jobs.

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Job Searching Websites: The Pros and Cons of Craigslist, Indeed, Etc.

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Monster. Monster is one of the most well known job websites , having been around for nearly two decades. Plus, Monster provides helpful articles containing valuable advice for securing a job opportunity.

Recruiter Secrets: The Real Reason Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Ms. Career Girl

Bashing Previous Employer – Hiring managers often view candidates who bash their previous employers as negative and someone who enjoys “passing the buck” and not taking personal responsibility for their actions.

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Job Hunting Success Tips

Resume Bear

I went for months posting my resume on careerbuilder and monster and any other job board. I did what everyone else is doing… They are saying, ” I have experience, and marketable skills, I will make a great resume and blanket every employer in the nation with it.”

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Launching Your Job Search – Job Search 101

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Blocked companies either be companies that you don’t want to work for or your current employer (the last thing you want is for your name to come up in a search by your current employer!). - The grandfather (sorry Monster) of all job search websites.

100 Best Blogs for Your Job Search

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Career Advice Videos from Monster. All about Jobs Career Change Cover Letter CV/Resume Empowerment Entrepreneurship Job Search Job Seekers Jobs Jobs and Careers Tips 100 Best Blogs for Your Job Search Business Business and Economy Employment Get a job Get the Job Job Job hunting LinkedIn look for a job Marketing need a job Now What?; These are the Top 100 best blogs for your job search as originally posted on Thursday July 30th , 2009 by Job Profiles.

Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

Before the Civil Rights Act, employers advertised for “Men Wanted” and “Women Wanted.” In the late 90’s, with the internet boom, Monster and other job boards started advertising electronically.

5 Things to Include When Asked to “Tell Me About Yourself”

Ms. Career Girl

The truth is, we will never be able to summarize everything about ourselves in a 20 to 30 second segment that a potential employer wants to hear, so it’s up to us to think about the impression we want to leave with that employer (or first date, or new friend, or whoever you’re telling about yourself!). The post 5 Things to Include When Asked to “Tell Me About Yourself” appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Tell me about yourself.

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Job Search 101 – Launching Your Job Search

Career Alley

Blocked companies either be companies that you don’t want to work for or your current employer (the last thing you want is for your name to come up in a search by your current employer!). - The grandfather (sorry Monster) of all job search websites.

Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

Competitive Resumes

His contributions have included in media outlets such as Career Builder, Monster, Career Attraction, and Military Times. Find out how your expertise meets an employer’s needs. Welcome to the 2nd annual Veteran’s Day edition.

Is Hiring on Craigslist A Waste of Time?


Craigslist is a well-known resource for employers looking to fill hourly or part-time positions. Businesses with high turnover jobs like restaurants or hotels typically cannot afford sites like Monster when filling minimum wage positions.